Master Wordlist M2

Master Word List M2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2197 migrant प्रवासी changing its habitat; wandering These migrant birds return every
2198 migratory प्रवासी wandering The return of the migratory
birds to the northern sections of this country is a harbinger of spring.
2199 milieu प्रतिवेश environment; means of expression His milieu is watercolors,
although he has produced excellent oil paintings and lithographs.
2200 militant आतंकवादी combative; bellicose Althoughat this time he was
advocating a policy of neutrality, one could usually find him adopting a more
militant attitude.
2201 militate युद्ध में भाग लेना work against Your record of lateness and
absence will militate against your chances of promotion.
2202 millenium सहस्राब्दी thousand-year period; period of
happiness and prosperity
I do not expect the milennium to
come during my lifetime.
2203 millinery मेमों की टोपी person who makes or sells
women's hats
The millinery displayed
fashionable hats in the street where many women passed by.
2204 mimicry अनुकरण imitation Her gift for mimicry was so
great that her friends said that she should be in the theater.
2205 minatory डरानेवाला menacing; threatening Jabbing a minatory forefinger at
Dorothy, the Wicked Witch cried, "I'll get you, and your little dog,
2206 mincing नख़रेबाज़ affectedly dainty Yum-Yum walked across the stage
with mincing steps.
2207 minion कृपापात्र a servile dependent He was always accompanied by
several of his minions because he enjoyed their subservience and flattery.
2208 minuscule एक प्रकार का हस्तलेख extremely small Why should I involve myself with
a project with so minuscule a chance for success?
2209 minute मिनट extremely small The twins resembled one another
closely; only minute differences set them apart.
2210 minutiae ज़रा सी बात petty details She would have liked to ignore
the minutiae of daily living.
2211 mirage मृगतृष्णा unreal reflection; optical
The lost prospector was fooled
by a mirage in the desert.
2212 mire कीचड़ entangle; stick in swampy ground Their rear wheels became mired
in mud.
2213 mirth प्रमोद merriment; laughter Sober Malvolio found Sir Toby's
mirth improper.
2214 misadventure दुर्गति mischance; ill luck The young explorer met death by
2215 misanthrope मनुष्यद्रोही one who hates mankind We thought the hermit was a
miantrope because he shunned our society.
2216 misapprehension ग़लतफ़हमी error; misunderstanding To avoid msapprehension, I am
going to ask all of you to repeat the instructions I have given.
2217 miscellany मिश्रण mixture of writings on various
This is an interesting
miscellany of nineteenth-century prose and poetry.
2218 mischance आफ़त ill luck By mischance, he lost his week's
2219 misconstrue गलत समझें interpret incorrectly; misjudge She took the passage seriously
rather than humourously because she misconstrued the author's ironic tone.
2220 miscreant बदमाश wretch; villain His kindness to the miscreant
amazed all of us who had expected to hear severe punishment pronounced.
2221 misdemeanor दुष्कर्म minor crime The culprit pleaded guilty to a
misdemeanor rather than face trial for a felony.
2222 miserly कृपण stingy; mean The miserly old man hoarded his
coins not out of prudence but out of greed.
2223 misgivings गलतफहमी doubts Hamlet described his misgivings
to Horatio but decided to fence with Laertes despite his foreboding of evil.
2224 mishap दुर्घटना accident With a little care you could
have avoided this mishap.
2225 misnomer मिथ्या नाम wrong name; incorrect
His tyrannical conduct proved to
all that his nickname, King Eric the Just, was a misnomer.
2226 misogamy विवाह-निंदा hatred of marriage He remained a bachelor not
because of misogamy but because of ill fate: his fiancee died before the
2227 misogynist स्री जाति से द्वेष करनेवाला hater of women She accused him of being a
misogynist because he had been a bachelor all his life.
2228 missile मिसाइल object to be thrown or projected Scientists are experimenting
with guided missiles.
2229 missive राजनीतिक संदेश letter The ambassador received a
missive from the Secretary of State.
2230 mite घुन very small object or creature;
small coin
Gnats are annoying mites that
2231 mitigate कम करना appease Nothing he did could mitigate
her wrath; she was unforgiving.
2232 mnemonic स्मृति सहायक pertaining to memory He used mnemonic tricks to
master new words.
2233 mobile मोबाइल movable; not fixed The mobile blood bank operated
by the Red Cross visited our neighborhood today.
2234 mode मोड prevailing style She was not used to their lavish
mode of living.
2235 modicum भोजन की थोड़ी मात्रा limited quantity Although his story is based on a
modicum of truth, most of the events he describes are fictitious.
2236 modish फै़शनवाला fashionable She always discarded all
garments that were no longer modish.
2237 modulation मॉडुलन toning down; changing from one
key to another
When we she spoke, it was with
quiet modulation of voice.
2238 mogul मुग़ल powerful person The oil moguls made great
profits when the price of gasoline rose.
2239 molecule अणु the smallest particle (one or
more atoms) of a substance that has all the properties of that substance
In chemistry, we study how atoms
and molcules react to form new substances.
2240 mollify शमन करना soothe We tried to mollify the
hysterical child by promising her many gifts.
2241 mollycoddle बोदा आदमी pamper; indulge excessively Don't mollycoddle the boy, Maud!
You'll spoil him.
2242 molt गिरना shed or cast off hair or
The male robin molted in the
2243 molten पिघला हुआ melted The city of Pompeii was
destroyed by volcanic ash rather than by molten lava flowing from Mount
2244 momentous सब से अहम very important On this momentous occasion, we
must be very solemn.
2245 momentum गति quantity of motion of a moving
body; impetus
The car lost momentum as it
tried to ascend the steep hill.
2246 monarchy साम्राज्य government under a single
hereditary ruler with varying degrees of power
England today remains a
2247 monastic मठवासी related to monks Wanting to live a religious
life, he took his monastic vows.
2248 monetary मौद्रिक pertaining to money Jane held the family purse
strings: she made all monetary decisions affecting the household.
2249 monochromatic एकरंगा having only one color Most people who are color blind
actually can distinguish several colors; some, however, have a truly
monochromatic view of a world all in shades of gray.
2250 monolithic अखंड solidly uniform; unyielding Knowing the importance of
appearing resolute, the patriots sought to present a monolithic front.
2251 monotheism अद्वैतवाद belief in one God Abraham was the first to
proclaim his belief in monotheism.
2252 monotony एकरसता sameness leading to boredom He took a clerical job, but soon
grew to hate the monotony of his daily routine.
2253 monumental स्मरणार्थ massive Writing a dictionary is a
monumental task.
2254 moodiness moodiness fits of depression or gloom We could not discover the cause
of her recurrent moodiness.
2255 moratorium रोक legal delay of payment If we declare a moratorium and
delay collection of debts for six months, I am sure the farmers will be able
to meet their bills.
2256 morbid रोगी given to unwholesome thought;
These morbid speculations are
dangerous; we must lighten our spirits by emphasizing more pleasant matters.
2257 mordant चुभता biting; sarcastic; stinging Actors feared the critic's
mordant pen.
2258 mores आचार-विचार customs The mores of Mexico are those of
Spain with some modifications.
2259 moribund मरणासन्न at the point of death The doctors called the family to
the bedside of the moribund patient.
2260 morose उदास ill-humored; sullen When we first meet Hamlet, we
find him morose and depressed.
2261 mortician ताबूत बनानेवाला undertaker The mortician prepared the
corpse for burial.
2262 mortify अपमानित करना humiliate; punish the flesh She was so mortified by her
blunder that she ran to her room in tears.
2263 mosaic मौज़ेक picture made of smell, colorful
inlaid tiles
The mayor compared the ciry to a
beautiful mosaic made up of people of every race and religion on earth.
2264 mote धूलि का कण small speck The tiniest mote in the eye is
very painful.
2265 motif मूल भाव theme This simple motif runs
throughout the score.
2266 motility गतिशीलता ability to move spontaneously Certain organisms exhibit
remarkable motility; motile spores, for example, may travel for miles before
coming to rest.
2267 motley पंचमेल parti-colored; mixed The captain had gathered a
motley crew to sail the vessel.
2268 mottled विचित्र spotted When he blushed, his face took
on a mottled hue.
2269 mountebank नीमहकीम charlatan; boastful pretender The patent medicine man was a
2270 muddle अव्यवस्था confuse; mix up His thoughts were muddled and
2271 muggy तर और गरम warm and damp August in New York City is often
2272 mulct अर्थदंड देना defraud a person of something The lawyer was accused of trying
to mulct the boy of his legacy.
2273 multifarious विविध varied; greatly diversified A career woman and mother, she
was constantly busy with the multifarious activities of her daily life.
2274 multiform अनेक आकार का having many forms Snowflakes are multiform but
always hexagonal.
2275 multilingual बहुभाषी having many languages Because they are bordered by so
many countries, the Swiss people are multilingual.
2276 multiplicity बहुलता state of being numerous He was appalled by the
multuplicity of details he had to complete before setting out on his mission.
2277 mundane सांसारिक worldly as opposed to spiritual He was concerned only with
mundane matters, especially the daily stock market quotations.
2278 munificent उदार very generous The munificent gift was
presented to the bride by her rich uncle.
2279 murkiness murkiness darkness; gloom The murkiness and fog of the
waterfront that evening depressed me.
2280 muse सरस्वती ponder For a moment he mused about the
beauty of the scene, but his thought soon changed as he recalled his own
personal problems.
2281 musky musky having the odor of musk She left a trace of musky
perfume behind her.
2282 muster गिनती gather; assemble Washington mustered his forces
at Trenton.
2283 musty बासी stale; spoiled by age The attic was dark and musty.
2284 mutable परिवर्तनशील changing in form; fickle His opinion were mutable and
easily influenced by anyone who had any powers of persuasion.
2285 muted मौन silent; muffled; toned down In the funeral parlor, the
mourners' voices had a muted quality.
2286 mutilate पंगु बना देना maim The torturer threatened to
mutilate his victim.
2287 mutinous बाग़ी unruly; rebellious The captain had to use force to
quiet his mutinous crew.
2288 mutter बुदबुदाना murmur or grumble The child muttered at the doll.
2289 myopic कमबीन nearsighted In thinking only of your present
needs and ignoring the future, you are being rather myopic.
2290 myriad असंख्य very large number myriads of mosquitoes from the
swamps invaded our village every twilight.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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