Master Wordlist F1

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Master Wordlist F1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1316 fabricate गढ़ना build; lie Because of the child's tendency
to fabricate, we had trouble believing her.
1317 facade मुखौटा front of the building The facade of the church had
often been photographed by tourists because it was more interesting than the
1318 facet पहलू small plane surface (of a gem);
a side
The stonecutter decided to
improve the rough diamond by providing it with several facets.
1319 facetious हासकर humorous; jocular Your facetious remarks are not
appropriate at this serious moment.
1320 facile सुगम easy; expert Because he was a facile speaker,
he never refused a request to address an organization.
1321 facilitate की सुविधा make less difficult He tried to facilitate repayment
of the loan by getting a part-time job.
1322 facsimilie facsimilie copy Many museums sell facsimilies of
the works of art on display.
1323 faction गुट party; clique; dissension The quarrels and bickering of
the two small factions within the club disturbed the majority of the members.
1324 factious अराजक inclined to form factions;
causing dissension.
Your statement is factious and
will upset the harmony that now exists.
1325 factitous factitous artificial; sham Hollywood actresses often create
factitious tears by using glycerine.
1326 factotum सब प्रकार का काम करनेवाला नौकर handyman; person who does all
kinds of work
Although we had hired him as a
messenger, we soon began to use him as a general factotum around the office.
1327 faculty संकाय mental or bodily powers;
teaching staff
As he grew old, he feared he
might lose his faculties and become useless to his employer.
1328 fallacious ग़लत misleading Your reasoning must be
fallacious because it leads to a ridiculous answer.
1329 fallible अविश्वसनीय liable to err I know I am fallible, but I feel
confident that I am right this time.
1330 fallow परती plowed but sowed; uncultivated Farmers have learned that it is
advisable to permit land to be fallow every few years.
1331 falter लड़खड़ाना hesitate When told to dive off the high
board, she did not falter, but proceeded at once.
1332 fanaticism अंधाधुंधता excessive zeal The leader of the group was held
responsible even though he could not control the fanaticism of his followers.
1333 fancied अनुमान किया हुआ imagined; unreal You are resenting fancied
insults. No one has ever said such things about you.
1334 fancier शौक़ीन breeder or dealer of animals The dog fancier exhibited her
prize collie at the annual Kennel Club show.
1335 fanciful काल्पनिक whimsical; visionary This is a fanciful scheme
because it does not consider the facts.
1336 fanfare धूमधाम call by bugles or trumpets;
showy display
The exposition was opened with
fanfare of trumpets and the firing of cannon.
1337 fantastic शानदार unreal; grotesque; whimsical Your fears are fantastic because
no such animal as you have described exists.
1338 farce स्वांग broad comedy; mockery Nothing went right; the entire
interview degenerated into a farce.
1339 fastidious दुराराध्य difficult to please; squeamish The waitresses disliked serving
him dinner because of his very fastidious taste.
1340 fatalism भाग्यवाद belief that events are
determined by forces beyond one's control
With fatalism, he accepted the
hardships that beset him.
1341 fathom थाह लेना comprehend; investigate I find his motives impossible to
1342 fatuous बुद्धिहीन foolish; inane He is far too intelligent to
utter such fatuous remarks.
1343 fauna पशुवर्ग animals of a period or region The scientist could visualize
the fauna of the period by examining the skeletal remains and the fossils.
1344 fawning चापलूस courting favor by cringing and
She was constantly surrounded by
a group of fawning admirers who had hoped to win some favor.
1345 faze faze disconcert; dismay No crisis could faze the
resourceful hotel manager.
1346 feasible संभव practical This is an entirely feasible
proposal. I suggest we adopt it.
1347 febrile बुख़ारवाला feverish In his febrile condition, he was
subject to nightmares and hallucinations.
1348 feckless अबल feeble, ineffective; unthinking,
Einstein was noted for his
extraordinary inspirations; on the other hand, he was noted for being
feckless in his daily chores.
1349 fecundity उपजाऊपन fertility; fruitfulness The fecundity of his mind is
illustrated by the many vivid images in his poems.
1350 feign बहाना करना pretend Lady Macbeth feigned illness in
the courtyard although she was actually healthy.
1351 feint भुलावा trick; shift; sham blow The boxer was fooled by his
opponent's feint and dropped his guard.
1352 felicitous परम सुखी apt; suitably expressed; well
He was famous for his felicitous
remarks and was called upon to serve as master-of-ceremonies at many banquet.
1353 felicity परम सुख happines; appropriateness (of a
remark, choice, etc.)
She wrote a note to the
newlyweds wishing them great felicity in their wedded life.
1354 fell गिर गया cruel; deadly The newspapers told of the
tragic spread of the fell disease
1355 felon अपराधी person convicted of a grave
A convicted felon loses the
right to vote
1356 ferment विक्षोभ agitation; commotion With the breakup of the Soviet
Union, much of Eastern Europe was in a state of ferment.
1357 ferret भगाना drive or hunt out of hiding She was ferreted out their
1358 fervent उत्कट ardent; hot She felt that the fervent praise
was excessive and somewhat undeserved.
1359 fervid प्रचंड ardent Her fervid enthusiasm inspired
all of us to undertake the dangerous mission.
1360 fervor जोश glowing ardor Their kiss was full of the
fervor of first love.
1361 fester फोड़ा generate pus When her finger began to fester,
the doctor lanced it and removed the splinter that had caused the pus to
1362 fester फोड़ा rankle, produce irritation or
Joe's insult festered in Anne's
mind for days, and made her too angry to speak to him.
1363 festive उत्सव joyous; celebratory Their wedding in the park was a
festive occasion.
1364 fete उत्सव honor at a festival The returning hero was feted at
a community supper and dance.
1365 fetid दुर्गन्धि-युक्त malodorous The neglected wound became
1366 fetter बेड़ी shackle The prisoner was fettered to the
1367 fiasco असफलता total failure Our ambitious venture ended in a
fiasco and we were forced to flee.
1368 fiat व्यवस्थापत्र command I cannot accept government by
fiat; I feel that I must be consulted.
1369 fickle चंचल changeable; faithless He discovered his supposedly
faithful girlfriend was fickle
1370 fictitious काल्पनिक imaginary Although this book purports to
be a biography of George Washington, many of the incidents are fictitious.
1371 fidelity सत्य के प्रति निष्ठा loyalty A dog's fidelity to its owner is
one of the reasons why that animal is a favorite household pet.
1372 figment मनगढ़ंत invention; imaginary thing That incident never took place;
it is a figment of your imagination.
1373 figurative आलंकारिक not literal, but metaphorical;
using a figure of speech
To lose one's marbles is a
figurative expression; if you're told Jack has lost his marbles, no one
expects you to rush out to buy him a replacement set.
1374 figurine मूर्ति small ornamental statuette In the Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade
was hired to trace the missing figurine of a black bird.
1375 filch मूसना steal The boys filched apples from the
fruit stand.
1376 filial बेटा-संबंधी pertaining to a son or daughter Many children forget their
filial obligations and disregard the wishes of their parents.
1377 filibuster जलडाकू block legislation by making long
Even though we disapproved of
Senator Foghorn's political goals, we were impressed by his ability to
filibuster endlessly to keep an issue from coming to a vote.
1378 filigree चांदी के महीन delicate, lacelike metalwork The pendant with gold filigree
that she wore round her neck trembled with each breath she took.
1379 finale अन्त conclusion It is not until we reach the
finale of this play that we can understand the author's message.
1380 finesse चालाकी delicate skill The finesse and adroitness of
the surgeon impressed the observers in the operating room.
1381 finicky नकचढ़ा too particular; fussy The old lady was finicky about
her food and ate very little.
1382 finite सीमित limited It is difficult for humanity
with its finite existence to grasp the infinite.
1383 firebrand तेजतर्रार hothead; troublemaker The police triedto keep track of
all the local firebrands when the President came to town.
1384 fissure दरार crevice The mountain climbers secured
footholds in tiny fissures in the rock.
1385 fitful चंचल spasmodic; intermittent After several fitful attempts,
he decided to postpone the start of the project until he felt more energetic.
1386 flaccid झूलता हुआ flabby His sedentary life had left him
with flaccid muscles.
1387 flag झंडा droop; grow feeble When the opposing hockey team
scored its third goal only minutes into the first period, the home team's
spirits flagged.
1388 flagrant खुला conspicuously wicked We cannot condone such flagrant
violations of the rules.
1389 flail मूसल thresh grain by hand; strike or
slap; toss about
In medieval times, warriors
flailed their foe with a metal ball attached to a handle.
1390 flair स्वभाव talent She has an uncanny flair for
discovering new artists before the public has become aware of their
1391 flamboyant चमकीला ornate Modern architecture has
discarded the flamboyant trimming on buildings and emphasizes simplicity of
1392 flaunt इठलाना display ostentatiously She is not the one of those
actresses who flaunt their physical charms; she can act.
1393 flay लूटना strip off skin; plunder The criminal was condemned to be
flayed alive.
1394 fleck दारा spot Her cheeks flecked with tears,
were testimony to the hours of weeping.
1395 fledgling अनुभवहीन मनुष्य inexperienced While it is necessary to provide
these fledgling poets with an opportunity to present their work, it is not
essential that we admire everything they write.
1396 fleece मूंड़ना wool coat of a sheep They shear sheep of their
fleece, which they then comb into separate strands of wool.
1397 fleece मूंड़ना rob; plunder The tricksters fleeced him of
his inheritance.
1398 flick झटका light stroke as with a whip The horse needed no
encouragement; only one flick of the whip was all the jockey had to apply to
get the animal to run at top speed.
1399 flinch विमुख होना hesitate; shrink He did not flinch in the face of
danger but fought back bravely.
1400 flippancy ओछापन trifling gaiety Your flippancy at this serious
moment is offensive.
1401 flit उड़ जाना fly; dart lightly; pass swiftly
Like a bee flitting from flower
to flower, Rose flitted from one boyfriend to the next.
1402 floe जल पर तैरता हुआ बरफ़ का टुकड़ा mass of floating ice The ship made slow progress as
it battered its way through the ice floes.
1403 flora वनस्पति plants of a region or era Because she was a botanist, she
spent most of her time studying the flora of the desert.
1404 florid गहरे रंग का flowery; ruddy His complexion was even more
florid than usual because of his anger.
1405 flotsam पानी में तैरनेवाले जहाज़ के
drifting wreckage Beachcombers eke out a living by
salvaging the flotsam and jetsam of the sea.
1406 flourish पनपने grow well; prosper; make
sweeping gestures
The orange trees flourished in
the sun.
1407 flout उपहास reject; mock The headstrong youth flouted all
authority; he refused to be curbed.
1408 fluctuation अस्थिरता wavering Meteorologists watch the
fluctuations of the barometer in order to predict the weather.
1409 fluency प्रवाह smoothness of speech He spoke French with fluency and
1410 fluke संयोग से पड़नेवाली चोट unlikely occurrence; stroke of
When Douglass defeated Tyson for
the heavyweight championship, some sportscasters dismissed his victory as a
1411 fluster घबड़ाना confuse The teacher's sudden question
flustered him and he stammered his reply.
1412 fluted fluted having vertical parallel grooves
(as in a pillar)
All that remained of the ancient
building were the fluted columns.
1413 flux प्रवाह flowing; series of changes While conditions are in such a
state of flux, I do not wish to commit myself too deeply in this affair.
1414 fodder चारा coarse food for cattle, horses
One of Nancy's chores ar the
ranch was to put fresh supplies of fodder in the horses' stalls.
1415 foible चरित्र की दुर्बलता weakness; slight fault We can overlook the foibles of
our friends; no one is perfect.

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