Master Wordlist E1

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Master Wordlist E1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1103 earthy मिट्टी की unrefined; coarse His earthy remarks often
embarrassed the women in the audience.
1104 ebb भाटा recede; lessen His fortunes began to ebb during
the recession.
1105 ebullient उबलनेवाला showing excitement; overflowing
with enthusiasm
His ebullient nature could not
be repressed.
1106 eccentric विलक्षण odd; whimsical; irregular The comet passed close by the
earth in its eccentric orbit.
1107 eccentricity सनक oddity; idiosyncrasy Some of his friends tried to
account for his rudeness to strangers as the eccentricity of genius.
1108 ecclesiastic पादरी pertaining to the church The minister donned his
ecclesiastic garb and walked to the pulpit.
1109 eclectic उदार selective; composed of elements
drawn from disparate sources
His style of interior decoration
was eclectic: bits and pieces of furnishings from widely divergent periods,
strikingly juxtaposed to create a unique color.
1110 eclipse ग्रहण darken; extinguish; surpass The new stock market high
eclipsed the previous record set in 1985.
1111 ecologist परिस्थितिविज्ञानशास्री person concerned with the
interrelationship between living organisms and their environment
The ecologist was concerned that
the new dam would upset the natural balance of the creatures living in Glen
1112 economy अर्थव्यवस्था efficiency or conciseness in
using something
Reading the epigrams of Pope, I
admire the economy of his verse: in few words he conveys worlds of meaning.
1113 ecstasy परमानंद rapture, joy; any overpowering
The announcement that the war
had ended brought on an ecstasy that resulted in many uncontrolled
1114 eddy बवंडर swirling current of water, air,
The water in the tide pool was
still, except for an occasional eddy.
1115 edify उपदेश देना instruct; correct morally Although his purpose was to
edify and not to entertain his audience, many of his listeners were amused
and not enlightened.
1116 eerie भयानक weird In that eerie setting, it was
easy to believe in ghosts and other supernatural beings.
1117 efface मिटाना rub out The coin had been handled so
many times that its data had been effaced.
1118 effectual अमोघ efficient If we are to succeed, we must
seek effectual means of securing our goals.
1119 effeminate स्रैण having womanly traits His voice was high-pitched and
1120 effervescence बुदबुदाहट inner excitement; exuberance Nothing depressed her for long;
her natural effervescence soon reasserted itself.
1121 effete अशक्त worn out; exhausted; barren The literature of the age
reflected the effete condition of the writers; no new ideas were forthcoming.
1122 efficacy प्रभावोत्पादकता power to produce desired effect The efficacy of this drug
depends on the regularity of the dosage.
1123 effigy पुतला dummy The mob showed its irritation by
hanging the judge in effigy.
1124 effluvium effluvium noxious smell Air pollution has become a
serious problem in our major cities; the effluvium and the poisons in the air
are hazards to life.
1125 effrontery गुस्ताख़ी shameless boldness She had the effrontery to insult
the guest.
1126 effusion बहाव pouring forth The critics objected to her
literary effusion because it was too flowery.
1127 effusive असंयत pouring forth; gushing Her effusive manner of greeting
her friends finally began to irritate them.
1128 egoism अहंकार excessive interest in one's
self; belief that one should be interested in one's self rather than in
His egoism prevented him from
seeing the needs of his colleagues.
1129 egotism अहंकार conceit; vanity She thought so much of herself
that we found her egotism unwarranted and irritating.
1130 egregious प्रबल notorious; conspicuously bad;
She was an egregious liar; we
all knew better than to believe a word she said.
1131 egress निकास exit Barnum's sign "To the
Egress" fooled many people who thought they were going to see an animal
and instead found themselves in the street.
1132 ejaculation हांक exclamation He could not repress an
ejaculation of surprise when he heard the news.
1133 elaboration विस्तार addition of details; intricacy Tell what happened simply,
without any elaboration.
1134 elated उत्तेजित overjoyed; in high spirits Grinning from ear to ear, Bonnie
Blair was clearly elated by her Olympic victory.
1135 elegy शोकगीत poem or song expressing
On the death of Edward King,
Milton composed the elegy "Lycidas."
1136 elicit प्रकाश में लाना draw out by discussion The detectives tried to elicit
where he had hidden his loot.
1137 elixir अमृत cure-all; something invigorating The news of her chance to go
abroad acted on her like an elixir.
1138 ellipsis अंडाकार omission of words from a text Sometimes an ellipsis can lead
to a dangling modifier, as in the sentence "Once dressed, you should
refrigerate the potato salad.
1139 elliptical अंडाकार oval; ambiguous, either
purposely or because key words have been left out
An elliptical billiad ball
wobbles because it is not perfectly round; an elliptical remark baffles
because it is not perfectly clear.
1140 eloquence वाग्मिता expressiveness; persuasive
The crowds were stirred by
Martin Luther King's eloquence.
1141 elucidate स्पष्ट करना explain; enlighten He was called upon to elucidate
the disputed points in his article.
1142 elusive मायावी evasive; baffling; hard to grasp His elusive dreams of wealth
were costly to those of his friends who supported him financially.
1143 elysian Elysian relating to paradise; blissful An afternoon sail on the bay was
for her an elysian journey.
1144 emaciated क्षीण thin and wasted His long period of starvation
had left him emaciated.
1145 emanate निर्गत होना issue forth A strong odor of sulfur emanated
from the spring.
1146 emancipate स्वतंत्र करना set free At first, the attempts of the
Abolitioninst to emancipate the slaves were unpopular in New England as well
as in the South.
1147 embargo घाटबंधी ban on commerce or other
As a result of the embargo,
trade with colonies was at a standstill.
1148 embark लगना commence; go on board a boat;
begin a journey
In devoting herself to the study
of gorillas, Dian Fossey embarked on a course of action that was to cost her
her life.
1149 embed ट्वीट enclose; place in something Tales of actual historical
figures like King Alfred have become embedded in legends.
1150 embellish संवारना adorn My mother-in-law's stories about
her journey from Russia made us laugh because she embellished the bare facts
of her travels with humourous acecdotes.
1151 embezzlement ग़बन stealing The bank teller confessed his
embezzlement of the funds.
1152 embroil उलझाना throw into confusion He became embroiled in the
heated discussion when he tried to arbitrate the dispute.
1153 embryonic भ्रूण undeveloped; rudimentary The evil of class and race
hatred must be eliminated while it is still in an embryonic state; otherwise,
it may grow to dangerous proportions.
1154 emend सुधारना correct, usually a text The critic emended the book by
retranslating several passages.
1155 emendation संशोधन correction of errors;
Please initial all the
emendations you have made in this contract.
1156 emetic उबकाई की substance causing vomiting The use of an emetic like
mustard is useful in cases of poisoning.
1157 eminent प्रख्यात high; lofty After his appointment to this
emiment position, he seldom had time for his former friends.
1158 emissary दूत agent; messenger The secretary of State was sent
as the President's special emissary to the conference on disarmament.
1159 emollient कम करनेवाला soothing or softening remedy He applied an emollient to the
inflamed area.
1160 emolument वेतन salary; compensation In addition to the emolument
this position offers, you must consider the social prestige it carries with
1161 empathy सहानुभूति ability to identify with
another's feelings, ideas, etc
What made Ann such a fine
counselor was her empathy, her ability to put herself in her client's place
and feel his emotions as if they were her own.
1162 empirical अनुभवसिद्ध based on experience He distrusted hunches and
intuitive flashes; he placed his reliance entirely on empirical data.
1163 emulate अनुकरण करना rival; imitate As long as our political leaders
emulate the virtues of the great leaders of this country, we shall flourish.
1164 enamored आसक्त in love Narcissus became enamored of his
own beauty.
1165 enclave एन्क्लेव territory enclosed within an
alien land
The Vatican is an independent
enclave in Italy.
1166 encomiastic चापलूसी praising; eulogistic Some critics believe that his
encomiastic statements about Napoleon were inspired by his desire for
material advancement rather than by an honest belief in the Emperor's genius.
1167 encomium encomium high praise; eulogy Uneasy with the encomiums
expressed by his supporters, Tolkien felt unworthy of such high praise.
1168 encompass धरना surround Although we were encompassed by
enemy forces, we were cheerful for we were well stocked and could withstand a
siege until our allies joined us.
1169 encroachment अतिक्रमण gradual intrusion The encroachment of the
factories upon the neighborhood lowered the value of the real estate.
1170 encumber उलझाना burden Some people encumber themselves
with too much luggage, when they take short trips.
1171 endearment प्रीति fond word or act Your gifts and endearments
cannot make me forget your earlier insolence.
1172 endemic स्थानिक prevailinig among a specific
group of people or in a specific are or country
This disease is endemic in this
part of the world; more than 80 percent of the population are at one time or
another affected by it.
1173 endorse समर्थन approve; support Everyone waited to see which one
of the rival candidates for the city council the mayor would endorse.
1174 endue प्रदान करना provide with some quality; endow He was endued with a lion's
1175 enduring टिकाऊ lasting; surviving Keats believed in the enduring
power of great art, which outlast its creator's brief lives.
1176 energize energize invigorate; make forceful and
Rather than exhausting Maggie,
dancing energized her.
1177 enervate कमज़ोर weaken She was slow to recover from her
illness; even a short walk to the window evervated her.
1178 enfranchise मताधिकार देना admit to the rights of
citizenship (especially the right to vote)
Although blacks were
enfranchised shortly after the Civil War, women did not receive the right to
vote until 1920.
1179 engage संलग्न attract; hire; pledge oneself;
Your case has engaged my
interest, my lord, said Holmes, "You many engage my services."
1180 engender पैदा करना cause; produce To receive praise for real
accomplishments engenders self-confidence in a child.
1181 engross तल्लीन occupy fully John was so engrossed in his
studies that he did not hear his mother call.
1182 enhance बढ़ाने advance; improve Your chances for promotion in
this department will be enhanced if you take some more courses in evening
1183 enigma पहेली puzzle Depite all attempts to decipher
the code, it remained an enigma.
1184 enigmatic रहस्यपूर्ण obscure; puzzling Many have sought to fathom the
enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa.
1185 enjoin हुक्म चलाना command; order; forbid The owners of the company asked
the court to enjoin the union from picketing the plant.
1186 enmity शत्रुता ill will; hatred At Camp David President Carter
labored to bring an end to the enmity that prevented Egypt and Israel from
living in peace.
1187 ennui विरक्ति boredom The monotonous routine of
hopital life induced a feeling of ennui which made him moody and irritable.
1188 enormity दुष्टता hugeness (in a bad sense) He did not realize the enormity
of his crime until he saw what suffering he had caused.
1189 enrapture प्रफुल्ल करना please intensely The audience was enraptured by
the freshness of the voices and the excellent orchestration.
1190 ensconce ensconce settle comfortably The parents thought that their
children were ensconced safely in the private school and decided to leave for
1191 ensue पीछा करना follow The evils that ensued were the
direct result of the miscalculations of the leaders.
1192 enthrall ग़ुलाम बनाना capture; enslave From the moment he saw her
picture, he was enthralled by her beauty.
1193 entice लुभाने lure; attract; tempt She always tried to entice her
baby brother into mischief.
1194 entity सत्ता real being As soon as the charter was
adopted, the United Nations became an entity and had to be considered as a
factor in world diplomacy.
1195 entomology कीटविज्ञान study of insects I found entomology the least
interesting part of my course in biology; studying insects bored me.
1196 entrance प्रवेश put under a spell; carry away
with emotion
Shafts of sunlight on a wall
could entrance her and leave her spellbound.
1197 entreat विनती करना plead; ask earnestly She entreated her father to let
her stay out till midnight.
1198 entree दखल entrance; a way in Because of his wealth and social
position, he had entree into the most exclusive circles.
1199 entrepreneur व्यवसायी businessperson; contractor Opponents of our present tax
program argue that it discourages entrepreneurs from trying new fields of
business activity.
1200 enumerate गिनना list; mention one by one Huck hung his head in shame as
Miss Watson enumerated his many flaws.
1201 enunciate उच्चारित करना speak distinctly How will people understand you
if you do not enunciate?
1202 environ घेरना enclose; surround Paris was environed by a wall

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