Master Word List V

Master Word List With Hindi Meaning V

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
3589 vacillate डोलना waver; fluctuate Uncertain which suitor she ought
to marry, the princess vacillated, saying now one, now the other.
3590 vacuous असार empty; lacking in ideas; stupid The candidate's vacuous remarks
annoyed the audience, who had hoped to hear more than empty platitudes
3591 vagabond आवारा wanderer; tramp In summer, college students
wander the roads of Europe like carefree vagabonds.
3592 vagary मौज caprice; whim She followed every vagary of
3593 vagrant आवारा stray; random He tried to study, but could not
collect his vagrant thoughts.
3594 vagrant आवारा homeless wanderer Because he was a stranger in
town with no visible means of support, Martin feared he would be jailed as a
3595 vainglorious गुमानी boastful; excessively conceited She was a vainglorious and
arrogant individual.
3596 valedictory विदा का pertaining to farewell I found the valedictory address
too long; leave-taking should be brief.
3597 valid वैध logically convincing; sound;
legally acceptable
You're going to have to come up
with a better argument if you want to convince me that your reasoning is
3598 validate मान्य confirm; ratify I will not publish my findings
until I validate my results.
3599 valor वीरता bravery He received the Medal of Honor
for his valor in battle.
3600 vampire पिशाच ghostly being that sucks the
blood of the living
Children were afraid to go to
sleep at night because of the many legends of vampires.
3601 vanguard मोहरा forerunners; advance forces We are the vanguard of a
tremendous army that is following us.
3602 vantage सहूलियत position giving an advantage They fired upon the enemy from
behind trees, walls and any other point of vantage they could find.
3603 vapid नीरस insipid; inane She delivered an uninspired and
vapid address.
3604 variegated विचित्र many-colored Without her glasses, Gretchen
saw the fields of tulips as a variegated blur.
3605 vassal जागीरदार in feudalism, one who held land
of a superior lord
The lord demanded that his
vassals contribute more to his military campaign.
3606 vaunted vaunted boasted; bragged; highly
This much vaunted project proved
a disappointment when it collapsed.
3607 veer वीर change in direction After what seemed an eternity,
the wind veered to the east and the storm abated.
3608 vegetate उगना live in a monotonous way I do not understand how you can
vegetate in this quiet village after the adventurous life you have led.
3609 vehement लवलीन impetuous; with marked vigor He spoke with vehement eloquence
in defense of his client.
3610 velocity वेग speed The train went by at
considerable velocity.
3611 venal ज़रख़ीद capable of being bribed The venal policeman accepted the
bribe offered him by the speeding motorist whom he had stopped.
3612 vendetta प्रतिशोध blood feud The rival mobs engaged in a
bitter vendetta.
3613 vendor विक्रेता seller The fruit vendor sold her wares
from a stall on the sidewalk.
3614 veneer दिखावा thin layer; cover Casual acquaintances were
deceived by his veneer of sophistication and failed to recognize his
fundamental shallowness.
3615 venerable आदरणीय deserving high respect We do not mean to be
disrespectful when we refuse to follow the advice of our venerable leader.
3616 venerate सम्मानित करना revere In China, the people venerate
their ancestors.
3617 venial अमर forgivable; trivial We may regard a hugry man's
stealing as a venial crime.
3618 venison हिरन का मांस the meat of a deer The hunters dined on venison.
3619 vent बाहर निकलने देना small opening; outlet The wine did not flow because
the air vent in the barrel was clogged.
3620 vent बाहर निकलने देना express; utter He vented his wrath on his
3621 ventral उदर abdominal We shall now examine the ventral
plates of this serpent, not the dorsal side.
3622 ventriloquist ventriloquist someone who can make his or her
voice seem to come from another person or thing
This ventriloquist does an act
in which she has a conversation with a wooden dummy.
3623 venturesome साहसी bold A group of venturesome women
were the first to scale Mt.Annapurna.
3624 venue स्थल location The attorney asked for a change
of venue; he thought his client would do better if the trial were held in a
less conservative county.
3625 veracious सत्यप्रिय truthful I can recommend him for this
position because I have always found him veracious and reliable.
3626 veracity सच्चाई truthfulness Trying to prove Hill a liar,
Senator Spector repeatedly questioned her veracity.
3627 verbalize क्रिया बनाना put into words I know you don't like to talk
about these things, but please try to verbalize your feelings.
3628 verbatim प्रतिशब्द word for word He repeated the message
3629 verbiage शब्दाडंबर pompous array of words After we had waded through all
the verbiage, we discovered that the writer had said very little.
3630 verbose वाचाल wordy This article is too verbose; we
must edit it.
3631 verdant सब्ज़ green; lush in vegetation Monet's paintings of the verdant
meadows were symphonies in green.
3632 verdigris VERDIGRIS green coating on copper which
has been exposed to the weather
Despite all attempts to protect
the statue from the elements, it became coated with verdigris.
3633 verge कगार border; edge Madame Curie knew she was on the
verge of discovering the secrets of radioactive elements.
3634 verisimilitude संभाव्यता appearance of truth; likelihood Critics praised her for the
verisimilitude of her performance as Lady Macbeth. She was completely
3635 verity सचाई truth; reality The four verities were revealed
to Buddha during his long meditation.
3636 vernacular मातृभाषा living language; natural style Cut out those old-fashioned
"thee's" and "thou's" and write in the vernacular.
3637 vernal वसंती pertaining to spring We may expect vernal showers all
during the month of April.
3638 versatile बहुमुखी having many talents; capable of
working in many fields
He was a versatile athlete; at
college he had earned varsity letters in baseball, football, and track.
3639 vertex शिखर summit Let us drop a perpendicular line
from the vertex of the triangle to the base.
3640 vertigo सिर का चक्कर dizziness We test potential plane pilots
for susceptibility to spells of vertigo.
3641 verve चुस्ती enthusiasm; liveliness She approached her studies with
such verve that it was impossible for her to do poorly.
3642 vestige निशान trace; remains We discovered vestiges of early
Indian life in the cave.
3643 vex चिढ़ना annoy; distress Please try not to vex your
mother; she is doing the best she can.
3644 viable व्यवहार्य capable of maintaining life;
practicable; workable
The infant, though prematurely
born, is viable and has a good chance to survive.
3645 viand viand food There was a variety of viands at
the feast.
3646 vicarious प्रतिनिधिक acting as a substitute; done by
a deputy
Many people get a vicarious
thrill at the movies by imagining they are the characters on the screen.
3647 vicissitude अन्याय change of fortune Humbled by life's vicissitudes,
the last emperor of China worked as a lowly gardener in the palace over which
he had once ruled.
3648 victuals ख़ुराक food I am very happy to be able to
provide you with these victuals; I know you are hungry.
3649 vie होड़ करना contend; compete Politicians vie with one
another, competing for donations and votes.
3650 vigilance जागरूकता watchfulness Eternal vigilance is the price
of liberty.
3651 vignette शब्दचित्र picture; short literary sketch The New Yorker published her
latest vignette.
3652 vigor ताक़त active strength Although he was over seventy
years old, Jack had the vigor of a man in his prime.
3653 vilify गालियां देना slander She is a liar and is always
trying to vilify my reputation.
3654 vindicate साबित करना clear of charges I hope to vindicate my client
and return him to society as a free man.
3655 vindictive प्रतिशोधी revengeful She was very vindictive and
never forgave an injury.
3656 vintner Vintner winemaker; seller of wine The poet wondered what the
vintners could buy that would be half as precious as the wine they sold.
3657 viper नाग poisonous snake The habitat of the horned viper,
a particularly venomous snake, is in sandy regions like the Sahara or the
Sinai peninsula.
3658 virile मर्द का manly I do not accept the premise that
a man is virile only when he is belligerent.
3659 virtual वास्तविक in essence; for practical
She is a virtual financial
wizard when it comes to money matters.
3660 virtue सदाचार goodness; moral excellence; good
A virtue carried to extremes can
turn into something resembling vice; humility, for example, can degenerate
into servility and spinelessness.
3661 virtuoso कलाप्रवीण व्यक्ति highly skilled artist The child prodigy Yehudi Menuhin
grew into a virtuoso whose virtuosity on the violin thrilled millions.
3662 virulent विषैला extremely poisonous The virus is highly virulent and
has made many of us ill for days.
3663 virus वाइरस disease communicator The doctors are looking for a
specific medicine to control this virus.
3664 visage चेहरा face; appearance The stern visage of the judge
indicated that she had decided to impose a severe penalty.
3665 visceral आंत का felt in one's inner organs She disliked the visceral
sensations she had whenever she rode the roller coaster.
3666 viscid चिपचिपा adhesive; gluey The trunk of the maple tree was
viscid with sap.
3667 viscous चिपचिपा sticky, gluey Melted tar is a viscous
3668 vise शिकंजा tool for holding work in place Before filling its edges, the
keysmith took the blank key and fixed it firmly between the jaws of a vise.
3669 visionary काल्पनिक produced by imagination;
fanciful; mystical
She was given to visionary
schemes that never materialized.
3670 vital महत्वपूर्ण vibrant and lively; critical;
living, breathing
The vital, highly energetic
first aid instructor stressed that it was vital in examining accident victims
to note their vital signs.
3671 vitiate सड़ाना spoil the effect of; make
Fraud will vitiate the contract.
3672 vitreous कांच का pertaining to or resembling
Although this plastic has many
vitreous qualties such as transparency, it is unbreakable.
3673 vitriolic कटु corrosive; sarcastic Such vitriolic criticism is
uncalled for.
3674 vituperative निंदापूर्ण abusive; scolding He became more vituperative as
he realized that we were not going to grant him his wish.
3675 vivacious गरमागरम lively or animated; sprightly She had always been vivacious
and sparkling.
3676 vivisection विविसेकशन act of dissecting living animals The Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals opposed vivisection and deplored the practice of using
animals in scientific experiments.
3677 vixen लोमड़ी female fox; ill-tempered woman Aware that she was right once
again, he lost his temper and called her a shrew and a vixen.
3678 vociferous मुखर clamorous; noisy The crowd grew vociferous in its
anger and threatened to take the law into its own hands.
3679 vogue शोहरत popular fashion Jeans became the vogue on many
college campuses.
3680 volatile परिवर्तनशील changeable; explosive;
evaporating rapidly
The political climate today is
extremely volatile: no one can predict what the electorate will do next.
3681 volition इच्छा act of making a conscious choice She selected this dress of her
own volition.
3682 voluble बातूनी fluent; glib She was a voluble speaker,
always ready to talk.
3683 voluminous स्थूल bulky; large Despite her family burdens, she
kept up a voluminous correspondence with her friends.
3684 voluptuous कामुक gratifying the senses The nobility during the
Renaissance led voluptuous lives.
3685 voracious पेटू ravenous The wolf is a voracious animal,
its hunger never satisfied.
3686 vortex भंवर whirlwind; whirlpool; center of
turbulence; predicament into which one is inexorably plunged
Sucked into the vortex of the
tornado, Dorothy and Toto were carried from Kansas to Oz.
3687 vouchsafe विभूषित करना grant condescendingly; guarantee I can safely vouchsafe you fair
return on your investment.
3688 voyeur दृश्यरतिक Peeping Jill called Jack a voyeur when
she caught him aiming his binoculars at a bedroom window of the house next
3689 vulnerable भेद्य susceptible to wounds Achilles was vulnerable only in
his heel.
3690 vulpine मक्कार like a fox; crafty She disliked his sly ways, but
granted him a certain vulpine intelligence.

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