Master Word List U

Master Word List With Hindi Meaning U

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
3524 ubiquitous देशव्यापी being everywhere; omnipresent That Christmas "The Little
Drummer Boy" seemed ubiquitous: Justin heard the tune everywhere he
3525 ulterior गुप्त situated beyond; unstated and
often questionable
You must have an ulterior motive
for your behavior, since there is no obvious reason for it.
3526 ultimate परम final; not susceptible to
further analysis
Scientists are searching for the
ultimate truths.
3527 ultimatum अंतिमेत्थम last demand; warning Since they have ignored our
ultimatum, our only recourse is to declare war.
3528 umbrage साया resentment; anger; sense of
injury or insult
She took umbrage at his remarks
and stormed away in a huff.
3529 unanimity मतैक्य complete agreement We were surprised by the
unanimity with which our proposals were accepted by the different groups.
3530 unassuaged unassuaged unsatisfied; not soothed Her anger is unassuaged by your
3531 unassuming नम्र modest He is so unassuming that some
people fail to realize how great a man he really is.
3532 unbridled बेलगाम violent She had a sudden fit of
unbridled rage.
3533 uncanny अलौकिक strange; mysterious You have the uncanny knack of
reading my innermost thoughts.
3534 unconscionable बेशरम unscrupulous; excessive She found the load shark's
demands unconscionable and impossible to meet.
3535 uncouth गंवार outlandish; clumsy; boorish Most biographers portray Lincoln
as an uncouth and ungainly young man.
3536 unction गर्मजोशी the act of anointing with oil The anointing with oil of a
person near death is called extreme unction.
3537 unctous unctous oily; bland; insincerely suave Uriah Heep disguised his
nefarious actions by unctuous protestations of his "'umility."
3538 undergird undergird strengthen the base of Whereas relativity theory
undermined the Newtonian mechanics, cosmology was undergirded by it.
3539 undermine कमजोर weaken; sap The recent corruption scandals
have undermined many people's faith in the city government.
3540 underscore जांच लेना emphasize Adressing the jogging class, Kim
underscored the importance to runners of good nutrition.
3541 undulate लहराना move with a wavelike motion The flag undulated in the
3542 unearth पता लगाना dig up When they unearthed the city,
the archeologists found many relics of an ancient civilization.
3543 unearthly पता लगाने का not earthly; weird There is an unearthly atmosphere
in her work that amazes the casual observer.
3544 unequivocal स्पष्ट plain; obvious My answer to your proposal is an
unequivocal and absolute "No."
3545 unerringly unerringly infallibly My teacher unerringly pounced on
the one typographical error in my essay.
3546 unfaltering अडिग steadfast She approached the guillotine
with unfaltering steps.
3547 unfeigned सच्चा genuine; real She turned so pale that I am
sure her surprise was unfeigned.
3548 unfettered निरंकुश liberated; freed from chains Chained to the wall for months
on end, the hostage despaired that he would ever be unfettered.
3549 unfledged पंखहीन immature It is hard for an unfledged
writer to find a sympathetic publisher.
3550 unfrock पद लेना to strip a priest or minister of
church authority
To disbar a lawyer, to unfrock a
priest, to suspend a doctor's license to practice--these are extreme steps
that the authorities should take only after careful consideration.
3551 ungainly कुरूप awkward He is an ungainly young man; he
trips over everything.
3552 unguent मरहम ointment Apply this unguent to the sore
muscles before retiring.
3553 uniformity वर्दी sameness; consistency; monotony After a while, the uniformity of
TV situation comedies becomes boring.
3554 unilateral एकतरफा one-sided This legislation is unilateral
since it binds only one party in the controversy.
3555 unimpeachable ज़ाहिर blameless and exemplary Her conduct in office was
unimpeachable and her record is spotless.
3556 uninhibited बेहिचक unrepressed The congregation was shocked by
her uninhibited laughter during the sermon.
3557 unintimidating unintimidating unfrightening Though Phil had expected to feel
overawed when he met Joe Montana, he found the experience unintimidating and
3558 unique अद्वितीय without an equal; single in kind You have the unique distinction
of being the first student whom I have had to fail in this course.
3559 unison एक सुर unity of pitch; complete accord The choir sang in unison.
3560 universal सार्वभौमिक characterizing or affecting all;
present everywhere
At first, no one shared
Christopher's opinions; his theory that the world was round was met with
universal disdain.
3561 unkempt मैला disheveled; with uncared-for
The beggar was dirty and
3562 unobtrusive विनीत inconspicuous; not blatant The secret service agents in
charge of protecting the President tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.
3563 unprecedented अभूतपूर्व novel; unparalleled Margaret Mitchell's book Gone
with the Wind was an unprecedented success.
3564 unprepossessing unprepossessing unattractive During adolescence many
attractive young people somehow acquire the false notion that their
appearance is unprepossessing.
3565 unravel खोलना disentangle; solve With equal ease Miss Marple
unraveled tangled balls of yarn and baffling murder mysteries.
3566 unrequited अनबिलाषित not reciprocated Suffering the pangs of
unrequited love, Olivia rebukes Cesario for his hard-heartedness.
3567 unruly अनियंत्रित disobedient; lawless The only way to curb this unruly
mob is to use tear gas.
3568 unsavory बेस्वाद distasteful; morally offensive People with unsavory reputations
should not be allowed to work with young children.
3569 unscathed पूरा हुआ unharmed They prayed he would come back
from the war unscathed.
3570 unseemly गंदा unbecoming; indecent Your levity is unseemly at this
time of mourning.
3571 unsightly भद्दा ugly Although James was an
experienced emergency room nurse, he occasionally became queasy when faced
with a particularly unsightly injury.
3572 unsullied शुद्ध untarnished I am happy that my reputation is
3573 untenable अस्थिर unsupportable I find your theory untenable and
must reject it.
3574 untoward अभागा unfortunate; annoying Untoward circumstances prevent
me from being with you on this festive occasion.
3575 unwarranted अनुचित unjustified; groundless;
We could not understand Martin's
unwarranted rudeness to his mother's guests.
3576 unwieldy बोझल awkward; cumbersome;
The large carton was so unwieldy
that the movers had trouble getting it up the stairs.
3577 unwitting अनिच्छित unintentional; not knowing She was the unwitting tool of
the swindlers
3578 unwonted असामान्य unaccustomed He hesitated to assume the
unwonted role of master of ceremonies at the dinner.
3579 upbraid फटकारना scold; reproach I must upbraid him for his
unruly behavior.
3580 uproarious उपद्रवी marked by commotion; extremely
funny; very noisy
The uproarious comedy hit Home
Alone featured Macaulay Culkin, whose mugging and comic antics provoked gales
of uproarious laughter from audiences coast to coast.
3581 upshot परिणाम outcome The upshot of the rematch was
that the former champion proved that he still possessed all the skills of his
3582 urbane शिष्ट suave; refined; elegant The courtier was urbane and
3583 urchin नटखट लड़का mischievous child (usually a
Get out! This store is no place
for grubby urchins!
3584 ursine ursine bearlike; pertaining to a bear Because of its ursine
appearance, the great panda has been identified with the bears; actually, it
is closely related to the raccoon.
3585 usurp हड़पना seize power; supplant The revolution ended when the
victorious rebel leader usurped the throne.
3586 usury सूदखोरी lending money at illegal rates
of interest
The loan shark was found guilty
of usury.
3587 utopia आदर्शलोक imaginary land with perfect
social and political system
Shangri-la was the name of James
Hilton's Tibetan utopia.
3588 uxorious uxorious excessively devoted to one's
His friends laughed at him
because he was so uxorious and submissive to his wife's desires.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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