Master Wordlist M1

Master Word List M1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2097 macabre भयंकर gruesome; grisly The city morgue is a macabre
spot for the uninitiated.
2098 mace जावित्र ceremonial staff; clublike
medieval weapon
The Grand Marshal of the parade
raised his mace to signal that it was time for the procession to begin.
2099 macerate पानी में डालकर रखना soften by soaking in liquid;
waste away
The strawberries had been
soaking in the champagn for so long that they had begun to macerate: they
literally fell apart at the touch of a spoon.
2100 machiavellian धूर्त crafty; double-dealing I do not think he will be a good
embassador because he is not accustomed to the machiavellian maneuverings of
foreign diplomats.
2101 machinations साजिश schemes I can see through your wily
2102 maculated कबरा spotted; stained Instead of writing that
Gorbachev had a birthmark on his forehead, the pompous young poet sang of the
former premier's maculated brow.
2103 madrigal Madrigal pastoral song His program of folk songs
included several madrigals which he sang to the accompaniment of a lute.
2104 maelstrom भंवर whirlpool The canoe was tossed about in
the maelstrom.
2105 magisterial आदेशपूर्ण authoritative; imperious The learned doctor laid down the
law to his patient in a magisterial tone of voice.
2106 magnanimity उदारता generosity Noted for his magnanimity,
philanthropist Eugene Lang donated millions to charity.
2107 magnate थैलीशाह person of prominence or
The steel magnate decided to
devote more time to city politics.
2108 magniloquent आडंबरपूर्ण boastful, pompous In their stories of the trial,
the reporters ridiculed the magniloquent speeches of the defense attorney.
2109 magnitude परिमाण greatness; extent It is difficult to comprehend
the magnitude of his crime.
2110 maim पंगु बनाना mutilate; injure The hospital could not take care
of all who had been mangled or maimed in the railroad accident.
2111 maladroit ठस clumsy; bungling In his usual maladroit way, he
managed to upset the cart and spill the food.
2112 malaise अस्वस्थता uneasiness; distress She felt a sudden vague malaise
when she heard sounds at the door.
2113 malapropism malapropism comic misuse of a word When Mrs. Malaprop criticizes
Lydia for being "as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the
Nile," she confuses "allegory" and "allegator" in a
typical malapropism.
2114 malcontent बाग़ी person dissatisfied with
existing state of affairs
He was one of the few
malcontents in the Congress; he constantly voiced his objections to the
Presidential program.
2115 malediction फटकार curse The witch uttered maledictions
against her captors.
2116 malefactor कुकर्मी criminal We must try to bring these
malefactors to justice.
2117 malevolent द्रोही wishing evil We must thwart his malevolent
2118 malfeasance दुराचार wrongdoing The authorities did not discover
the campaign manager's malfeasance until after he had spent most of the money
he had embezzled.
2119 malicious दुर्भावनापूर्ण dictated by hatred or spite The malicious neighbor spread
the gossip.
2120 malign दुष्ट speak evil of; defame Because of her hatred of the
family, she maligns all who are friendly to them.
2121 malignant घातक having an evil influence;
This is a malignant disease; we
must have to use drastic measures to stop its spread.
2122 malingerer अपवादक one who feigns illness to escape
The captain ordered the sergeant
to punish all malingerers and force them to work.
2123 malleable नरम capable of being shaped by
Gold is a malleable metal.
2124 malodorous बदबूदार foul-smelling The component heap was most
malodorous in summer.
2125 mammal स्तनपायी vertebrate animal whose female
suckles its young
Many people regard the whale as
a fish and do not realize that it is a mammal.
2126 mammoth विशाल gigantic The mammoth corporations of the
twentieth century are a mixed blessing
2127 manacle ज़ंजीर restrain; handcuff The police immediately manacled
the prisoner so he could not escape.
2128 mandate शासनादेश order; charge In his inaugural address, the
President stated that he had a mandate from the people to seek an end to
social evils such as poverty and poor housing.
2129 mandatory अनिवार्य obligatory These instructions are
mandatory; any violation will be severely punished.
2130 mangy जर्जर shabby; wretched We finally thew out the mangy
rug that the dog had destroyed.
2131 maniacal maniacal raving mad His maniacal laughter frightened
2132 manifest प्रकट understandable; clear His evil intentions were
manifest and yet we could not stop him.
2133 manifestation अभिव्यक्ति outward demonstration;
Mozart's early attraction to the
harsichord was the first manifestation of his pronounced musical bent.
2134 manifesto घोषणापत्र declaration; statement of policy The Communist Manifesto by Marx
and Engels proclaimed the principles of modern communism.
2135 manifold विविध numerous; varied I cannot begin to tell you how
much I appreciate your manifold kindnesses.
2136 manipulate हेरफेर operate with the hands; control
or change by artful means
How do you manipulate these
2137 mannered अलंकारों से भरा affected; not natural Attempting to copy the style of
his wealthy neighbors, Gatsby adopted a mannered, artificial way of speech.
2138 manumit रिहा करना emancipate; free from bondage Enlightened slave owners were
willing to manumit their slaves and thus put an end to the evil slavery in
the country.
2139 marital वैवाहिक pertaining to marriage After the publication of his
book on marital affairs, he was often consulted by married people on the
verge of divorce.
2140 maritime समुद्री bordering on the sea; nautical The maritime Provinces depend on
the sea for their wealth.
2141 marked चिह्नित noticeable; targeted for
He walked with a marked limp, a
souvenir of an old IRA attack. As British ambassador, he knew he was a marked
2142 marred हुईं damaged; disfigured She had to refinish the marred
surface of the table.
2143 marshal मार्शल put in order At a debate tournament,
extemporaneous speakers have only a minute or two to marshal their thoughts
before addressing their audience.
2144 marsupial धानी one of a family of mammals that
nurse their offspring in a pouch
The most common marsupial in
North America is the opposum.
2145 martial सामरिक warlike The sound of marital music was
always inspiring to the young poet.
2146 martinet Martinet strict disciplinarian The commanding officer was a
martinet who observed each regulation to the ltter.
2147 martrix martrix point of origin; array of
numbers or algebraic symbols; mold or die
Some historians claim the Nile
Valley was the matrix of the Western civilization.
2148 masochist masochist person who enjoys his own pain The masochist begs, "Hit
me." The sadist smiles and says, "I won't."
2149 masticate चबाना chew We must masticate our food
carefully and slowly in order to avoid digestive disorders.
2150 materialism भौतिकवाद preoccupation with physical
comforts and things
By its nature, materialism is
opposed to idealism, for where the materialist emphasizes the needs of the
body, the idealist emphasizes the needs of the soul.
2151 maternal माता-संबंधी motherly Many animals display maternal
instincts only while their offspring are young and helpless.
2152 matriarch कुलमाता woman who rules a family or
larger social group
The matriarch ruled her gypsy
tribe with a firm hand.
2153 maudlin भावुक effusively sentimental I do not like such maudlin
pictures. I call them tearjerkers.
2154 maul आलोचना करना handle roughly The rock star was mauled by his
overexcited fans.
2155 mausoleum समाधि monumental tomb His body was placed in the
family mausolem.
2156 mauve चमकीला गुलाबी रंग pale purple The mauve tint in the lilac bush
was another indication that spring had finally arrived.
2157 maverick आवारा rebel; nonconformist To the masculine literary
establishment, George Sand with her insistence on wearing trousers and
smoking cigars was clearly a maverick who fought her proper womanly role.
2158 mawkish कुत्सित sickening; insipid Your mawkish sighs fill me with
2159 maxim कहावत proverb; a truth pithily stated Aesop's fables illustrate moral
2160 mayhem हाथापाई injury to the body The riot was marked not only by
mayhem, with its attendant loss of life and limb, but also by arson and
2161 meager अल्प scanty; inadequate His salary was far too meager
for him to afford to buy a new car.
2162 mealymouthed चापलूस indirect speech; hypocritical;
Rather than tell Jill directly
what he disliked, Jack made a few mealymouthed comments and tried to change
the subject.
2163 meander चक्कर to wind or turn in its course It is difficult to sail up this
stream because of the way it meanders through the countryside.
2164 meddlesome उकतानेवाला interfering He felt his marriage was
suffering because of his meddlesome mother-in-law.
2165 mediate मध्यस्थ settle a dispute through the
services of an outsider
Let us mediate out differences
rather than engage in a costly strike.
2166 mediocre औसत दर्जे का ordinary; commonplace We were disappointed because he
gave a rather mediocre performance in this role.
2167 meditation ध्यान reflection; thought She reached her decision only
after much meditation.
2168 medley मिश्रण mixture The band played a medley of
Gershwin tunes.
2169 meek नम्र submissive; patient and
Mr. Barrett never expected his
meek daughter would dare to defy him by eloping with her suitor.
2170 megalomania बड़ाई का ख़ब्त mania for doing grandiose things Developers who spend millions
trying to build the world's tallest skyscraper suffer from megalomania.
2171 melee हाथापाई fight The captain tried to ascertain
the cause of the melee that had broken out among the crew members.
2172 mellifluous बेहतर बनानेवाला flowing smoothly; smooth Italian is a mellifluous
2173 memento यादगार token; reminder Take this book as a memento of
your visit.
2174 memorialize यादगार बनाना commemorate Let us memorialize his great
contribution by dedicating this library in his honor.
2175 mendacious मिथ्या lying; false He was pathological liar, and
his friends learned to discount his mendacious stories.
2176 mendicant भिक्षुक beggar From the moment we left the
ship, we were surrounded by mendicants and peddlers.
2177 menial सेवक suitable for sevants; low I cannot understand why a person
of your ability and talent should engage in such menial activities.
2178 mentor संरक्षक counselor; teacher During this very trying period,
she could not have had a better mentor, for the teacher was sympathetic and
2179 mercantile व्यापारिक concerning trade I am more interested in the
opportunites available in the mercantile field than I am in those in the
legal profession.
2180 mercenary किराये का motivated solely by money or
I'm not in this war because I
get my kicks waving flags, said the mercenary soldier. "I'm in it for
the dough."
2181 mercurial चंचल fickle; changing He was of a mercurial
temperament and therefore unpredictable.
2182 meretricious दिखावे का flashy; tawdry; falsely
Her jewels were inexpensive but
not meretricious.
2183 merger विलयन combination (of two business
When the firm's president
married the director of financial planning, the office joke was that it
wasn't a marriage, it was a merger.
2184 mesmerize mesmerize hypnotize The incessant drone seemed to
mesmerize him and place him in a trance.
2185 metallurgical मेटलर्जिकल pertaining to the art of
removing metals from ores
During the course of his
metallurgical research, the scientist developed a steel alloy of tremendous
2186 metamorphosis कायापलट change of form The metamorphosis of caterpillar
to butterfly is typical of many such changes in animal life.
2187 metaphor रूपक implied comparison He soared like an eagle is an
example of a simile; "He is an eagle in flight," is a metaphor.
2188 metaphysical आध्यात्मिक pertaining to speculative
The modern poets have gone back
to the fanciful poems of the metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century
for many of their images.
2189 mete ठहराना measure; distribute He tried to be impartial in his
efforts to mete out justice.
2190 meteoric तेजोमय swift; momentarily brilliant We all wondered at his meteoric
rise to fame.
2191 methodical व्यवस्थित systematic An accountant must be methodical
and maintain order among his financial records.
2192 meticulous सूक्ष्म excessively careful He was meticulous in checking
his accounts and never made mistakes.
2193 metropolis राजधानी large city Every evening this terminal is
filled with the thousands of commuters who are going from this metropolis to
their homes in the suburbs.
2194 mettle उत्साह courage; spirit When challenged by the other
horses in the race, the thoroughbred proved its mettle by its determination
to hold the lead.
2195 miasma भाप swamp gas; heavy, vaporous
atmosphere, often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive corrupting
The smog hung over Victorian
London like a dark cloud; noisome, reeking of decay, it was a visible miasma.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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