Master Wordlist O

Master Word List O

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2343 oaf भद्दा stupid, awkward person He called the unfortunate waiter
a clumsy oaf.
2344 obdurate हठी stubborn He was obdurate in his refusal
to listen to our complaints.
2345 obeisance श्रद्धा bow She made an obeisance as the
king and queen entered the room.
2346 obelisk ओबिलिस्क tall column tapering and ending
in a pyramid
Cleopatra's Needle is an obelisk
in New York City's Central Park.
2347 obese मोटा excessively fat It is advisable that obese
people try to lose weight.
2348 obfuscate अंधेरा करना confuse; muddle Do not obfuscate the issues by
dragging in irrelevant arguments.
2349 obituary मृत्युलेख dealth notice I first learned of her death
when I read the obituary in the newspaper.
2350 objective लक्ष्य not influenced by emotions; fair Even though he was her son, she
tried to be objective about his behavior.
2351 objective लक्ष्य goal; aim A degree in medicine was her
ultimate objective.
2352 obligatory अनिवार्य binding; required It is obligatory that books
borrowed from the library be returned within two weeks.
2353 oblique परोक्ष slanting; deviating from the
perpendicular or from a straight line
The sergeant ordered the men to
march "oblique right."
2354 obliterate काटना destroy completely The tidal wave obliterated
several island villages.
2355 oblivion विस्मरण forgetfulness Her work had fallen into a state
of oblivion; no one bothered to read them.
2356 obloquy अपमान slander; disgrace; infamy I resent the obloquy that you
are casting upon my reputation.
2357 obnoxious अप्रिय offensive I find your behavior obnoxious;
please mend your ways.
2358 obscure अस्पष्ट dark; vague; unclear Even after I read the poem a
fourth time, its meaning was still obscure.
2359 obscure अस्पष्ट darken; make unclear At times he seemed purposely to
obscure his meaning, preferring mystery to clarity.
2360 obsequious चापलूस slavishly attentive; servile;
Helen valued people who behaved
as if they respected themselves; nothing irritated her more than an
excessively obsequious waiter or a fawning salesclerk.
2361 obsequy obsequy funeral ceremony Hundreads paid their last
respects at his obsequies.
2362 obsession जुनून fixed idea; continued brooding This obsession with the
supernatural has made him unpopular with his neighbors.
2363 obsidian ओब्सीडियन clak volcanic rock The deposits of obsidian on the
mountain slopes were an indiacation that volcano had erupted in ancient
2364 obsolete अप्रचलित outmoded Hip is an obsolete expression;
it went out with love beads and tie-dye shirts.
2365 obstetrician दाई physician specializing in
delivery of babies
Unlike midwives, who care for
women giving birth at home, obstetricians generally work in a hospital
2366 obstinate हठी stubborn We tried to persuade him to give
up smoking, but he was obstinate and refused to change.
2367 obstreperous प्रचंड boisterous; noisy The crowd became obstreperous
and shouted their disapproval of the proposals made by the speaker.
2368 obtrusive निकला हुआ pushing forward I found her a very obstrusive
person, constantly seeking the center of the stage.
2369 obtuse कुंठित blunt; stupid Because he was so obtuse, he
could not follow the teacher's reasoning and asked foolish questions.
2370 obviate बचना make unnecessary; get rid of I hope this contribution will
obviate any need for further collections of funds.
2371 occident मग़रिब the West It will take occident to
understand the ways and customs of the orient.
2372 occlude रोक देना shut; close A blood clot occluded an artery
to the heart.
2373 occult मनोगत mysterious; secret; supernatural The occult rites of the
organization were revealed only to members.
2374 oculist नेत्र-विशेषज्ञ physician who specialized in
treatment of the eyes
In many states, an oculist is
the only one who may apply medicinal drops to the eyes for the purpose of
examining them.
2375 odious घिनौना hateful I find the task of punishing you
most odious.
2376 odium घृणा repugnance; dislike I cannot express the odium I
feel at your heinous actions.
2377 odoriferous सुगंधित giving off an odor The odoriferous spices
stimulated her jaded appetite.
2378 odorous सुगंधित having an odor This variety of hybrid tea rose
is more odorous than the one you have in your garden.
2379 odyssey ओडिसी long, evenful journey The refugee's journey from
Cambodia was a terrifying odyssey.
2380 offensive आक्रमण attacking; insulting;
Getting into street brawls is no
minor offense for professional boxers, who are required by law to restrict
their offensive impulses to the ring.
2381 offhand बेतकल्लुफ़ casual; done without prior
Expecting to be treated with due
propriety by her costs, Great-Aunt Maud was offended by their offhand manner.
2382 officious थकनेवाला meddlesome; excessively pushy in
offering one's services
After her long flight, Jill just
wanted to nap, but the officious bellboy was intent on showing her all the
special features of the deluxe suite.
2383 ogle घूरना glance coquettishly at; make
eyes at
Sitting for hours at the
sidewalk cafe, the old gentleman would oggle the young girls and recall his
youthful romances.
2384 olfactory सूंघनेवाला concerning the sense of smell The olfactory organ is the nose.
2385 oligarchy कुलीनतंत्र government by a few The feudal oligarchy was
supplanted by an autocracy.
2386 ominous अमंगल threatening Those clouds are ominous; they
suggest that a severe storm is on the way.
2387 omnipotent सर्वशक्तिमान all-powerful The monarch regarded himself as
omnipotent and responsible to no one for his acts.
2388 omnipresent सर्व-भूत universally present; ubiquitous On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is
2389 omniscient सर्वज्ञ all-knowing I do not pretend to be
omniscient, but I am positive about this fact.
2390 omnivorous सर्व-भक्षक eating both plant and animal
food; devouring everything
Some animals, including humans,
are omnivorous and eat both meat and vegetables; others are either
carnivorous or herbivorous.
2391 onerous कष्टदायक burdensome He asked for an assistant
because his work load was too onerous.
2392 onomatopoeia अर्थानुरणन words formed in imitation of
natural sounds
Words like "rustle"
and "gargle" are illustrations of onomatopoeia.
2393 onslaught हमला vicious assault We suffered many casualties
during unexpected onslaght of the enemy troops.
2394 onus भार burden; responsibility The emperor was spared the onus
of signing the surrender papers; instead, he relegated the assignment to his
2395 opalescent आपल का iridescent The Ancient Mariner admired the
opalescent sheen on the water.
2396 opaque अपारदर्शी dark; not transparent The opaque window kept the
sunlight out of the room.
2397 opiate नशा sleep producer; deadener of pain By such opiates, she made the
people forget their difficulties and accept their unpleasant circumstances.
2398 opportune सामयिक timely; well chosen You have come at an opportune
moment for I need a new secretary.
2399 opportunist अवसरवादी individual who sacrifices
principles for expediency by taking advantage of circumstances
Forget about ethics! He's such
an opportunist that he'll vote in favor of any deal that will give him a
2400 opprobrium तिरस्कार infamy; vilification He refused to defend himself
against the slander and opprobrium hurled against him by the newspapers; he
preferred to rely on his record.
2401 optician प्रकाशविज्ञानशास्री maker and seller of eyeglasses The patient took the
prescription given him by his oculist to the optician.
2402 optimist आशावादी person who looks on the bright
The pessimist says the glass is
half-empty; the optimist says it is half-full.
2403 optimum अनुकूलतम most favorable If you wait for the optimum
moment to act, you may never begin your project .
2404 optional ऐच्छिक not compulsory; left to one's
I was impressed by the range of
optional accessories for my microcomputer that were available.
2405 optometrist आँखों का डाक्टर one who fits glasses to remedy
visual defects
Although an optometrist is
qualified to treat many eye disorders, she may not use medicinesor surgery in
her examinations.
2406 opulence अधिकता extreme wealth; luxuriousness;
The glitter and opulence of the
ballroom took Cinderella's breath away.
2407 opus ओपुस work Although many critics hailed his
Fifth Symphony, he did not regard it as his major opus.
2408 oracular पेशीनगोई का foretelling; mysterious Oedipus could not understand the
oracular warning he received.
2409 oratorio ओरटोरिओ dramatic poem set to music The Glee Club decided to present
an oratorio during their recital.
2410 ordain हुक्म देना command; arrange; consecrate The king ordained that no
foreigner should be allowed to enter the city.
2411 ordeal परख severe trial or affliction Terry Anderson spoke movingly of
his long ordeal as a hostage in Lebanon.
2412 ordinance अध्यादेश decree Passing a red light is a
violation of a city ordinance.
2413 ordination समन्वय ceremony conferring holy orders The candidate for ordination had
to meet with the bishop and the diocean officers before being judged ready to
be ordained a deacon.
2414 orient पूरबी get one's bearings; adjust Philip spent his first day in
Denver orienting himself to the city.
2415 orientation उन्मुखीकरण act of finding oneself in
Freshman orientation provides
the incoming students with an opportunity to learn about their new
environment and their place in it.
2416 orifice छिद्र mouthlike opening; small opening The Howe Caverns were discovered
when someone observed that a cold wind was issuing from an orifice in the
2417 ornate सरूप excessively or elaborately
Furniture of the Baroque period
can be recognized by its ornate carvings.
2418 ornithologist पक्षी विज्ञानी scientific student of birds Auduborn's drawings of American
bird life have been of interest not only to the ornithologists but also to
the general public.
2419 orthodox रूढ़िवादी traditional; conservative in
Faced with a problem, he
preferred to take an orthodox approach rather than shock anyone.
2420 orthography इमला correct spelling Many of us find English
orthography difficult to master because so many of our words are written
2421 oscillate हिलाना vibrate pendulumlike; waver It is interesting to note how
public opinion oscillates between the extremes of optimism and pessimism.
2422 osseus osseus made of bone; bony The hollow "soft spot"
found at the top of the infant's skull gradually closes as new osseus tissue
fills in the gap.
2423 ossify हड्डी बन जाना change or harden into bone When he called his opponent a
"bonehead," he implied that his adversary's brain had ossified and
that he was not capable of clear thinking.
2424 ostensible ख़याली apparent; professed; pretended Although the ostensible purpose
of this expedition is to discover new lands, we are really interested in
finding new markets for our products.
2425 ostentatious दिखावटी showy; pretentious; trying to
attract attention
Trump's latest casino in
Atlantic City is the most ostentatious gambling place in the East: it easily
outglitters its competitors.
2426 ostracize समाज से बाहर निकालना exclude from public favor; ban As soon as the newspapers
carried the story of his connection with the criminals, his friends began to
ostracize him.
2427 oust बाहर निकालना expel; drive out The world wondered if Aquino
would be able to oust Marcos from office.
2428 outlandish विदेशी bizzare; peculiar;
The eccentric professor who
engages in markedly outlandish behavior is a stock figure in novels with an
academic setting.
2429 outmoded पुराने ढंग का no longer stylish; old-fahioned Unconcerned about keeping in
style, Lenore was perfectly happy to wear outmoded clothes as long as they
were clean and unfrayed.
2430 outrtip outrtip surpass; outdo Jesse Owens easily outstripped
his competitors to win the gold metal at the Olympic Games.
2431 outskirts सरहद fringes; outer borders Living outskirts of Boston,
Sarah sometimes felt as if she were cut off from the cultural heart of the
2432 outspoken मुखर candid; blunt The candidate was too outspoken
to be a successful politician; he had not yet learned to weigh his words
2433 outwit चतुरता में मात देना outsmart; trick By disguising himself as an old
woman, Holmes was able to outwit his pursuers and escape capture.
2434 ovation जयध्वनि enthusiastic applause When Placido Domingo came on
stage in the first act of La Boheme, he was greeted by a tremendous ovation.
2435 overbearing रोबदार bossy; arrogant; decisively
Certain of her own importance
and of the unimportance of everyone else, Lady Bracknell was intolerably
overbearing in manner. "In choosing a husband," she said,
"good birth is of overbearing importance; compared to that, neither
wealth nor talent signifiÀý¾ä: e
2436 overhaul ओवरहाल thoroughly examine the condition
of and repair if necessary
It is necessary for the
engineers of NASA to overhaul the rocket everyday; otherwise, an incident
similar to that of Challenger accident might happen.
2437 overt अपरोक्ष open to view According to the United States
Constitution, a person must commit an overt act before he may be tried for
2438 overweening overweening presumptuous; arrogant His overweening pride in his
accomplishments was not justified.
2439 overwrought अतिव्य्घ्र extremely agitated; hysterical When Kate heard the news of the
sudden tragedy, she became too overwrought to work and had to leave the
office early.
2440 ovoid अंडाकार egg-shaped At Easter she had to cut out
hundreds of brightly colored ovoid shapes.

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