Master Wordlist E2

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Master Wordlist E2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1203 eon कल्प long period of time; an age It has taken eons for our
civilization to develop.
1204 epaulet एपोलेट ornament worn on the shoulder
(of a uniform, etc.)
The shoulder loops on Sam
Spade's trench coat are the nonmilitary counterparts of the fringed epaulets
on George Washington's uniform.
1205 ephemeral अल्पकालिक short-lived; fleeting The mayfly is an ephemeral
1206 epic महाकाव्य long heroic poem, novel, or
similar work of art
Kurosawa's film Seven Samurai is
an epic portraying the struggle of seven warriors to destroy a band of
1207 epicure रसिया connoisseur of food and drink epicures frequent this
restaurant because it features exotic wines and dishes.
1208 epigram चुटकुला witty thought or saying, usually
Poor Richard's epigrams made
Benjamin Franklin famous.
1209 epilogue उपसंहार short speech at conclusion of
dramatic work
The audience was so disappointed
in the play that many did not remain to hear the epilogue.
1210 episodic प्रासंगिक loosely connected Though he tried to follow the
plot of Gravity's Rainbow, John found the novel too episodic.
1211 epistemologist epistemologist philosopher who studies the
nature of knowledge
What is more important, a
knowledge of nature of the nature of knowledge? the epistemologist asked the
1212 epitaph समाधि-लेख inscription in memory of a dead
In his will, he dictated the
epitaph he wanted placed on his tombstone.
1213 epithet विशेषण word or phrase
characteristically used to describe a person or thing
So many kings of France were
named Charles that modern students need epithets to tell them apart: Charles
the Wise, for example, was someone far different from Charles the Fat.
1214 epitome प्रतीक perfect example or embodiment Singing "I am the very
model of a modern Major-General" in The Pirates of Penzance,
Major-General Stanley proclaimed himself the epitome of an officer and a
1215 epoch युग period of time The glacial epoch lasted for
thousands of years.
1216 equable हमवार tranquil; steady; uniform After the hot summers and cold
winters of New England, he found the climate of the West Indies equable and
1217 equanimity समभाव calmness of temperament In his later years, he could
look upon the foolishness of the world with equanimity and humor.
1218 equestrian घुड़सवार rider on horseback These paths in the park are
reserved for equestrians and their steeds.
1219 equilibrium संतुलन balance After the divorce, he needed
some time to regain his equilibrium.
1220 equine घोड़ा resembling a horse His long, bony face had an
equine look to it.
1221 equinox विषुव period of equal days and nights;
the beginning of spring and autumn
The vernal equinox is usually
marked by heavy rainstorms.
1222 equipoise पासंग balance; balancing force;
The high-wire acrobat used his
pole as an equipose to overcome the swaying caused by the wind.
1223 equitable न्यायसंगत fair; impartial I am seeking an equitable
solution to this dispute, one which will be fair and acceptable to both
1224 equity इक्विटी fairness; justice Our courts guarantee equity to
1225 equivocal गोलमोल doubtful; ambiguous Macbeth was misled by the
equivocal statements of the witches.
1226 equivocate गोलमोल बात कहना lie; mislead; attempt to conceal
the truth
The audience saw through his
attempts to equivocate on the subject under discussion and ridiculed his
1227 erode इरोड eat away The limestone was eroded by the
dripping water
1228 erotic कामुक pertaining to passionate love The erotic passages in this
novel should be removed as they are merely pornographic.
1229 errant भटकनेवाला wandering Many a charming tale has been
written about the knights-errant who helped the weak and punished the guilty
during the Age of Chivalry.
1230 erratic अनियमित odd; unpredictable Investors become anxious when
the stock market appears erratic.
1231 erroneous ग़लत mistaken; wrong I thought my answer was correct,
but it was erroneous.
1232 erudite वैज्ञानिक learned; scholarly His erudite writing was
difficult to read because of the many allusions which were unfamiliar to most
1233 escapade हरकत prank; flighty conduct The headmaster could not regard
this latest escapade as a boyish joke and expelled the young man.
1234 eschew परहेज़ करना avoid He tried to eschew all display
of temper.
1235 esoteric गुप्त hard to understand; known only
to the chosen few
New Yorker short stories often
include esoteric allusions to obscure people and events: the implication is
if you are in the in-crowd, you'll get the reference; if you come from
Cleveland, you won't.
1236 espionage जासूसी spying In order to maintain its power,
the government developed a system of espionage that penetrated every
1237 espouse सहायता देना adopt; support She was always ready to espouse
a worthy cause.
1238 esteem आदर repect; value; judge I esteem Ezra Pound both for his
exciting poetry and for his acute comments on literature.
1239 estranged पराया separated; alienated The estranged wife sought a
1240 ethereal ईथर का light; heavenly; fine Visitors were impressed by her
ethereal beauty, her delicate charm.
1241 ethnic जातीय relating to races Intolerance between ethnic
groups is deplorable and usually is based on lack of information.
1242 ethnology आचार विज्ञान study of mankind Sociology is one aspect of the
science of ethnology.
1243 ethos प्रकृति underlying character of a
culture, group, etc.
Seeing how tenderly Spaniards
treated her small daughter made author Barbara Kingsolver aware of how
greatly children were valued in the Spanish ethos.
1244 etymology शब्द-साधन study of word parts A knowledge of etymology can
help you on many English tests.
1245 eugenic युजनिक pertaining to the improvement of
It is easier to apply eugenic
principles to the raising of racehorses or prize cattle than t the
development of human beings.
1246 eulogistic प्रशंसात्मक praising To everyone's surprise, the
speech was eulogistic rather than critical in tone.
1247 eulogy स्तवन praise All the eulogies of his friends
could not remove the sting of the calumny heaped upon him by his enemies.
1248 euphemism व्यंजना mild expression in place of an
unpleasant one
The expression "he passed
away" is a euphemism for "he died."
1249 euphony श्रुतिमधुरता sweet sound Noted for its euphony even when
it is spoken, the Italian language is particularly pleasing to the ear when
1250 euphoria उत्साह feeling of exaggerated (or
unfounded) well-being
Jill's been on cloud nine ever
since Jacj asked her out, said Betty, dismissing her friend's euphoria.
1251 euthanasia इच्छामृत्यु mercy killing Many people support euthanasia
for terminally ill patients who wish to die.
1252 evanescent क्षणभंगुर fleeting; vanishing For a brief moment, the entire
skyline was bathed in an orange-red hue in the evanescent rays of the sunset.
1253 evasive कपटपूर्ण not frank; eluding Your evasive answers convinced
the judge that you were witholding important evidence.
1254 evenhanded evenhanded impartial; fair Do men and women receive
evenhanded treatment from their teachers, or, as recent studies suggest, do
teachers pay more attention to male students than to females?
1255 evince जताना show clearly When he tried to answer the
questions, he evinced his ignorance of the subject matter.
1256 evoke पुकारना call forth He evoked much criticism by his
hostile manner.
1257 ewe भेड़ female sheep The flock of sheep was made up
of dozens of ewes, together with only a handful of rams.
1258 exacerbate ख़राब करना worsen; embitter This latest arrest will
exacerbate the already existing discontent of the people and enrage them.
1259 exacting मांग करनेवाला extremely demanding The colonies rebelled against
the exacting financial claims of the mother country.
1260 exalt प्रशंसा करना raise in rank or dignity; praise The actor Alec Guinness was
exalted to the rank of knighthood by the Queen; he now is known as Sir Alec
1261 exasperate चिढ़ाना vex Johnny often exasperates his
mother with his pranks.
1262 excerpt अंश selected passage (written or
The cinematic equivalent of an
excerpt from a novel is a clip from a film.
1263 exchequer कोष treasury He had been Chancellor of the
exchequer before his promotion to the office he now holds.
1264 excise आबकारी cut away; cut out When you excise the dead and
dying limbs of a tree, you not only improve its appearance but also enhance
its chances of bearing fruit.
1265 excoriate रगड़ डालना flay; abrade These shoes are so ill-fitting
that they will excoriate the feet and create blisters.
1266 exculpate सफ़ाई देना clear from blame He was exculpated of the crime
when the real criminal confessed.
1267 execrable घिनौना very bad The anecdote was in execrable
taste and shocked the audience.
1268 execrate कोसना curse; express abhorrence for The world execrates the memory
of Hitler and hopes that genocide will never again be the policy of any
1269 execute निष्पादित put into effect; carry out The choreographer wanted to see
how well she could execute a pirouette.
1270 exegesis टीका explanation, especially of
biblical passages
I can follow your exegesis of
this passage to a limited degree; some of your reasoning eludes me.
1271 exemplary अनुकरणीय serving as a model; outstanding Her exemplary behavior was
praised at commencement.
1272 exemplify उदाहरण देना show by example; furnish an
Three-time winner of the Super
Bowl, Joe Montana exemplifies the ideal quarterback.
1273 exertion तनाव effort; expenditure of much
physical work
The exertion involved in
unscrewing the rusty bolt left her exhausted.
1274 exhort समझाना urge The evangelist will exhort all
sinners in his audience to reform.
1275 exhume exhume dig out of the ground; remove
from a grave
Because of the rumor that he had
been poisoned, his body was exhumed in order that an autopsy might be
1276 exigency ज़रूरत urgent situation In this exigency, we must look
for aid from our allies.
1277 exiguous अल्प small; minute Grass grew there, an exiguous
outcropping among the rocks.
1278 existential अस्तित्व pertaining to existence;
pertaining to the philosophy of existentialism
To the existential philosopher,
human reason is inadequate to explain an irrational, meaningless universe.
1279 exodus एक्सोदेस departure The exodus from the hot and
stuffy city was particularly noticeable on Friday evenings.
1280 exonerate हक़ बहाल करना acquit; exculpate I am sure this letter naming the
actual culprit will exonerate you.
1281 exorbitant हद से अधिक excessive The people grumbled at his
exorbitant prices but paid them because he had a monopoly.
1282 exorcise जादू देना drive our evil spirits By incantation and prayer, the
medicine man sought to exorcise the evil spirits that had taken possession of
the young warrior.
1283 exotic विदेशी not native; strange Because of his exotic headdress,
he was followed in the streets by small children who laughed at his strange
1284 expatiate लंबी-चौड़ी बातें बढ़ाना talk at length At this time, please give us a
brief resume of your work; we shall permit you to expatiate later.
1285 expatriate प्रवासी exile; someone who has withdrawn
from his native land
Henry James was an American
expatriate who settled in England.
1286 expedient फ़ायदेमंद suitable; practical; politic A pragmatic politician, he was
guided by what was expedient rather than by what was ethical.
1287 expedite शीघ्र hasten We hope you will be able to
expedite delivery because of our tight schedule.
1288 expertise विशेषज्ञता specialized knowledge; expert
Although she was knowledgeable
in a number of fields, she was hired for her particular expertise in computer
1289 expiate निवृत्त make amends for (a sin) He tried to expiate his crimes
by a full confession to the authorities.
1290 expletive दुर्वचन interjection; profane oath The sergeant's remarks were
filled with expletives that offended the new recruits.
1291 explicate समझाना explain; interpret; clarify Harry Levin explicated James
Joyce's novels with such clarity that even Finnegan's Wake seemed
comprehensible to his students.
1292 explicit सुस्पष्ट totally clear; definite;
Don't just hint around that
you're dissatisfied: be explicit about what's bugging you.
1293 exploit शोषण deed or action, particularly a
brave deed
Raoul Wallenberg was noted for
his exploits in rescuing Jews from Hitler's forces.
1294 exploit शोषण make use of, sometimes unjustly Caesar Chavez fought attempts to
exploit migrant farmworkers in California.
1295 expository अर्थप्रकाशक explanatory; serving to explain The mannual that came with my
VCR was no masterpiece of expository prose: its explanations were so garbled
that I couldn't even figure out how to rewind a tape.
1296 expostulation मानाना protest; remonstrance Despite the teacher's scoldings
and expostulations, the class remained unruly.
1297 exposure जोखिम risk, particularly of being
exposed to disease or to the elements; unmasking; act of laying something
Exposure to sun and wind had
dried out her hair and weathered her face.
1298 expunge मिटाना cancel; remove If you behave, I will expunge
this notation from your record.
1299 expurgate expurgate clean; remove offensive parts of
a book
The editors felt that certain
passages in the book had to be expurgated before it could be used in the
1300 extant वर्तमान still in existence Although the authorities
suppressed the book, many copies are extant and may be purchased at
exorbitant prices.
1301 extemporaneous अचिंतित not planned; impromtu Because his extemporaneous
remarks were misinterpreted, he decided to write all his speeches in advance.
1302 extenuate धीमा करना weaken; mitigate It is easier for us to extenuate
our own shortcomings than those of others.
1303 extirpate उखाड़ना root up The Salem witch trials were a
misguided attempt to extirpate superstition and heresy.
1304 extol प्रशंसा करना praise; glorify The astronauts were extolled as
the pioneers of the Space Age.
1305 extort धमकी देकर मांगना wring from; get money by
threats, etc.
The blackmailer extorted money
from his victim.
1306 extradition प्रत्यर्पण surrender of prisoner by one
state to another
The lawyers opposed the
extradition of their client on the grounds that for more than five years he
had been a model citizen.
1307 extraneous बाहरी not essential; external Do not pad your paper with
extraneous matters; stick to essential items only.
1308 extrapolation एक्सट्रपलेशन projection; conjecture Based on their extrapolation
from the results of the primaries on Super Tuesday, the networks predicted
that George Bush would be the Republican candidate for the presidency.
1309 extricate समाधान करना free; disentangle He found that he could not
extricate himself from the trap.
1310 extrinsic पराया external; not inherent; foreign Do not be fooled by extrinsic
causes. We must look for the intrinsic reason.
1311 extrovert बहिर्मुखी person interested mostly in
external objects and actions
A good salesperson in usually an
extrovert, who likes to mingle with people.
1312 extrude बाहर निकालना force or push out Much pressure is required to
extrude these plastics.
1313 exuberant विपुल abundant; effusive; lavish His speeches were famous for his
exuberant language and vivid imagery.
1314 exude पसीजना discharge; give forth The maple syrup is obtained from
the sap that the trees exude in early spring.
1315 exult प्रफुल्लित rejoice We exulted when our team won the

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