Master Wordlist F2

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Master Wordlist F2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1416 foil पन्नी contrast In "Star Wars," dark,
evil Darth Vader is a perfect foil for fair-haired, naive Luke Skywalker.
1417 foil पन्नी defeat; frustrate In the end, Skywalker is able to
foil Vader's diabolical schemes.
1418 foist थोपना insert improperly; palm off I will not permit you to foist
such ridiculous ideas upon the membership of this group.
1419 foliage पत्ते masses of leaves Every autumn before the leaves
fell he promised himself he would drive though the New England to admire the
colorful fall foliage.
1420 foment भड़काना stir up; instigate This report will foment
disssension in the club.
1421 foolhardy उजड्ड rash Don't be foolhardy. Get the
advice of experienced people before undertaking this venture.
1422 foppish छिछोरा vain about dress and appearance He tried to imitate the foppish
manner of the young men of the court.
1423 foray धावा raid The company staged a midnight
foray against the enemy outpost.
1424 forberance forberance patience We must use forbearance in
dealing with him because he is still weak from his illness.
1425 ford पायाब place where a river can be
crossed on foot
Rather than risk using the shaky
rope bridge, David walked a half-mile downstream until he came to the
neartest ford.
1426 forebears forebears ancestors Reverence for one's forebears
(sometimes referred to as ancestor worship) plays an important part in many
Oriental cultures.
1427 foreboding भविष्य-ज्ञान premonition of evil Caeser ridiculed his wife's
foreboding about the Ides of March.
1428 forensic फॉरेंसिक suitable to debate or courts of
In her best forensic manner, the
lawyer addressed the jury.
1429 foreshadow पहिले से सूचित करना give an indication beforehand;
portend; prefigure
In retrospect, political
analysts realized that Yeltsin's defiance of the attempted coup foreshadowed
his emergence as the dominant figure of the new Russian republic.
1430 foresight दूरदर्शिता ability to foresee future
happenings; prudence
A wise investor, she had the
foresight to buy land just before the current real estate boom.
1431 forestall पहिले से ग्रहण करना prevent by taking action in
By setting up a prenuptial
agreement, the prospective bride and groom hoped to forestall any potential
arguments about money in the event of a divorce.
1432 forgo त्यागना give up; do without Determined to lose weight for
the summer, Ida decided to forgo dessert until she could fit into a size
eight again.
1433 formality औपचारिकता adherence to established rules
or procedures
Signing this petition is a mere
formality; it does not obligate you in any way.
1434 formidable दुर्जेय menacing; threatening We must not treat the battle
lightly for we are facing a formidable foe.
1435 forsake त्यागना desert; abandon; renounce No one expected Foster to
forsake his wife and children and run off with another woman.
1436 forswear शपथपूर्वक त्यागना renounce; abandon The captured knight could escape
death only if he agreed to forswear Christianity and embrace Islam as the one
true faith.
1437 forte प्रधान गुण strong point or special talent I am not eager to play this
rather seious role, for my forte is comedy.
1438 forthright निष्कपट straightforward; direct; frank I prefer Jill's forthright
approach to Jack's tendency to beat around the bush.
1439 fortitude धैर्य bravery; courage He was awarded the medal for his
fortitude in the battle.
1440 fortuitous आकस्मिक accidental; by chance There is no connection between
these two events; their timing is entirely fortuitous.
1441 foster पालक rear; encourage According to the legend, Romulus
and Remus were fostered by a she-wolf that raised the abandoned infants as
her own.
1442 founder संस्थापक fail completely; sink After hitting the submerged
iceberg, the Titanic started taking in water rapidly and soon foundered.
1443 founder संस्थापक person who establishes (an
organization, business)
Among those drowned when the
Titanic sank was the founder of the Abraham & Straus chain.
1444 fracas कोलाहल brawl; melee The military police stopped the
fracas in the bar and arrested the belligerents.
1445 fractious झगड़ालू unruly The fractious horse unseated its
1446 frailty दोष weakness The doctor prescribed vitamin
and mineral supplements for the sick old woman because of her frailty.
1447 franchise मताधिकार right granted by authority The city issued a franchise to
the company to operate surface transit lines on the streets for ninety-nine
1448 frantic उन्मत्त wild At the time of the collision,
many people became frantic with fear.
1449 fraudulent धोखाधड़ी cheating; deceitful The government seeks to prevent
fraudulent and misleading advertising.
1450 fraught भरा हुआ filled Since this enterprise is fraught
with danger, I will ask for volunteers who are willing to assume the risks.
1451 fray दंगा brawl The three musketeers were in the
thick of fray.
1452 frenetic उन्मत्त frenzied; frantic His frenetic activities
convinced us that he had no organized plan of operation.
1453 frenzied क्रोधित madly excited As soon as they smelled smoke,
the frenzied animals milled about in their cages.
1454 fresco फ्रेस्को painting in plaste (usually
The cathedral is visited by many
tourists who wish to admire the frescoes by Glotto.
1455 fret झल्लाहट to be annonyed or vexed To fret over your poor grades is
foolish; instead, decide to work harder in the future.
1456 friction टकराव clash in opinion; rubbing
At this time when harmony is
essential, we cannot afford to have any friction in our group.
1457 frieze फ्रीज़ ornamental band on a wall The frieze of the church was
adorned with sculpture.
1458 frigid उदासीन intensely cold Alaska is in the frigid zone.
1459 fritter टिकिया waste He could not apply himself to
any task and frittered away his time in idle conversation.
1460 frivolous तुच्छ lacking in seriousness;
self-indulgently carefree; relatively unimportant
Though Nancy enjoyed Bill's
frivolous, lighthearted companionship, she sometimes wondered whether he
could ever be serious.
1461 frolicsome खिलाड़ी prankish; gay The frolicsome puppy tried to
lick the face of its master.
1462 frond फॉण्ड fern leaf; palm or banana leaf After the storm the beach was
littered with the fronds of palm trees.
1463 fructify उपजाऊ बनाना bear fruit This peach tree should fructify
in three years.
1464 frugality स्वल्प व्ययिता thrift; economy In these economically difficult
days businesses must practice frugality or risk bankruptcy.
1465 fruition स्वाद bearing of fruit; fulfillment;
This building marks the fruition
of all our aspirations and years of hard work.
1466 fugitive भगोड़ा fleeting or transitory; roving The film brought a few fugitive
images to her mind, but on the whole it made no lasting impression upon her.
1467 fulcrum आधार support on which a lever rests If we use this stone as a
fulcrum and the crowbar as a lever, we may be able to move this boulder.
1468 fulminate फूटना thunder; explode The people against whom she
fulminated were innocent of any wrongdoing.
1469 fulsome अति disgustingly excessive His fulsome praise of the
dictator annoyed his listeners.
1470 functionary पदाधिकारी official As his case was transferred from
one functionary to another, he began to despair of ever reaching a
1471 fundamental मौलिक basic; primary; essential The committee discussed all
sorts of side issues without ever getting down to addressing the fundamental
1472 funereal उत्तर क्रिया-संबंधी sad; solemn I fail to understand why there
is such a funereal atmosphere; we have lost a battle, not a war.
1473 furor उत्तेजना frenzy; great excitement The story of her embezzlement of
the funds created a furor on the stock exchange.
1474 furtive चुराया हुआ stealthy; sneaky The boy gave a furtive look at
his classmate's test paper.
1475 fusilade fusilade simultaneous firing or outburs
(of missiles, questions, etc.)
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture
concludes with a thunderous fusilade of cannon fire.
1476 fusion विलय union; coalition The opponents of the political
party in power organized a fusion of disgruntled groups and became an
important element in the election.
1477 futile निरर्थक ineffective; fruitless Why waste your time on futile

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