Master Wordlist G

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Master Wordlist G

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1478 gadfly घुड़मक्खी animal-biting fly; an irritating
Like a gadfly, he irritated all
the guests at the hotel; within forty eight hours, everyone regarded him as
an annoying busybody.
1479 gaffe चूक social blunder According to Miss Manners, to
call your husband by your lover's name is worse than a mere gaffe; it is a
tactical mistake.
1480 gainsay विरोध करना deny She was too honest to gainsay
the truth of the report.
1481 gait चाल manner of walking or running;
The lame man walked with an
uneven gait.
1482 galaxy आकाशगंगा the Milky Way; any collection of
brilliant personalities
The deaths of such famous actors
as Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, and Marlene Dietrich demonstrate
that the galaxy of Hollywood superstars is rapidly disppearing.
1483 gall पित्त bitterness; nerve The knowledge of his failure
filled him with gall.
1484 gall पित्त annoy; chafe Their taunts galled him.
1485 galleon गैलियन large sailing ship The Spaniards pinned their hopes
on the galleon, the large warship; the British, on the smaller and faster
1486 galvanize प्रेरित करना stimulate by shock; stir up The entire nation was galvanized
into strong military activity by the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
1487 gambit पहला क़दम opening in chess in which a
piece is sacrificed
The player was afraid to accept
his opponent's gambit because he feared a trap which as yet he could not see.
1488 gambol कलोल skip; leap playfully Watching children gamboling in
the park is a pleasant experience
1489 gamely वीरता से in a spirited manner; with
Because he had fought gamely
against a much superior boxer, the crowd gave him a standing ovation when he
left the arena.
1490 gamut सरगम entire range In this performance, the leading
lady was able to demonstrate the complete gamut of her acting ability.
1491 gape जंभाई open widely The huge pit gaped before him;
if he stumbled, he would fall in.
1492 garbled विकृत mixed up; jumbled; distorted A favorite party game involves
passing a whispered message from one person to another; by the time it
reaches the last player, the message has become totally garbled.
1493 gargantuan विशाल huge; enormous The gargantuan wrestler was
terrified of mice.
1494 gargolye gargolye waterspout carved in groteque
figures on a building
The gargoyles adorning the
Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris are amusing in their grotesqueness.
1495 garish भड़कीला gaudy She wore a garish rhinestone
1496 garner शस्यागार gather; store up She hoped to garner the world's
literature in one library.
1497 garnish गार्निश decorate Parsley was used to garnish the
boiled potato.
1498 garrulity वाचालता talkativeness The man who married a dumb wife
asked the doctor to make him deaf because of his wife's garrulity after her
1499 garrulous बातूनी excessively talkative,
especially about unimportant subjects; loquacious; wordy
Many club members avoided the
company of the garrulous junior executive because his contant chatter bored
them to tears.
1500 gastronomy दिव्य भोजन science of preparing and serving
good food
One of the by-products of his
trip to Europe was his interest in gastronomy; he enjoyed preparing and
serving foreign dishes to his friends.
1501 gauche भद्दा clumsy; boorish Such remarks are gauche and out
of place; you should apologize for making them.
1502 gaudy भड़कीला flashy; showy Her gaudy taste in clothes
apalled us.
1503 gaunt कृश lean and angular; barren His once-round face looked
surprisingly gaunt after he had lost weight.
1504 gawk मूर्ख stare foolishly; look in
open-mouthed awe
The country boy gawked at the
skyscrapers and neon lights of the big city.
1505 gazette राज-पत्र official publication He read the gazettes regularly
for announcement of his promotion.
1506 genealogy वंशावली record of descent; lineage He was proud of his genealogy
and constantly referred to the achievements of his ancestors.
1507 generality व्यापकता vague statement This report is filled with
generalities; you must be more specific in you statements.
1508 generic सामान्य characteristic of an entire
class or species
Sue knew so many computer
programmers who spent their spare time playing fantasy games that she began
to think that playing Dungeon & Dragons was a generic trait.
1509 genesis उत्पत्ति beginning; origin Tracing the genesis of a family
is the theme of "Roots."
1510 geniality नेकी cheerfulness; kindliness;
This restaurant is famous and
popular because of the geniality of the proprietor, who tries to make
everyone happy.
1511 genre शैली particular variety of art or
Both a short story writer and a
poet, Langston Hughes proved himself equally skilled in either genre.
1512 genteel ललित well-bred; elegant We are looking for a man with a
genteel apperance who can inspire confidence by his cultivated manner.
1513 gentility उमरा those of gentle birth;
Her family was proud of its
gentility and elegance.
1514 gentry आर्य लोग people of standing; class of
people just below nobility
The local gentry did not welcome
the visits of the summer tourists and tried to ignore their presence in the
1515 genuflect गोद में जा बैठना bend the knee as in worship A proud denocrat, he refused to
genuflect to any man.
1516 germane सार्थक pertinent; bearing upon the case
at hand
The lawyer objected that the
testimony being offered was not germane to the case at hand.
1517 germinal कीटाणु-संबंधी pertaining to a germ; creative Such an idea is germinal; I am
certain that it will influence thinkers and philosophers for many
1518 germinate उगना cause to sprout; sprout After the seeds germinate and
develop their permanent leaves, the plants may be removed from the cold
frames and transplanted to the garden.
1519 gerontocracy gerontocracy government ruled by old people Gulliver visited a gerontocracy
in which the young people acted as servants to their elders, all the while
dreaming of the day they would be old enough to have servants of their own.
1520 gerrymander जालसाज़ी करना change in voting district lines
in order to favor a political party
The illogical pattern of the map
of this congressional district is proof that the state legislature
gerrymandered this area in order to favor the majority party.
1521 gestate gestate evolve, as in prenatal growth While this scheme was being
gestated by the conspirators, they maintained complete silence about their
1522 gesticulation चेष्टा motion; gesture Operatic performers are trained
to make exaggerated gesticulations because of the large auditoriums in whic
they appear.
1523 ghastly भयंकर रूप से horrible The murdered man was a ghastly
1524 gibberish अस्पष्ट उच्चारण nonsense; babbling Did you hear that foolish boy
spouting gibberish about monsters from outer space?
1525 gibe हंसी mock As you gibe at their
superstitious beliefs, do you realize that you, too, are guilty of similarly
foolish thoughts?
1526 giddy चक्कर light-hearted; dizzy He felt his giddy youth was
1527 gingerly कातर very carefully To separate egg whites, first
crack the egg gingerly.
1528 girth परिधि distance around something;
It took an extra-large
cummerbund to fit around Andrew Carnegie's considerable girth.
1529 gist सार essence she was asked to give the gist
of the essay in two sentence.
1530 glacial बहुत ठंडा like a glacier; extremely cold Never a warm person, when
offended hugo could seem positively glacial.
1531 glaring स्पष्ट highly conspicuous; harshly
glaring spelling or grammatical
errors in your resume will unfavorably impress potential employers.
1532 glaze शीशे का आवरण cover with a thin and shiny
The freezing rain glazed the
streets and made driving hazardous.
1533 glean बीनना gather leavings After the crops had been
harvested by the machines, the peasants were permitted to glean the wheat
left in the fields.
1534 glib फिसलनदार fluent He is a glib and articulate
1535 glimmer चमक shine erratically; twinkle In the darkness of the cavern,
the glowworms hanging from the cavern roof glimmered like distant stars.
1536 gloat घूरना express evil satisfaction; view
As you gloat over your
ill-gotten wealth, do you think of the many victims you have defrauded?
1537 gloss व्याख्या explain away No matter how hard he tried to
talk around the issue, President Bush could not gloss over the fact that he
had raised the taxes after all.
1538 glossary शब्दकोष brief explanation of words used
in the text
I have found the glossary in
this book very useful; it has eliminated many trips to the dictionary.
1539 glossy चमकदार smooth and shining I want this photograph printed
on glossy paper, not matte.
1540 glower तिरछी निगाह से देखना scowl The angry boy glowered at his
1541 glut भरमार overstock; fill to excess The many manufacturers glutted
the market and could not find purchasers for the many articles they had
1542 glutinous चिपचिपा sticky; viscous Molasses is a glutinous
1543 glutton खाऊ someone who eats too much When Mother saw that Bobby had
eaten all the cookies, she called him a little glutton.
1544 gnarled हठीला twisted The gnarled oak tree had been a
landmark for years and was mentioned in several deeds.
1545 gnome सूक्ति dwarf; underground spirit In medieval mythology, gnomes
were the special guardians and inhabitants of subterranean mines.
1546 goad अंकुश urge on He was goaded by his friends
until he yielded to their wishes.
1547 gorge कण्ठ narrow canyon; steep, rocky
Terrified of heights, George
could not bring himself to peer down into the gorge to see the rapids below.
1548 gorge कण्ठ stuff oneself The gluttonous guest gorged
himself with food as though he had not eaten for days.
1549 gory रक्तमय bloody The audience shuddered as they
listened to the details of the gory massacre.
1550 gossamer पतला sheer; like cobwebs Nylon can be woven into gossaner
or thick fabrics.
1551 gouge गोलची tear out In that fight, all the rules
were forgotten; the adversaries bit, kicked, and tried to gouge each other's
eyes out.
1552 gourmand चटोरा epicure; person who takes
excessive pleasure in food and drink
goumands lack self-restraint; if
they enjoy a particular cuisine, they eat far too much of it.
1553 gourmet पेटू connoisseur of food and drink The gourmet stated that this was
the best onion soup she had ever tasted.
1554 graduated स्नातक की उपाधि arraged by degree (of height,
difficulty, etc.)
Margaret loved her graduated set
of Russian hollow wooden dolls; she spent hours happily putting the smaller
dolls into their larger counterparts.
1555 granary धान्यागार storehouse for grain We have reason to be thankful,
for our crops were good and our granaries are full.
1556 grandeur शान impressiveness; stateliness;
No matter how often he hiked
through the mountains, David never failed to be struck by the grandeur of the
Sierra Nevada range.
1557 grandiloquent आडंबरपूर्ण pompous; bombastic; using
high-sounding language
The politician could bever speak
simply; she was always grandiloquent.
1558 grandiose दिखावटी imposing; impressive His grandiose manner impressed
those who met him for the first time.
1559 granulate दानेदार बनाना form into grains Sugar that has been granulated
dissolves more readily than lump sugar.
1560 graphic ग्राफिक pertaining to the art of
delineating; vividly described
I was particularly impressed by
the graphic presentation of the storm.
1561 grapple पकड़ना wrestle; come to grips with He grappled with the burglar and
overpowered him.
1562 grate भट्ठी make a harsh noise; have an
unpleasant effect; shred
The screams of the quarreling
children grated on her nerves.
1563 gratify घूस देना please Her parents were gratified by
her success.
1564 gratis मुक्त free The company offered to give one
package gratis to every purchaser of one of their products.
1565 gratuitous अहेतुक given freely; unwarranted;
uncalled for
Quit making gratuitous comments
about my driving; no one asked you for your opinion.
1566 gratuity ऐच्छिक दान tip Many service employees rely more
on gratuities than on salaries for their livelihood.
1567 gravity गंभीरता seriousness We could tell we were in serious
trouble from the gravity of her expression.
1568 gregarious झुण्ड में रहनेवाला sociable Typically, party-throwers are
gregarious; hermits are not.
1569 grievance शिकायत cause of complaint When her supervisor ignored her
complaint, she took her grievance to the union.
1570 grill ग्रिल question severely In violation of the Miranda law,
the police grilled the suspect for several hours before reading him his
1571 grimace मुंह बनाना a facial distortion to show
feeling such as pain, disgust, etc.
Even though he remained silent,
his grimace indicated his displeasure.
1572 grisly भयानक ghastly She shuddered at the grisly
1573 grotesque विचित्र fantastic; comically hideous On Halloween people enjoy
wearing groteque costumes.
1574 grotto कुटी small cavern The Blue Grotto in Capri can be
entered only by small boats rowed by natives through a natural opening in the
1575 grouse गुनगुनानेवाला complain; fuss Students traditionally grouse
about the abysmal quality of "mystery meat" and similar dornitory
1576 grovel उताने पड़ जाना crawl or creep on ground; remain
Even though we have been
defeated, we do not have to grovel before our conquerors.
1577 grudging grudging unwilling; reluctant; stingy We received only grudging
support from the mayor despite his earlier promises of aid.
1578 gruel मांड़ thin, liquid porridge Our daily allotment of gruel
made the meal not only monotonous but also unpalatable.
1579 grueling भीषण exhausting The marathon is a grueling race.
1580 gruesome भीषण grisly People screamed when her
gruesome appearance was flashed on the screen.
1581 gruff कर्कश rough-mannered Although he was blunt and gruff
with most people, he was always gentle with children.
1582 guffaw खिलखिलाकर हंसना boisterous laughter The loud guffaws that came from
the closed room indicated that the members of the committe had not yet
settled down to a serious business.
1583 guile छल deceit; duplicity She achieved her high position
by guile and treachery.
1584 guileless निष्कपट without deceit He is naive, simple, and
guileless; he cannot be guilty of fraud.
1585 guise भेष appearance; costume In the guise of a plumber, the
detective investigated the murder case.
1586 gullible भोला easily deceived He preyed upon gullible people,
who believed his stories of easy wealth.
1587 gustatory स्वाद affecting the sense of taste The Thai restaurant offered an
unusual gustatory experience for those used in a bland cuisine.
1588 gusto उत्साह enjoyment; enthusiasm He accepted the assignment with
such gusto that I feel he would have been satisfied with a smaller salary.
1589 gusty वातमय windy The gusty weather made sailing
1590 gyroscope gyroscope apparatus used to maintain
balance, ascertain direction, etc.
By using a rotating gyroscope,
they were able to stabilize the vessel, counteracting the rolling movements
of the sea.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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