Master Word List S1

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Master Word List S1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
3046 saboteur नुक़सान पहुंचानेवाला one who commits sabotage;
destroyer of property
Members of the Resistance acted
as saboteurs, blowing up train lines to prevent supplies from reaching the Nazi army.
3047 saccharine चीनी का cloyingly sweet She tried to ingratiate herself,
speaking sweetly and smiling a saccharine smile.
3048 sacrilegious पवित्र वस्तु दूषक desecrating; profane His stealing of the altar cloth
was a very sacrilegious act.
3049 sacrosanct पुण्यमय most sacred; inviolable The brash insurance salesman
invaded the sacrosanct privacy of the office of the president of the company.
3050 sadistic परपीड़क inclined to cruelty If we are to improve conditions
in this prison, we must first get rid of the sadistic warden.
3051 saga कथा Scandinavian myth; any legend This is a saga of the sea and
the men who risk their lives on it.
3052 sagacious मेधावी keen; shrewd; having insight He is much too sagacious to be
fooled by a trick like that.
3053 sage ऋषि person celebrated for wisdom Hearing tales of a mysterious
Master of All Knowledge who lived in the hills of Tibet, Sandy was possessed
with a burning desire to consult the legendary sage.
3054 salacious कामातुर lascivious; lustful Chaucer's monk is not pious but
salacious, a teller of lewd tales and ribald jests.
3055 salient मुख्य prominent One of the salient features of
that newspaper is its excellent editorial page.
3056 saline खारा salty The slightly saline taste of
this mineral water is pleasant.
3057 sallow भूरे रंग का yellowish; sickly in color We were disturbed by his sallow
complexion, which was due to jaundice.
3058 salubrious स्वास्थ्यप्रद healthful Many people with hay fever move
to more salubrious sections of the country during the months of August and
3059 salutary लाभदायक tending to improve; beneficial;
The punishment had a salutary
effect on the boy, as he became a model student.
3060 salvage उबार rescue from loss All attempts to salvage the
wrecked ship failed.
3061 sanctimonious पाखंडी displaying ostentatious or
hypocritical devoutness
You do not have to be so
sanctimonious to prove that you are devout.
3062 sanction प्रतिबंध approve; ratify Nothing will convince me to
sanction the engagement of my daughter to such a worthless young man.
3063 sanguinary अभिशप्त bloody The battle of lwo Jina was
unexpectedly sanguinary with many casualties.
3064 sanguine आशावादी cheerful; hopeful Let us not be too sanguine about
the outcome; something could go wrong.
3065 sap पौधों का रस diminish; undermine The element kryptonite had an
unhealthy effect on Superman: it sapped his strength.
3066 sarcasm ताना scornful remarks, stinging
His feelings were hurt by the
sarcasm of his supposed friends.
3067 sardonic तिरस्कारपूर्ण disdainful; sarcastic; cynical The sardonic humor of nightclub
comedians who satirize or ridicule patrons in the audience strikes some
people as amusing and others as rude.
3068 sartorial दज़ी-संबंधी pertaining to tailors He was as famous for the
sartorial splendor of his attire as he was for his acting.
3069 sate ऊबाना satisfy to the full; cloy Its hunger sated, the lion
3070 satellite उपग्रह small body revolving around a
larger one
During the first few years of
the Space Age, hundreds of satellites were launched by Russia and the United
3071 satiate पूरा करना surfeit; satisfy fully The guests, having eaten until
they were satiated, now listened inattentively to the speakers.
3072 satire व्यंग form of literature in which
irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly
Gulliver's Travels, which is
regarded by many as a tale for children, is actually a bitter satire
attacking human folly.
3073 satirical व्यंगपूर्ण mocking The humor of cartoonists Gary
Trudeau often is satirical; though the comments of the Doonesbury characters,
Trudeau ridicules political corruption and folly.
3074 saturate तर soak Their clothes were saturated by
the rain.
3075 saturnine सीसे का gloomy Do not be misled by his
saturnine countenance; he is not as gloomy as he looks.
3076 satyr ऐयाश half-human, half-bestial being
in the court of Dionysus, portrayed as wanton and cunning
He was like a satyr in his
lustful conduct.
3077 saunter सैर stroll slowly As we sauntered through the
park, we stopped frequently to admire the spring flowers.
3078 savant पंडित scholar Our faculty includes many
worldfamous savants.
3079 savor स्वाद enjoy; have a distinctive
flavor, smell, or quality
Relishing his triumph, Costner
especially savored the chagrin of the critics who had predicted his failure.
3080 savory दिलकश tasty; pleasing, attractive, or
Julia Child's recipes enable
amateur chefs to create savory delicacies for their guests.
3081 scabbard म्यान case for a sword blade; sheath The drill master told the
recruit to wipe the blood from his sword before slipping it back into the
3082 scad एक प्रकार की मछली a great quantity Refusing Dave's offer to lend
him a shirt, Phil replied, "No, thanks: I've got scads of clothes."
3083 scaffold पाड़ temporary platform for workers;
bracing framework; platform for execution
Before painting the house, the
workers put up a scaffold to allow them to work on the second story.
3084 scale स्केल climb up; ascend To locate a book on the top
shelf of the stacks, Lee had to scale an exceptionally rickety ladder.
3085 scanty अल्प meager; insufficient Thinking his helping of food was
scanty, Oliver Twist asked for more.
3086 scapegoat बलि का बकरा someone who bears the blame for
After the Challenger disaster,
NASA searched for scapegoats on whom they could cast the blame.
3087 scavenge मांजना hunt through discarded materials
for usable items; search, especially for food
If you need car parts that the
dealers no longer stock, try scavenging for odd bits and pieces at the auto
wreckers' yards.
3088 scenario परिदृश्य plot outline; screenplay; opera
Scaramouche startled the other
actors in the commedia troupe when he suddenly departed from their customary
scenario and began to improvise.
3089 schematic ढांच के रूप में relating to an outline or
diagram; using a system of symbols
In working out the solution to
an analytical logic question, you may find it helpful to construct a simple
schematic diagram illustrating the relationships between the items of
information given in the question.
3090 schism फूट division; split Let us not widen the schism by
further bickering.
3091 scintilla झलक shred; least bit You have not produced a
scintilla of evidence to support your argument.
3092 scintillate चमकना sparkle; flash I enjoy her dinner parties
because the food is excellent and the conversation scintillates.
3093 scoff उपहास mock; ridicule He scoffed at dentists until he
had his first toothache.
3094 scotch स्कॉच stamp out; thwart; hinder Heather tried to scotch the
rumor that she had stolen her best friend's fiance.
3095 scourge कोड़ा lash; whip; severe punishment They feared the plague and
regarded it as a deadly scourge.
3096 scruple संदेह fret about; hesitate, for
ethical reasons
Fearing that her husband had
become involved in an affair, she did not scruple to read his diary.
3097 scrupulous ईमानदार conscientious; extremely
I can recommend him for a
position of responsibility for I have found him a very scrupulous young man.
3098 scrutinize ताकना examine closely and critically Searching for flaws, the
sergeant scrutinized every detail of the private's uniform.
3099 scuffle हाथापाई struggle confusedly; move off in
a confused hurry.
The twins briefly scuffled,
wrestling to see which of them would get the toy. When their big brother
yelled, "Let go of my Gameboy!" they scuffled off down the hall.
3100 scurrilous अपमानजनक obscene; indecent Your scurrilous remarks are
especially offensive because they are untrue.
3101 scurry बौछाड़ move briskly The White Rabbit had to scurry
to get to his appointment on time.
3102 scurvy पाजी despicable; contemptible Peter Pan sneered at Captain
Hook and his scurvy crew.
3103 scuttle अऋगीठी sink The sailors decided to scuttle
their vessel rather than surrender it to the enemy.
3104 seamy जोड़दार sordid; unwholesome In the Godfather, Michael
Corleone is unwilling to expose his wife and children to the seamy side of
his life as the son of a Mafia don.
3105 sear जलाना char or burn; brand Accidentally brushing against
the hot grill, she seared her hand badly.
3106 seasoned अनुभवी experienced Though pleased with her new
batch of rookies, the basketball coach wished she had a few more seasoned
players on the team.
3107 secession अपगमन withdrawal The secession of the Southern
states provided Lincoln with his first major problem after his inauguration.
3108 seclusion तनहाई isolation; solitude One moment she loved crowds; the
next, she sought seclusion.
3109 secrete छिपाना hide away or cache; produce and
release a substance into an organism.
The pack rat secretes odds and
ends in its nest; the pancreas secretes insulin in the islets of Langerhans.
3110 sectarian सांप्रदायिक narrow-minded; limited in scope As university chaplain, she
sought to address universal religious issues and not limit herself to mere
sectarian concerns.
3111 secular धर्म निरपेक्ष worldly; not pertaining to
church matters; temporal
The church leaders decided not
interfere in secular matters.
3112 sedate गंभीर composed; grave The parents were worried because
they felt their son was too quiet and sedate.
3113 sedative सीडेटिव calming drug or influence It is dangerous to drive after
taking the sedative; it brings drowsiness.
3114 sedentary गतिहीन requiring sitting Because he had a sedentary
occupation, he decided to visit a gymnasium weekly.
3115 sedition विद्रोह resistance to authority;
His words, though not treasonous
in themselves, were calculated to arouse thoughts of sedition.
3116 sedulous परिश्रमी diligent The young woman was so sedulous
that she received a commendation for her hard work.
3117 seedy अस्वस्थ run-down; decrepit; disreputable I would rather stay in dormitory
lodgings in a decent youth hostel than have a room of my own in a seedy
downtown hotel.
3118 seemly छबीला proper; appropriate Lady Bracknell did not think it
was seemly for Ernest to lack a proper family; no baby abandoned on a
doorstep could grow up to marry her daughter.
3119 seep रिसना ooze; trickle During the rainstorm, water
seeped through the crack in the basement wall and damaged the floor boards.
3120 seethe उबलना be disturbed; boil The nation was seething with
discontent as the nobleman continued their arrogant ways.
3121 seine सीन net for catching fish When the shad run during the
spring, you may see fishermen with seines along the banks of our coastal
3122 seismic भूकंपीय pertaining to earthquakes The Richter scale is a
measurement of seismic disturbances.
3123 semblance दिखावा outward appearance; guise Although this book has a
semblance of wisdom and scholarship, a careful examination will reveal many
errors and omissions.
3124 seminal लाभदायक germinal; influencing future
developments; related to seed or semen
Although Freud has generally
been regarded as a seminal thinker who shaped the course of psychology, his
psychoanalytic methods have come under attack recently.
3125 seminary पाठशाला school for training future
ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
Sure of his priestly vocation,
Terrence planned to pursue his theological training at the local Roman
Catholic seminary.
3126 senility बुढ़ापा old age; feeble mindedness of
old age
Most of the decisions are being
made by the junior members of the company because of the senility of the
3127 sensual कामुक devoted to the pleasures of the
senses; carnal; voluptous
I cannot understand what caused
him to drop his sensual way of life and become so ascetic.
3128 sensuous कामुक pertaining to the physical
senses; operating through the senses
He was stimulated by the sights,
sounds and smells about him; he was enjoying his sensuous experience.
3129 sententious उपदेशात्मक terse; concise; aphoristic After reading so many redundant
speeches, I find his sententious style particulary pleasing.
3130 sentinel पहरेदार sentry; lookout Though camped in enemy
territory, Bledsoe ignored the elementary precaution of posting sentinels
around the encampment.
3131 septic विषाक्त putrid; producing putrefaction The hospital was in such a
filthy state that we were afraid that many of the patients would suffer from
septic poisoning.
3132 sepulcher क़ब्र tomb Annabel Lee was buried in a
sepulcher by the sea.
3133 sequester एकांत में रहना retire from public life;
segregate; seclude
Although he had hoped for a long
time to sequester himself in a small community, he never was able to drop his
busy round of activities in the city.
3134 sere मुरझाया हुआ parched; dry After the unseasonably dry
winter the Berkeley hills looked dusty and sere.
3135 serendipity नसीब gift for finding valuable or
desirable things by accident; accidental good fortune or luck
Many scientific discoveries are
a matter of serendipity: Newton was not sitting there thinking about gravity
when the apple dropped on his head.
3136 serenity शांति calmness; placidity The serenity of the sleepy town
was shattered by a tremendous explosion.
3137 serpentine टेढ़ा winding; twisting The car swerved at every curve
in the serpentine road.
3138 serrated दाँतेदार having a sawtoothed edge The beech tree is one of many
plants that have serrated leaves.
3139 servile ग़ुलामी का slavish; cringing Constantly fawning on his
employer, humble Uriah Heap was a servile creature.
3140 servitude दासत्व slavery; compulsory labor Born a slave, Douglass resented
his wife of servitude and plotted to escape to the North.
3141 severance पृथक्करण division; partition; separation The severance of church and
state is a basic principle of our government.
3142 severity तीव्रता harshness; plainness The newspapers disapproved of
the severity of the sentence.
3143 sextant षष्ठक navigation tool used to
determine a ship's latitude and longitude
Given a clear night, with the
aid of his sextant and compass, he could keep the ship safely on course.
3144 shackle बेड़ी chain; fetter The criminal's ankles were
shackled to prevent his escape.
3145 sham दिखावा pretend He shammed sickness to get out
of going to school.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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