RRB NTPC GA/GS Questions asked on 30 March 2016

RRB NTPC 2016 Questions asked on 30 march 2016

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As we all know that RRB NTPC Exam has started from 28-03-2016 and will be conducted in three shift daily from 28 march 2016 to 30 April 2016. We have already posted Questions of all the three shifts of 28-03-2016 and 29-03-2016 in earlier post and same will be continued today on 30-03-2016. These questions are based on memory from the students who had appeared in this exam at respective shifts. Keep refreshing page for new questions update.

RRB NTPC 2016 CBT Question paper 30 march 2016 All Shifts (Shift 1 + Shift 2 + Shit 3)

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Evening shift Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30 March 2016: (3rd shift)

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1.       Gandhi- Irvin Act
     Ans: 5th March 1931

2.       Head Quarter Of  ISRO –

3.       Percentage Of Nitrozen In Weather

4.       Sachin First Test Match  In 1989 Against Which Country?
     Ans: Pakistan

5.       First Bank In India
    Ans: Bank of Hindustan

6.       First Olympic Games  In Which Country
    Ans: Athens, Greece.

7. Google CEO?
     Ans: Sundar Pichai

8. Check Validity -
    Ans: 3 Months

9. National Science Day?
    Ans: Feb 28

10. First Deputy Prime Minster?
      Ans: Sardar Vallabhai Patel

11. Secularism
Ans:Secularism is the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.

12. Shimla Agreement in which place and year?
      Ans: Shimla in 1972

13. J&K East boundary options:POK,Jammu,Ladakh,LOC?
       Ans: LOC

14. Paracetamol is analgesic/acryptic or both?
       Ans: Analgesic

15. After 9/11 Tragedy world Trade center new name?
     Ans:One World Trade Center

16. Shortcut for expand browsing screen in  web browser(F1/F11/F10/F4)?

17. 2023 cricket world cup  Hosting Country?
       Ans: India

18. Rupee Symbol in which language?

      Ans: Devnagri

19. Paracetamol is analgesic/acryptic or both?

       Ans: Analgesic

20.Ganga action plan
     Ans: To Purify Ganga River

21.Where Is Located NPK Chandra Raj Garden ?

22.ASCII Stands For

    Ans: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Afternoon shift Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30 March 2016: (2nd shift)

1. Chicken pox virus name?
Ans. Varicella zoster virus.

2. Commonwealth game was held first time in India in which year?
Ans. 2010.

3. India signed a contract to increase solar energy with which country?
Ans. U.K.

4. Which one is not search engine? (Yahoo, Google, Flipkart and one more)
Ans. Flipkart.

5. 1 rupee note bears signature of?
Ans. Finance Secretary.

6. First women President of INC post independence?
Ans. Indira Gandhi.

7. Chemotherapy is used for treatment of
Ans. Cancer.

8. Wings of Fire book written by?
Ans. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

9. How many languages written in Indian note?
Ans. 17

10. Jalikattu game is famous in which state?
Ans. Tamil Nadu.

11. 15th P.M. of India?
Ans. Narendra Modi.

12. Which states achieved 100% inclusion in PMJDY?
Ans. Goa and Kerala.

13. RBI currency note is made of which material?
Ans. Cotton and Cotton rags.

14. What date was extended by RBI to change its pre-dated notes of 2005?
Ans. 30th June, 2016.

15. Who invented Audiophones in 1910?
Ans. Nathaniel Baldwin

16. National flag of India was designed by?
Ans. Pingali Venkaiyya.

17. LOC between India and Pakistan was constructed in which year?
Ans. 1972.

18. Which Computer key is used to get help menu?
Ans. F1 button.

19. Bhagat Singh was executed in which year?
Ans. 1931.

20. Arunachal Pradesh capital?
Ans. Itanagar.

21. How much decibel can a human ear hear?
Ans. 60-120 DB.

22. First woman to win Gold medal in Olympics Boxing?
Ans. Nicola Adams.

23. What is MS Office?
Ans. Application software.

24. Which river is called Ganga of South India?
Ans. Kaveri.

Morning shift Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30 March 2016: (1st shift)

1. Which pm's name could be seen on Indian currency notes? 
Ans. Manmohan Singh.

2. Capital of J&K in summer? 
Ans. Shrinagar.

3. Full form of IFSC
Ans. Indian Financial System Code.

4.Quit India was held in which year
Ans. 1942.

5. Thar desert is in?
Ans. Rajasthan

6. The members of rajya sabha are elected by?
Ans. Elected members of State Legislative Assemblies

7. Study of cancer?
Ans. Oncology

8. Good governance day?
Ans. 25 Dec.

9. Constitution day?
Ans. 26 Nov.

10. Today Indian coins are made from?
Ans. Ferritic Stainless Steel 

11. Venue of cricket world cup 2019?
Ans. England and Wales.

12. Hockey league 2016 is won by-

Ans. Punjab Warriors.

13. The exercise "meghdoot" was conducted by Indian Army at which place?
Ans. Siachen Glacier, Leh.

14. Headquarter of UNO?
Ans. New york.

15 .Pressure depends upon?
Ans. Force and Area.

16. Normal eye vision distance?
Ans. 6 meters.

17. Which freedom fighter introduced Western education?
Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

18. National Space Society headquarters?
Ans. Washington D.C.

19. Full form of BIOS?
Ans. Basic Input Output System.

20. From where we get most of Vitamin-D?
Ans. Sunlight.

21. ISL Champion 2015?
Ans. Chennaiyan FC.

22. Shimla agreement 1972 between?
Ans. Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

23. CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award winner?
Ans. Syed Kirmani.

24. Yogini cult has its origin from which state?
Ans. Odisha.

25. Young India Weekly Journal started by?
Ans. Gandhiji.

26. Money Transfer through mobile is called?
Ans. IMPS(Immediate Payment Service). 

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