Master Wordlist A2

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Master Wordlist A2

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
100 alloy मिश्र धातु mixture as of metals alloy of gold is used more
frequently than the pure metal.
101 allude संकेत करना refer indirectly Try not to allude to this matter
in his presence because the topic annoys him.
102 allure फुसलाना entice; attract allured by the song of the
sirens, the helmsman steered the ship toward the reef.
103 allusion संकेत indirect reference the allusions to mythological
characters in Milton's poems bewilder the reader who has not studied Latin.
104 alluvial कछार का pertaining to soil deposits left
by running water
The farmers found the alluvial
deposits at the mouth of the river very fertile.
105 aloft ऊपर upward The sailor climbed aloft into
the rigging.
106 aloof अलग apart; reserved Shy by nature, she remained
aloof while all the rest conversed.
107 altercation तकरार noisy quarrel Throughout the altercation, not
one sensible word was uttered.
108 altruistic परोपकारी unselfishly generous; concerned
for others
In providing tutorial assistance
and college scholarships to hundreds of economically disadvantaged youths,
Eugene Lang performed a truly altruistic deed.
109 amalgamate मिलाना combine; unite in one body The unions will attempt to
amalgamate their groups into one national body.
110 amass एकत्र करना collect The miser's aim is to amass and
hoard as much gold as possible.
111 amazon वीरांगना female warrior Ever since the days of Greek
mythology we refer to strong and aggressive women as amazons.
112 ambidextrous कपटी capable of using either hand
with equal ease
A switch-hitter in baseball
should be naturally ambidextrous.
113 ambience माहौल environment; atmosphere She went to the restaurant not
for the food but for the ambience.
114 ambiguous अस्पष्ट unclear or doubtful in meaning His ambiguous instructions
misled us; we did not know which road to take.
115 ambivalence उभयवृत्तिता the state of having
contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
Torn between loving her parents
one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of
her feelings.
116 amble टहलना moving at an easy pace When she first mounted the
horse, she was afraid to urge the animal to go faster than a gentle amble.
117 ambrosia अमृत food of the gods ambrosia was supposed to give
immortality to any human who ate it.
118 ambulatory औषधालय able to walk He was described as an
ambulatory patient because he was not confined to his bed.
119 ameliorate सुधारना improve Many social workers have
attempted to ameliorate the conditions of people living in the slums.
120 amenable वश्य readily managed; willing to be
He was amenable to any
suggestions that came from those he looked up to; he resented advice from his
121 amend संशोधन correct; change, generally for
the better
Hoping to amend his condition,
he left Vietnam for the United States.
122 amenities आराम convenient features; courtesies In addition to the customary
amenities for the business traveler -- fax machines, modems, a health club --
the hotel offers the services of a butler versed in social amenities.
123 amiable सौम्य agreeable; lovable His amiable disposition pleased
all who had dealings with him.
124 amicable मैत्रीपूर्ण friendly The dispute was settled in an
amicable manner with no harsh words.
125 amiss अनुचित wrong; faulty Seeing her frown, he wondered if
anything were amiss.
126 amity मित्रता friendship Student exchange programs such
as the Experiment in International Living were established to promote
international amity.
127 amnesia भूलने की बीमारी loss of memory Because she was suffering from
amnesia, the police could not get the young girl to identify herself.
128 amnesty आम माफ़ी pardon When his first child was born,
the king granted amnesty to all in prison.
129 amok आपे से बाहर in a state of rage The police had to be called in
to restrain him after he ran amok in the department store.
130 amoral नीतिहीन non-moral The amoral individual lacks a
code of ethics; he should not be classified as immoral.
131 amorous रसिक moved by sexual love; loving Don Juan was known for his
amorous adventures.
132 amorphous अनाकार shapeless; vague; indeterminate John was subject to panic
attacks that left him prey to vague, amorphous fears: he knew he was
terrified, but could neither define nor explain the cause of his terror.
133 amphibian उभयचर able to live both on land and in
Frogs are classified as
134 amphitheater अखाड़ा oval building with tiers of
The spectators in the
amphitheater cheered the gladiators.
135 ample प्रचुर abundant He had ample opportunity to
dispose of his loot before his police caught up with him.
136 amplify बढ़ाना enlarge Her attempts to amplify her
remarks were drowned out by the jeers of the audience.
137 amputate अंग-विच्छेद करना cut off part of body; prune When the doctors had to amputate
Ted Kennedy's leg to prevent the spread of cancer, he did not let the loss of
his leg keep him from participating in sports.
138 amulet ताबीज़ charm; talisman Around her neck she wore the
amulet that the witch doctor had given her.
139 anachronism कालभ्रम something or someone misplaced
in time
Shakespeare's reference to
clocks in Julius Caesar is an anachronism; no clocks existed in Caesar's
140 analgesic एनाल्जेसिक causing insensitivity to pain The analgesic qualities of his
lotion will provide temporary relief.
141 analogous अनुरूप comparable She called our attention to the
things that had been done in an analogous situation and recommended that we
do the same.
142 analogy समानता similarity; parallelism Your analogy is not a good one
because the two situations are not similar.
143 anarchist अराजकतावादी person who rebels against the
established order
Only the total overthrow of all
governmental regulations would satisfy the anarchist.
144 anarchy अराजकता absence of governing body; state
of disorder
The assassination of the leaders
led to a period of anarchy.
145 anathema अभिशाप solemn curse; someone or
something that is despised
He heaped anathema upon his foe.
146 anathematize शाप देना curse The high priest anathematized
the heretic.
147 anchor लंगर secure or fasten firmly; be
fixed in place
We set the post in concrete to
anchor it in place.
148 ancillary अधीनस्थ serving as an aid or accessory;
In an ancillary capacity Doctor
Watson was helpful; however, Holmes could not trust the good doctor to solve
a perplexing case on his own.
149 anecdote उपाख्यान short account of an amusing or
interesting event
Rather than make concrete
proposals for welfare reform, President Raegan told anecdotes about poor
people who became wealthy despite their impoverished backgrounds.
150 anemia रक्ताल्पता condition in which blood lacks
red corpuscles
The doctor ascribes her
tiredness to anemia.
151 anesthetic चतनाशून्य करनेवाली औषधि substance that removes sensation
with or without loss of consciousness
His monotonous voice acted like
an anesthetic; his audience was soon asleep.
152 anguish पीड़ा acute pain; extreme suffering Visiting the site of explosion,
Premier Gorbachev wept to see the anguish of the victims and their families.
153 angular कोणीय sharp-cornered; stiff in manner His features, though angular,
were curiously attractive.
154 animadversion निन्दा critical remark He resented the animadversions
of his critics, particularly because he realized they were true.
155 animated एनिमेटेड lively Her animated expression
indicated a keenness of intellect.
156 animosity बैर active enmity He incurred the animosity of the
ruling class because he advocated limitations of their power.
157 animus विरोधपूर्ण भावना hostile feeling or intent The animus of the speaker became
obvious to all when he began to indulge in sarcastic and insulting remarks.
158 annals वर्षक्रमिक इतिहास records; history In the annals of this period, we
find no mention of democratic movements.
159 anneal पानी रखना reduce brittleness and improve
toughness by heating and cooling
After the glass is annealed, it
will be less subject to chipping and cracking.
160 annihilate सफाया destroy The enemy in its revenge tried
to annihilate the entire population.
161 annotate व्याख्या करना comment; make explanatory notes In the appendix to the novel,
the critic sought to annotate many of the more esoteric references.
162 annuity वार्षिकी yearly allowance The annuity he set up with the
insurance company supplements his social security benefits so that he can
live very comfortably without working.
163 annul अन्त करना make void The parents of the eloped couple
tried to annul the marriage.
164 anodyne पीड़ा-नाशक drug that relieves pain; opiate His pain was so great that no
anodyne could relieve it.
165 anoint तेल लगाना consecrate The prophet Samuel anointed
David with oil, crowning him king of Israel.
166 anomalous नियमविरूद्ध abnormal; irregular He was placed in the anomalous
position of seeming to approve procedures that he despised.
167 anomaly विसंगति irregularity A bird that cannot fly is an
168 anonymity नाम न छापने state of being nameless;
The donor of the gift asked the
college not to mention him by name; the dean readily agreed to respect his
169 antagonistic विरोधी hostile; opposed Despite his lawyers' best
efforts to stop him, the angry prisoner continued to make antagonistic
remarks to the judge.
170 antecede antecede precede The invention of the
radiotelegraph anteceded the development of television by a quarter of a
171 antecedents पिछला जीवन preceding events or
circumstances that influence what comes later; early life; ancestors
Before giving permission for
Drummie to marry Estella, Miss Havisham had a few questions about the young
man's birth and antecedents.
172 antediluvian पुराना antiquated; ancient The antediluvian customs had
apparently not changed for thousands of years.
173 anthropoid मानवाकार manlike The gorilla is the strongest of
the anthropoid animals.
174 anthropologist मानवविज्ञानी student of the history and
science of humankind
Anthropologists have discovered
several relics of prehistoric humans in this area.
175 anthropomorphic मानवरूपी having human form or
Primitive religions often have
deities with anthropomorphic characteristics.
176 anticlimax अवनति letdown in thought or emotion After the fine performance in
the first act, the rest of the play was an anticlimax.
177 antipathy घृणा aversion; dislike His extreme antipathy to dispute
caused him to avoid argumentative discussions with his friends.
178 antiquated प्राचीन obsolete; outdated Accustomed to editing his papers
on word processors, Philip thought typewriters were too antiquated for him to
179 antiseptic सड़न रोकनेवाली दबा substance that prevents
It is advisable to apply an
antiseptic to any wound, no matter how slight or insignificant.
180 antithesis विलोम contrast; direct opposite of or
This tyranny was the antithesis
of all that he had hoped for, and he fought it with all his strength.
181 anvil निहाई iron block used in hammering out
After heating the iron horseshoe
in the forge, the blacksmith picked it up with his tongs and set it on the
182 apathetic उदासीन indifferent He felt apathetic about the
conditions he had observed and did not care to fight against them.
183 apathy उदासीनता lack of caring; indifference A firm believer in democratic
government, she could not understand the apathy of people who never bothered
to vote.
184 ape अनुकरण करना imitate or mimic He was suspended for a week
because he had aped the principal in front of the whole school.
185 aperture छेद opening; hole She discovered a small aperture
in the wall, through which the insects had entered the room.
186 apex सर्वोच्च tip; summit; climax He was at the apex of his
187 aphasia बोली बंद होना loss of speech due to injury or
After the automobile accident,
the victim had periods of aphasia when he could not speak at all or could
only mumble incoherently.
188 aphorism कहावत pithy maxim An aphorism differs from an
adage in that it is more philosophical or scientific.
189 apiary मधमक्खियों के पालने का स्थान a place where bees are kept Although he spent many hours
daily in the apiary, he was very seldom stung by a bee.
190 aplomb अभिमान poise; composure Wellington's nonchalance and
aplomb in the heat of battle always heartened his followers.
191 apocalyptic सर्वनाश prophetic; pertaining to
revelations; especially of disaster
His apocalyptic remarks were
dismissed by his audience as wild surmises.
192 apocryphal शंकायुक्त untrue; made up To impress his friends, Tom
invented apocryphal tales of his adventures in the big city.
193 apogee पराकाष्ठा highest point When the moon in its orbit is
furthest away from the earth, it is at its apogee.
194 apoplexy मिरगी stroke; loss of consciousness
followed by paralysis
He was crippled by an attack of
195 apostate स्वधर्मत्यागी one who abandons his religious
faith or political beliefs
Because he switched from one
party to another, his former friends shunned him as an apostate.
196 apothecary अत्तार druggist In Holland, apothecaries still
sell spices as well as ointments and pills.
197 apothegm apothegm pithy, compact saying Proverbs are apothegms that have
become familiar sayings.
198 apotheosis गुणगान deification; glorification The Roman empress Livia envied
the late emperor his apotheosis; she hoped that on her death she, too, would
be exalted to the rank of a god.
199 appal डराना dismay; shock We were appalled by the
horrifying conditions in the city's jails.

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