Master Wordlist H

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Master Wordlist H

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1591 habituate आदत डालना accustom or familiarize; addict Macbeth gradually habituated himself to murder, shedding his scruples as he grew accustomed to his bloody deeds.
1592 hackles मुश्किलें hairs on back and neck, especially of a dog The dog's hackles rose and he began to growl as the sound of footsteps grew louder.
1593 hackneyed मामूली commonplace; trite The English teacher criticized her story because of its hackneyed and unoriginal plot.
1594 haggard जंगली wasted away; gaunt After his long illness, he was pale and haggard.
1595 haggle झंझट करना argue about prices I prefer to shop in a store that has a one-price policy because, whenever I haggle with a shopkeeper, I am never certain that I paid a fair price for the articles I purchased.
1596 halcyon धीर calm; peaceful In those halcyon days, people were not worried about sneak attacks and bombings.
1597 hale तन्दुस्र्स्त healthy After a brief illness, he was soon hale.
1598 hallowed पवित्र blessed; consecrated She was laid to rest in hallowed ground.
1599 hallucination माया delusion I think you were frightened by a hallucination that you created in you own mind.
1600 halting लंगड़ा hesitant; faltering Novice extemporaneous speakers often talk in a halting fashion as they grope for the right words.
1601 hamper बाधा obstruct The minority party agreed not to hamper the efforts of the leaders to secure a lasting peace.
1602 hap पड़ना chance; luck In his poem hap, Thomas Hardy objects to the part chance plays in our lives.
1603 haphazard बेतरतीब random; by chance His haphazard reading left him unaquainted with the authors of the books.
1604 hapless अभागी unfortunate This hapless creature had never known a moment's pleasure.
1605 harangue भाषण long, passionate, and vehement speech In her lengthy harangue, the principal berated the offenders.
1606 harass परेशान annoy by repeated attacks When he could not pay his bills as quickly as he had promised, he was harrassed by his creditors.
1607 harbinger अग्र-दूत forerunner The crocus is an early harbinger of spring.
1608 harbor बन्दरगाह provide a refuge for; hide The church harbored illegal aliens who were political refugees.
1609 hardy साहसी sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement weather We asked the gardening expert to recommend particularly hardy plants that could withstand our harsh New England winters.
1610 harping गाना गा tiresome dwelling on a subject After he had reminded me several times about what he had done for me I told him to stop his harping on my indebtedness to him.
1611 harrow हेंगा break up ground after plowing; torture I don't want to harrow you at this time by asking you to recall the details of your unpleasant experience.
1612 harry सताना harass, annoy, torment; raid The guerrilla band harried the enemy nightly.
1613 hatch पक्षियों के बच्चे deck opening; lid covering a deck opening The latch on the hatch failed to catch, so the hatch remained unlatched.
1614 haughtiness अभिमान pride; arrogance I resent his haughtiness because he is no better than we are.
1615 hazardous खतरनाक dangerous Your occupation is too hazardous for insurance companies to consider your application.
1616 hazy धुंधला slightly obscure In hazy weather, you cannot see the top of this mountain.
1617 headlong सिर के बल hasty; rash The slave seized the unexpected chance to make a headlong dash across the border to freedom.
1618 headstrong हठी stubborn; willful; unyielding Because she refused to marry the man her parents had chosen for her, everyone scolded Minna and called her a foolish, headstrong girl.
1619 heckler हेकलर person who verbally harasses others The heckler kept interrupting the speaker with rude remarks.
1620 hedonism हेडोनिजम belief that pleasure is the sole aim in life hedonism and asceticism are opposing philosophies of human behavior.
1621 heedless असावधान not noticing; disregarding He drove on, heedless of the warnings that the road was dangerous.
1622 hegemony नायकत्व dominance, especially of one nation over others As one Eastern European nation after another declared its independence, commentators marveled at the sudden breakdown of the once monolithic Soviet hegemony.
1623 heinous जघन्य atrocious; hatefully bad Hitler's heinous crimes will never be forgotten.
1624 herbivorous तृणभक्षी grain-eating Some herbivorous animals have two stomachs for digesting their food.
1625 heresy विधर्म opinion contrary to popular belief or to accepted religion He was threatened with excommunication because his remarks were considered to be pure heresy.
1626 heretic विधर्मी person who maintains opinions contrary to the doctrines of the church She was punished by the Spanish Inquisition because she was a heretic.
1627 hermetic वायु-रोधी sealed by fusion so as to be airtight After these bandages are sterilized, they are placed in hermetic containers.
1628 hermetic वायु-रोधी obscure and mysterious; occult It is strange to consider that modern chemistry originated in the hermetic teachings of the ancient alchemists.
1629 hermitage आश्रम home of a hermit Even in his remote hermitage he could not escape completely from the world.
1630 herpetologist herpetologist one who studies reptiles As a boy, Indiana Jones had a traumatic experience involving snakes; sensibly enough, he studies to be archaeologist, not a herpetologist.
1631 heterodox विधर्मिक unorthodox; unconventional To those who upheld the belief that the earth did not move, Galileo's theory that the earth circled the sun was disturbingly heterodox.
1632 heterogeneous विजातीय dissimilar In a heterogeneous group, we have an unassorted assemblage, while in a homogeneous group we have people or things that have common traits.
1633 hew कुल्हाड़ी से काटना cut to pieces with ax or sword The cavalry rushed into melee and hewed the enemy with their swords.
1634 heyday उमंग का समय time of greatest success; prime In their heyday, the San Francisco Forty-Niners won the Super Bowl two years running.
1635 hiatus ख़ाली जगह gap; pause Except for a brief two-year hiatus, during which she enrolled in the Peace Corps, Ms. Clements has devoted herself to her medical career.
1636 hibernal जाड़ों का wintry Bears prepare for their long hibernal sleep by overeating.
1637 hibernate सीतनिद्रा में होना sleep throughout the winter Bears are one of the many species of animals that hibernate.
1638 hierarchy पदक्रम body divided into ranks It was difficult to step out of one's place in this hierarchy.
1639 hieroglyphic चित्रलिपि picture writing The discovery of the Rosetta Stone enabled scholars to read the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
1640 hilarity प्रफुल्लता boisterous mirth The hilarity is improper on this solemn day of mourning.
1641 hindmost सब से पिछला furthest behind The coward could always be found in the hindmost lines whenever a battle was being waged.
1642 hindrance बाधा block; obstacle Stalled cars along the highway are a hindrance to traffic that tow trucks should remove without delay.
1643 hinterlands ग्रामीण इलाकों back country They seldom had visitors, living as they did way out in the hinderlands.
1644 hireling मज़ूर one who serves for hire (usually used contemptuously) In a matter of such importance, I do not wish to deal with hirelings; I must meet with the chief.
1645 hirsute झबरा hairy He was a hitsute individual with a heavy black beard.
1646 histrionic अभिनय-संबंधी theatrical He was proud of his histrionic ability and wanted to paly the role of Hamlet.
1647 hoard ढेर stockpile; accumulate for future use Whenever there are rumors of a food shortage, people are tempted to hoard food.
1648 hoary सफ़ेद white with age The man was hoary and wrinkled when he was 70.
1649 hoax छल trick; practical joke Embarrassed by the hoax, he reddened and left the room.
1650 holocaust प्रलय destruction by fire Citizens of San Francisco remember that the destruction of the city was caused not by the earthquake but by the holocaust that followed.
1651 holster पिस्तौलदान pistol case Even when he was not in uniform, he carried a holster and pistol under his arm.
1652 homage श्रद्धा honor; tribute In her speech she tried to pay homage to a great man.
1653 homeostasis समस्थिति tendency of a system to maintain relative stability A breakdown of the body's immune system severely undermines the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.
1654 homespun मोटा domestic; made at home homespun wit, like homespun cloth, was often coarse and plain.
1655 homily धर्मगीत sermon; serious warning His speeches were always homilies, advising his listeners to repent and reform.
1656 homogeneous सजातीय of the same kind Many educators try to put pupils of similar abilities in the same class because they believe that his homogeneous grouping is advisable.
1657 hone सान sharpen To make shaving easier, he honed his razor with great care.
1658 hoodwink आंख में धूल झोंकना deceive; delude Having been hoodwinked once by the fast-talking salesman, he was extremely cautious when he went to purchase a used car.
1659 horde भीड़ crowd Just before Christmas the stores are filled with hordes of shoppers.
1660 hortatory उपदेश देनेवाला encouraging; exhortive The crowd listened to his hortatory statements with ever-growing excitement; finally they rushed from the hall to carry to his suggestions.
1661 horticultural बागवानी pertaining to cultivation of gardens When he bought his house, he beganto look for flowers and decorative shrubs, and began to read books dealing with horticultural matters.
1662 hovel झोंपड़ी shack; small, wretched house He wondered how poor people could stand living in such a hovel.
1663 hover मंडराना hang about; wait nearby The police helicopter hovered above the accident.
1664 hubbub कोलाहल confused uproar The marketplace was a scene of hubbub and excitement.
1665 hubris अभिमान arrogance; excessive self-conceit Filled with hubris, Lear refused to heed his friends' warnings.
1666 hue रंग color; aspect The aviary contained birds of every possible hue.
1667 hue रंग outcry When her purse was snatched, she raised such a hue and cry that the thief was captured.
1668 humane मानवीय kind His humane and considerate treatment of the unfortunate endeared him to all.
1669 humdrum नीरस dull; monotonous After years of adventure, he could not settle down to a humdrum existence.
1670 humid नम damp She could not stand the humid climate and moved to a drier area.
1671 humility विनम्रता humbleness of spirit He spoke with a humility and lack of pride that impressed his listeners.
1672 hummock टीला small hill The ascent of the hummock is not difficult and the view from the hilltop is ample reward tor the effort.
1673 humus धरण substance formed by decaying vegetable matter In order to improve his garden, he spread humus over his lawn and flower beds.
1674 hurtle ज़ोर से फैंकना crash; rush The runaway train hurtled toward disaster.
1675 husbandry कृषि frugality; thrift; agriculture He accumulated his small fortune by diligence and husbandry.
1676 hybrid संकर mongrel; mixed breed Mendel's formula explains the appearance of hybrids and pure species in breeding.
1677 hydrophobia जलांतक fear of water; rabies A dog that bites a human being must be observed for symptoms of hydrophobia.
1678 hyperbole अतिशयोक्ति exaggeration; overstatement This salesman is guilty of hyperbole in describing his product; it is wise to discount his claims.
1679 hypercritical hypercritical excessively exacting You are hypercritical in your demands for perfection; we all make mistakes.
1680 hypochondriac hypochondriac person unduly worried about his health; worrier without cause about illness The doctor prescribed chocolate pills for his patient who was a hypocondriac.
1681 hypocritical पाखंडी pretending to be virtuous; deceiving I resent his hypocritical posing as a friend for I know he is interested only in his own advancement.
1682 hypothetical काल्पनिक based on assumptions or hypotheses Why do we have to consider hypothetical cases when we have actual case histories that we may examine?

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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