Master Wordlist B1

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Master Wordlist B1

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
323 babble प्रलाप chatter idly The little girl babbled about
her doll.
324 bacchanalian bacchanalian drunken Emperor Nero attended the
bacchanalian orgy.
325 badger बिज्जू pester; annoy She was forced to change her
telephone number because she was badgered by obscene phone calls.
326 badinage ठट्ठा teasing conversation Her friends at work greeted the
news of her engagement with cheerful badinage.
327 baffle चकरा देना frustrate; perplex The new code baffled the enemy
328 bait चारा harass; tease The soldiers baited the
prisoners, terrorizing them.
329 baleful संकटपूर्ण menacing; deadly Casting a baleful eye at his
successful rival, the rejected suitor stole off, vowing to have his revenge.
330 balk मेंड stoop short, as if faced with an
obstacle, and refuse to continue
The chief of police balked at
sending his officers into the riot-torn area.
331 balk मेंड foil When the warden learned that
several inmates were planning to escape, he took steps to balk their attempt.
332 ballast गिट्टी heavy substance used to add
stability or weight
The ship was listing badly to
one side; it was necessary to shift the ballast in the hold to get her back
on an even keel.
333 balm बाम something that relieves pain Friendship is the finest balm
for the pangs of disappointed love.
334 balmy ख़ुशबूदार mild; fragrant A balmy breeze refreshed us
after the sultry blast.
335 banal तुच्छ hackneyed; commonplace; trite His frequent use of cliches made
his essay seem banal.
336 bandy सविस्तार discuss lightly; exchange blows
or words
The president refused to bandy
words with reporters at the press conference.
337 bane फटकार cause of ruin Lack of public transportation is
the bane of urban life.
338 bantering bantering good-naturedly ridiculing They resented his bantering
remarks because they misinterpreted his teasing as sarcasm.
339 barb कंटिया sharp projection form fishhook,
etc.; pointed comment
The barb from the fishhook
caught in his finger as he grabbed the fish.
340 bard चारण poet The ancient bard Homer sang of
the fall of Troy.
341 barefaced धृष्ट shameless; bold; unconcealed Shocked by Huck Finn's barefaced
lies, Miss Watson prayed the good Lord would give him a sense of his
unregenerate wickedness.
342 baroque बारोक highly ornate Accustomed to the severe,
angular lines of modern skyscrapers, they found the flamboyance of baroque
architecture amusing.
343 barrage आड़ barrier laid down by artillery
fire; overwhelming profusion
The company was forced to
retreat through the barrage of heavy canyons.
344 barrister बैरिस्टर counselor-at-law Galsworthy started as a
barrister, but when he found the practice of law boring, turned to writing.
345 barterer barterer trader The barterer exchanged trinkets
for the natives' furs.
346 bask गरमाना luxuriate; take pleasure in
basking on the beach, she
relaxed so completely that she fell asleep.
347 bastion बुर्ज stronghold; something seen as a
source of protection
The villagers fortified the town
hall, hoping this improvised bastion could protect them from the guerrila
348 bate ग़ुस्सा let down; restrain Until it was time to open the
presents, the children had to bate their curiosity.
349 bauble छोटी बात trinket; trifle The child was delighted with the
bauble she had won in the grab bag.
350 bawdy गंदा indecent; obscene She took offense at his bawdy
351 beatific सुखी giving bliss; blissful The beatific smile on the
child's face made us very happy.
352 beatitude परम सुख blessedness; state of bliss Growing closer to God each day,
the mystic achieved a state of indescribable beatitude.
353 bedizen भड़कीले कपड़े पहनना dress with vulgar finery The witch doctors were bedizened
in their gaudiest costumes.
354 bedraggle गंदा करना wet thoroughly We were so bedraggled by the
severe storm that we had to change into dry clothing.
355 befuddle मदहोश हो जाना confuse thoroughly His attempts to clarify the
situation succeeded only on befuddling her further.
356 beget जनना father; produce; give rise to One good turn may deserve
another; it does not necessarily beget another.
357 begrudge डाह खाना resent I begrudge every minute I have
to spend attending meetings.
358 beguile मोहना amuse; delude; cheat I beguiled himself during the
long hours by playing solitaire.
359 behemoth आबी घोड़ा huge creature; something of
monstrous size or power
Sportcasters nicknamed the
linebacker "The Behemoth."
360 beholden कृतज्ञ obligated; indebted Since I do not wish to be
beholden to anyone, I cannot accept this favor.
361 behoove योग्य होना be suited to; be incumbent upon In this time of crisis, it
behooves all of us to remain calm and await the instructions of our
362 belabor बुरी तरह पीटना explain or go over excessively
or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally
The debate coach warned her
student not to bore the audience by belaboring his point.
363 belated देर में आया हुआ delayed He apologized for his belated
note of condolence to the widow of his friend and explained that he had just
learned of her husband's untimely death.
364 beleaguer धेरा डालना besiege As soon as the city was
beleaguered, the life became more subdued as the citizens began their long
wait for outside assitance.
365 belie झुठलाना contradict; give a false
His coarse, hard-bitten exterior
belied his innate sensitivity.
366 belittle छोटा हो जाना disparage; depreciate Parents should not belittle
their children's early attempts at drawing, but should encourage their
367 bellicose लड़ाकू warlike His bellicose disposition
alienated his friends.
368 belligerent युद्धरत quarrelsome Whenever he had too much to
drink, he became belligerent and tried to pick fights with strangers.
369 bemused विचार शक्ति हर लिया confused; lost in thought;
Jill studied the garbled
instructions with a bemused look on her face.
370 benediction आशीर्वाद blessing The appearance of the sun after
the many rainy days was like a benediction.
371 benefactor दान देनेवाला gift giver; patron Scrooge later became Tiny Tim's
benefactor and gave him a benediction.
372 beneficent उपकारवाला kindly; doing good The overgenerous philanthropist
had to curb his beneficent impulses before he gave away all his money and
left himself with nothing.
373 beneficiary लाभार्थी person entitled to benefits or
proceeds of an insurance policy
You may change your beneficiary
as often as you wish.
374 benevolent उदार generous; charitable His benevolent nature prevented
him from refusing any beggar who accosted him.
375 benign सौम्य kindly; favorable; not malignant The old man was well liked
because of his benign attitude toward friend and stranger alike.
376 benison Benison blessing Let us pray that the benison of
peace once more shall prevail among the nations of the world.
377 bent तुला determined; natural talent or
bent on advancing in the
business world, the secretary heroine of Working Girl had a true bent for
high finance.
378 bequeath वसीयत में देना leave to someone by means of a
will; hand down
In his will, Father bequeathed
his watch to Phillip; the bequest meant a great deal to the boy.
379 berate गाली देना scold strongly He feared she would berate him
for his forgetfulness.
380 bereavement वियोग state of being deprived of
something valuable or beloved
His friends gathered to console
him upon his sudden bereavement.
381 bereft दीवाना deprived of; lacking The foolish gambler soon found
himself bereft of funds.
382 berserk निडर frenzied Angered, he went berserk and
began to wreck the room.
383 beset घेर लेना harass; trouble Many problems beset the American
public school system.
384 besmirch गंदा करना soil, defile The scandalous remarks in the
newspaper besmirch the reputations of every member of the society.
385 bestial वहशी beastlike; brutal; inhuman The Red Cross sought to put an
end to the bestial treatment of prisoners of war.
386 bestow प्रदान करना confer He wished to bestow great honors
upon the hero.
387 betroth वाग्दान करना become engaged to marry The announcement that they had
become betrothed surprised their friends who had not suspected any romance.
388 bevy झुंड large group The movie actor was surrounded
by a bevy of startlets.
389 bicameral दो खाने का two-chambered, as a legislative
The United States Congress is a
bicameral body.
390 bicker कल-कल के साथ बहना quarrel The children bickered morning,
noon, and night, exasperating their parents.
391 biennial द्विवाषिक every two years The group held biennial meetings
instead of annual ones.
392 bifurcated बंटवारा divided into two branches;
With a bifurcated branch and a
piece of elastic rubber, he made a crude but effective slingshot.
393 bigotry कट्टरता stubborn intolerance Brought up in a democratic
atmosphere, student was shocked by the bigotry and narrowness expressed by
several of his classmates.
394 bilious पैत्तिक suffering from indigestion;
His bilious temperament was
apparent to all who heard him rant about his difficulties.
395 bilk अदायगी से बचना swindle; cheat The con man specialized in
bilking insurance companies.
396 bivouac पड़ाव temporary encampment While in bivouac, we spent the
night in our sleeping bags under the stars.
397 bizarre विचित्र fantastic; violently contrasting The plot of the novel was too
bizarre to be believed.
398 blanch सफेद करना bleach; whiten Although age had blanched his
hair, he was still vigorous and energetic.
399 bland नरम soothing; mild She used a bland ointment for
her sunburn.
400 blandishment चोचला flattery Despite the salesperson's
blandishments, the customer did not buy the outfit.
401 blase उबा हुआ bored with pleasure or
Your blase attitude gives your
students an erroneous impression of the joys of scholarship.
402 blasphemous तिरस्कारी profane; impious The people in the room were
shocked by his his blasphemous language.
403 blatant ज़बरदस्त extremely obvious; loudly
Caught in a blatant lie, the
scoundrel had only one regret: he wished that he had lied more subtly.
404 bleak बेरंग cold; cheerless The Aleutian Islands are bleak
military outposts.
405 blighted अभिशप्त suffering from a disease;
The extent of the blighted areas
could be seen only when viewed from the air.
406 blithe प्रफुल्ल gay; joyous; careless Shelley called the skylark a
"blithe spirit" because of its happy song.
407 bloated फूला हुआ swollen or puffed as with water
or air
Her bloated stomach came from
drinking so much water.
408 blowhard blowhard talkative boaster After all Sol's talk about his
big show business connections led nowhere, Sally decided he was just another
409 bludgeon मारना club; heavy-headed weapon His walking stick served him as
a bludgeon on many occasions.
410 bluff धोखा pretense (of strength);
deception; high cliff
Claire thought Lord Byron's
boast that he would swim the Hellespont was just a bluff, she was astounded
when he dove from the high bluff into the waters below.
411 blunder बड़ी भूल error The criminal's fatal blunder led
to his capture.
412 blurt जोर से बोलना utter impulsively Before she could stop him, he
blurted out the news.
413 bode भविष्यव्दाणी foreshadow; portend The gloomy skies and the
sulfurious odors from the mineral springs seemed to bode evil to those who
settled in the area.
414 bogus जाली counterfeit; not authentic The police quickly found the
distributors of the bogus twenty-dollar bills.
415 boisterous उद्दाम violent; rough; noisy The unruly crowd became even
more boisterous when he tried to quiet them.
416 bolster सिलेंडर support; reinforce The debaters amassed file boxes
full of evidence to bolster their arguments.
417 bombast आडंबर pompous, inflated language Filled with bombast, the
orator's speech left the audience more impressed with his pomposity than with
his logic.
418 boon वर blessing; benefit The recent rains that filled our
empty reservoirs were a boon to the whole community.
419 boorish अशिष्ट rude; insensitive Though Mr. Potts constantly
interrupted his wife, she ignored his boorish behavior, for she had lost hope
of teaching him courtesy.
420 bouillon शोरबा clear beef soup The cup of bouillon served by
the stewards was welcomed by those who had been chilled by the cold ocean
421 bountiful यथेष्ट generous; showing bounty She distributed gifts in a
bountiful and gracious manner.
422 bourgeois पूंजीपति middle class The French Revolution was
inspired by the bourgeois, who resented the aristocracy.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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