Master Word list J K L

Master Word List J K and L

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1955 jaded क्लांत fatigued; surfeited He looked for exotic foods to
stimulate his jaded appetite.
1956 jargon शब्दजाल language used by special group;
We tried to understand the
jargon of the peddlers in the market place but could not find any basis for
1957 jaundiced डाही yellowed; prejudiced; envious She gazed at the painting with
jaundiced eyes; she knew it was better than hers.
1958 jaunt मनोरंजन की यात्रा trip; short journey He took a quick jaunt to
Atlantic City.
1959 jaunty अल्हड़ lighthearted; animated; easy and
In Singing in the Rain, Gene
Kelly sang and danced his way throughtthe lighthearted title number in a
properly jaunty style.
1960 jeopardy ख़तरा exposure to death or danger Legally, one cannot be placed in
double jeopardy.
1961 jettison बोझ गिराना throw overboard In order to enable the ship to
ride safely through the storm, the captain had to jettison much of his cargo.
1962 jingoism अंधराष्ट्रीयता extremely aggressive and
militant patriotism
We must be careful to prevent a
spirit of jingoism from spreading at this time.
1963 jocose जिदादिल given to joking The salesman was so jocose that
many of his customers suggested that he become a stand-up comic.
1964 jocular रसिक said or done in jest Do not take my jocular remarks
1965 jocund आनंदमय merry Santa Claus is always vivacious
and jocund.
1966 jollity चहलपहल gaiety; cheerfulness The festive Christmas dinner was
a merry one, and old and young alike joined in the general jollity.
1967 jostle झटका shove; bump In the subway he was jostled by
the crowds.
1968 jovial उल्लासपूर्ण good natured; merry A frown seemed out of place on
his invariably jovial face.
1969 jubilation आनंदोत्सव rejoicing There was great jubilitation
when the armistice was announced.
1970 judicious उचित sound in judgment; wise At a key moment in his life, he
made a judicious investment that was the foundation of his later wealth.
1971 juggernaut रथ irresistible crushin force Nothing could survive in the
path of the juggernaut.
1972 juncture समय crisis;joining point At this critical juncture, let
us think carefully before determining the course we shall follow.
1973 junket दावत trip, especially one taken for
pleasure by an official at public expense
Though she maintained she had
gone abroad to collect firsthand data on the Common Market, the opposition
claimed that her trip was merely a political junket.
1974 junta जून्टा group of persons joined in
political intrigue; cabal
As soon as he learned of its
existence, the dictator ordered the execution of all of the members of the
1975 jurisprudence धर्मशास्र science of law He was more a student of
jurisprudence than a practitioner of the law.
1976 juxtapose मिलाना place side by side Comparison will be easier if you
juxtapose the two objects.
1977 kaleidoscope बहुरूपदर्शक tube in which patterns made by
the reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass, etc., produce
interesting symmetrical effects
People found a new source of
entertainment while peering through the kaleidoscope; they found the
ever-changing patterns fascinating.
1978 ken केन range of knowledge I cannot answer your question
since this matter is beyond my ken.
1979 killjoy Killjoy grouch; spoilsport At breakfast we had all been
enjoying our bacon and eggs until that killjoy John started talking about how
bad animal fats and cholesterol were for our health.
1980 kindle प्रज्वलित करना start a fire; inspire Her teacher's praise kindled a
spark a hope inside her.
1981 kindred आत्मीय related; similar in nature or
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were
two kindred spirits.
1982 kinetic काइनेटिक producing motion Designers of the electric
automobile find that their greatest obstacle lies in the development of light
and efficient storage batteries, the source of the kinetic energy needed to
propel the vehicle.
1983 kismet क़िस्मत fate kismet is the Arabic word for
1984 kleptomaniac क्लेपटोमानीया से बिमार person who has a compulsive
desire to steal
They discovered that the wealthy
customer was a kleptomaniac when they caught her stealing some cheap
1985 knavery धूर्तता rascality We cannot condone such knavery
in public officials.
1986 knead सानना mix; work dough Her hands grew strong from
kneading bread.
1987 knell समाधिवाली झंकार tolling of a bell, especially to
indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell
The curfew tolls the knell of
parting day.
1988 knit बुनना contract into wrinkles Whenever David worries, his brow
knits in a frown.
1989 knoll पहाड़ी little, round hill Robert Louis Stevenson's grave
is on a knoll in Samoa; to reach the grave site, you must climb uphill and
walk a short distance along a marked path.
1990 knotty विकट intricate; difficult; tangled What to Watson had been a knotty
problem to Sherlock Holmes was simplicity itself.
1991 kudos यश honor; glory; praise The singer complacently received
kudos on his performance from his entourage.
1992 labile अस्थिर likely to change; unstable Because the hormonal changes
they undergo affect their spirits, adolescents may become emotionally labile
and experience sudden shifts of mood.
1993 laborious व्यवसायी demanding much work or care;
In putting together his
dictionary of the English language, Doctor Johnson undertook a laborious
1994 labyrinth भूलभुलैया maze Tom and Becky were lost in the
labyrinth of secret caves.
1995 lacerate चीथना mangle; tear Her body was lacerated in the
automobile crash.
1996 lachrymose रोना producing tears His voice has a lachrymose
quality that is more appropriate at a funeral than a class reunion.
1997 lackadaisical भावुक affectedly languid He was lackadaisical and
indifferent about his part in the affair.
1998 lackluster मंद dull We were disappointed by the
lackluster performance.
1999 laconic संक्षिप्त brief and to the point Many of the characters portrayed
by Clint Eastwood are laconic types: strong men of few words.
2000 laggard सुस्त slow; sluggish The sailor had been taught not
to be laggard in carrying out orders.
2001 lagoon खाड़ी shallow body of water near a
sea; lake
They enjoyed their swim in the
calm lagoon.
2002 laity समाज laypersons; persons not
connected with the clergy
The laity does not always
understand the clergy's problems.
2003 lambaste कोड़े से मारना beat; thrash verbally or
It was painful to watch the
champion lambaste his opponent, tearing into him mercilessly.
2004 lament विलाप grieve; express sorrow Even advocates of the war
lamented the loss of so many lives in combat.
2005 lampoon निन्दालेख ridicule This article lampoons the
pretensions of some movie moguls.
2006 languid निस्तेज weary; sluggish; listless Her siege of illness left her
languid and pallid.
2007 languish दुर्बल lose animation; lose strength In stories, lovelorn damsels
used to languish and pine away.
2008 languor शिथिलता lassitude; depression His friends tried to overcome
the languor into which he had fallen by taking him to parties and to the
2009 lank दुबला long and thin lank, gaunt, Abraham Lincoln was
a striking figure.
2010 larceny चोरी theft Because of the prisoner's
record, the district attorney refused to reduce the charge from grand larceny
to petit larceny.
2011 larder कोठार pantry; place where food is kept The first thing Bill did on
returning home from school was to check what snacks his mother had in the
2012 largess उदारता generous gift Lady Bountiful distributed
largess to the poor.
2013 lascivious कामुक lustful Because they might arouse
lascivious impulses in their readers, the lewd books were banned by the
2014 lassitude थकावट languor; weariness The hot, tropical weather
created a feeling of lassitude and encouraged drowsiness.
2015 latent अव्यक्त dormant; hidden Her latent talent was discovered
by accident.
2016 lateral पार्श्व coming from the side In order to get good plant
growth, the gardener must pinch off all lateral shoots.
2017 latitude अक्षांश freedom from narrow limitations I think you have permitted your
son too much latitude in this matter.
2018 laudable प्रशंसनीय praiseworthy; commendable His laudable deeds will be
remarked by all whom he aided.
2019 laudatory प्रशंसानीय expressing praise The critics' laudatory comments
helped to make her a star.
2020 lavish भव्य liberal; wasteful The actor's lavish gifts pleased
2021 lax ढीला careless We dislike restaurants where the
service is lax and inattentive.
2022 laxative रेचक facilitating evacuation of the
The effect of the constipation
medicine is laxative; it empties the bowels.
2023 leaven ख़मीर cause to rise or grow lighter;
As bread dough is leavened, it
puffs up, expanding in volume.
2024 lechery भ्रष्टाचार gross lewdness; lustfulness In his youth he led a life of
lechery and debauchery; he did not mend his ways until middle age.
2025 lectern ज्ञानतीठ reading desk The chaplain delivered his
sermon from a hastily improvised lectern.
2026 leery चालाक suspicious; cautious Don't eat sushi at this
restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh it is.
2027 leeway हवा की ओर room to move; margin When you set a deadline, allow a
little leeway.
2028 legacy विरासत a gift made by a will Part of my legacy from my
parents is an album of family photographs.
2029 legend किंवदंती explanatory list of symbols on a
The legend at the bottom of the
map made it clear which symbols stood for rest areas along the highway and
which stood for public camp sites.
2030 legerdemain हथकंडा sleight of hand The magician demonstrated his
renowned legerdemain.
2031 leniency उदारता mildness; permissiveness Considering the gravity of the
offense, we were surprised by the leniency of the sentence.
2032 leonine सिंह जैसा like a lion He was leonine in his rage.
2033 lethal जानलेवा deadly It is unwise to leave lethal
weapons where children may find them.
2034 lethargic सुस्त drowsy; dull The stuffy room made her
lethargic; she felt as if she was about to nod off.
2035 levee सेतु earthen or stone embankment to
prevent flooding
As the river rose and threatened
to overflow the levee, emergency workers rushed to reinforce the walls with
2036 levitate उड़ जाना float in the air (especially by
magical means)
As the magician passed his hands
over the recumbent body of his assistant, she appeared to rise and levitate
about three feet above the table.
2037 levity छिछोरापन lack of seriousness or
steadiness; frivolity
Stop giggling abd wriggling
around in the pew; such levity is improper in church.
2038 levy उगाही impose (a fine); collect (a
Crying "No taxation
withouth representation," the colonists demonstrated against England's
power to levy taxes.
2039 lewd भद्दा lustful They found his lewd stories
2040 lexicographer कोशकार compiler of a dictionary The new dictionary is the work
of many lexicographers who spent years compiling and editing the work.
2041 lexicon शब्दकोश dictionary I cannot find this word in any
lexicon in the library.
2042 liability दायित्व drawback; debts Her lack of an extensive
vocabulary was a liability that she was able to overcome.
2043 liaison संपर्क officer who acts as go-between
for two armies; intermediary
As the liason, he had to avoid
offending the leaders of the two armies.
2044 libelous झूठ के सहारे बदनाम करने का defamatory; injurious to the
good name of a person
He sued the newspaper because of
its libelous story.
2045 libertine अनैतिक debauched person, roue Although she was aware of his
reputation as a libertine, she felt she could reform him and help him break
his dissolute way of life.
2046 libidinous संगी lustful They objected to his libidinous
2047 libido लीबीदो emotional urges behind human
The psychiatrist maintained that
suppression of the libido often resulted in maladjustment and neuroses.
2048 libretto लीब्रेट्टो text of an opera The composer of an opera's music
is remembered more frequently than the author of its libretto.
2049 licentious बेलगाम wanton; lewd; dissolute The licentious monarch helped
bring about his country's downfall.
2050 lien धारणाधिकार legal claim on a property There was a delay before Ralph
could take possession of his late uncle's home; apparently, another claimant
had a lien upon the estate.
2051 ligneous लकड़ी का like wood Petrified wood may be ligneous
in appearance, but it is stonelike in composition.
2052 lilliputian छोटा सा extremely small Tiny and delicate, the model was
built on a lilliputian scale.
2053 limber लचीला flexible Hours of ballet classes kept him
2054 limbo लीम्बो region near heaven or hell where
certain souls are kept
Among the divisions of Hell are
Purgatory and limbo.
2055 limn रचना draw; outline; describe Parodoxically, the more
realistic the details this artist chooses, the better able to limn her
fantastic, other-worldly landscapes.
2056 limpid पारदर्शक clear A limpid stream ran through his
2057 lineage वंशावली descent; ancestry He traced his lineage back to
Mayflower days.
2058 lineaments lineaments features, especially of the face She quickly sketched the
lineaments of his face.
2059 linguistic भाषाई pertaining to language The modern tourist will
encounter very little linguistic difficulty as English has become an almost
universal language.
2060 lionize चापलूसी करना treat as a celebrity She enjoyed being lionized and
adored by the public.
2061 liquidate चुकाना settle accounts; clear up He was able to liquidate all his
debts in short period of time.
2062 list सूची tilt; lean over That flagpole should be
absolutely vertical; instead, it lists to one side.
2063 listless उदासीन lacking in spirit or energy We had expected him to be full
of enthusiasm and were surprised by his listless attitude.
2064 litany लीटानी supplicatory prayer On this solemn day, the
congregation responded to the prayers of the priest during the litany with
fervor and intensity.
2065 lithe लचकदार flexible; supple Her figure was lithe and
2066 litigation मुकदमेबाज़ी lawsuit Try to settle this amicably; I
do not want to start litigation.
2067 litotes लीटोटा understatement for emphasis To say, "He little
realizes," when we mean that he does not realize at all, is an example
of the kind of understatement we call litotes.
2068 livid जर्द lead-coloredl; black and blue;
ashen; enraged
His face was so livid with rage
that we were afraid that he might have an attack of apoplexy.
2069 loath अनिच्छुक averse; reluctant They were both loath for him to
2070 loathe घृणा करना detest We loathed the wicked villain.
2071 lode परत metal-bearing vein If this lode that we have
discovered extends for any distance, we have found a fortune.
2072 lofty बुलंद very high They used to tease him about his
lofty ambitions.
2073 loiter आवारागर्दी करना hang around; linger The policeman told him not to
loiter in the alley.
2074 loll जीभ lounge about They lolled around in their
chairs watching television.
2075 longevity लंबी उम्र long life When he reached ninety, the old
man was proud of his longevity.
2076 lope छलांग gallop slowly As the horses loped along, we
had an opportunity to admire the ever-changing scenery.
2077 loquacious बातूनी talkative She is very loquacious and can
speak on the telephone for hours.
2078 lout गंवार clumsy person The delivery boy is an awkward
2079 low कम moo From the hilltop, they could see
the herd like ants in the distance; they could barely hear the cattle low.
2080 lucid चमकदार easily understood; clear;
Her explanation was lucid
enought for a child to grasp.
2081 lucrative लाभप्रद profitable He turned his hobby into a
lucrative profession.
2082 lucre धन money Preferring lucre to undying
fame, he wrote stories of popular appeal.
2083 ludicrous ऊटपटांग laughable; trifling Let us be serious; this is not a
ludicrous issue.
2084 lugubrious शोकाकुल mournful The lugabrious howling of the
dogs added to our sadness.
2085 lull मंदी moment of calm Not wanting to get wet, they
waited under the awning for a lull in the rain.
2086 lumber लकड़ी move heavily of clumsily Still somewhat torpid after its
long hibernation, the bear lumbered through the woods.
2087 lumen लुमेन unit of light energy (one
candle's worth)
In buying light bulbs, she
checked not only their power, as measured in watts, but their brightness, as
measured in lumens.
2088 luminary चन्द्रमा celebrity; dignitary A leading light of the American
stage, Ethel Barrymore was a theatrical luminary whose name lives on.
2089 luminous प्रकाशयुक्त shining; issuing light The sun is a luminous body.
2090 lunar चांद्र pertaining to the moon lunar craters can be plainly
seen with the aid of a small telescope.
2091 lurid अन्धकारमय wild; sensational The lurid stories he told
shocked his listeners.
2092 lurk घात में रहना stealthily lie in waiting;
slink; exist unperceived
Who knows what evils lurk in the
hearts of men? The shadow knows.
2093 luscious सुस्वाद pleasing to taste or smell The ripe peach was luscious.
2094 luster चमक shine; gloss The soft luster of the silk in
the dim light was pleasing.
2095 lustrous शोभायमान shining Her large and lustrous eyes gave
a touch of beauty to an otherwise drab face.
2096 luxuriant विलासी fertile; abundant; ornate Farming was easy in this
luxuriant soil.

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