Master Wordlist A1

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Master Wordlist A1

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
1 abase अपमानित करना lower; degrade; humiliate Anna expected to have to curtsy
to the King of Siam; when told to cast herself down on the ground before him,
however she refused to abase herself.
2 abash लज्जित करना embarrass He was not at all abashed by her
open admiration.
3 abate रोक-थाम करना subside or moderate Rather than leaving immediately,
they waited for the storm to abate.
4 abbreviate संक्षिप्त करना shorten Because we were running out of
time, the lecturer had to abbreviate her speech.
5 abdicate त्यागना renounce; give up When Edward VII abdicated the
British throne, he surprised the entire world.
6 aberrant धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला abnormal or deviant Given the aberrant nature of the
data, we came to doubt the validity of the entire experiment.
7 abet उकसाना assist, usually in doing
something wrong
She was unwilling to abet him in
the swindle he had planned.
8 abeyance दुविधा suspended action The deal was held in abeyance
until her arrival.
9 abject अधम wretched; lacking pride On the streets of New York the
homeless live in abject poverty, huddling in doorways to find shelter from
the wind.
10 abjure त्यागना renounce upon oath He abjured his allegiance to the
11 ablution स्नान washing His daily ablutions were
accompanied by loud noises that he humorously labeled "Opera in the
12 abnegation अस्वीकार renunciation; self-sacrifice Though Rudolph and Duchess
Flavia loved one another, their love was doomed, for she had to wed the king;
their act of abnegation was necessary to preserve the kingdom.
13 abominate द्वेष करना loathe; hate Moses scolded the idol
worshippers in the tribe because he abominated the custom.
14 abortive निष्फल unsuccessful; fruitless We had to abandon our abortive
15 abrasive अपघर्षक rubbing away; tending to grind
Just as abrasive cleaning
powders can wear away a shiny finish, abrasive remarks can wear away a
listener's patience.
16 abrogate अभिनिषेध करना abolish He intended to abrogate the
decree issued by his predecessor.
17 abscond फ़रार होना depart secretly and hide The teller absconded with the
bonds and was not found.
18 absolute पूर्ण complete; totally unlimited;
Although the King of Siam was an
absolute monarch, he did not want to behead his unfaithful wife without
absolute evidence of her infidelity.
19 absolve दोषमुक्त करना pardon (an offense) The father confessor absolved
him of his sins.
20 abstain बचना refrain; withhold from
After considering the effect of
alcohol on his athletic performance, he decided to abstain from drinking
while he trained for the race.
21 abstract अमूर्त theoretical; not concrete;
To him, hunger was an abstract
concept; he had never missed a meal.
22 abusive अपमानजनक coarsely insulting; physically
An abusive parent damages a
child both mentally and physically.
23 abut सीमा पर एकत्रित होना border upon; adjoin Where our estates abut, we must
build a fence.
24 abysmal निराशाजनक bottomless His arrogance is exceeded only
by his abysmal ignorance.
25 accede मान लेना agree If I accede to this demand for
blackmail, I am afraid that I will be the victim of future demands.
26 accelerate में तेजी लाने के move faster In our science class, we learn
how falling bodies accelerate.
27 accessible सुलभ easy to approach; obtainable We asked our guide whether the
ruins were accessible on foot.
28 accessory सहायक additional object; useful but
not essential thing
She bought an attractive handbag
as an accessory for her dress.
29 acclimate अभ्यास होना adjust to climate or environment One of the difficulties of our
present air age is the need of travellers to acclimate themselves to their
new and often strange environments.
30 acclivity चढ़ाना sharp upslope of a hill The car could not go up the
acclivity in high gear.
31 accolade पुरस्कार award of merit In Hollywood, an
"Oscar" is the highest accolade.
32 accord समझौते agreement She was in complete accord with
the verdict.
33 accost संभाषण करना approach and speak first to a
When the two young men accosted
me, I was frightened because I thought they were going to attack me.
34 accoutre वर्दी से सजाना equip The fisherman was accoutred with
the best that the sporting goods store could supply
35 accretion एक साथ वृद्धि growth; increase The accretion of wealth marked
the family's rise in power.
36 accrue उपाजित होना come about by addition You must pay the interest that
has accrued on your debt as well as the principal sum.
37 acidulous थोड़ा अम्ल slightly sour; sharp; caustic James was unpopular because of
his sarcastic and acidulous remarks.
38 acme परिपूर्णता peak; pinnacle; highest point Welles's success in Citizen Kane
marked the acme of his career as an actor; never again did he achieve such
popular acclaim.
39 acquiesce संतुष्ट होना assent; agree passively Although she appeared to
acquiesce to her employer's suggestions, I could tell she had reservations
about the changes he wanted made.
40 acquittal दोषमुक्ति deliverance from a charge His acquittal by the jury
surprised those who had thought him guilty.
41 acrid तीखा sharp; bitterly pungent The acrid odor of burnt
gunpowder filled the room after the pistol had been fired.
42 acrimonious उग्र stinging, caustic His tendency to utter
acrimonious remarks alienated his audience.
43 actuarial बीमांकिक calculating; pertaining to
insurance statistics
According to recent actuarial
tables, life expectancy is greater today than it was a century ago.
44 actuate उकसाना motivate I fail to understand what
actuated you to reply to this letter so nastily.
45 acuity तीक्ष्णता sharpness In time his youthful acuity of
vision failed him, and he needed glasses.
46 acumen कुशाग्रता mental keenness His business acumen helped him
to succeed where others had failed.
47 adage कहावत wise saying; proverb There is much truth in the old
adage about fools and their money.
48 adamant अटल hard, inflexible He was adamant in his
determination to punish the wrongdoer.
49 addendum परिशिष्ट addition; appendix to book Jane's editor approved her new
comparative literature text but thought it would be even better with an
addendum on recent developments in literary criticism.
50 addle सड़ा muddle; drive crazy This idiotic plan is confusing
enough to addle anyone.
51 adherent पक्षपाती supporter; follower In the wake of the scandal, the
senator's one-time adherent quietly deserted him.
52 adjunct सहायक something attached to but
holding an inferior position
I will entertain this concept as
an adjunct to the main proposal.
53 adjuration शपथ solemn urging Her adjuration to tell the truth
did not change the witnesses' testimony.
54 adjutant एजीटांट staff officer assisting the
commander; assistant
Though Wellington delegated many
tasks to his chief adjutant, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Somerset was in no doubt
as to who made all major decisions.
55 admonish धिक्कारना warn; reprove He admonished his listeners to
change their wicked ways.
56 adorn सजाना decorate Wall paintings and carved
statues adorned the temple.
57 adroit निपुण skillful His adroit handling of the
delicate situation pleased his employers.
58 adulation मनुहार flattery; admiration The rock star thrived on the
adulation of his groupies and yes-men.
59 adulterate मिलावट करना make impure by mixing with baser
It is a crime to adulterate
foods without informing the buyer.
60 advent आगमन arrival Most Americans were unaware of
the advent of the Nuclear Age until the news of Hiroshima reached them.
61 adventitious आकस्मिक accidental; casual He found this adventitious
meeting with his friend extremely fortunate.
62 adversary वैरी opponent; enemy Batman struggled to save Gotham
City from the machinations of his wicked adversary, the Joker.
63 adverse प्रतिकूल unfavorable; hostile adverse circumstances compelled
him to close his business.
64 adversity विपत्ति poverty, misfortune We must learn to meet adversity
65 advert विज्ञापन refer to Since you advert to this matter
so frequently, you must regard it as important.
66 advocate वकील urge; plead for The abolitionists advocated
freedom for the slaves.
67 aegis तत्वावधान shield; defense Under the aegis of the Bill of
Rights, we enjoy our most treasured freedoms.
68 affable मिलनसार courteous Although he held a position of
responsibility, he was an affable individual and could be reached by anyone
with a complaint.
69 affected प्रभावित artificial; pretended His affected mannerisms
irritated may of us who had known him before his promotion.
70 affidavit शपथ-पत्र written statement made under
The court refused to accept his
statement unless he presented it in the form of an affidavit.
71 affiliation संबंधन joining; associating with His affiliation with the
political party was of short duration for he soon disagreed with his
72 affinity आत्मीयता kinship She felt an affinity with all
who suffered; their pains were her pains.
73 affirmation प्रतिज्ञान positive assertion;
confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath
Despite Tom's affirmation of
innocence, Aunt Polly still suspected he had eaten the pie.
74 affix प्रत्यय attach or add on; fasten First the registrar had to affix
his signature to the license; then he had to affix his official seal.
75 affluence समृद्धि abundance; wealth Foreigners are amazed by the
affluence and luxury of the American way of life.
76 affront अपमान insult; offend Accustomed to being treated with
respect, Miss Challoner was affronted by Vidal's offensive behavior.
77 agape भौंचक्का openmouthed She stared, agape, at the many
strange animals in the zoo.
78 agenda कार्यसूची items of business at a meeting We had so much difficulty
agreeing upon an agenda that there was very little time for the meeting.
79 agglomeration ढेर collection; heap It took weeks to assort the
agglomeration of miscellaneous items she had collected on her trip.
80 aggrandize शक्ति अथवा प्रतिक्षा में बढ़ाना increase or intensify; raise in
power, wealth, rank or honor
The history of the past quarter
century illustrates how a President may aggrandize his power to act
aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of
81 aggregate कुल sum; total The aggregate wealth of this
country is staggering to the imagination.
82 aghast भौचक्का horrified He was aghast at the nerve of
the speaker who had insulted his host.
83 agility चपलता nimbleness The agility of the acrobat
amazed and thrilled the audience.
84 agitate उत्तेजित करना stir up; disturb Her fiery remarks agitated the
already angry mob.
85 agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का one who is skeptical of the
existence of knowability of a god or any ultimate reality
The agnostic demanded proof
before she would accept the statement of the minister.
86 agog लौटने में highly excited; intensely
We were all agog at the news
that the celebrated movie star was giving up his career in order to enter a
87 agrarian कृषि प्रधान pertaining to land or its
As a result of its recent
industrialization, the country is gradually losing its agrarian traditions.
88 alacrity तत्परता cheerful promptness He demonstrated his eagerness to
serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his master.
89 alchemy रस-विधा medieval chemistry The changing of baser metals
into gold was the goal of the students of alchemy.
90 alcove घिरौची nook; recess Though their apartment lacked a
full-scale dining room, an alcove adjacent to the living room made an
adequate breakfast nook for the young couple.
91 alias उपनाम an assumed name John Smith's alias was Bob
92 alienate हटाना make hostile; separate Her attempts to alienate the two
friends failed because they had complete faith in each other.
93 alimentary पाचन supplying nourishment The alimentary canal in our
bodies is so named because digestion of foods occurs there.
94 alimony गुजारा भत्ता payments make to an ex-spouse
after divorce
Because Tony had supported Tina
through medical school, on their divorce he asked the court to award him $500
a month in alimony.
95 allay निराकरणकरना calm; pacify The crew tried to allay the
fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.
96 allege आरोप state without proof It is alleged that she had
worked for the enemy.
97 allegory रूपक story in which characters are
used as symbols; fable
Pilgrim's Progress is an
allegory of the temptations and victories of the human soul.
98 alleviate कम करना relieve This should alleviate the pain;
if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.
99 alliteration अनुप्रास repetition of beginning sound in
The furrow followed free is an
example of alliteration.
100 alloy मिश्र धातु mixture as of metals alloy of gold are used more
frequently than the pure metal.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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