Master Word List P1

Master Wordlist P1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2441 pachyderm मोटे चमड़े का जनवार thick-skinned animal The elephant is probably the
best-known pachyderm.
2442 pacifist शांतिवादी one opposed to force;
The pacifists urged that we
reduce our military budget and recall our troops stationed overseas.
2443 pacify शांत करना soothe; make calm or quiet;
Dentists criticize the practice
of giving fussy children sweets to pacify them.
2444 paean विजय का गीत song of praise or joy paeans celebrating the victory
filled the air.
2445 painstaking श्रमसाध्य showing hard work; taking great
The new high-frequency word list
is the result of painstaking efforts on the part of our research staff.
2446 palatable स्वादिष्ट agreeable; pleasing to the taste Neither Jack's underbaked
opinions nor his overcooked casseroles were palatable to me.
2447 palatial आलीशान magnificent He proudly showed us through his
palatial home.
2448 paleontology जीवाश्म विज्ञान study of prehistoric life The professor of paleontology
had a superb collection of fossils.
2449 palette पैलेट board on which a painter mixes
At the present time, art supply
stores are selling a paper palette that may be discarded after use.
2450 palimpsest पलिम्प्सेस्ट parchment used for second time
after original writing has been erased
Using chemical reagents,
scientists have been able to restore the original writings on many
2451 pall नक़ब grow tiresome The study of word lists can
eventually pall and put one to sleep.
2452 pallet फूस small, poor bed The weary traveler went to sleep
on his straw pallet.
2453 palliate कम करना ease pain; make less severe or
If we cannot cure this disease
at present, we can, at least try to palliate the symptoms.
2454 pallid पीला pale; wan Because his occupation required
that he work at night and sleep during the day, he had an exceptionally
pallid complexion.
2455 palpable स्पर्शनीय tangible; easily perceptible I cannot understand how you
could overlook such a palpable blunder.
2456 palpitate धड़कना throb; flutter As he became excited, his heart
began to palpitate more and more erratically.
2457 paltry तुच्छ insignificant; petty This is a paltry sum to pay for
such a masterpiece.
2458 pan कड़ाही criticize harshly Hoping for a rave review of his
new show, the playwright was miserable when the critics panned it
2459 panacea रामबाण cure-all; remedy for all
There is no easy panacea that
will solve our complicated international situation.
2460 panache कलँगी flair; flamboyance Many performers imitate Noel
Coward, but few have his panache and sense of style.
2461 pandemic महामारी widespread; affecting the
majority of people
They feared the AIDS epidemic
would soon reach pandemic proportions.
2462 pandemonium विप्लव wild tumult When the ships collided in the
harbor, pandemonium broke out among the passengers.
2463 pander मददगार cater to the low desires of
The reviewer accused the makers
of Lethal Weapon of pandering to the masses' taste of violence.
2464 panegyric स्तुतिपाठ formal praise The modest hero blushed to hear
the speakers delivering panegyrics about his valorous act.
2465 panoramic नयनाभिराम denoting an unobstructed and
comprehensive view
On a clear day, from the top of
the World Trade Center you can get a panoramic view of New York City and
neighboring stretches of New Jersey and Long Island.
2466 pantomime मूकाभिनय acting without dialogue Because he worked in pantomime,
the clown could be understood wherever he appeared.
2467 papyrus पेपिरस ancient paper made from stem of
papyrus plant
The ancient Egyptians were among
the first to write on papyrus.
2468 parable दृष्टांत short, simple story teaching a
Let us apply to our own conduct
the lesson that this parable teaches.
2469 paradigm मिसाल model; example; pattern Pavlov's experiment in which he
trains a dog to salivate on hearing a bell is a paradigm of the
conditioned-response experiment in behavioal psychology.
2470 paradox विरोधाभास statement that looks false but
is actually correct; a contradictory statement
Wordworth's "The child is
father to the man" is an example of paradox.
2471 paragon प्रतिद्वंद्वी model of perfection The class disliked him because
the teacher was always pointing him out as a paragon of virtue.
2472 parallelism समानता state of being parallel;
There is a striking parallelism
between the twins.
2473 parameter पैरामीटर limit; independent variable We need to define the parameters
of the problem.
2474 paramount आला दर्जे का foremost in importance; supreme Proper nutrition and hygiene are
of paramount importance in adolescent development and growth.
2475 paramour प्रेमिका illicit lover She sought a divorce on the
grounds that her husband had a paramour in another town.
2476 paranoia पागलपन psychosis marked by delusions of
grandeur or persecution
Suffering from paranois, he
claimed everyone was out to get him; ironically, his claim was accurate; even
paranoids have enemies.
2477 paraphernalia सामग्री equipment; odds and ends His desk was cluttered with
paper, pen, ink, dictionary and other paraphernalia of the writing craft.
2478 paraphrase संक्षिप्त व्याख्या restate a passage in one's own
words while retaining thought of author
In 250 words or less, paraphrase
this article.
2479 parasite परजीवी animal or plant living on
another; toady; sycophant
The tapeworm is an example of
the kind of parasite that may infest the human body.
2480 parched सूखा extremely dry; very thirsty The parched desert landscape
seemed hostile to life.
2481 pariah ख़ारिज social outcast I am not a pariah to be shunned
and ostracized.
2482 parity समानता equality; close resemblance I find your analogy inaccurate
because I do not see the parity between the two illustrations.
2483 parlance बोल-चाल language; idiom All this legal parlance confuses
me; I need an interpreter.
2484 parley बातचीत conference The peace parley has not
produced the anticipated truce.
2485 parochial संकीर्ण narrow in outlook; provincial;
related to parishes
Although Jane Austen writes
novels set in small rural communities, her concerns are universal, not
2486 parody हास्यानुकृति humorous imitation; travesty We enjoyed the clever parodies
of popular songs that the chorus sang.
2487 paroxysm आवेग fit or attack of pain, laughter,
When he heared of his son's
misdeeds, he was seized by a paroxysm of rage.
2488 parquet लकड़ी की छत floor made of wood strips inlaid
in a mosic-like pattern.
In laying the floor, the
carpenters combined redwood and oak in an elegant parquet.
2489 parry बचाव ward off a blow He was content to wage a
defensive battle and tried to parry his opponent's thrusts.
2490 parsimonious किफ़ायती stingy; excessively frugal His parsimonious nature did not
permit him to enjoy any luxuries.
2491 partial आंशिक incomplete In this issue we have published
only a partial list of contributors because we lack space to acknowledge
2492 partial आंशिक biased; having a liking for
I am extremely partial to
chocolate eclairs.
2493 partiality पक्षपात inclination; bias As a judge, not only must I be
unbiased, but I must also avoid any evidence of partiality when I award the
2494 partisan पक्षपातपूर्ण one-sided; prejudiced; committed
to a party
On certain issues of conscience,
she refused to take a partisan stand.
2495 passe अप्रचलित old-fashioned; past the prime Her style is passe and
reminiscent of the Victorian era.
2496 passive निष्क्रिय not active; acted upon Mahatma Gandhi urged his
followers to pursue a program of passive resistance as he felt that it was
more effective than violence and acts of terrorism.
2497 pastiche मिलावट imitation of another's style in
musical composition or in writing
We cannot even say that her
music is a pastiche of this or that composer; it is rather, reminiscent of
many musicians.
2498 pastoral देहाती rural In these stories of pastoral
life, we find an understanding of the daily tasks of country folk.
2499 patent पेटेंट open for the public to read;
It was patent to everyone that
the witness spoke the truth.
2500 pathetic दयनीय causing sadness, compassion,
pity; touching
Everyone in the auditorium was
weeping by the time he finished his pathetic tale about the orphaned boy.
2501 pathological रोग pertaining to disease As we study the pathological
aspects of this disease, we must not overlook the psychological elements.
2502 pathos हौसला tender to sorrow; pity; quality
in art or literature that produces these feelings.
The quiet tone of pathos that
ran through the novel never degenerated into the maudlin or the overly
2503 patina सील green crust on old bronze works;
tone slowly taken by varnished painting
Judging by the patina on this
bronze statue, we can conclude that this is the work of a medieval artist.
2504 patois अशिक्षितों की भाषा local or provincial dialect His years of study of the
language at the university did not enable him to understand the patois of the
2505 patriarch कुलपति father and ruler of a family or
In many primitive tribes, the
leader and lawmaker was the patriarch.
2506 patrician कुलीन noble; aristocratic We greatly admired her
well-bred, patrician elegance
2507 patronize सहायता देना support; act superior toward Experts in a field sometimes
appear to patronize people who are less knowledgeable of the subject.
2508 paucity कमी scarcity They closed the restaurant
because the paucity of customers made it uneconomical to operate.
2509 pauper कंगाल very poor person Though Widow Brown was living on
a reduced income, she was by no means a pauper.
2510 peccadillo अवगुण slight offense If we examine these escapades
carefully, we will realize that they are mere peccadilloes rather than major
2511 pecuniary धन-संबंधी pertaining to money I never expected a pecuniary
reward for my work in this activity.
2512 pedagogue अध्यापक teacher He could never be a stuffy
pedagogue; his classes were always lively and filled with humor.
2513 pedagogy शिक्षणशास्र teaching; art of education Though Maria Montessori gained
fame for her innovations in pedagogy, it took years before her teaching
techniques became common practice in American schools.
2514 pedant रूढ़िवादी scholar who overemphasizes book
learning or technicalities
Her insistence that the book be
memorized marked the teacher as a pedant rather than a scholar.
2515 pedantic पंडिताऊ showing off learning; bookish Leaving his decisions with
humorous, down-to-earth anecdotes, Judge Walker was not at all pedantic legal
2516 pedestrian पैदल यात्री ordinary; unimaginative Unintentionally boring, he wrote
page after page of pedestrian prose.
2517 pediatrician बच्चों का चिकित्सक physician specializing in
children's diseases.
The family doctor advised the
parents to consult a pediatrician about their child's ailment.
2518 pejorative अपमानजनक negative in connotation; having
a belittling effect.
Instead of criticizing Clinton's
policies, the Republicans made pejorative remarks about his character.
2519 pellmell pellmell in confusion; disorderly The excited students dashed
pellmell into the stadium to celebrate the victory.
2520 pellucid पारदर्शक transparent; limpid; easy to
After reading these stodgy
philosophers, I find his pellucid style very enjoyable.
2521 penance तपस्या self-imposed punishment for sin The Ancient Mariner said,
"I have penance done and penance more will do," to atone for the
sin of killing the albatross.
2522 penchant लगन strong inclination; liking He had a strong penchant for
sculpture and owned many statues.
2523 pendant लटकन hanging down from something Her pendant earrings glistened
in the light.
2524 pendant लटकन ornament (hanging from a
necklace, etc.)
The grateful team presented the
coach with a silver chain and pendant engraved with the school's motto.
2525 pendulous लटकता हुआ hanging; suspended The pendulous chandeliers swayed
in the breeze as if they were about to fall from the ceiling.
2526 penitent अनुतापी repentant When he realized the enormity of
his crime, he became remorseful and penitent.
2527 pensive चिंताग्रस्त dreamily thoughtful; thoughtful
with a hint of sadness
The pensive youth gazed at the
painting for a long time and then sighed.
2528 penumbra Penumbra partial shadow (in an eclipse) During an eclipse, we can see an
area of total darkness and a lighter area, which is the penumbra.
2529 penurious दरिद्र stingy; parsimonious He was a penurious man, averse
to spending money even for the necessities of life.
2530 penury दरिद्रता extreme poverty When his pension fund failed,
George feared he would end his days in penury.
2531 peon चपरासी landless agricultural worker;
bond servant
The land reformers sought to
liberate the peons and establish them as independent farmers.
2532 perceptive भेदक insightful; aware; wise Although Maud was a generally
perceptive critic, she had her blind sports: she could never see flaws in the
work of her friends.
2533 percussion टक्कर striking one object against
another sharply
The drum is a percussion
2534 perdition तबाही damnation; complete ruin Praying for salvation, young
Daedalus feared he was damned to eternal perdition.
2535 peregrination सफ़र journey Auntie Mame was a world traveler
whose peregrinations took her from Tiajuana to Timbuctoo.
2536 peremptory आज्ञसूचक demanding and leaving no choice From Jack's peremptory knock on
the door, Jill could tell he would not give up until she let him in.
2537 perennial चिरस्थायी something long-lasting Tese plants are hardy perennials
and will bloom for many years.
2538 perforate छेदना pierce; put a hole through Before you can open the aspirin
bottle, you must first perforate the plastic safety seal that covers the cap.

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