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Master Word List with Hindi Meaning T

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
3377 tacit निहित understood; not put into words We have a tacit agreement based
on only a handshake.
3378 taciturn अल्पभाषी habitually silent; talking a
New Englanders are reputedly
taciturn people.
3379 tactile स्पर्शनीय pertaining to the organs or
sense of touch
His callused hands had lost
their tactile sensitivity.
3380 tainted दागी contaminated; corrupt Health authorities are always
trying to prevent the sale and use of tainted food.
3381 talisman तावीज़ charm She wore the talisman to ward
off evil.
3382 talon कूपन claw of bird The falconer wore a leather
gauntlet to avoid being clawed by the hawk's talons.
3383 tangential स्पज्या का peripheral; only slightly
connected; digressing
Despite Clark's attempts to
distract her with tangential remarks, Lois kept on coming back to her main
question: why couldn't he come out to dinner with Superman and her?
3384 tangible वास्तविक able to be touched; real;
Although Tom did not own a
house, he had several tangible assets--a car, a television, a PC--that he
could sell if he needed cash.
3385 tanner टान्नर person who turns animal hides
into leather
Using a solution of tanbark, the
tanner treated the cowhide, transforming it into supple leather.
3386 tantalize बहुत कष्ट पहुंचाना tease; torture with
Tom loved to tantalize his
younger brother with candy; he knew the boy was forbidden to have it.
3387 tantamount समान equal Your ignoring their pathetic
condition is tantamount to the murder.
3388 tantrum गुस्से का आवेश fit of petulance; caprice The child learned that he could
have almost anything if he went into tantrums.
3389 taper घटना candle He lit the taper on the
3390 tarantula टारेंटयुला venomous spider We need an antitoxin to
counteract the bite of the tarantula.
3391 tarry बासना delay; dawdle We can't tarry if we want to get
to the airport on time.
3392 taut तना हुआ tight; ready The captain maintained that he
ran a taut ship.
3393 tautological अनुलापिक needlessly repetitious In the sentence "It was
visible to the eye," the phrase "to the eye" is tautological.
3394 tawdry चमकी का cheap and gaudy He won a few tawdry trinkets in
Coney Island.
3395 taxonomist वर्गीकरण specialist in classifying
(animals, etc.)
Dental patterns often enable the
taxonomist to distinguish members of one rodent species from those of
3396 tedium विरक्ति boredom; weariness We hope this radio will help
overcome the tedium of your stay in the hospital.
3397 temerity उतावलापन boldness; rashness Do you have the temerity to
argue with me?
3398 temper स्वभाव moderate; tone down or restrain;
toughen (steel)
Not even her supervisor's
grumpiness could temper Nancy's enthusiasm for her new job.
3399 temperament स्वभाव characteristic frame of mind;
disposition; emotional excess
Although the twins look alike,
they differ markedly in temperament: Tod is calm, but Rod is excitable.
3400 temperate शीतोष्ण restrained; self-controlled Noted for his temperate
appetite, he seldom gained weight.
3401 tempo गति speed of music I find the conductor's tempo too
slow for such a brilliant piece of music.
3402 temporal लौकिक not lasting forever; limited by
time; secular
At one time in our history,
temporal rulers assumed that they had been given their thrones by divine
3403 temporize temporize avoid committing oneself; gain
I cannot permit you to temporize
any longer; I must have a definite answer today.
3404 tenacious दृढ़ holding fast I had to struggle to break his
tenacious hold on my arm.
3405 tenacity तप firmness; persistency;
It is extremely difficult to
overcome the tenacity of a habit such as smoking.
3406 tendentious विवादास्पद having an aim; biased; designed
to further a cause
The editorials in this
periodical are tendentious rather than truth-seeking.
3407 tender निविदा offer; extend Although no formal changes had
been made against him, in the wake of the recent scandal the mayor felt he
should tender his resignation.
3408 tenet सिद्धांत doctrine; dogma The agnostic did not accept the
tenets of their faith.
3409 tensile लचीला capable of being stretched Mountain climbers must know the
tensile strength of their ropes.
3410 tentative जांच का provisional; experimental Your tentative plans sound
plausible; let me know when the final details are worked out.
3411 tenuous क्षुद्र thin; rare; slim The allegiance of our allies is
held by rather tenuous ties; let us hope they will remain loyal.
3412 tenure कार्यकाल holding of an office; time
during which such an office is held
He was permanent tenure in this
position and cannot be fired.
3413 tepid थोड़े थोड़े गरम lukewarm During the summer, I like to
take a tepid bath, not a hot one.
3414 terminate समाप्त to bring to an end When his contract was terminated
unexpectedly, he desperately needed a new job.
3415 terminology शब्दावली terms used in a science or art The special terminology
developed by some authorities in the field has done more to confuse
laypersons than to enlighten them.
3416 terminus अंतिम स्टेशन last stop of railroad After we reached the railroad
terminus, we continued our journey into the wilderness on saddle horses.
3417 terrestrial लौकिक on or relating to the earth We have been able to explore the
terrestrial regions much more thoroughly than the aquatic or celestial
3418 terse संक्षिप्त concise; abrupt; pithy I admire his terse style of
writing; he comes directly to the point.
3419 tertiary तृतीयक third He is so thorough that he
analyzes tertiary causes where other writers are content with primary and
secondary reasons.
3420 tesselated tesselated inlaid; mosaic I recall seeing a table with a
tesselated top of bits of stone and glass in a very interesting pattern.
3421 testator वसीयत करनोवाला maker of a will The attorney called in his
secretary and his partner to witness the signature of the testator.
3422 testy चिड़चिड़ा irritable; short-tempered My advice is to avoid discussing
this problem with him today as he is rather testy and may shout at you.
3423 tether बांधने की रस्सी tie with a rope Before we went to sleep, we
tethered the horses to prevent their wandering off during the night.
3424 thematic विषयगत relating to a unifying motif or
Those who think of Moby Dick as
a simple adventure story about whaling miss is underlying thematic import.
3425 theocracy थेअक्रसी government of a community by
religious leaders
Some Pilgrims favored the
establishment of a theocracy in New England.
3426 theoretical सैद्धांतिक not practical or applied;
Bob was better at applied
engineering and computer programming than he was at theoretical physics and
math. While I can still think of some theoretical objections to your plan,
you've convinced me of its basic soundness.
3427 therapeutic चिकित्सीय curative Now better known for its
racetrack, Saratoga Springs first gained attention for the therapeutic
qualities of its famous "healing waters."
3428 thermal थर्मल pertaining to heat The natives discovered that the
host springs gave excellent thermal baths and began to develop their
community as a health resort.
3429 thespian नाटकीय pertaining to drama Her success in the school play
convinced her she was destined for a thespian career.
3430 thrall ग़ुलाम slave; bondage The captured soldier was held in
thrall by the conquering army.
3431 thrifty मितव्ययी careful about money; economical A thrifty shopper compares
prices before making major purchases.
3432 thrive फलना prosper; flourish Despite the impact of recession
on the restaurant trade, Philip's cafe thrived.
3433 throes throes violent anguish The throes of despair can be as
devastating as the spasms accompanying physical pain.
3434 throng भीड़ crowd Throngs of shoppers jammed the
3435 throttle कुचलना strangle The criminal tried to throttle
the old man with his bare hands.
3436 thwart विफल baffle; frustrate He felt that everyone was trying
to thwart his plans and prevent his success.
3437 tightwad कंजूस excessively frugal person; miser Jill called Jack a tightwad
because he never picked up the check.
3438 tilter tilter handle used to move the boat's
rudder (to steer)
Fearing the wind might shift
suddenly and capsize the skiff, Tom kept one hand on the tilter at all times.
3439 timbre लय quality of a musical tone
produced by a musical instrument
We identify the instrument
producing a musical sound by its timbre.
3440 timid डरपोक easily frightened; apprehensive He was timid and cowardish;
always backing up at daunting situations.
3441 timidity कातरता lack of self-confidence or
If you are to succeed as a
salesperson, you must first lose your timidity and fear of failure.
3442 timorous कातर fearful; demonstrating fear His timorous manner betrayed the
fear he felt at the moment.
3443 tipple पेय drink (alcoholic beverages)
He found that his most enjoyable
evenings occurred when he tippled with his friends at the local pub.
3444 tirade टाइरैड extended scolding; denunciation Long before he had finished his
tirade, we were sufficiently aware of the seriousness of our misconduct.
3445 titanic विशाल gigantic titanic waves beat aginst the
shore during the hurricane.
3446 tithe दसवां भाग tax of one-tenth Because he was an agnostic, he
refused to pay his tithes to the clergy.
3447 titillate गुदगुदाना tickle I am here not to titillate my
audience but to enlighten it.
3448 title शीर्षक right or claim to possession;
mark of rank; name (of a book, film, etc.)
Though the penniless Duke of
Ragwort no longer held title to the family estate, he still retained his
title as head of one of England's oldest families.
3449 titter मुंह दबाकर हंसना nervous laugh Her aunt's constant titter
nearly drove her mad.
3450 titular नाममात्र का having the title of an office
without the obligations
Although he was the titular head
of the company, the real decisions were made by his general manager.
3451 toady चापलूस servile flatterer; yes man Never tell the boss anything he
doesn't wish to hear: he doesn't want an independent adviser, he just wants a
3452 toga टोगा Roman outer robe Marc Antony pointed to the
slashes in Caesar's toga.
3453 toil कड़ी मेहनत work laboriously; make slow
painful progress
You must toil through 3500 words
list in order to achieve a high score on GRE.
3454 tome मुझसे large volume He spent much time in the
libraries poring over ancient tomes.
3455 tonic टॉनिक invigorating medicine The tonic water invigorated her,
contrary to the enervating effect of the alcohol.
3456 tonsure मुंडन shaving of the head, especially
by person entering religious orders
His tonsure, even more than his
monastic garb, indicated that he was a member of the religious order.
3457 topography तलरूप physical features of a region Before the generals gave the
order to attack, they ordered a complete study of the topography of the
3458 torpor सो हो जाना lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy Nothing seemed to arouse him
from his torpor; he had wholly surrendered himself to lethargy.
3459 torque टोक़ twisting force; force producing
With her wrench she applied
sufficient torque to the nut the loosen it.
3460 torrent धार rushing stream; flood Day after day of heavy rain
saturated the hillside until the water ran downhill in torrents.
3461 torso धड़ trunk of statue with head and
limbs missing; human trunk
This torso, found in the ruins
of Pompeii, is now on exhibition in the museum in Naples.
3462 tortuous कपटपूर्ण winding; full of curves Because this road is so
tortuous, it is unwise to go faster than twenty miles an hour on it.
3463 touchstone कसौटी stone used to test the fineness
of gold alloys; criterion
What touchstone can be used to
measure the character of a person?
3464 touchy चिड़चिड़ा sensitive; irascible Do not discuss this phase of the
problem as he is very touchy about it.
3465 tout टाउट publicize; praise excessively I lost confidence in my broker
after he touted some junk bonds that turned out to be a bad investment.
3466 toxic विषैला poisonous We must seek an antidote for
whatever toxic substance he has eaten.
3467 tract प्रणाली pamphlet; a region of indefinite
The King granted William Penn a
tract of land in the New World.
3468 tractable विनयशील docile You will find the children in
this school very tractable and willing to learn.
3469 traduce बदनाम करना expose to slander His opponents tried to traduce
the candidate's reputation by spreading rumors about his past.
3470 trajectory प्रक्षेपवक्र path taken by a projectile The police tried to locate the
spot from which the assassin had fired the fatal shot by tracing the
trajectory of the bullet.
3471 tranquillity शांति calmness; peace After the commotion and
excitement of the city, I appreciate the tranquillity of these fields and
3472 transcend पार exceed; surpass This accomplishment transcends
all our previous efforts.
3473 transcribe टाइप करना copy When you transcribe your notes,
please send a copy to Mr.Smith and keep the original for our files.
3474 transgression पाप violation of a law; sin Forgive us our transgressions;
we know not what we do.
3475 transient क्षणिक momentary; temporary; staying
for a short time
Lexy's joy at finding the
perfect Christmas gift for Phil was transient; she still had to find presents
for the cousins and Uncle Bob. Located near the airport, this hotel caters to
the largely transient trade.
3476 transition संक्रमण going from one state of action
to another
During the period of transition
from oil heat to gas heat, the furnace will have to be shut off.
3477 transitoriness transitoriness impermanence Conscious that all things pass,
the psalmist relates the transitoriness of happiness and fame.
3478 translucent पारदर्शी partly transparent We could not recognize the
people in the next room because of the translucent curtains that separated
3479 transmute परिणत करना change; convert to something
He was unable to transmute his
dreams into actualities.
3480 transparent पारदर्शक permitting to light to pass
through freely; easily detected
Your scheme is so transparent
that it will fool no one.
3481 transpire भाप बनकर उड़ जाना be revealed; happen When Austen writes the sentence
"It had just transpired that he had left gaming debts behind him,"
her meaning is not that the debts had just been incurred, but the the
shocking news had just leaked out.
3482 transport ट्रांसपोर्ट strong emotion Margo was a creature of
extremes, at one moment in transports of joy over a vivid sunset, at another
moment in transports of grief over a dying bird.
3483 trappings साज-सामान outward decorations; ornaments He loved the trappings of
success: the limousines, the stock options, the company jet.
3484 traumatic दर्दनाक pertaining to an injury caused
by violence
In his nightmares, he kept on
recalling the traumatic experience of being wounded in battle.
3485 travail जनने painful labor How long do you think a man can
endure such travail and degradation without rebelling?
3486 traverse पार करना go through or across When you traverse this field, be
careful of the bull.
3487 travesty भड़ौआ comical parody; treatment aimed
at making something appear ridiculous
The ridiculous decision the jury
has arrived at is a travesty of justice.
3488 treatise निबंध article treating a subject
systematically and thoroughly
He is preparing a treatise on
the Elizabethan playwrights for his graduate degree.
3489 trek यात्रा travel; journey The tribe made their trek
further north that summer in search of game.
3490 tremor भूकंप के झटके trembling; slight quiver She had a nervous tremor in her
right hand.
3491 tremulous डरपोक trembling; wavering She was tremulous more from
excitement than from fear.
3492 trenchant तल्खी cutting; keen I am afraid of his trenchant wit
for it is so often sarcastic.
3493 trepidation घबराहट fear; trembling agitation We must face the enemy without
trepidation if we are to win this battle.
3494 tribulation क्लेश distress; suffering After all the trials and
tribulations we have gone through, we need this rest.
3495 tribunal न्यायाधिकरण court of justice The decision of the tribunal was
final and the prisoner was sentenced to death.
3496 tribute शुक्रिया tax levied by a ruler; mark of
The colonists refused to pay
tribute to a foreign despot.
3497 trident त्रिशूल three-pronged spear Neptune is usually depicted as
rising from the sea, carrying his trident on his shoulder.
3498 trigger ट्रिगर set off John is touchy today; say one
word wrong and you'll trigger an explosion.
3499 trilogy त्रयी group of three works Romain Rolland's novel Jean
Christophe was first published as a trilogy.
3500 trinket trinket knickknack; bauble Whenever she traveled abroad,
Ethel would pick up costume jewelry and other trinkets as souvenirs.
3501 trite घिसे-पिटे hackneyed; commonplace Thr trite and predictable
situations in many television programs alienate many viewers.
3502 trivia सामान्य ज्ञान trifles; unimportant matters Too many magazines ignore
newsworthy subjects and feature trivia.
3503 troth troth pledge of good faith especially
in betrothal
He gave her his troth and vowed
to cherish her always.
3504 trough गर्त container for feeding farm
animals; lowest point (of a wave, business cycle, etc.)
The hungry pigs struggled to get
at the fresh swill in the trough. The surfer rode her board, coasting along
in the trough between two waves.
3505 truculence निर्दयता agressiveness; ferocity Tynan's reviews were noted for
their caustic attacks and general tone of truculence.
3506 truism truism self-evident truth Many a truism is well expressed
in a proverb.
3507 truncate काटना cut the top off The top of the cone that has
been truncated in a plane parallel to its base is a circle.
3508 tryst वास्ता meeting The lovers kept their tryst even
though they realized their danger.
3509 tumid सुजे हुए swollen; pompous; bombastic I especially dislike his tumid
style; I prefer writing which is less swollen and bombastic.
3510 tumult कोलाहल commotion; riot; noise She could not make herself heard
over the tumult of the mob.
3511 tundra टुंड्रा rolling, treeless plain in
Siberia and arctic North America
Despite the cold, many
geologists are trying to discover valuable mineral deposits in the tundra.
3512 turbid पंकिल muddy; having the sediment
The water was turbid after the
children had waded through it.
3513 turbulence अशांति state of violent agitation We were frightened by the
turbulence of the ocean during the storm.
3514 tureen tureen deep dish for serving soup The waiters brought the soup to
the tables in silver tureens.
3515 turgid सूजा हुआ swollen; distended The turgid river threatened to
overflow the levees and flood the contryside.
3516 turmoil उथल-पुथल confusion; strife Conscious he had sinned, he was
in a state of spiritual turmoil.
3517 turncoat संक्रांति काल में traitor The British considered Benedict
Arnold a loyalist; the Americans considered him a turncoat.
3518 turpitude अधमता depravity A visitor may be denied
admittance to this country if she has been guilty of moral turpitude.
3519 tutelage संरक्षण guardianship; training Under the tutelage of such
masters of the instrument, she made rapid progress as a virtuoso.
3520 tutelary tutelary protective; pertaining to a
I am acting in my tutelary
capacity when I refuse to grant you permission to leave the campus.
3521 tycoon टाइकून wealthy leader John D. Rockefeller was a
prominent tycoon.
3522 tyranny उत्पीड़न oppression; cruel government Frederick Douglass fought
against the tyranny of slavery throughout his entire life.
3523 tyro नौसिखिए beginner; novice For a mere tyro, you have
produced some marvelous results.

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