Master Wordlist P4

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Master Wordlist P4

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2735 propellant फेंकने योग्य substance that propels or drives
The development of our missile
program has forced our scientists to seek more powerful propellants.
2736 propensity झुकाव natural inclination Convinced of his own talent, Sol
has an unfortunate propensity to belittle the talents of others.
2737 prophetic भविष्यवाणी having to do with predicting the
In interpreting Pharaoh's
prophetic dream, Joseph said that the seven fat cows eaten by the seven lean cows represented seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.
2738 prophylactic रोगनिरोधी used to prevent disease Despite all prophylactic
measures introduced by the authorities, the epidemic raged until cool weather
set in.
2739 propinquity पड़ोस nearness; kinship Their relationship could not be
explained as being based on mere propinquity: they were more than relatives;
they were true friends.
2740 propitiate संतुष्ट करना appease The natives offered sacrifices
to propitiate the gods.
2741 propitious अनुकूल favorable; kindly I think it is advisable that we
wait for a more propitious occasion to announce our plans; this is not a good
2742 proponent समर्थक person who supports or proposes
(an idea)
After the bill had been amended
and re-amended in committee, even its original proponents didn't want to vote
in its favor.
2743 propound प्रतिपादन करना put forth for analysis In you discussion, you have
propounded several questions; let us consider each one separately.
2744 propriety औचित्य fitness; correct conduct I want you to behave at this
dinner with propriety; don't embarass me.
2745 propulsive आगे बढ़नेवाला driving forward The jet plane has a greater
propulsive power than the engine-driven plane.
2746 prosaic नीरस dull and unimaginative;
matter-of-fact; factual
Though the ad writers had come
up with a highly creative campaign to publicize the company's newest product,
the head office rejected it for a more prosaic, down-to-earth approach.
2747 proscenium रंगभूमि का आगे का भाग part of stage in front of
In the theater-in-the-round
there can be no proscenium or proscenium arch.
2748 proscribe देश से निकालना ostracize; banish; outlaw Antony, Octavius and Lepidus
proscribed all those who had conspired against Julius Caesar.
2749 proselytize फुसलाना induce someone to convert to
religion or belief
In these interfaith meetings,
there must be no attempt to proselytize; we must respect all points of view.
2750 prosody छंदशास्र the art of versification This book on prosody contains a
rhyming dictionary as well as samples of the various verse forms.
2751 prosperity समृद्धि good fortune; financial success;
physical well-being
Promising to stay together
"for richer, for poorer," the newlyweds vowed to be true to one
another in prosperity and hardship alike.
2752 prostrate पराजित stretch out full on ground He prostrated himself before the
2753 protean बहुरूपिया versatile; able to take on many
A remarkably protean actor, Alec
Guinness could take on any role.
2754 protocol प्रोटोकॉल diplomatic etiquette We must run this state dinner
according to protocol if we are to avoid offending any of our guests.
2755 prototype प्रोटोटाइप original work used as a model by
The crude typewriter on display
in this museum is the prototype of the elaborate machines in use today.
2756 protract बढ़ाना prolong Seeking to delay the union
members' vote, the management team tried to protract the negotiations
endlessly, but the union representatives saw through their strategy.
2757 protrude फैलाना stick out His fingers protruded from the
holes in his gloves.
2758 protuberance सूजन protrusion; bulge A ganglionic cyst is a
fluid-filled tumor (generally benign) that develops near a joint membrane or
tendon sheath, and that bulges beneath the skin, forming a protuberance.
2759 provenance सूत्र origin or source of something I am not interested in its
provenance; I am more concerned with its usefulness than with its source.
2760 provender चारा dry food; fodder I am afraid of a severe winter
because I have stored a large quantity of provender for the cattle.
2761 provident चौकस displaying foresight; thrifty;
preparing for emergencies
In his usual provident manner,
he had insured himself against this type of loss.
2762 provincial प्रांतीय pertaining to a province;
limited in outlook; unsophisticated
As provincial governor, Sir
Henry administered the Queen's law in his remote corner of Canada.
2763 provisional अनंतिम tentative The appointment is provisional;
only on the approval of the board of directors will it be made permanent.
2764 proviso नियम stipulation I am ready to accept your
proposal with the two proviso that you meet your obligations within the next
two weeks.
2765 provoke भड़काना stir up anger; cause retaliation In order to prevent a sudden
outbreak of hostilities, we must not provoke our foe.
2766 proximity निकटता nearness The deer sensed the hunter's
proximity and bounded away.
2767 proxy प्रतिनिधि authorized agent Please act as my proxy and vote
for this slate of candidates in my absence.
2768 prude कपटी excessively modest or proper
The X-rated film was definitely
not for prudes.
2769 prudent विवेकी cautious; careful A miser hoards money not because
he is prudent but because he is greedy.
2770 prune कांट - छांट cut away; trim With the help of her editor, she
was able to prune her manuscript into publishable form.
2771 pseudonym उपनाम pen name Samuel Clemens' pseudonym was
Mark Twain.
2772 psychiatrist मनोचिकित्सक a doctor who treats mental
A psychiatrist often needs long
conferences with his patient before a diagnosis can be made.
2773 psychopathic मनोरोगी pertaining to mental derangement The psychopathic patient suffers
more frequently from a disorder of the nervous system than from a diseased
2774 psychosis मनोविकृति mental disorder We must endeavor to find an
outlet for the patient's repressed desires if we hope to combat this
2775 pterodactyl pterodactyl extinct flying reptile The remains of pterodactyls
indicate that these flying reptiles had a wingspan of as much as twenty feet.
2776 puerile बचकाना childish His puerile pranks sometimes
offended his more mature friends.
2777 pugilist बाक्सर boxer The famous pugilist Cassius Clay
changed his name to Muhammed Ali.
2778 pugnacious झगड़ालू combative; disposed to fight As a child he was pugnacious and
fought with everyone.
2779 puissant puissant powerful; strong; potent We must keep his friendship for
he will make a puissant ally.
2780 pulchritude ख़ूबसूरती beauty; comeliness I do not envy the judges who
have to select this year's Miss America from this collection of female
2781 pulmonary फेफड़े pertaining to the lungs In his researches on pulmonary
diseases, he discovered many facts about the lungs of animals and human
2782 pulsate धड़कना throb We could see the blood vessels
in his temple pulsate as he became more angry.
2783 pulverize घोटना crush or grind into very small
Before sprinkling the dried
herbs into the stew, Michael first pulverized them into a fine powder.
2784 pummel कूटना beat The severity with which he was
pummeled was indicated by the bruises he displayed on his head and face.
2785 punctilious ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा परिशुद्ध laying stress on niceties of
conduct or form; precise
We must be punctilious in our
planning of this affair, for any error may be regarded as a personal affront.
2786 pundit पंडित learned Hindu; any learned
person; authority on a subject
Even though he discourses on the
matter like a pundit, he is actually rather ignorant about this topic.
2787 pungency तीखापन sharpness; stinging quality The pungency of the cigarette
smoke made me cough.
2788 punitive दंडात्मक punishing He asked for punitive measures
against the offender.
2789 puny नन्हा insignificant; tiny; weak Our puny efforts to stop the
flood were futile.
2790 purchase क्रय firm grasp or footing The mountaineer struggled to get
a proper purchase on the slippery rock.
2791 purgatory यातना place of spiritual expiation In this purgatory, he could
expect no help from his comrades.
2792 purge शुद्ध करना clean by removing impurities;
clear of changes
If you are to be purged of the
charge of contempt of Congress, you must be willing to answer the questions
previously asked.
2793 purport मुराद intention; meaning If the purport of your speech
was to arouse the rabble, you succeeded admirably.
2794 purveyor नजदीक furnisher of foodstuffs; caterer As purveyor of rare wines and
viands, he traveled through France and Italy every year in search of new
products to sell.
2795 pusillanimous कायर cowardly; fainthearted You should be ashamed of your
pusillanimous conduct during this dispute.
2796 putative ख्यात supposed; reputed Although there are some doubts,
the putative author of this work is Massinger.
2797 putrid सड़ा हुआ foul; rotten; decayed The gangrenous condition of the
wound was indicated by the putrid smell when the bandages were removed.
2798 pyre चिता heap of combustible material,
esp. for burning a corpse.
The mortician put pyre on the
corpse before burning a corpse.
2799 pyromaniac मदहनोन्मादी person with an insane desire to
set things on fire
The detectives searched the area
for the pyromaniac who had set these costly fires.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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