Master Word List S3

Master Word List with hindi meaning S3

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
3246 spry चंचल vigorously active; nimble She was eighty years old, yet
still spry and alert.
3247 spurious नक़ली false; counterfeit; forged;
The hero of Jonathan Gash's mystery novels is an antique dealer who gives the reader advice on how to tell spurious antiques from the real things.
3248 spurn तिरस्कार reject; scorn The heroine spurned the
villain's advances.
3249 squabble झगड़ा minor quarrel; bickering Children invariably get involved
in petty squabbles; wise parents know when to interfere and when to let the
children work things out on their own.
3250 squalid मलिन dirty; neglected; poor It is easy to see how crime can
breed in such a squalid neighborhood.
3251 squander गंवाना waste The prodigal son squandered the
family estate.
3252 squat फूहड़ stocky; short and thick Tolkien's hobbits are somewhat
squat, sturdy little creatures, fond of good ale, good music, and good food.
3253 staccato staccato played in an abrupt manner;
marked by abrupt, sharp sound
His staccato speech reminded one
of the sound of a machine gun.
3254 stagnant स्थिर motionless; stale; dull The stagnant water was a
breeding ground for disease
3255 staid शांत sober; sedate Her conduct during the funeral
ceremony was staid and solemn.
3256 stalemate गतिरोध deadlock Negotiations between the union
and the employers have reached a stalemate; neither side is willing to budge
from previously stated positions.
3257 stalwart निष्ठावान strong, brawny; steadfast His consistent support of the
party has proved that he is a stalwart and loyal member.
3258 stamina सहनशक्ति strength; staying power I doubt that she has the stamina
to run the full distance of the marathon race.
3259 stanch stanch check flow of blood It is imperative that we stanch
the gushing wound before we attend to the other injuries.
3260 stanza छंद division of a poem Do you know the last stanza of
"The Star-Spangled Banner"?
3261 static स्थिर unchanging; lacking development Nothing had changed at home;
things were static there
3262 statute क़ानून law We have many statutes in our law
books which should be repealed.
3263 statutory वैधानिक created by statute or
legislative action
The judicial courts review and
try statutory crimes.
3264 steadfast दृढ़ loyal; unswerving Penelope was steadfast in her
affections, faithfully waiting for Ulysses to return from his wanderings.
3265 stealth छल slyness; sneakiness;
Fearing detection by the
sentries on duty, the scout inched his way toward the enemy camp with great
3266 steep खड़ी soak; saturate Be sure to steep the fabric in
the dye bath for the full time prescribed.
3267 stellar तारकीय pertaining to the stars He was the stellar attraction of
the entire performance.
3268 stem तना check the flow The paramedic used a tourniquet
to stem the bleeding from the slashed artery.
3269 stemfrom से उत्पन्न arise from Milton's problems in school
stemmed from his poor study habits.
3270 stentorian बुलंद extremely loud The town crier had stentorian
3271 stickler हामी perfectionist; person who
insists things be exactly right
The Internal Revenue Service
agent was a stickler for accuracy; no approximations or rough estimates would
satisfy him.
3272 stifle दबाना suppress; extinguish; inhibit Halfway through the boring
lecture, Laura gave up trying to stifle her yawns.
3273 stigma कलंक token of disgrace; brand I do not attach any stigma to
the fact that you were accused of this crime; the fact that you were
acquitted clears you completely.
3274 stilted असार bombastic; stiffly pompous His stilted rhetoric did not
impress the college audience; they were immune to bombastic utterances.
3275 stint कार्यकाल be thrifty; set limits Spare no expense, the bride's
father said, refusing to stint on the wedding arrangements.
3276 stint कार्यकाल supply; allotted amount;
assigned portion of work
He performed his daily stint
cheerfully and willingly.
3277 stipend वृत्ति pay for services There is a nominal stipend for
this position.
3278 stipple स्टिपल paint or draw with dots Seurat carefully stippled dabs
of pure color on the canvas, juxtaposing dots of blue and yellow that the
viewer's eye would interpret as green.
3279 stipulate शर्त लगाना make express conditions, specify Before agreeing to reduce
American military forces in Europe, the president stipulated that NATO teams
be allowed to inspect Soviet bases.
3280 stodgy फूला हुआ stuffy; boringly conservative For a young person, Winston
seems remarkably stodgy: you'd expect someone of his age to have a little
more life.
3281 stoic उदासीन person who is indifferent to
pleasure or pain
The doctor called her patient a
stoic because he had borne the pain of the examination without whimpering.
3282 stoke ईधन झोंकना stir up a fire; feed plentifully As a Scout, Marisa learned how
to light a fire, how to stoke it if it started to die down, and how to
extinguish it completely.
3283 stolidity मूर्खता dullness; impassivenss The earthquake shattered his
usual stolidity; trembling, he crouched on the no longer stable ground.
3284 stratified विभक्त हो गया divided into classes; arranged
into strata
As the economic gap between the
rich and the poor increased, Roman society grew increasingly stratified.
3285 stratum परत layer of earth's surface; layer
of society
Unless we alleviate conditions
in the lowest stratum of our society, we may expect grumbling and revolt.
3286 streotyped streotyped oversimplified; lacking
individuality; seen as a type
My chief objection to the book
is that the characters are stereotyped; they come across as ethnic
caricatures, not as real people with individual quirks, fears, and dreams.
3287 strew बिखेरना spread randomly; sprinkle;
Preceding the bride to the
altar, the flower girl will strew rose petals along the aisle.
3288 striated धारीदार marked with parallel bands;
The glacier left many striated
3289 stricture निंदा critical comments; severe and
adverse criticism
His strictures on the author's
style are prejudiced and unwarranted.
3290 strident तेज़ loud and harsh She scolded him in a strident
3291 stringent कठोर binding; rigid I think these regulations are
too stringent.
3292 strut अकड़ pompous walk His strut as he marched about
the parade ground revealed him for what he was: a pompous buffoon.
3293 strut अकड़ supporting bar The engineer calculated that the
strut supporting the rafter needed to be reinforced.
3294 studied का अध्ययन unspontaneous; deliberate;
Given Jill's previous slights,
Jack felt that the omission of his name from the guest list was a studied
3295 stultify मूर्ख बनाना cause to appear or become stupid
or inconsistent; frustrate or hinder
His long hours in the blacking
factory left young Dickens numb and incurious, as if the menial labor had
stultified his mind.
3296 stupefy मूर्ख बनाना make numb; stun; amaze Disapproving of drugs in
general, Laura refused to take sleeping pills or any other medicine that
might stupefy her.
3297 stupor व्यामोह state of apathy; daze; lack of
In his stupor, the addict was
unaware of the events taking place around him.
3298 stygian Stygian literary dark The stygian room reminded him of
an empty space.
3299 stymie गतिरोध present an obstacle; stump The detective was stymied by the
contradictory evidence in the robbery investigation.
3300 suavity मधुरता urbanity; polish He is particulary good in roles
that require suavity and sophistication.
3301 subaltern मातहत subordinate The captain treated his
subalterns as though they were children rather than commissioned officers.
3302 subjective व्यक्तिपरक occurring or taking place within
the mind; unreal
Your analysis is highly
subjective; you have permitted your emotions and your opinions to color your
3303 subjugate अधीन करना conquer; bring under control It is not our aim to subjugate
our foe; we are interested only in establishing peaceful relations.
3304 sublimate उदात्तीकरण करना refine; purify We must strive to sublimate
these desires and emotions into worthwhile activities.
3305 sublime उदात्त exalted; noble; uplifting Mother Teresa has been honored
for her sublime deeds.
3306 subliminal अचेतन below the threshold We may not be aware of the
subliminal influences that affect our thinking.
3307 submissive विनम्र yielding; timid Crushed by his authoritarian
father, Will had no defiance left in him; he was totally submissive in the
face of authority.
3308 suborn ठगना persuade to act unlawfully
(especially to commit perjury)
In the Godfather, the mobsters
used bribery and threats to suborn the witnesses against Don Michael
3309 subpoena आकारक writ summoning a witness to
The prosecutor's office was
ready to serve a subpoena on the reluctant witness.
3310 subsequent आगामी following; later In subsequent lessons, we shall
take up more difficult problems.
3311 subservient अधीन behaving like a slave; servile;
He was proud and dignified; he
refused to be subservient to anyone.
3312 subside कम होना settle down; descend; grow quiet The doctor assured us that the
fever would eventually subside.
3313 subsidiary सहायक subordinate; secondary This information may be used as
subsidiary evidence but is not sufficient by itself to prove your argument.
3314 subsidy सब्सिडी direct financial aid by
government, etc.
Without this subsidy, American
ship operators would not be able to compete in world markets.
3315 subsistence जीविका existence; means of support;
In those days of inflated
prices, my salary provided mere subsistence.
3316 substantiate सिद्ध करना verify; support I intend to substantiate my
statement by producing witnesses.
3317 substantive मूल essential; pertaining to the
Although the delegates were
aware of the importance of the problem, they could not agree on the
substantive issues.
3318 subsume किसी नियम के अंतर्गत करना include; encompass Does the general theory of
relativity contradict Newtonian physics, or is Newton's law of gravity
subsumed into Einstein's larger scheme?
3319 subterfuge छल pretense; evasion As soon as we realized that you
had won our support by a subterfuge we withdrew our endorsement of your
3320 subtlety सूक्ष्मता nicety; cunning; guile; delicacy The subtlety of his remarks was
unnoticed by most of his audience.
3321 subversive विनाशक tending to overthrow;
At first glance, the notion that
Styrofoam cups may actually be more ecologically sound than paper cups
strikes most environmentalists as subversive.
3322 succinct संक्षिप्त brief; terse; compact His remarks are always succinct
and pointed.
3323 succor परेशानी में सहायता aid; assistance; relief We shall be ever grateful for
the succor our country gave us when we were in need.
3324 succulent रसीला juicy; full of richness To some people, Florida citrus
fruits are more succulent than those from California.
3325 succumb मर जाना yield; give in; die I succumb to temptation whenever
it comes my way.
3326 suffragist suffragist advocate of voting rights (for
In recognition of her efforts to
win the vote for women, Congress authorized coining a silver dollar honoring
the suffragist Susan B. Anthony.
3327 suffuse रंग भरना spread over A blush suffused her cheeks when
we teased her about her love affair.
3328 sully मैला करना tarnish; soil He felt that it was beneath his
dignity to sully his hands in such menial labor.
3329 sultry ग़ुस्से में आया sweltering He could not adjust himself to
the sultry climate of the tropics.
3330 summation योग act of finding the total,
In his summation, the lawyer
emphasized the testimony given by the two witnesses.
3331 sumptuous वैभवशाली lavish; rich I cannot recall when I have had
such a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.
3332 sunder तोड़ना separate; part Northern and southern Ireland
are politically and religiously sundered.
3333 sundry विविध various; several My suspicions were aroused when
I read sundry items in the newspapers about your behavior.
3334 superannuated वयोवृद्ध retired or disqualified because
of age
The superannuated man was
indignant because he felt that he could still perform a good day's work.
3335 supercilious नफ़रत का contemptuous; haughty I prefer Jill's modesty to
Jack's supercilious and arrogant attitude.
3336 supererogatory कर्त्तव्यातिक्ति superfluous; more than needed or
We have more than enough
witnesses to corroborate your statement; to present any more would be
3337 superficial सतही trivial; shallow Since your report gave only a
superficial analysis of the problem, I cannot give you more than a passing
3338 superfluous ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा excessive; overabundant,
Please try not to include so
many superfluous details in your report; just give me the bare facts.
3339 superimpose मिलाना place over something else Your attempt to superimpose
another agency in this field will merely increase the bureaucratic nature of
our government.
3340 supernumerary फ़ालतू person or thing in excess of
what is necessary; extra
His first appearance on the
stage was as a supernumerary in a Shakespearean tragedy.
3341 supersede निकाल फेंकना cause to be set aside; replace This regulation will supersede
all previous rules.
3342 supine लापरवाह lying on back The defeated pugilist lay supine
on the canvas.
3343 supplant उखाड़ना replace; usurp Corazon Aquino supplanted
Ferdinand Marcos as president of the Philippines.
3344 supple कोमल flexible; pliant The angler found a supple limb
and used it as a fishing rod.
3345 suppliant मांगनेवाला entreating; beseeching He could not resist the dog's
suppliant whimpering, and he gave it some food.
3346 supplicate प्रार्थना करना petition humbly; pray to grant a
We supplicate Your Majesty to
grant him amnesty.
3347 supposition अनुमान hypothesis; surmise I based my decision to confide
in him on the supposition that he would be discreet.
3348 supposititious नक़ली assumed; counterfeit;
I find no similarity between
your supposititious illustration and the problem we are facing.
3349 surfeit अतिरेक satiate; stuff; indulge to
excess in anything
Every Thanksgiving we are
surfeited with an overabundance of holiday treats.
3350 surly रूक्ष rude; cross Because of his surly attitude,
many people avoided his company.
3351 surmise शंका guess I surmise that he will be late
for this meeting.
3352 surmount विजय पाना overcome He had to surmount many
obstacles in order to succeed.
3353 surpass पार exceed Her SAT scores surpassed out
3354 surreptitious छल से किया हुआ secret News of their surreptitious
meeting gradually leaked out.
3355 surrogate सरोगेट substitute For a fatherless child, a male
teacher may become a father surrogate.
3356 surveillance निगरानी watching; guarding The FBI kept the house under
constant surveillance in the hope of capturing all the criminals at one time.
3357 susceptible कोमल impressionable; easily
influenced; having little resistance, as to a disease
He was a very susceptible young
man, and so his parents worried that he might fall into bad company.
3358 sustain बनाए रखना experience; support; nourish He sustained such a severe
injury that the doctors feared he would be unable to work to sustain his
growing family.
3359 sustenance जीविका means of support, food,
In the tropics, the natives find
sustenance easy to obtain because of all the fruit trees.
3360 suture टांका stitches sewn to hold the cut
edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing
We will remove the sutures as
soon as the wound heals.
3361 swarthy साँवला dark; dusky Despite the stereotype, not all
Italians are swarthy; many are fair and blond.
3362 swathe लपेटना wrap around; bandage When I visited him in the
hospital, I found him swathed in bandages.
3363 swelter उलझन be oppressed by heat I am going to buy an air
conditioning unit for my apartment as I do not intend to swelter through
another hot and humid summer.
3364 swerve भटकना deviate; turn aside sharply The car swerved wildly as the
driver struggled to regain control of the wheel.
3365 swill खंगालना drink greedily Singing, "Yo, ho, ho, and a
bottle of rum," Long John Silver and his fellow pirates swilled their
3366 swindler ठग cheat She was gullible and trusting,
an easy victim for the first swindler who came along.
3367 sybarite विषयी lover of luxury Rich people are not always
sybarites; some of them have little taste for a life of luxury.
3368 sycophant चापलूस servile flatterer The king enjoyed the servile
compliments and attentions of the sycophants in his retinue.
3369 syllogism न्याय logical formula consisting of a
major premise, a minor premise and a conclusion; deceptive or specious
There must be a fallacy in this
syllogism; I cannot accept its conclusion.
3370 sylvan वनीय pertaining to the woods; rustic His paintings of nymphs in
sylvan backgrounds were criticized as oversentimental.
3371 symbiosis सहजीवन interdependent relationship
(between groups, species), often mutually beneficial
Both the crocodile bird and the
crocodile derive benefit from their symbiosis; pecking away at food particles
embedded in the crocodile's teeth, the bird derives nourishment; the
crocodile, meanwhile, derives proper dental hygiene.
3372 symmetry समरूपता arrangement of parts so that
balance is obtained; congruity
The addition of a second tower
will give this edifice the symmetry that it now lacks.
3373 synchronous एक समय का similary timed; simultaneous
We have many examples of
scientists in different parts of the world who have made synchronous
3374 synoptic सामान्य अवलोकन providing a general overview;
The professor turned to the
latest issue of Dissertation Abstracts for a synoptic account of what was new
in the field.
3375 synthesis संश्लेषण combining parts into a whole Now that we have succeeded in
isolating this drug, our next problem is to plan its synthesis in the
3376 synthetic कृत्रिम artificial; resulting from
During the twentieth century,
many synthetic products have replaced the natural products.

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