RRB 28th April GK questions asked

RRB NTPC 2016 Questions asked on 28th April 2016

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As we all know that RRB NTPC Exam has started from 28-03-2016 and will be conducted in three shift daily from 28 march 2016 to 30 April 2016. We have already posted Questions of all the three shifts of 28-03-201629-03-201630-03-201631-03-201602-04-201603-04-201604-04-201605-04-201606-04-201607-04-201609-04-201610-04-201611-04-201612-04-201616-04-201618-04-201619-04-201622-04-201626-04-2016, 27-04-2016 in earlier post and same will be continued today on 28-04-2016. These questions are based on memory from the students who had appeared in this exam at respective shifts. Keep refreshing page for new questions update.

Morning shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 28 April 2016: (1st shift)

1. Study of soil is called ?
2. Aryabatta launched in the year?

3. Smell which comes when it rains is known as ?

4. Capital shifted from kolkatta to New Delhi in the year ?

5. Human Rights Commission Chariman ?
Ans:H L dattu

6.South Asian Wrestling federation President ?
Ans: Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

7. Number of balls used in snooker ?
Ans: 22 balls

Afternoon shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 28 April 2016: (2nd shift)

1.Google tied up with which watch company for smart watch ?
Ans.Tag Heuer

2.IRS satellite for which purpose ?
Ans. Remote Sensing

3.Rakesh Sharma was going to which Space shuttle ?
Ans. Soyuz T-11

4. 1st common wealth game organised in ?
Ans.1930 (British Empire Games)

5. What is output when methane gas is burnt?
Ans. Co2

6. Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic in which year first time ?

7. Clouds float in the sky because of their ?
Ans.Low Density.

8.Who among the following was a Cofounder of Swaraj party?
Ans.Motilal Nehru

9.Real founder of Gupta dynasty?
Ans.Chandragupta 1

10.Godavari doesn’t pass through which if the following states?

11.Science that deals with diseases particularly of men?

12.Worlds highly efficient CEO according to FORBES?

13. MS EXCEL has a function containing menu under menu called ?

14.IPCC full form is ?
Ans.Intergovernmental penal on climate change

10.Gautam Buddha’s first sermon?

Evening shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 28 April 2016: (3rd shift)

1.Atomic number of oxygen ?

2.Subhash Chandra bose founded which party?
Ans.Forward Block

3.last king of chola dynasty?

4.first summer olympic games?

5.statue made by modi in britain?

6.SARC headquarters located at?

7.last governor General of India ?

RRB GK Question till Now, (English Version)

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We'll add many more questions and other shifts questions, keep refreshing page for new updates, keep visiting and share this post to your friends.

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