Master Wordlist P3

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2637 posterity भावी पीढ़ी descendants; future generations We hope to leave a better world
to posterity.
2638 posthumous मरणोत्तर after death (as of child born
after father's death or book published after author's death)
The critics ignored his works
during his lifetime; it was only after the posthumous publication of his last
novel that they recognized his great talent.
2639 postulate मांगना self-evident truth We must accept these statements
as postulates before pursuing our discussions any further.
2640 posture आसन assume an affected pose; act
No matter how much Arnold
boasted or postured, I could not believe he was as important as he pretended
to be.
2641 potable पीने योग्य suitable for drinking The recent drought in the Middle
Atlantic States has emphasized the need for extensive research in ways of
making sea water potable.
2642 potent प्रबल powerful; persuasive; greatly
The jury was swayed by the
highly potent testimony of the crime's sole eyewitness.
2643 potentate महाराजा monarch; sovereign The potentate spent more time at
Monte Carlo than he did at home on his throne.
2644 potential क्षमता expressing possibility; latent The juvenile delinquent is a
potential murderer.
2645 potion औषधि dose (of liquid) Tristan and Lsolde drink a love
potion in the first act of the opera.
2646 potpourri शुष्क अतर heterogeneous mixture; medley He offered a potpourri of folk
songs from many lands.
2647 poultice प्रलेप soothing application applied to
sore and inflamed portions of the body
He was advised to apply a
flaxseed poultice to the inflammation.
2648 practicable साध्य feasible The board of directors decided
that the plan was practicable and agreed to undertake the project.
2649 practical व्यावहारिक based on experience; useful He was a practical man, opposed
to theory
2650 pragmatic व्यावहारिक practical (as opposed to
idealistic); concerned with the practical worth or impact of something
This coming trip to France
should provide me with a pragmatic test of the value of my conversational
French class.
2651 pragmatist दंभी practical person No pragmatist enjoys becoming
involved in a game that he can never win
2652 prate खोलना speak foolishly; boast idly Let us not prate about our
qualities; rather, let our virtues speak for themselves.
2653 prattle चहकना babble The children prattle endlessly
about their new toys.
2654 preamble प्रस्तावना introductory statement In the preamble to the
Constitution, the purpose of the document is set forth.
2655 precarious अनिश्चित uncertain; risky I think this stock is a
precarious investment and advise against its purchase.
2656 precedent मिसाल something preceding in time that
may be used as an authority or guide for future action
This decision sets a precedent
for future cases of a similar nature.
2657 precedent मिसाल preceding in time, rank, etc. Our discussions, precedent to
this event, certainly did not give you any reason to believe that we would
adopt your proposal.
2658 precept नियम practical rule guiding conduct Love thy neighbor as thyself is
a worthwhile precept.
2659 precipice करारा cliff; dangerous position Suddenly Indiana Jones found
himself dangling from the edge of a precipice.
2660 precipitate वेग headlong; rash Do not be precipitate in this
matter; investigate further.
2661 precipitate वेग throw headlong; hasten The removal of American
political support appeared to have precipitated the downfall of the Marcos
2662 precipitous तेज़ steep; overhasty This hill is difficult to climb
because it is so precipitous; one slip, and our descent will be precipitous
as well.
2663 precise ठीक exact If you don't give me precise
directions and a map, I'll never find your place.
2664 preclude रोकना make impossible; eliminate This contract does not preclude
my being employed by others at the same time that I am working for you.
2665 precocious असामयिक advanced in development By her rather adult manner of
discussing serious topics, the child demonstrated that she was precocious.
2666 precursor अग्रगामी forerunner Though Gray and Burns share many
traits with the Romantic poets who followed them, most critics consider them
precursors of the Romantic Movement, not true Romantics.
2667 predatory हिंसक plundering The hawk is a predatory bird.
2668 predecessor पूर्वज former occupant of a post I hope I can live up to the fine
example set by my late predecessor in this office.
2669 predilection लाग-लपेट partiality; preference Although the artist used various
media from time to time, she had a predilection for watercolors.
2670 preeminent पूर्वप्रतिष्ठित outstanding; superior The king traveled to Boston
because he wanted the preeminent surgeon in the field to perform the
2671 preempt जगह ले लेना head off; forestall by acting
first; appropriate for oneself; supplant
Hoping to preempt any attempts
by the opposition to make educational reform a hot political issue, the
candidate set out her own plan to revitalize the public schools.
2672 preen आत्मसंतुष्ट होना make oneself tidy in appearance;
feel self-satisfaction
As Kitty preened before the
mirror, carefully smoothing her shining hair, she couldn't help preening
herself on her good looks.
2673 prefactory prefactory introductory The chairman made a few
prefactory remarks before he called on the first speaker.
2674 prehensile समझदार capable of grasping or holding Monkeys use not only their arms
and legs but also their prehensile tails in traveling through the trees.
2675 prelate धर्माध्यक्ष church dignitary The archbishop of Moscow and
other high-ranking prelates visited the Russian Orthodox seminary.
2676 prelude प्रस्तावना introduction; forerunner I am afraid that this border
raid is the prelude to more serious attacks.
2677 premeditate पहिले से ठानना plan in advance She had premeditated the murder
for months, reading about common poisons and buying weed killer that
contained arsenic.
2678 premise आधार assumption; postulate Because Jack had based his
argument upon a faulty premise, his opponent cheerfully pointed out the holes
in his logic.
2679 premonition चेतावनी forewarning We ignored these premonitions of
disaster because they appeared to be based on childish fears.
2680 premonitory पूर्वबोधक serving to warn You should have visited a doctor
as soon as you felt these premonitory chest pains.
2681 preponderance प्रधानता superiority of power, quantity,
The rebels sought to overcome
the preponderance of strength of the government forces by engaging in
guerrilla tactics.
2682 preposterous निरर्थक absurd; ridiculous When the candidate tried to
downplay his youthful experiments with marijuana by saying he hadn't inhaled,
we all thought, "What a preposterous excuse!"
2683 prerogative विशेषाधिकार privilege; unquestionable right The President cannot levy taxes;
that is the prerogative of the legislative branch of government.
2684 presage सगुन foretell The vultures flying overhead
presaged the discovery of the corpse in the desert.
2685 prescience पूर्वज्ञान ability to foretell the future Given the current wave of
Japan-bashing, it does not take prescience for me to foresee problems in our
future trade relations with Japan.
2686 presentiment पूर्वाभाव premonition; foreboding Hamlet felt a presentiment about
his meeting with Laertes.
2687 prestige प्रतिष्ठा impression produced by
achievements or reputation
The wealthy man sought to obtain
social prestige by contributing to popular charities.
2688 presumptous presumptous arrogant; taking liberties It seems presumptous for one so
relatively new to the field to challenge the conclusions of its leading
2689 pretentious कपटी ostentatious; ambitious I do not feel that your limited
resources will permit you to carry out such a pretentious program.
2690 preternatural अलौकिक beyond that which is normal in
John's mother's total ability to
tell when he was lying struck him as almost preternatural.
2691 pretext बहाने excuse He looked for a good pretext to
get out of paying a visit to his aunt.
2692 prevail प्रबल induce; triumph over He tried to prevail on her to
type his essays for him.
2693 prevalent प्रचलित widespread; generally accepted A radical committed to social
change, Reed had no patience with the conservative views prevalent in the
America of his day.
2694 prevaricate छलकपट lie Some people believe that to
prevaricate in a good cause is justifiable and regard the statement as a
"white lie."
2695 prey शिकार target of a hunt; victim In Stalking the Wild Asparagus,
Euell Gibbons has as his prey not wild beasts but wild plants.
2696 prim रस्मी very precise and formal;
exceedingly proper
Many people commented on the
contrast between the prim attire of the young lady and the inappropriate
clothing worn by her escort.
2697 primogeniture ज्येष्ठाधिकार seniority by birth By virtue of primogeniture, in
some cultures the first-born child has many privileges denied his brothers
and sisters.
2698 primordial मौलिक existing at the beginning (of
time); rudimentary
The Neanderthal Man is one of
our primordial ancestors.
2699 primp सुजाना dress or groom oneself with care She primps for hours before a
2700 pristine प्राचीन characteristic of earlier times;
primitive, unspoiled
This area has been preserved in
all its pristine wildness.
2701 privation वंचना hardship; want In his youth, he knew hunger and
2702 privy गुप्त secret; hidden; not public We do not care for privy chamber
of government.
2703 probe जांच explore with tools The surgeon probed the wound for
foreign matter before suturing it.
2704 probity ईमानदारी uprightness; incorruptibility Everyone took his probity for
granted; his defalcations, therefore, shocked us all.
2705 problematic समस्यात्मक perplexing; unsettled:
Given the many areas of conflict
still awaiting resolution, the outcome of the peace talks remains
2706 proclivity झुकाव inclination; natural tendency The cross old lady has a
proclivity to grumble.
2707 procrastinate procrastinate postpone; delay It is wise not to procrastinate;
otherwise, we find ourselves bogged down in a mass of work that should have
been finished long ago.
2708 procurement खरीद obtaining The personnel department handles
the procurement of new employees.
2709 prod ठेस poke; stir up; urge If you prod him hard enough,
he'll eventually clean his room.
2710 prodigal उड़ाऊ wasteful; reckless with money The prodigal son squandered his
2711 prodigious अस्वाभाविक enormous; marvelous He marveled at her prodigious
appetite when he saw all the food she ate.
2712 prodigy कौतुक highly gifted child; marvel Menuhin was a prodigy,
performing wonders on his violin when he was barely eight years old.
2713 profane अपवित्र violate; desecrate Tourists are urged not to
profane the sanctity of holy places by wearing improper garb.
2714 profilgate profilgate dissipated; wasteful; licentious In this profilgate company, she
lost all sense of decency.
2715 profound गहन deep; not superficial; complete Freud's remarkable insights into
human behavior caused his fellow scientists to honor him as a profound
2716 profusion प्रचुरता lavish expenditure; overabundant
Seldom have I seen food and
drink served in such profusion as at the wedding feast.
2717 progenitor पूर्वपुस्र्ष ancestor The Roth family, whose
progenitors emigrated from Germany early in the nineteenth century, settled
in Peru, Illinois.
2718 progeny संतान children; offspring He was proud of his progeny but
regarded George as the most promising of all his children.
2719 prognosis रोग का निदान forecasted course of a disease;
If the doctor's prognosis is
correct, the patient will be in a coma for at least twenty-four hours.
2720 prognosticate भविष्य बतलाना predict I prognosticate disaster unless
we change our wasteful ways.
2721 prohibitive निषेधात्मक extremely high (of prices etc.) The super computer's price was
2722 projectile प्रक्षेप्य missile Man has always hurled
projectiles at his enemy whether in the form of stones or of highly explosive
2723 proletarian सर्वहारा member of the working class The aristocrats feared mob rule
and gave the right to vote only to the wealthy, thus depending the
proletarians of a voice in government.
2724 proliferate पैदा करना grow rapidly; spread; multiply Times of economic hardship
inevitably encourage countless get-rich-quick schemes to proliferate
2725 prolific उर्वर abundantly fruitful She was a prolific writer who
produced as many as three books a year.
2726 prolix प्रपंची verbose; drawn out Her prolix arguments irritated
and bored the jury.
2727 prolong बढ़ाना extend; draw out; lengthen In their determination to
discover ways to prolong human life, doctors fail to take into account that
longer lives are not always happier ones.
2728 prominent प्रसिद्ध conspicuous; notable; protruding Have you ever noticed that
Prince Charles's prominent ears make him resemble the big-eared character in
Mad comics?
2729 promiscuous अनेक mixed indiscriminately;
haphazard; irregular, particularly sexually
In the opera La Boheme, we get a
picture of the promiscuous life led by the young artists of Paris.
2730 promontory रास headland They erected a lighthouse on the
promontory to warn approaching ships of their nearness to the shore.
2731 prompt शीघ्र cause; provoke; provide a cue
for an actor
Whatever prompted you to ask for
such a big piece of cake when you're on a diet?
2732 promulgate प्रकाशित करना make known by official
proclamation or publication
As soon as the Civil Service
Commission promulgates the names of the successful candidates, we shall begin
to hire members of our staff.
2733 prone प्रवृत्त inclined to; prostrate She was prone to sudden fits of
2734 propagate प्रचार multiply; spread Since bacteria propagate more
quickly in unsanitary environments, it is important to keep hospital rooms

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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