Master Wordlist D3

Master Word list D3

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1031 dispirited मायूस lacking in spirit The coach used all the tricks at his command to buoy up the enthusiasm of his team, which I had become dispirited at the loss of the star player.
1032 disport दिल बहलाना amuse The popularity of Florida as a winter resort is constantly increasing; each year, thousands more disport themselves at Miami and Palm Beach.
1033 disputatious बेलगाम argumentative; fond of argument People avoided discussing contemporary problems with him because of his disputatious manner
1034 disquisition अन्वेषण a formal systematic inquiry; an explanation of the results of a formal inquiry In his disquisition, he outlined the steps he had taken in reaching his conclusions.
1035 dissection विच्छेदन analysis; cutting apart in order to examine The dissection of frogs on the laboratory is particularly unpleasant to some students.
1036 dissemble स्वांग रचना disguise; pretend Even though John tried to dissemble his motive for taking modern dance, we all knew there not to dance but to meet girls.
1037 disseminate फैलाना scatter (like seeds) The invention of the radio helped propagandists to disseminate their favorite doctrines very easily.
1038 dissent मतभेद disagree In a landmark Supreme Court decision, Justice Marshall dissented from the majority opinion.
1039 dissertation निबंध formal essay In order to earn a graduate degree from many of our universities, a candidate is frequently required to prepare a dissertation on some scholarly subject.
1040 dissident मतभेद करनेवाला dissenting; rebellious In the purge that followed the student demonstrations at Tianamen Square, the government hunted down the dissident students and their supporters.
1041 dissimulate छल-कपट करना pretend; conceal by feigning She tried to dissimulate her grief by her exuberant attitude.
1042 dissipate नष्ट करना squander The young man quickly dissipated his inheritance and was soon broke.
1043 dissolution विघटन disintegration; looseness in morals The profligacy and dissolution of life in Caligula's Rome appall some historians.
1044 dissonance मतभेद discord Some contemporary musicians deliberately use dissonance to achieve certain effects.
1045 dissuade विरत करना advise against He could not dissuade his friend from joining the conspirators.
1046 distant दूर reserved or aloof; cold in manner His distant greeting made me feel unwelcome from the start.
1047 distend तान देना expand;swell out I can tell when he is under stress by the way the veins distend on his forehead.
1048 distill टपकना purify; refine; concentrate A moonshiner distills mash into whiskey; an epigrammatist distills thoughts into quips.
1049 distortion विरूपण twisting out of shape It is difficult to believe the newspaper accounts of this event because of the distortions and exaggerations of the reporters.
1050 distrait बेपरवाह absentminded Because of his concentration on the problem, the professor often appeared distrait and unconcerned about routine.
1051 distraught व्याकुल upset; distracted by anxiety The distraught parents frantically searched the ravine for their lost child.
1052 diurnal प्रतिदिन daily A farmer cannot neglect his diurnal tasks at any time; cows, for example, must be milked regularly.
1053 diva दिवा operatic singer; prima donna Although world famous as a diva, she did not indulge in fits of temerament.
1054 diverge हट जाना vary; go in different directionsfrom the same point The spokes of the wheel diverge from the hub.
1055 divergent विभिन्न differing; deviating The two witnesses presented the jury with remarkably divergent accounts of the same epipode.
1056 diverse विविध differing in some characteristics; various There are diverse ways of approaching this problem.
1057 diversion परिवर्तन act of turning aside; pastime After studying for several hours, he needed a diversion from work.
1058 diversity विविधता variety; dissimilitude The diversity of colleges in this country indicates that many levels of ability are being served.
1059 divest ले लेना strip; deprive He was divested of his power to act and could no longer govern.
1060 divine दिव्य perceive intuitively; foresee the future Nothing infuriated Tom more than Aunt Polly's ability to divine when he was not telling the truth.
1061 divulge प्रकाशित करना reveal I will not tell you this news because I am sure you will divulge it prematurely.
1062 docile विनम्र obedient; easily managed As docile as he seems today, that old lion was once a ferocious, snarling beast.
1063 docket चिप्पी program asfor trial; book where such entries are made The case of Smith v. Jones was entered in the docket for July 15.
1064 doctrinaire पंडिताऊ unable to compromise about points of doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding Weng had hoped that the student-led democracy movement might bring about change in China, but the repressive response of the doctrinaire hard-liners crushed his dreams of democracy.
1065 document दस्तावेज़ provide written evidence She kept all the receipts from her business trip in order to document her expenses for the firm.
1066 doddering थरथरानेवाला shaky; infirm from old age Although he is not as yet a doddering and senile old man, his ideas and opinions no longer can merit the respect we gave them years ago.
1067 doff उतारना take off A gentleman used to doff his hat to a lady.
1068 dogged हठी determined;stubborn Les Miserables tells of Inspector Javert's long, dogged pursuit of the criminal Jean Valjean.
1069 doggerel खोटा poorverse Although we find occasional snatches of genuine poetry in her work, most of her writing is mere doggerel.
1070 dogmatic कट्टर positive; arbitrary Do not be so dogmatic about that statement; it can be easily refuted.
1071 doldrums उदासी blues; listlessness; slack period Once the excitement of meeting her deadline was over, she found herself in the doldrums.
1072 dolorous उदास sorrowfrl He found the dolorous lamentations of the bereaved family emotionally disturbing and he left as quickly as he could.
1073 dolt उल्लू stupid person I thought I was talking to a mature audience; instead, I find myself addressing a pack of dolts.
1074 domicile अधिवास home Althoughhis legal domicile was in New York City, his work kept him away from his residence for many years.
1075 domineer अत्याचार करना rule over tyrannically Students prefer teachers who guide, not ones who domineer.
1076 don डॉन put on When Clark Kent had to don his Superman outfit, he changed clothes in a convenient phone booth.
1077 dormant निष्क्रिय sleeping; lethargic; torpid Sometimes dormant talents in our friends surprise those of us who never realize how gifted our acquaintances really are.
1078 dormer सोने का कमरा window projecting from roof In remodeling the attic into a bedroom, we decided that we needed to put in dormers to provide sufficient ventilation for the new room.
1079 dorsal पृष्ठीय relating to the back of an animal A shark may be identified by its dorsal fin, which projects above the surface of the ocean.
1080 dossier फ़ाइल file of documents on a subject Ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to investigate the senator, the FBI compiled a complete dossier.
1081 dotage मतिक्षीणता senility In his dotage, the old man bored us with long tales of events in his childhood.
1082 dote मूर्ख हो जाना be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline Not only grandmothers bore you with stories about their brilliant grandchildren; grandfathers dote on the littel rascals, too.
1083 dour बेदर्द sullen; stubborn The man was dour abd taciturn.
1084 douse पानी में गोता लगाना plunge into water; drench; extinguish They doused each other with hoses and balloons.
1085 dowdy बेमज़ा slovenly; untidy She tried to change her dowdy image by buying a fashionable new wardrobe.
1086 downcast खिन्न disheartened; sad Cheerful and optimistic by nature, Beth was never downcast despite the difficulties she faced.
1087 drab एकाकार dull; lacking color; cheerless The Dutch woman's drab winter coat contrasted with the distinctive, colorful native costume she wore beneath it.
1088 dregs मैल sediment; worthless residue David poured the wine carefully to avoid stirring up the dregs.
1089 droll हासकर queer and amusing He was a popular guest because his droll anecdotes were always entertaining.
1090 drone परजीवी idle person; male bee Content to let his wife support him, the would-be writer was in reality nothing but a drone.
1091 drone परजीवी talk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee On a gorgeous day, who wants to be stuck in a classroom listening to the teacher drone?
1092 dross कीट waste matter; worhtless impurities Many methods have been devised to separate the valuable metal from the dross.
1093 drudgery कठिन परिश्रम menial work Cinderella's fairy godmother rescued her from a life of drudgery.
1094 dubious संदिग्ध doubtful He has the dubious distinction of being the lowest man in his class.
1095 ductility लचीलापन malleability; flexibility; ability to be drawn out Copper wire has many industrial uses because of its extreme ductility.
1096 dulcet आनंदकर sweet sounding The dulcet sounds of the birds at dawn were soon drowned out by the roar of traffic passing our motel.
1097 dupe भोला someone easily fooled While the gullible Watson often was made a dupe by unscrupulous parties, Sherlock Holmes was far more difficult to fool.
1098 duress अवरोध forcible restraint, especially unlawfully The hostages were held under duress until the prisoners' demands were met.
1099 dutiful कर्तव्यपरायण respectful; obedient The dutiful child grew up to be a conscientious adult aware of his civic obligations.
1100 dwindle सूखना shrink; reduce They spent so much money that their funds dwindled to nothing.
1101 dynamic गतिशील active; efficient A dynamic government is necessary to meet the demands of a changing society.
1102 dyspeptic मंदाग्निग्रस्त suffering from indigestion All the talk about rich food made him feel dyspeptic.

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