Master Wordlist I1

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Master Wordlist I1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1683 ichthyology इहतीओलोगी study of fish Jacques Cousteau's rpograms
about sea life have advanced the cause of ichthyology.
1684 icon आइकन religious image; idol The icons on the walls of the
church were painted in the 13th century.
1685 iconoclastic iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions George Bernard Shaw's
iconoclastic plays often startled more conventional people.
1686 ideology विचारधारा ideas of a group of people That ideology is dangerous to
this country because it embraces undemocratic philosophies.
1687 idiom मुहावरा spcial usage in language I could not understand their
idioms because literal translation made no sense.
1688 idiosyncrasy लत peculiarity; eccentricity One of his personal
idiosyncrasies was his habit of rinsing all cutlery given him in a
1689 idiosyncratic विशेष स्वभाव का private; peculiar to an
Such behavior is idiosyncratic,
it is as easily identifiable as a signature.
1690 idolatry मूर्ति पूजा worship of idols; excessive
Such idolatry of singers of
country music is typical of the excessive enthusiasm of youth.
1691 idyllic सुखद जीवन का charmingly carefree; simple Far from the city, she led an
idyllic existence in her rural retreat.
1692 igneous आतशी produced by fire; volcanic Lava, pumice, and other igneous
rocks are found in great abundance around Mount Vesuvius near Naples.
1693 ignite आग लगना kindle; light When Desi crooned, "Baby,
light my fire," literal-minded Lucy looked around for some paper to
1694 ignoble अकुलीन of lowly origin; unworthy This plan is inspired by ignoble
motives and I must, therefore, oppose it.
1695 ignominious निद्य disgraceful The country smarted under the
ignominious defeat and dreamed of the day when it would be victorious.
1696 illicit अवैध illegal The defense attorney claimed
that the police had entrapped his client; that is, they had elicited the
illicit action of which they now accuse of him.
1697 illimitable रोशन infinite Human beings, having explored
the far corners of the earth, are now reaching out into illimitable space.
1698 illuminate उजागर करना brighten; clear up or make
understandable; enlighten
Just as a lamp can illuminate a
dark room, a perceptive comment can illuminate a knotty problem.
1699 illusion माया misleading vision It is easy to create an optical
illusion in which lines of equal length appear different.
1700 illusive जादूगर का deceiving This is only a mirage; let us
not be fooled by its illusive effect.
1701 illusory मोह का deceptive; not real Unfortunately, the costs of
running the lemonade stand were so high that Tom's profits proved illusory.
1702 imbalance असंतुलन lack of balance or symmetry;
Because of the great imbalance
between the number of men and women invited, the dance was unsuccessful.
1703 imbecility मूर्खता weakness of mind I am amazed at the imbecility of
the readers of these trashy magazines.
1704 imbibe पी लेना drink in The dry soil imbibed the rain
1705 imbroglio उलझन complicated situation;
perplexity; entanglement
He was called in to settle the
imbroglio but failed to bring harmony into the situation.
1706 imbue रंगना saturate, fill His visits to the famous Gothic
cathedrals imbued him with feelings of awe and reverence.
1707 immaculate शुद्ध pure; spotless The West Point cadets were
immaculate as they lined up for inspection.
1708 imminent आसन्न near at hand; impending Rosa was such a last-minute
worker that she could never start writing a paper till the deadline was
1709 immobility स्थिरता state of being immovable Modern armies cannot afford the
luxury of immobility, as they are vulnerable to attack while standing still.
1710 immolate कुरबान का offer as a sacrifice The tribal kind offered to
immolate his daughter to quiet the angry gods.
1711 immure क़ैद करना imprison; shut up in confinement For the two weeks before the
examination, the student immureed himself in his room and concentrated upon
his studies.
1712 immutable अडिग unchangeable Scientists are constantly
seeking to discover the immutable laws of nature.
1713 impair ख़राब करना worsen; diminish in value This arrest will impair her
reputation in the community.
1714 impale कोंचना pierce He was impaled by the spear
hurled by his adversary.
1715 impalpable अस्पृश्य imperceptible; intangible The ash is so fine that it is
impalpable to the touch but it can be seen as a fine layer covering the
window ledge.
1716 impasse गतिरोध predicament from which there is
no escape
In this impasse, all turned to
prayer as their last hope.
1717 impassive आवेगहीन without feeling; not affected by
The Native American has been
incorrectly depicted as an impassive individual, undemonstrative and stoical.
1718 impeach दोषी ठहराना charge with crime in office;
The angry congressman wanted to
impeach the President for his misdeeds.
1719 impeccable त्रुटिहीन faultless He was proud of his impeccable
1720 impecunious बेचारा without money Now that he was wealthy, he
gladly contributed to funds to assist impecunious and disbled persons.
1721 impede बाधा डालना hinder; block The special prosecutor
determined that the Attorney General, though inept, had not intentionally set
out to impede the progress of the investigation.
1722 impediment बाधा hindrance; stumbling-block She had a speech impediment that
prevented her from speaking clearly.
1723 impending आसन्न nearing; approaching The entire country was saddened
by the news of his impending death.
1724 impenetrable अभेद्य not able to be pierced or
How could the murderer have
gotten into the locked room? To Watson, the mystery, like the room, was
1725 impenitent आनेवाला not repentant We could see by his brazen
attitude that he was impenitent.
1726 imperial शाही like an emperor; related to an
When hotel owner Leona Helmsley
appeared in ads as Queen Leona standing guard over the Palace Hotel, her
critics mocked her imperial fancies.
1727 imperiousness imperiousness lordliness; domineering manner;
His imperiousness indicated that
he had long been accustomed to assuming command.
1728 impermeable अभेद्य impervious; not permitting
passage through its substance
This new material is impermeable
to liquids.
1729 impertinent अभेद्य insolent I regard your remarks as
impertinent and I resent them.
1730 imperturbable अविचलित calm; placid Wellington remained
imperturbable and in full command of the situation in spite of the hyteria
and panic all around him.
1731 impervious प्रबल not penetrable; not permitting
passage through
You cannot change their habits
for their minds are impervious to reasoning.
1732 impetuous अविवेकी violent; hasty; rash We tried to curb his impetuous
behavior because we felt that in his haste he might offend some people.
1733 impetus प्रेरणा moving force; incentive;
A new federal highway program
would create jobs and five added impetus to our economic recovery.
1734 impiety अपवित्रता irreverence; wickedness We must regard your blasphemy as
an act of impiety.
1735 impinge टकराना infringe; touch; collide with How could they be married
without impinging on one another's freedom?
1736 impious बेईमान irreverent The congregation was offended by
her impious remarks.
1737 implacable संगदिल incapable of being pacified Madame Defarge was the
implacable enemy of the Evremonde family.
1738 implausible अकल्पनीय unlikely; unbelievable Though her alibi seened
implausible, it in fact turned out to be true.
1739 implement लागू put into effect; supply with
The mayor was unwilling to
implement the plan until she was sure it had the governor's backing.
1740 implication निहितार्थ that which is hinted at or
If I understand the implications
of your remark, you do not trust our captain.
1741 implicit अंतर्निहित understood but not stated Jack never told Jill he adored
her; he believed his love was implicit in his deeds.
1742 implore प्रार्थना करना beg He implored her to give him a
second chance.
1743 imply मतलब suggest a meaning not expressed Even though your statement does
not declare that you are at war with that country, your actions imply that
that is the actual situation.
1744 impolitic अभद्र not wise I think it is impolitic to raise
this issue at the present time because the public is too angry.
1745 imponderable हलका weightless I can evaluate the data gathered
in this study; the imponderable items are not so easily analyzed.
1746 import आयात significance I feel that you have not grasped
the full import of the message sent tous by the enemy.
1747 importunate हठी urging; demanding He tried to hide from his
importunate creditors until his allowance arrived.
1748 importune जिद करना beg persistently Democratic and Republican phone
solicitors importuned her for contributions so frequently that she decided to
give nothing to either party.
1749 imposture पाखंड assuming a false identity;
She was imprisoned for her
imposture of a doctor.
1750 impotent नपुंसक weak; ineffective Although he wished to break the
nicotine habit, he found himself impotent in resisisting the craving for a
1751 imprecation शाप curse Roused from the bed at what he
considered an ungodly hour, Roy muttered imprecations under his breath.
1752 impregnable अभेद्य invulnerable Until the development of the
airplane as a military weapon, the fort was considered impregnable.
1753 impromptu बिना पहले सोचे हुए without previous preparation Her listeners were amazed that
such a thorough presentation could be made in an impromptu speech.
1754 impropriety अनौचित्य state of being inappropriate Because of the impropriety of
his costume, he was denied entrance into the dining room.
1755 improvident उड़ाऊ thriftless He was constantly being warned
to mend his improvident ways and begin to "save for a rainy day."
1756 improvise सुधार compose on the spur of the
She would sit at the piano and
improvise for hours on themes from Bach and Handel.
1757 imprudent ढीठ lacking caution; injudicious It is imprudent to exercise
vigorously and become overheated when you are unwell.
1758 impugn बहस करना doubt; challenge; gainsay I cannot impugn your honesty
without evidence.
1759 impuissance impuissance powerlessness; feebleness The lame duck President was
frustrated by his shift from enormous power to relative impuissance.
1760 impunity दण्ड से मुक्ति freedom from punishment The bully mistreated everyone in
the class with impunity for he felt that no one would dare retaliate.
1761 impute मढ़ना attribute; ascribe If I wished to impute blame to
the officers in charge of this program, I would state my feelings definitely
and immediately.
1762 inadvertently अनजाने carelessly; unintentionally; by
She inadvertently omitted two
questions on the examination and mismarked her answer sheet.
1763 inalienable अविच्छेद्य not to be taken away;
The Declaration of Independence
mentions the inalienable rights that all of us possess.
1764 inane बेहूदा silly; senseless Such comments are inane because
they do not help us solve our program.
1765 inanimate अचेतन lifeless she was asked to identify the
still and inanimate body.
1766 inarticulate धीरे से बोलना speechless; producing indistinct
He became inarticulate with rage
and uttered sounds without meaning.
1767 inaugurate का उद्घाटन begin formally; install in
The candidate promised that he
would inaugurate a new nationwide health care plan as soon as he was
inaugurated as president.
1768 incandescent गरमागरम stikingly bright; shining with
intense heat
If you leave on an incandescent
light bulb, it quickly grows too hot to touch.
1769 incantation जादू singing or chanting of magical
Uttering incantations to make
the brew more potent, the witch doctor stirred the liquid in the caldron.
1770 incapacitate अशक्त करना disable During the winter, many people
were incapacitated by respiratory ailments.
1771 incarcerate बांध देना imprison The warden will incarcerate the
felon after conviction.
1772 incarnate अवतार लेना endowed with flesh; personified Your attitude is so fiendish
that you must be a devil incarnate.
1773 incarnation अवतार act of assuming a human body and
human nature
The incarnation of Jesus Christ
is a basic tenet of Christian theology.
1774 incendiary आग लगानेवाला arsonist The fire spread in such an
unusual manner that the fire department chiefs were certain that it had been
set by an incendiary.
1775 incense धूप enrage; infuriate Unkindness to children incensed
1776 incentive प्रोत्साहन spur; motive Students who dislike school must
be given an incentive to learn.
1777 inception आरंभ start; beginning She was involved with the
project from its inception.
1778 incessant निरंतर uninterrupted The crickets kept up an
incessant chirping that disturbed our attempts to fall asleep.
1779 inchoate इब्तिदाई recently begun; rudimentary;
Before the Creation, the world
was an inchoate mass.
1780 incidence घटना rate of occurrence; particular
Health professionals expressed
great concern over the high incidence of infant mortality in major urban
1781 incidental आकस्मिक not essential; minor The scholarship covered his
major expenses at college and some of his incidental expenses as well.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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