Master Word List I3

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Master Word List I3

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1881 insinuate इशारा करना hint; imply What are you trying to insinuate by that remark?
1882 insipid फीका lacking in flavor; dull Flat prose and flat ginger ale are equally insipid: both lack sparkle.
1883 insolence बदतमीजी imprudent disrespect; haughtiness How dare you treat me so rudely! The manager will hear of you insolence.
1884 insolvent दिवालिया bankrupt; lacking money to pay When rumors that he was insolvent reached his creditors, they began to press him for payment of the money due them.
1885 insomnia अनिद्रा wakefulness; inability to sleep He refused to join us in a midnight cup of coffee because he claimed it gave him insomnia.
1886 insouciant insouciant indifferent; without concern or care Your insouciant attitude at such a critical moment indicates that you do not understand the gravity of the situation.
1887 instigate भड़काना urge; start; provoke I am afraid that this statement will instigate a revolt.
1888 insubordinate उद्धत disobedient The insubordinate private was confined to the barracks.
1889 insubstantial असाध्य lacking substance; insignificant; frail His hopes for a career in acting proved insubstantial; no one would cast him, even in an insubstantial role.
1890 insularity संकीर्णता narrow-mindedness; isolation The insularity of the islanders manifested itself in their suspicion of anyuthing foreign.
1891 insuperable अजेय insurmountable; invincible In the face of insuperable difficulties they maintained their courage and will to resist.
1892 insurgent विद्रोही rebellious We will not discuss reforms until the insurgent troops have returned to their homes.
1893 insurrection विद्रोह rebellion; uprising Given the current state of affairs in South Africa, an insurrection seems unavoidable.
1894 intangible अमूर्त not able to be perceived by touch; vague Though the financial benefits of his Oxford post were meager, Lewis was drawn to it by its intangible rewards: prestige, intellectual freedom, the fellowship of his peers.
1895 integral अविभाज्य complete; necessary for completeness Physical education is an integral part of our curriculum; a sound mind and a sound body are complementary.
1896 integrate एकीकृत make whole; combine; make into one unit She tried to integrate all their activities into one program.
1897 integrity अखंडता uprightness; wholeness Lincoln, whose personal integrity has inspired millions, fought a civil war to maintain the integrity of the republic, that these United States might remain undivided for all time.
1898 intellect बुद्धि higher mental powers He thought college would develop his intellect.
1899 intelligentsia बुद्धिजीवीवर्ग intellectuals; members of the educated elite She preferred discussions about sports and politics to the literary conversations of the intelligentsia.
1900 inter अंतर bury They are going to inter the body tomorrow ar Broadlawn Cemetry.
1901 interdict पाबंदी prohibit; forbid Civilized nations must interdict the use of nuclear weapons if we expect out society to live.
1902 interim अन्तरिम meantime The company will not consider our proposal until next week; in the interim, let us proceed as we have in the past.
1903 interloper अन्तःप्रवेष्टा intruder The merchant thought of his competitors as interlopers who were stealing away his trade.
1904 interminable अनन्त endless Although his speech lasted for only twenty minutes, it seemed interminable to his bored audience.
1905 intermittent रुक-रुक कर periodic; on and off Our picnic was marred by intermittent rains.
1906 internecine आपसी mutually destructive The rising death toll on both sides indicates the internecine natire of his conflict.
1907 interpolate बैठाना insert between She talked so much that I could not interpolate a single remark.
1908 interregnum दो राजाए के भीतर समय period between two reigns Henry VIII desperately sought a male heir because he feared the civil strife that might occur if any prolonged interregum succeeded his death.
1909 interrogate पूछताछ question closely; cross-examine Knowing that the Nazis would interrogate him about his background, the secret agent invented a cover story that would help him meet their quesions.
1910 intersperse बिखेरना scatter The molecules will intersperse throughout the space according to the second law of thermodynamics.
1911 intervene हस्तक्षेप करना come between She intervened in the argument between her two sons.
1912 intimate अन्तरंग hint She intimated rather than stated her preferences.
1913 intimidation धमकी fear A ruler who maintains his power by intimidation is bound to develop clandestine resistance.
1914 intractable असभ्य unruly; refractory The horse was intractable and refused to enter the starting gate.
1915 intransigence कट्टरता state of stubborn unwillingness to compromise The intransigence of both parties in the dispute makes an early settlement almost impossible to obtain.
1916 intrepid निडर fearless For his intrepid conduct in battle, he was promoted.
1917 intrinsically आंतरिक रूप से essentially; inherently; naturally Although my grandmother's china has intrinsically little value, I shall always cherish it for the memories it evokes.
1918 introspective आत्मविश्लेषी looking within oneself We all have our introspective moments during which we examine our souls.
1919 introvert अंतर्मुखी one who is introspective; inclined to think more about oneself In his poetry, he reveals that he is an introvert by his intense interest in his own problems.
1920 intrude घुसेड़ना trespass; enter as an uninvited person She hesitated to intrude on their conversation.
1921 intuition अंतर्ज्ञान power of knowing without reasoning She claimed to know the truth by intuition.
1922 inundate पाट देना overflow; flood The tremendous waves inundated the town.
1923 inured त्रस्त accustomed; hardened She became inured to the Alaskan cold.
1924 invalidate रद्द करना weaken; destroy The relatives who received little or nothing sought to invalidate the will by claiming that the deceased had not been in his right mind when he signed the document.
1925 invective फटकार abuse He had expected criticism but not the invective that greeted his proposal.
1926 inveigh धावा करना denounce; utter censure or invective He inveighed against the demagoguery of the previous speaker and urged that the audience reject his philosophy as dangerous.
1927 inveigle लुभाना lead astray; wheedle She was inveigled into joining the club after an initial reluctance.
1928 inverse उलटा opposite There is an inverse ratio between the strength of light and its distance.
1929 invert पलटना turn upside down or inside out When he inverted his body in a hand stand, he felt the blood rush to his head.
1930 inveterate कट्टर deep-rooted; habitual She is an inveterate smoker and cannot break the habit.
1931 invidious अपमानजनक designed to create ill will or envy We disregarded her invidious remarks because we realized how jealous she was.
1932 invincible अजेय unconquerable Superman is invincible.
1933 inviolability पवित्रता security from being destroyed, corrupted or profaned They respected the inviolability of her faith and did not try to change her manner of living.
1934 invoke आह्वान call upon; ask for She invoked her advisor's aid in filling out her financial aid forms.
1935 invulnerable अभेद्य incapable of injury Achilles was invulnerable except in his heel.
1936 iota योटा very small quantity She hadn't an iota of common sense.
1937 irascible चिड़चिड़ा irritable; easily angered Her irascible temper frightened me.
1938 irate क्रुद्ध angry When John's mother found out that he had overthrown his checking account for the third month in a row, she was so irate that she could scarcely speak to him.
1939 iridescent इंद्रधनुषी exhibiting rainbowlike colors She admired the iridescent hues of the oil that floated on the surface of the water.
1940 irksome दुःखित annoying; tedious He found working on the assembly line irksome because of the monotony of the operation he had to perform.
1941 ironic लोहे का occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner It is ironic that his success came when he least wanted it.
1942 irony व्यंग्य hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that convey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning Gradually his listeners began to realize that the excessive praise he was lavishing was merely irony; he was actually denouncing his opponent.
1943 irreconsilable irreconsilable incompatible; not able to be resolved Because the separated couple were irreconcilable, the marriage counselor recommended a divorce.
1944 irrelevant असंगत not applicable; unrelated This statement is irrelevant and should be disregarded by the jury.
1945 irremediable निरुपाय incurable; uncorrectable The error she made was irremediable; she could see no way to repair it.
1946 irreparable अपूरणीय not able to be corrected or repaired Your apology cannot atone for the irreparable damage you have done to her reputation.
1947 irrepressible सदा एकसां unable to be restrained or held back Her high spirits were irrepressible.
1948 irresolute डगमग uncertain how to act; weak She had no respect for him because he seemed weak-willed and irresolute.
1949 irreverent अपमान जनक lacking proper respect The worshippers resented her irreverent remarks about their faith.
1950 irrevocable स्थिर unalterable Let us not brood over past mistakes since they are irrevocable.
1951 isotope आइसोटोप varying form of an element The study of the isotopes of uranium led to the development of the nuclear bomb.
1952 isthmus Isthmus narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land In a magnificent feat of engineering, Goethals and his men cut through the isthmus of Panama in constructing the Panama Canal.
1953 itinerant चलनेवाला wandering; traveling He was an itinerant peddler and traveled through Pennsylvania and Virginia selling his wares.
1954 itinerary यात्रा कार्यक्रम plan of a trip Before leaving for his first visit to France and England, he discussed his itinerary with people who had been there and with his travel agent.

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