master Word List P2

Master Word List P2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2539 perfunctory बेपरवाह superficial; not thorough;
lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm
The auditor's perfunctory
inspection of the books overlooked many errors.
2540 perifidious perifidious treacherous; disloyal When Caesar realized that Brutus
had betrayed him, he reproached his perfidious friend.
2541 perigee भू-समीपक point of moon's orbit when it is
nearest the earth
The rocket which was designed to
take photographs of the moon was launched as the moon approached its perigee.
2542 perimeter परिधि outer boundary To find the perimeter of any
quadrilateral, we add the lengths of the four sides.
2543 peripatetic पथिक walking about; moving The peripatetic school of
philosophy derives its name from the fact that Aristotle walked with his
pupils while discussing philosophy with them.
2544 peripheral परिधीय marginal; outer We lived, not in central London,
but in one of those peripheral suburbs that spring up on the outskirts of the
great city.
2545 periphery उपनगर edge, especially of a round
He sensed that there was
something just beyond the periphery of his vision.
2546 perjury झूठा साक्ष्य false testimony while under oath When several witnesses appeared
to challenge his story, he was indicted for perjury.
2547 permeable प्रवेश के योग्य porous; allowing passage through Glass is permeable to light.
2548 pernicious तेज़ very destructive, harmful He argued that these books had a
pernicious effect on young and susceptible minds.
2549 peroration नतीजा conclusion of an oration The peroration was largely
hortatory and brought the audience to its feet clamoring for action at its
2550 perpetrate पाप करना commit an offense Only an insane person could
perpetrate such a horrible crime.
2551 perpetual सतत everlasting Ponce de Leon hoped to find
perpetual youth.
2552 perquisite रिआयत any gain above stipulated salary The perquisites attached to this
job make it even more attractive than the salary indicates.
2553 personable चित्ताकर्षक attractive The man I am seeking to fill
this position must be personable since he will be representing us before the
2554 perspicacious भेदक having insight; penetrating;
The brillant lawyer was known
for his perspicacious deductions.
2555 perspicuity स्पष्टता clearness of expression; freedom
from ambiguity
One of the outstanding features
of this book is the perspicuity of its author; her meaning is always clear.
2556 perspicuous सुबोध plainly expressed Her perspicuous comments
eliminated all posibility of misinterpretation.
2557 pert फूलदार impertinent; forward I think your pert and impudent
remarks call for an apology.
2558 pertinacious आग्रही stubborn; persistent He is bound to succeed because
his pertinacious nature will not permit him to quit.
2559 pertinent उचित suitable; to the point The lawyer wanted to know all
the pertinent details.
2560 perturb घबड़ा देना disturb greatly I am afraid this news will
perturb him and cause him grief.
2561 perusal अध्ययन reading I am certain that you have
missed important details in your rapid perusal of this document.
2562 pervasive व्यापक spread throughout Despite airing them for several
hours, she could not rid her clothes of the pervasive odor of mothbals that
clung to them.
2563 perverse विकृत stubbornly wrongheaded; wicked
and unacceptable
When Hannibal Lecter was in a
perverse mood, he ate the flesh of his victims.
2564 perversion विकृति corruption; turning from right
to wrong
Inasmuch as he had no motive for
his crimes, we could not understand his perversion.
2565 pessimism निराशावाद belief that life is basically
bad or evil; gloominess
The good news we have been
receiving lately indicates that there is little reason for your pessimism.
2566 pest कीट troublesome or annoying person He was a pest; always bothering
2567 pestilential विषैला causing plague; baneful People were afraid to explore
the pestilential swap.
2568 pestle मूसल tool for mashing or grinding
substances in a hard bowl
From the way in which the
elderly pharmacist pounded the drug with his pestle, young George could tell
that his employer was agitated about something.
2569 petrify पत्थर बनाना turn to stone His sudden and unexpected
appearance seemed to petrify her.
2570 petty क्षुद्र trivial; unimportant; very small She had no major complaints to
make about his work, only a few petty quibbles that were almost too minor to
2571 petulant ढीठ touchy; peevish The feverish patient was
petulant and restless.
2572 pharisaical Pharisaical pertaining to Pharisees, who
paid scrupulous attention to tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical
Walter Lippmann has pointed out
that moralists who do not attempt to explain the moral code they advocate are
often regarded as pharisaical and ignored.
2573 phenomena घटना observable facts; subjects of
scientific investigation
We kept careful records of the
phenomena we noted in the course of these experiments.
2574 philanderer पुच्छलगा faithless lover; flirt Swearing he had never so much as
looked at another woman, Jack assured Jill he was no philanderer.
2575 philanthropist लोकोपकारक lover of mankind; doer of good As he grew older, he became
famous as a philanthropist and benefactor of the needy.
2576 philatelist डाक के टिकट का संग्रहक stamp-collector When she heard the value of the
Penny Black stamp, Phyllis was inspired to become a philatelist.
2577 philistine अशिक्षित narrow-minded person, uncultured
and exculsively interested in material gain
We need more men of culture and
enlightenment; we have too many philistines among us.
2578 philology भाषाशास्त्र study of language The professor of philology
advocated the use of Esperanto as an international language.
2579 phlegmatic सुस्त calm; not easily disturbed The nurse was a cheerful but
phlegmatic person, unexcited in the face of sudden emergencies.
2580 phobia भय morbid fear Her fear of flying was more than
mere nervousness; it was a real phobia.
2581 physiognomy मुख का आकृति face He prided himself on his ability
to analyze a person's character by studying his physiognomy.
2582 physiological शारीरिक pertaining to the science of the
function of living organisms
To understand this disease
fully, we must examine not only its physiological aspects but also its
psychological elements.
2583 piebald चितकबरा of different colors; motled;
You should be able to identify
Polka Dot in this race; he is the only piebald horse running.
2584 pied विचित्र variegated; multicolored The pied piper of Hamelin got
his name from the multicolored clothing he wore.
2585 piety शील devoutness; reverence for God Living her life in prayer and
good works, Mother Teresa exemplifies the true sprit of piety.
2586 pigment रंग coloring matter Van Gogh mixed various pigments
with linseed oil to create his paints.
2587 pillage लूट plunder The enemy pillaged the quiet
village and left it in ruins.
2588 pillory निंदा करना punish by placing in a wooden
frame; subject to criticism and ridicule
Even though he was mocked and
pilloried, he maintained that he was correct in his beliefs.
2589 pine देवदार languish, decline; long for,
Though she tried to be happy
living with Clara in the city, Heidi pined for the mountains and for her
gruff but loving grandfather.
2590 pinion पंख काटना restrain They pinioned his arms against
his body but left his legs free so that he could move about.
2591 pinnacle शिखर peak We could see the morning
sunlight illuminate the pinnacle while the rest of the mountain lay in
2592 pious पवित्र devout The pious parents gave their
children a religious upbringing.
2593 piquant चटपटा pleasantly tart-tasting;
The piquant sauce added to our
enjoyment of the meal.
2594 pique मनमुटाव irritation; resentment She showed her pique by her
refusal to appear with the other contestants at the end of the contest.
2595 piscatorial मछली पकड़ने का pertaining to fishing He spent many happy hours at the
lake in his piscatorial activities.
2596 pithy अर्थपूर्ण concise; meaty I enjoy reading his essays
because they are always compact and pithy.
2597 pittance देन a small allowance or wage He could not live on the
pittance he received as a pension and had to look for an additional source of
2598 pivotal केंद्रीय central; critical De Klerk's decision to set
Nelson Mandela free was pivotal; without Mandela's release, there was no
possibility that the African National Cogress would entertain talks with the
South African government.
2599 placate सांत्वना देना pacify; conciliate The teacher tried to placate the
angry mother.
2600 placebo प्लेसबो harmless substance prescribed as
a dummy pill
In a controlled experiment,
fifty volunteers were given erythromycin tablets; the control group received
only placebos.
2601 placid शांत peaceful; calm After his vacation in this
placid section, he felt soothed and rested.
2602 plagiarize plagiarize steal another's ideas and pass
them off as one's own
The editor could tell that the
writer had plagiarized parts of the article; he could recognize whole
paragraphs from the original source.
2603 plaintive दर्दनाक mournful The dove has a plaintive and
melancholy call
2604 plasticity प्लास्टिसिटी ability to be molded When clay dries out, it loses
its plasticity and becomes less malleable.
2605 platitude साधारण बात trite remark; commonplace
The platitudes in his speech
were applauded by the vast majority in his audience; only a few people
perceived how trite his remarks were.
2606 platonic आदर्शवादी purely spiritual; theoretical;
without sensual desire
Accused of impropriety in his
dealings with female students, the professor maintained he had only a
platonic interest in the women involved.
2607 plauditory plauditory approving; applauding The theatrical company reprinted
the plauditory comments of the critics in its advertisement.
2608 plausible प्रशंसनीय having a show of truth but open
to doubt; specious
Even though your argument is
plausible, I still would like to have more proof.
2609 plebeian लौकिक common; pertaining to the common
His speeches were aimed at the
plebeian minds and emotions; they disgusted the more refined.
2610 plenary परिपूर्ण complete; full The union leader was given
plenary power to negotiate a new contract with the employers.
2611 plenitude विपुलता abundance; completeness Looking in the pantry, we
admired the plenitude of fruits and pickles we had preserved during the
2612 plethora बहुतायत excess; overabundance She offered a plethora of
excuses for her shortcomings.
2613 pliable लचीला flexible; yielding; adaptable In remodeling the bathroom, we
replaced all the old, rigid lead pipes with new, pliable copper tubing.
2614 pliant कोमल flexible; easily influenced Catherine's disposition was
pliant; she was like putty in her suitor's hands.
2615 pluck साहस courage Even the adversaries of young
Indiana Jones were impressed by the boy's pluck in trying to rescue the
archeological treasure they had stolen.
2616 plumb साहुल vertical Before hanging wallpaper it is
advisable to drop a plumb line from the ceiling as a guide.
2617 plummet बोझ fall sharply Stock prices plummeted as Wall
Street reacted to the rise in interest rates.
2618 plutocracy धनिक तन्त्र society ruled by the wealthy From the way the government
caters to the rich, you might think our society is a plutocracy rather than a
2619 podiatrist podiatrist doctor who treats ailments of
the feet
He consulted a podiatrist about
his fallen arches.
2620 podium मंच pedestal; raised platform The audience applauded as the
conductor made his way to the podium.
2621 poignancy मार्मिकता quality of being deeply moving;
keenness of emotion
Watching the tearful reunion of
the long-separated mother and child, the social worker was touched by the
poignancy of the scene.
2622 polarize फूट डालना split into opposite extremes or
The abortion issue has polarized
the country into pro-choice and anti-abortion camps.
2623 polemic विवादात्मक controversy; argument in support
of point of view
Her essays were, for the main
part, polemics for the party's policy.
2624 politic चतुर expedient; prudent; well devised Even though he was disappointed,
he did not think it politic to refuse the offer.
2625 polity राजनीति form of government of nation or
Our polity should be devoted to
the concept that the government should strive for the good of all citizens.
2626 polygamist बहुपत्नीवादी one who has more than one spouse
at a time
He was arrested as a polygamist
when his two wives filed complaints about him.
2627 polyglot बहुभाषी speaking several languages New York City is a polyglot
community because of the thousands of immigrants who settle there.
2628 pomposity pomposity self-important behavior; acting
like a stuffed shirt
Although the commencement
speaker had some good things to say, we had to laugh at his pomposity and
general air of parading his own dignity.
2629 ponderous कष्टकारक weighty; unwieldy His humor lacked the light
touch; his jokes were always ponderous.
2630 pontifical बिशप का pertaining to a bishop or pope;
pompous or pretentious
From the very beginning of his
ministry it was clear from his pontifical pronouncements that John was
destined for a high pontifical office.
2631 pore ताकना study industriously; ponder;
Determined to become a
physician, Beth spends hours poring over her anatomy text.
2632 porous झरझरा full of pores; like a sieve Dancers like to wear porous
clothing because it allows the ready passage of water and air.
2633 portend संकेत मिलता है foretell; presage The king did not know what these
omens might portend and asked his soothsayers to interpret them.
2634 portent सगुन sign; omen; forewarning He regarded the black cloud as a
portent of evil.
2635 portly स्थूल stout; corpulent The salesclerk tactfully
referred to the overweight customer as portly rather than fat.
2636 poseur poseur person who pretends to be
sophisticated, elegant, etc., to impress others
Some thought Dali was a brillant
painter; others dismissed him as a poseur.

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