Master Word List R2

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Master Word List R2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2930 render प्रस्तुत करना deliver; provide; represent He rendered aid to the needy and
2931 rendezvous मिलन स्थल meeting place The two fleets met at the
rendezvous at the appointed time.
2932 rendition प्रतिपादन translation; artistic
interpretation of a song, etc.
The audience cheered
enthusiastically as she completed her rendition of the aria.
2933 renegade पाखण्डी deserter; traitor Because he had abandoned his
post and joined forces with the Indians, his fellow officers considered the
hero of Dances with Wolves a renegade.
2934 renege इनकार deny; go back on He reneged on paying off his
2935 renounce छोड़ना abandon; disown; repudiate Even though she knew she would
be burned at the stake as a witch, Joan of Arc refused to renounce her belief
that her voices came from God.
2936 renovate अच्छी अवस्था में लाना restore to good condition; renew They claim that they can
renovate worn shoes so that they look like new ones.
2937 renown यश fame For many years an unheralded
researcher, Barbara McClintock gained international renown when she won the
Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.
2938 rent किराया tear or rip; split The conflict over abortion
threatens to split our nation, creating a rent in the social fabric that will
be difficult to mend.
2939 reparable मरम्मत योग्य capable of being repaired Fortunately, the damages we
suffered in the accident were reparable and our car looks brand new.
2940 reparation मरम्मत amends; compensation At the peace conference, the
defeated country promised to pay reparations to the victors.
2941 repartee हाजिर जवाबी clever reply He was famous for his witty
repartee and his sarcasm.
2942 repeal निरसन revoke; annul What would the effect on our
society be if we decriminalized drug use by repealing the laws against the
possession and sale of narcotics?
2943 repellent विकर्षक driving away; unattractive Mosquitoes find the odor so
repellent that they leave any spot where this liquid has been sprayed.
2944 repercussion प्रतिघात rebound; reverberation; reaction I am afraid that this event will
have serious repercussions.
2945 repertoire प्रदर्शनों की सूची list of works of music, drama,
etc., a performer is prepared to present
The opera company decided to
include Madame Butterfly in its repertoire for the following season.
2946 repine विलाप करना fret; complain There is no sense repining over
the work you have left undone.
2947 replenish फिर से भरना fill up again Before she could take another
backpacking trip, Carla had to replenish her stock of freeze-dried foods.
2948 replete भरा हुआ filled to capacity; abundantly
The book is replete with
humorous situations.
2949 replica प्रतिकृति copy Are you going to hang this
replica of the Declaration of Independence in the classroom or in the
2950 replicate दोहराने reproduce; duplicate To the chagrin of the
scientists, they were unable to replicate the results of their controversial
2951 repository कोष storehouse Libraries are repositories of
the world's best thoughts.
2952 reprehensible निन्दा deserving blame Your vicious conduct in this
situation is reprehensible.
2953 repress रोकना restrain; crush; oppress Anne's parents tried to curb her
impetuosity without repressing her boundless high spirits.
2954 reprieve दण्डविराम temporary stay During the twenty-four-hour
reprieve, the lawyers sought to make the stay of execution permanent.
2955 reprimand डांटना reprove severely I am afraid that my parents will
reprimand me when I show them my report card.
2956 reprisal प्रतिहिंसा retaliation I am confident that we are ready
for any reprisals the enemy may undertake.
2957 reprise Reprise recurrent action; musical
repetition; repeat performance
At Waterloo, it was not the
effect of any one skirmish that exhausted Colonel Audly; rather it was the
cumulative effect of the constant reprises that left him spent.
2958 reproach तिरस्कार blame; censure I want my work to be above
reproach and without error
2959 reprobate नीच person hardened in sin, devoid
of a sense of decency
I cannot understand why he has
so many admirers if he is the reprobate you say he is.
2960 reprobation नीचता severe disapproval The students showed their
reprobation of his act by refusing to talk with him.
2961 reprove निंदा करना censure; rebuke The principal reproved the
students when they became unruly in the auditorium.
2962 repudiate परित्याग करना disown; disavow He announced that he would
repudiate all debts incurred by his wife.
2963 repugnance घृणा loathing She looked at the snake with
2964 repulsion पराजय act of driving back; distaste The repulsion of the enemy
forces was not accomplished bloodlessly; many of the defenders were wounded
in driving the enemy back.
2965 reputable सम्मानित respectable If you want to buy antiques,
look for a reputable dealer; far too many dealers today pass off fakes as
genuine antiques.
2966 reputed प्रख्यात supposed He is the reputed father of the
2967 requiem फातहा mass for the dead; dirge They played Mozart's Requiem at
the funeral.
2968 requisite अपेक्षित necessary requirement Many colleges state that a
student must offer three years of a language as a requisite for admission.
2969 requite लौटाना repay; revenge The wretch requited his
benefactors by betraying them.
2970 rescind रद्द कर देना cancel Because of public resentment,
the king had to rescind his order.
2971 reserve रिज़र्व self-control; formal but distant
Although some girls were
attracted by Mark's reserve, Judy was put off by it, for she felt his
aloofness indicated a lack of openness.
2972 residue छाछ remainder; balance In his will, he requested that
after payment of debts, taxes, and funeral expenses, the residue be given to
his wife.
2973 resignation इस्तीफा patient submissiveness;
statement that one is quitting a job
If Bob Cratchit had not accepted
Scrooge's bullying with timid resignation, he might have gotten up the nerve
to hand in his resignation.
2974 resilient लचीला elastic; having the power of
springing back
Highly resilient, steel makes
excellent bedsprings.
2975 resolution संकल्प determination Nothing could shake his
resolution to succeed despite all difficulties.
2976 resolve संकल्प determination Nothing could shake his resolve
that his children would get the best education that money could buy.
2977 resolve संकल्प decide; settle; solve Homes resolved to travel to
Bohemia to resolve the dispute between Irene Adler and the King.
2978 resonant गुंजयमान echoing; resounding; deep and
full in sound
The deep, resonant voice of the
actor James Earl Jones makes him particulary effective when he appears on
2979 respiration श्वसन breathing; exhalation The doctor found that the
patient's years of smoking had adversely affected both his lung capacity and
his rate of respiration.
2980 respite मोहलत delay in punishment; interval of
relief; rest
The judge granted the condemned
man a respite to enable his attorneys to file an appeal.
2981 resplendent देदीप्यमान brilliant; lustrous The toreador wore a resplendent
costume called a suit of lights.
2982 responsiveness जवाबदेही state of reacting readily to
appeals, order, etc.
The audience cheered and
applauded, delighting the performers by its responsiveness.
2983 restitution बहाली reparation; indemnification He offered to make restitution
for the window broken by his son.
2984 restive अशांत restlessly impatient;
obstinately resisting control
Waiting impatiently in the line
to see Santa Claus, even the best-behaved children grow restive and start to
2985 restraint संयम controlling force She dreamt of living an
independent life, free of all restraints.
2986 resumption पुनरारंभ taking up again; recommencement During the summer break, Don had
not realized how much he missed university life: at the resumption of
classes, however, he felt marked excitement and pleasure.
2987 resurgent पुनस्र्त्थानशील rising again after defeat, etc. The resurgent nation surprised
everyone by its quick recovery after total defeat.
2988 resuscitate पुनर्जीवित revive The lifeguard tried to
resuscitate the drowned child by applying artificial respiration.
2989 retain बनाए रखने के keep; employ Fighting to retain his seat in
Congress, Senator Foghorn retained a new manager to head his reelection
2990 retaliate प्रतिकार करना repay in kind (usually for bad
Fear that we will retaliate
immediately deters our foe from attacking us.
2991 retentive धारणा शक्तिवाला holding; having a good memory The pupil did not need to spend
much time in study as he had a retentive mind.
2992 reticent अल्पभाषी reserved; uncommunicative;
inclined to silence
Hughes preferred reticent
employees to loquacious ones, noting that the formers' dislike of idle
chatter might ensure their discretion about his affairs.
2993 retinue परिचारक वर्ग following; attendants The queen's retinue followed her
down the aisle.
2994 retiring सेवानिवृत्त हो रहे हैं modest; shy Given Susan't retiring
personality, no one expected her to take up public speaking; surprisingly
enough, she became a star of the school debate team.
2995 retort मुंहतोड़ जवाब quick, sharp reply Even when it was advisable for
her to keep her mouth shut, she was always ready with a retort.
2996 retraction त्याग withdrawal He dropped his libel suit after
the newspaper published a retraction of its statement.
2997 retrench छटनी करना cut down; economize If they were to be able to send
their children to college, they would have to retrench.
2998 retribution प्रतिकार vengeance; compensation;
punishment for offenses
The evangelist maintained that
an angry deity would exact retribution from the sinners.
2999 retrieve पुनः प्राप्त recover; find and bring in The dog was intelligent and
quickly learned to retrieve the game killed by the hunter.
3000 retroactive पूर्वव्यापी taking effect before its
enactment (as a law) or imposition (as a tax)
Because the new pension law was
retroactive to the first of the year, even though Martha had retired in
February she was eligible for the pension.
3001 retrograde पतित go backwards; degenerate Instead of advancing, our
civilization seems to have retrograded in ethics and culture.
3002 retrospective पूर्वप्रभावी looking back on the past It is only when we become
retrospective that we can appreciate the tremendous advances made during this
3003 revelry मद्यपान का उत्सव boisterous merrymaking New Year's Eve is a night of
3004 reverberate गूंजना echo; resound The entire valley reverberated
with the sound of the church bells.
3005 reverent श्रद्धालु respectful His reverent attitude was
appropriate in a house of worship.
3006 reverie मन की लहर daydream; musing He was awakened from his reverie
by the teacher's question.
3007 revile गाली देना slander; vilify He was avoided by all who feared
that he would revile and abuse them if they displeased him.
3008 revoke वापस लेना cancel; retract Repeat offenders who continue to
drive under the influence of alcohol face having their driver's licenses
permanently revoked.
3009 revulsion तबदीली sudden violent change of
feeling; negative reaction
Many people in this country who
admired dictatorships underwent a revulsion when they realized what Hitler
and Mussolini were trying to do.
3010 rhapsodize rhapsodize to speak or write in an
exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner
She greatly enjoyed her Hawaiian
vacation and rhapsodized about it for weeks.
3011 rhetoric वक्रपटुता art of effective communication;
insincere or grandiloquent language
All writers, by necessity, must
be skilled in rhetoric.
3012 ribald नीच wanton; profane He sang a ribald song that
offended many of the more prudish listeners.
3013 rider सवार amendment or clause added to a
legislative bill
Senator Foghorn said he would
support Senator Filibuster's tax reform bill only if Filibuster agreed to add
an antipollution rider to the bill.
3014 rife व्याप्त abundant; current In the face of the many rumors
of scandal, which are rife at the moment, it is best to remain silent.
3015 rift दरार opening; break The plane was lost in the stormy
sky until the pilot saw the city through a rift in the clouds.
3016 rig सामान fix or manipulate The ward boss was able to rig
the election by bribing people to stuff the ballot boxes with ballots marked
in his candidate's favor.
3017 rigid कठोर stiff and unyielding; strict;
hard and unbending
By living with a man to whom she
was not married, George Eliot broke Victorian society's most rigid rule of
respectable behavior.
3018 rigor कठोरता severity Many settlers could not stand
the rigors of the New England winters.
3019 rile चिढ़ाना vex; irritate; muddy Red had a hair-trigger temper:
he was an easy man to rile.
3020 riveting riveting absorbing; engrossing The reviewer described Byatt's
novel Possession as a riveting tale: absorbed in the story, he had finished
it in a single evening.
3021 rivulet नाला small stream As the rains continued, the
trickle of water running down the hillside grew into a rivulet that
threatened to wash away a portion of the slope.
3022 robust मजबूत vigorous; strong The candidate for the football
team had a robust physique.
3023 rococo रोकोको ornate; highly decorated The rococo style in furniture
and architecture, marked by scrollwork and excessive decoration, flourished
during the middle of the eighteenth century.
3024 roil क्रोधित करना to make liquids murky by
stirring up sediment; to disturb
Be careful when you pour not to
roil the wine; if you stir up the sediment you'll destroy the flavor.
3025 roseate गुलाबी rosy; optimistic I am afraid you will have to
alter your roseate views in the light of the distressing news that has just
3026 roster रोस्टर list They print the roster of players
in the season's program.
3027 rostrum व्याख्यान चबूतरा platform for speech-making;
The crowd murmured angrily and
indicated that they did not care to listen to the speaker who was approaching
the rostrum.
3028 rote दुहराव repetition He recited the passage by rote
and gave no indication he understood what he was saying.
3029 rotunda रोटोंडा circular building or hall
covered with a dome
His body lay in state in the
rotunda of the Capitol.
3030 rotundity स्थूलता roundness; sonorousness of
Washington Irving emphasized the
rotundity of the governor by describing his height and circumference.
3031 rousing गर्मजोशी lively; stirring And now, let's have a rousing
welcome for TV's own Roseanne Arnold, who'll lead us in a rousing rendition
of 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'
3032 rout घोर पराजय stampede; drive out The reinforcements were able to
rout the enemy
3033 rubble मलवा fragments Ten years after World War II,
some of the rubble left by enemy bombings could still be seen.
3034 rubric ख़ाना title or heading (in red print);
directions for religious ceremony; protocol
In ordaining the new priests,
the bishop carefully observed all the rubrics for the ordination service.
3035 ruddy लाल reddish; healthy-looking His ruddy features indicated
that he had spent much time in the open.
3036 rudimentary मौलिक not developed; elementary His dancing was limited to a few
rudimentary steps.
3037 rueful उदास regretful; sorrowful; dejected The artist has captured the
sadness of childhood in his portrait of the boy with the rueful countenance.
3038 ruffian बदमाश bully; scoundrel The ruffians threw stones at the
3039 ruminate चिंतन करना chew the cud; ponder We cannot afford to wait while
you ruminate upon these plans.
3040 rummage चप्पा चप्पा छान मारना ransack; thoroughly search When we rummaged through the
trunks in the attic, we found many souvenirs of our childhood days.
3041 runic रूण का mysterious; set down in an
ancient alphabet
Tolkien's use of Old English
words and inscriptions in the runic alphabet give The Lord of the Rings its
atmosphere of antiquity.
3042 ruse चाल trick; stratagem You will not be able to fool
your friends with such an obvious ruse.
3043 rustic देहाती pertaining to country people;
The backwoodsman looked out
place in his rustic attire.
3044 rusticate निस्सारित करना banish to the country; dwell in
the country
I like city life so much that I
can never understand how people can rusticate in the suburbs.
3045 ruthless क्रूर pitiless The escaped convict was a
dangerous and ruthless murderer.

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