Master wordlist B2

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Master wordlist B2

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
422 bourgeois पूंजीपति middle class The French Revolution was
inspired by the bourgeois, who resented the aristocracy.
423 bovine मंद cowlike; placid and dull Nothing excites Esther; even
when she won the state lottery, she still preserved her air of bovine calm.
424 bowdlerize bowdlerize expurgate After the film editors had
bowdlerized the language in the script, the motion picture's rating was
changed from "R" to "PG."
425 brackish नुनखरा somewhat saline He found the only wells in the
area were brackish; drinking the water made him nauseous.
426 braggadocio शेख़ीबाज़ boasting He was disliked because his
manner was always full of braggadocio.
427 braggart डींगमार boaster Modest by nature, she was no
braggart, preferring to let her accomplishments speak for themselves.
428 bravado वाहवाही swagger; assumed air of defiance The bravado of the young
criminal disappeared when he was confronted by the victims of his brutal
429 brawn मांसपेशी muscular strength; sturdiness It takes brawn to become a
champion weight-lifter.
430 brazen तांबे का insolent Her brazen contempt for
authority angered the officials.
431 breach दरार breaking of contract or duty;
fissure; gap
They found a breach in the
enemy's fortifications and penetrated their lines.
432 breadth चौड़ाई width; extent We were impressed by the breadth
of her knowledge.
433 brevity संक्षिप्तता conciseness brevity is essential when you
send a telegram or cablegram; you are charged for every word.
434 brindled चितकबरा tawny or grayish with streaks or
He was disappointed in the
litter because the puppies were brindled; he had hoped for animals of uniform
435 bristling लैस rising like bristles; showing
The dog stood there, bristling
with anger.
436 brittle नाज़ुक easily broken; difficult My employer's brittle
personality made it difficult for me to get along with her.
437 broach सीख open up He did not even try to broach
the subject of poetry.
438 brocade जरी वस्त्र rich, figured fabric The sofa was covered with
expensive brocade.
439 brochure विवरणिका pamphlet This brochure on farming was
issued by the Department of Agriculture.
440 brooch ब्रोच ornamental clasp She treasured the brooch because
it was an heirloom.
441 brook नाला tolerate; endure The dean would brook no
interference with his disciplinary actions.
442 browbeat धमकाना bully; intimidate Billy resisted Ted's attempts to
browbeat him into handing over his lunch money.
443 brusque अशिष्ट blunt; abrupt She was offended by his brusque
444 bucolic ग्राम्य rustic; pastoral The meadow was the scene of
bucolic gaiety.
445 buffoonery तमाशा clowning John Candy's buffoonery in Uncle
Buck was hilarious.
446 bugaboo डरावना bugbear; object of baseless
If we become frightened by such
bugaboos, we are no wiser than the birds who fear scarecrows.
447 bullion बुलियन gold and silver in the form of
Much bullion is stored in the
vaults at Fort Knox.
448 bulwark बांध earthwork or other strong
defense; person who defends
The navy is our principal
bulwark against invasion.
449 bungle घपला spoil by clumsy behavior I was afraid you would bungle
his assignment but I had no one else to send.
450 bureaucracy नौकरशाही government by bureaus Many people fear that the
constant introduction of federal agencies will create a government by
451 burgeon burgeon grow forth; send out buds In the spring, the plants that
burgeon are a promise of the beauty that is to come.
452 burlesque कारटून give an imitation that ridicules In his caricature, he burlesqued
the mannerisms of his adversary.
453 burly बलवान husky; muscular The burly mover lifted the
packing crate with ease.
454 burnish पालिश make shiny by rubbing; polish The maid burnished the brass
fixtures until they reflected the lamplight.
455 buttress टेक support; prop up Just as architects buttress the
walls of cathedrals with flying buttresses, debates buttress their arguments
with facts.
456 buxom buxom full-bosomed; plump; jolly High fashion models usually are
slender rather than buxom.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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