RRB 22th April GK questions asked

RRB NTPC 2016 Questions asked on 22th April 2016

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As we all know that RRB NTPC Exam has started from 28-03-2016 and will be conducted in three shift daily from 28 march 2016 to 30 April 2016. We have already posted Questions of all the three shifts of 28-03-201629-03-201630-03-201631-03-201602-04-201603-04-201604-04-201605-04-201606-04-201607-04-201609-04-201610-04-201611-04-201612-04-201616-04-201618-04-2016, 19-04-2016 in earlier post and same will be continued today on 22-04-2016. These questions are based on memory from the students who had appeared in this exam at respective shifts. Keep refreshing page for new questions update.

Morning shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 22 April 2016: (1st shift)

1.Gold is Soluble In ?
Ans: Aqua Regia

2.The International Renewable Energy Agency Headquarter?
Ans: Abu Dhabi

3.Malleable refers to?
Ans: ability of a metal to be hammered into thin sheets

4.Who won Arjuna Award 2015 in kabaddi ?
Ans: Manjeet Chillar

5.Which Is Not A Board Game ?
Ans: Bridge

6.First Women Boxer To won Gold Medal in Asian Games?
Ans: Marycom

7.Who Is First Indian to Go Space ?
Ans: Rakesh Sharma

8. Which Organisation Held Cricket World Cup ?
Ans: ICC(International Cricket Council)

9.Which Sports game played by Lalita Babar?
Ans: Athletics

10.What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in Forbes global richest person list 2016?
Ans: 36

11.Blue Ray Disk refers to which of the following?
Ans: Storage Disk

12.Who won Best Actor award in 88th Academy awards ?
Ans: Leonardo Di Capri

Afternoon Shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 22 April 2016: (2nd shift)

1)If variance is 121, then what is standard deviation


2) bhimbetka rock shelters are located at ______.

A: Madhya Pradesh

3) Common salt formula

A: Nacl

4) Canada’s first space telescope is _____.


5) 7x=3x(x-4). x=?


6) which among river is in Triveni Sangamam?

A: Yamuna,Ganges

7) Which gas is used for flushing potato chips packets?

A: Nitrogen.

8) Roger Federer belong to?

A: Switzerland.

9) Hubble Space telescope belong to which country?


10) Satish Dhawan Space centre is located at which state?
Ans: SRIHARI KOTA, Andhra Pradesh

11)  Present Commerce and industry minister of India?

A:: Nirmala Sitharaman

12) What is official language of Afghanistan?

A: Pashto

13) Which metal for Galvanisation?

A:: Zinc

14) If variance is 121, then standard deviation is _____.


Evening Shift Questions asked with Answers of RRB NTPC 22 April 2016: (3rd shift)

1) Where modi & navaz sarif meet at his birthday?

2) . Ginger is one of the following type
A: Underground stem

3) In IPL raina and dhoni played to
Ans. Rajkot and pune

4) Marykom belongs to which state?
Ans. Manipur

5) Gagan narang and abhinav bindra belongs to
Ans. Shooting

6) cartosat which takes photos of uttarakhand floods is a
Ans. Remote sensing satellite

7) first satellite of India sent towards lunars is
Ans. Chandrayaan 1

8)The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc is called
Ans. Galvanisation

9) The scientist who got Nobel prize on malaria is
Ans. Sir Ronald Ross

10) Elisa is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus
Ans. HIV

11) Narendra modi meets nawaz Sharif to surprise him at his Bday at
Ans. Pakisthan

12) Three angles of tringle 4:5:6, then find the ratio between biggest and smallest angle?

13) Delhi govt bans diesel cars because they emitting………pollutants?

14) Tooth is made up of
Ans. Calcium phosphate

15) Birju maharaj composed a song for Deepika padukone in baji Rao mastaani
A. Kathak
C.kathakali etc

16) Secularism means

17) Which national park has worlds two thirds one horned rhinos
Ans kajiranga

18) Pascal is the unit of

19) Qutub minar built in ______ dynasty.
A: Mamluk or Slave dynasty.

20) which is the big nuclear plant in India?

21) Bulb filament is made from which metal?
A: Tungsten

22) How many amendment in Indian constitution?
A: 100

23) Who is ceo of google?
A: Sundar pichai

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