Master Word List S2

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Master Word List S2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
3146 shambles खंडहर slaughterhouse; scene of carnage By the time the police arrived,
the room was a shambles.
3147 shard ठीकरा fragment, generally of pottery The archaeologist assigned
several students the task of reassembling earthenware vessels from the shards he had brought back from the expedition.
3148 sheaf पूला bundle of stalks of grain; any
bundle of things tied together
The lawyer picked up a sheaf of
papers as he rose to question the witness.
3149 sheathe गड़ाना place into a case As soon as he recognized the
approaching men, he sheathed his dagger and hailed them as friends.
3150 sherbet शर्बत flavored dessert ice I prefer raspberry sherbet to
ice cream since it is less fattening.
3151 shimmer टिमटिमाना glimmer intermittently The moonlight shimmered on the
water as the moon broke through the clouds for a moment.
3152 shirk भागना avoid (responsibility, work,
etc.); malinger
Brian has a strong sense of
duty; he would never shirk any responsibility.
3153 shoddy तुच्छ sham; not genuine; inferior You will never get the public to
buy such shoddy material.
3154 shrew कर्कशा scolding woman No one wanted to marry
Shakespeare's Kate because she was a shrew.
3155 shrewd चालाक clever; astute A shrewd investor, he took
clever advantage of the fluctuations of the stock market.
3156 shun दूर करना keep away from Cherishing his solitude, the
recluse shunned the company of other human beings.
3157 shunt अलग धकेलना turn aside; divert; sidetrack If the switchman failed to shunt
the Silver Streak onto a side track, the train would plow right into Union
3158 shyster Shyster lawyer using questionable
On L.A. Law, respectable
attorney Brackman was horrified to learn that his newly discovered half
brother was a cheap shyster.
3159 sibling भाई brother or sister We may not enjoy being siblings,
but we cannot forget that we still belong to the same family.
3160 sibylline जादूगरनी का prophetic; oracular Until their destruction by fire
in 83 B.C., the sibylline books were often consulted by the Romans.
3161 sidereal तारे के समान relating to the stars Although hampered by optical and
mechanical flaws, the orbiting Hubble space telescope has relayed
extraordinary images of distant sidereal bodies.
3162 silt गाद sediment deposited by running
The harbor channel must be
dredged annually to remove the silt.
3163 simian बंदर का monkeylike Lemurs are nocturnal mammals and
have many simian characteristics, although they are less intelligent than
3164 simile उपमा comparison of one thing with
another, using the word like or as
My love is like a red, red rose
is a simile.
3165 simper मुसकुराना smirk; smile affectedly Complimented on her appearance,
Stella self-consciously simpered.
3166 simplistic सरलीकृत oversimplified Though Jack's solution dealt
adequately with one aspect of the problem, it was simplistic in failing to
consider various complicating factors that might arise.
3167 simulate भेष बदलना feign He simulated insanity in order
to avoid punishment for his crime.
3168 sinecure ऐसा पद जिस में वेतन मिले परन्तु
कुछ काम न करना पड़े
well-paid position with little
My job is no sinecure; I work
long hours and have much responsibility.
3169 sinewy बलवान tough; strong and firm The steak was too sinewy to chew
3170 singular विलक्षण unique; extraordinary; odd Though the young man tried to
understand Father William's singular behavior, he still found it odd that the
old man incessantly stood on his head.
3171 sinister भयावह evil We must defeat the sinister
forces that seek our downfall.
3172 sinuous टेढ़ा winding; bending in and out; not
morally honest
The snake moved in a sinuous
3173 skeptic संदेहवादी doubter; person who suspends
judgment until he has examined the evidence supporting a point of view.
In this matter, I am a skeptic;
I want proof.
3174 skiff छोटी नाव small, light sailboat or rowboat Tom dreamed of owning an
ocean-going yacht but had to settle for a skiff he could sail in the bay.
3175 skimp लापरवाही से काम करना provide scantily; live very
They were forced to skimp on
necessities in order to make their limited supplies last the winter.
3176 skinflint कंजूस miser The old skinflint refused to
give her a raise.
3177 skirmish झड़प minor fight Custer's troops expected they
might run into a skirmish or two on maneuvers; they did not expect to face a
major battle.
3178 skittish चुस्त lively; frisky She is as skittish as a kitten
playing with a piece of string.
3179 skulduggery skulduggery dishonest behavior The investigation into municipal
corruption turned up new instances of skulduggery daily.
3180 skulk छिपना move furtively and secretly He skulked through the less
fashionable sections of the city in order to avoid meeting any of his former
3181 slacken कम करना slow up; loosen As they passed the finish line,
the runners slackened their pace.
3182 slag लावा residue from smelting metal;
dross; waste matter
The blast furnace had a special
opening at the bottom to allow the workers to remove the worthless slag.
3183 slake आग बुझाना quench; sate When we reached the oasis, we
were able to slake our thirst.
3184 slander बदनामी defamation; utterance of false
and malicious statements
Unless you can prove your
allegations, your remarks constitute slander.
3185 slapdash किसी न किसी तरह haphazard; careless; sloppy From the number of typos and
misspellings I've found on it, it's clear that Mario proofread the report in
a remarkably slapdash fashion.
3186 sleazy असार flimsy; unsubstantial This is a sleazy fabric; it will
not wear well.
3187 sleeper स्लीपर something originally of little
value or importance that in time becomes very valuable
Unnoticed by the critics at its
publication, the eventual Pulitzer Prize winner was a classic sleeper.
3188 sleight सफ़ाई dexterity The magician amazed the audience
with his sleight of hand.
3189 slight थोड़ा insult to one's dignity; snub Hypersensitive and ready to take
offense at any discourtesy, Bertha was always on the lookout for real or
imaginary slights.
3190 slither लुढ़कना slip or slide During the recent ice storm,
many people slithered down this hill as they walked to the station.
3191 sloth आलस laziness Such sloth in a young person is
deplorable; go to work!
3192 sloth आलस slow-moving tree-dwelling mammal Note how well the somewhat
greenish coat of the sloth enables it to blend in with its arboreal
3193 slough केंचुली cast off Each spring, the snake sloughs
off its skin.
3194 slovenly मैला-कुचैला untidy; slipshod Such slovenly work habits will
never produce good products.
3195 sluggard आलसी lazy person You are a sluggard, a drone, a
parasite, the angry father shouted at his lazy son.
3196 sluggish सुस्त slow; lazy; lethargic After two nights without sleep,
she felt sluggish and incapable of exertion.
3197 sluice जलमार्ग artificial channel for directing
or controlling the flow of water
In times of drought, this sluice
enables farmers to obtain water for irrigation.
3198 slur कलंक insult to one's character or
reputation; slander
Polls revealed that the
front-runner's standing had been damaged by the slurs and innuendoes
circulated by his opponent's staff.
3199 smattering गिरोह slight knowledge I don't know whether it is
better to be ignorant of a subject or to have a mere smattering of
information about it.
3200 smirk नखरे की मुस्कराहट conceited smile Wipe that smirk off your face!
3201 smolder सुलगना burn without flame; be liable to
break out at any moment
The rags smoldered for hours
before they burst into flame.
3202 snicker हिनहिनाहट half-stifled laugh The boy could not suppress a
snicker when the teacher sat on the tack.
3203 snivel सिसकना run at the nose; snuffle; whine Don't you come sniveling to me
complaining about your big brother.
3204 sobriety संयम moderation (especially regarding
indulgence in alcohol); seriousness
Neither drunkards nor comics are
noted for sobriety.
3205 sodden मदहोश soaked; dull, as if from drink He set his sodden overcoat near
the radiator to dry.
3206 sojourn डेरा डालना temporary stay After his sojourn in Florida, he
began to long for the colder climate of his native New England home.
3207 solace सांत्वना comfort in trouble I hope you will find solace in
the thought that all of us share your loss.
3208 solder मिलाप repair or make whole by using a
metal alloy
The plumber fixed the leak in
the pipes by soldering a couple of joints from which water had been oozing.
3209 solecism प्रमाद construction that is flagrantly
incorrect grammatically
I must give this paper a failing
mark because it contains many solecisms.
3210 solemnity गंभीरता seriousness; gravity The minister was concerned that
nothing should disturb the solemnity of the marriage service.
3211 solicit मांगना request earnestly; seek Knowing she needed to have a
solid majority for the budget to pass, the mayor telephoned all the members
of the city council to solicit their votes.
3212 solicitous चिंताशील worried, concerned The employer was very solicitous
about the health of her employees as replacements were difficult to get.
3213 soliloquy स्वगत भाषण talking to oneself The soliloquy is a device used
by the dramatist to reveal a character's innermost thoughts and emotions.
3214 solstice अयनांत point at which the sun is
farthest from the equator
The winter solstice usually
occurs on December 21.
3215 solvent विलायक able to pay all debts By dint of very frugal living,
he was finally able to become solvent and avoid bankruptcy proceedings.
3216 somatic दैहिक pertaining to the body; physical Why do you ignore the spiritual
aspects and emphasize only the corporeal and the somatic ones?
3217 somber मलिन gloomy; depressing From the doctor's grim
expression, I could tell he had somber news.
3218 somnambulist नींद में चलनेवाला sleepwalker The most famous somnambulist in
literature is Lady Macbeth; her monologue in the sleepwalking scene is one of
the highlights of Shakespeare's play.
3219 somnolent निद्रजनक half asleep The heavy meal and the
overheated room made us all somnolent and indifferent to the speaker.
3220 sonorous मधुर resonant His sonorous voice resounded
through the hall.
3221 sophist मिथ्या हेतुवादी teacher of philosophy; quibbler;
employer of fallacious reasoning
You are using all the devices of
a sophist in trying to prove your case; your argument is specious.
3222 sophistication मिलावट artificiality; unnaturalness;
act of employing sophistry in reasoning
Sophistication is an acquired
characteristic, found more frequently among city dwellers than among
residents of rural areas.
3223 sophistry सत्य का आभास seemingly plausible but
fallacious reasoning
Instead of advancing valid
arguments, he tried to overwhelm his audience with a flood of sophistries.
3224 sophomoric sophomoric immature; shallow Your sophomoric remarks are a
sign of your youth and indicate that you have not given much thought to the
3225 soporific ऊंघता हुआ sleep producing I do not need a sedative when I
listen to one of his soporific speeches.
3226 sordid घिनौना filthy; base; vile The social worker was angered by
the sordid housing provided for the homeless.
3227 spangle दीप्ति small metallic piece sewn to
clothing for ornamentation
The thousands of spangles on her
dress sparkled in the glare of the stage lights.
3228 spartan संयमी lacking luxury and comfort;
sternly disciplined
Looking over the bare, unheated
room with its hard cot, he wondered what he was doing in such spartan
quarters. Only his spartan sense of duty kept him at his post.
3229 spasmodic अकड़नेवाला fitful; periodic The spasmodic coughing in the
auditorium annoyed the performers.
3230 spat झगड़ा squabble; minor dispute What had started out as a mere
spat escalated into a full-blown argument.
3231 spate झोंक sudden flood I am worried about the
possibility of a spate if the rains do not diminish soon.
3232 spatial स्थानिक relating to space It is difficult to visualize the
spatial extent of our universe.
3233 spatula रंग broad-bladed instrument used for
spreading or mixing
The manufacturers of this frying
pan recommended the use of a rubber spatula to avoid scratching the specially
treated surface.
3234 spawn अंडे lay eggs Fish ladders had to be built in
the dams to assist the salmon returning to spawn in their native streams.
3235 specious दिखौवा seemingly reasonable but
Let us not be misled by such
specious arguments.
3236 spectral वर्णक्रम ghostly We were frightened by the
spectral glow that filled the room.
3237 spectrum स्पेक्ट्रम colored band produced when a
beam of light passes through a prism
The visible portion of the
spectrum includes red at one end and violet at the other.
3238 spendthrift उड़ाऊ someone who wastes money Easy access to credit encourages
people to turn into spendthrifts who shop till they drop.
3239 sphinx-like स्फिंक्स की तरह enigmatic; mysterious The Mona Lisa's sphinx-like
expression has puzzled art lovers for centuries.
3240 splice ब्याह fasten together; unite Before you splice two strips of
tape together, be sure to line them up evenly.
3241 spontaneity स्वच्छंदता impulsiveness; absence of
What I liked best about Dale's
parties was their spontaneity: a couple of friends would drop by, someone
would pull out a fiddle or guitar, and before you knew it the party would be
in full swing.
3242 spoonerism spoonerism accidental transposition of
sounds in sucessive words
When the radio announcer
introduced the President as Hoobert Herver, he was guilty of spoonerism.
3243 sporadic छिटपुट occurring irregularly Although there are still
sporadic outbursts of shooting in the streets, the rebellion is essentially
3244 sportive विनोदी playful Such a sportive attitude is
surprising in a person as serious as you usually are.
3245 spruce सजाना neat and trim Every button buttoned, tie
firmly in place, young Alex Keaton looked spruce and tidy for his job
interview at the bank.

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