Master Wordlist I2

Master Word List I2

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
1782 incipient उत्पन्न होनेवाला beginning; in an early stage I will go to sleep early for I
want to break an incipient cold.
1783 incisive पाछा हुआ cutting; sharp His incisive remarks made us see
the fallacy in our plans.
1784 incite उत्तेजित करना arouse to action The demogogue incited the mob to
take action into its own hands.
1785 inclement बेदर्द stormy; unkind I like to read a good book in
inclement weather.
1786 incline झुकाना slope; slant The architect recommended that
the nursing home's ramp be rebuilt because its incline was too steep for
1787 inclined झुका tending or leaning toward; bent Though I am inclined to be
skeptical, the witness's manner inclines me to believe his story.
1788 inclusive सम्मिलित tending to include all The comedian turned down the
invitation to join the Player's Club, saying any club that would let him in
was too inclusive for him.
1789 incognito गुप्त with identity concealed; using
an assumed name
The monarch enjoyed traveling
throughthe town incognito and mingling with the populace.
1790 incoherent बेतुका unintelligible; muddled;
The bereaved father sobbed and
stammered, his words becoming almost incoherent in his grief.
1791 incommodious असुविधाजनक not spacious; inconvenient In their incommodious quarters,
they had to improvise for closet space.
1792 incompatible असंगत inharmonious The married couple argued
incessantly and finally decided to separate because they were incompatible.
1793 incongruity अयोग्यता lack of harmony; absurdity The incongruity of his wearing
sneakers with formal attire amused the observers.
1794 inconsequential बेमेल insignificant; unimportant Brushing off Ali's apologies for
having broken the wine glass, Tamara said, "Don't worry about it; it's
1795 inconsistency बेजोड़ता state of being
self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness
How are lawyers different from
agricultural inspectors? Where lawyers check inconsistencies in witnesses'
statements, agricultural inspectors check inconsistencies in Grade A eggs.
1796 incontinent असंयमी lacking self-restraint His incontinent behavior off
stage shocked many people and they refused to attend the plays and movies in
which he appeared.
1797 incontrovertible मुंहतोड़ indisputable We must yield to the
incontrovertible evidence that you have presented and free your client.
1798 incorporate सम्मिलित introduce something into a
larger whole; combine; unite
Breaking with precedent,
President Truman ordered the military to incorporate blacks into every branch
of the armed services.
1799 incorporeal निराकार immaterial; without a material
We must devote time to the needs
of our incorporeal mind as well as our corporeal body.
1800 incorrigible असंशोधनीय uncorrectable Though Widow Douglass hoped to
reform Huck, Miss Watson pronounced him incorrigible and said he would come
to no good end.
1801 incredulity अविश्वास a tendency to disbelief Your incredulity in the face of
all the evidence is hard to understand.
1802 incredulous बदगुमान withholding belief; skeptical When Jack claimed he hadn't
eaten the jelly doughnut, Jill took an incredulous look at his smeared face
and laughed.
1803 increment वेतन वृद्धि increase The new contract calls for a 10
percent increment in salary for each employee for the next two years.
1804 incriminate दोषी ठहराना accuse; serve as evidence
The witness's testimony against
the racketeers incriminates some high public officials as well.
1805 incubate सेते hatch; scheme Inasmuch as our supply of
electricity is cut off, we shall have to rely on the hens to incubate these
1806 incubus ईन्कुबुस burden; mental care; nightmare The incubus of financial worry
helped bring on her nervous breakdown.
1807 incumbent निर्भर officeholder The newly elected public
official received valuable advice from the present incumbent.
1808 incur अपने ऊपर लेना bring upon oneself His parents refused to pay any
future debts he might incur.
1809 incursion चढ़ाई temporary invasion The nightly incursions and
hit-and-run raids of our neighbors across the border tried the patience of
the country to the point where we decided to retaliate in force.
1810 indefatigable अथक tireless He was indefatigable in his
constant efforts to raise funds for the Red Cross.
1811 indemnify बीमा कराना make secure against loss;
compensate for loss
The city will indemnify all home
owners whose property is spoiled by this project.
1812 indenture ठीका bind as servant or apprentice to
Many immigrants could come to
America only after they had indentured themselves for several years.
1813 indeterminate दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ uncertain; not clearly fixed;
That interest rates shall rise
appears certain; when they will do so, however, remains indeterminate.
1814 indicative सूचक suggestive; implying A lack of appetite may be
indicative of a major mental or physical disorder.
1815 indict अभियोग लगाना charge If the grand jury indicts the
suspect, he will go to trial.
1816 indifferent उदासीन unmoved; lacking concern Because she felt no desire to
marry, she was indifferent to his constant proposals.
1817 indigence स्वदेशी poverty Neither the economists nor the
political scientists have found a way to wipe out the inequities of wealth
and eliminate indigence from our society.
1818 indigenous स्वदेशी native Tobacco is one of the indigenous
plants that the early explorers found in this country.
1819 indignation रोष anger ar an injustice He felt indignation at the
ill-treatment of the helpless animals.
1820 indignity रोष offensive or insulting treatment Although he seemed to accept
cheerfully the indignities heaped upon him, he was inwardly very angry.
1821 indiscriminate अविवेकी choosing at random; confused She disapproved of her son's
indiscriminate television viewing and decided to restrict him to educational
1822 indisputable निर्विवाद too certain to be disputed In the face of these
indisputable statements, I withdraw my complaint.
1823 indissoluble स्थायी permanent The indissoluble bonds of
marriage are all too often being dissolved.
1824 indite सृजना write; compose Cyrano indited many letters for
1825 indolence आलस laziness He outgrew his youthful
indolence to become a model of industry and alertness on the job.
1826 indomitable अदम्य unconquerable The founders of our country had
indomitable willpower.
1827 indubitably indubitably beyond a doubt Because her argument was
indubitably valid, the judge accepted it.
1828 induce प्रेरित करना persuade; bring about After the quarrel, Tina said
nothing could induce her to talk to Tony again.
1829 inductive अधिष्ठापन का pertaining to induction or
preceeding from the specific to the general
The discovery of the planet
Pluto is an excellent example of the results that can be obtained from
inductive reasoning.
1830 indulgent कृपालु humoring; yielding; lenient indulgent parents spoil their
children by giving in to their every whim.
1831 inebriety मद्यपान habitual intoxication Because of his inebriety, he was
discharged from his position as family chauffeur.
1832 ineffable अकहा unutterable; cannot be expressed
in speech
Such ineffable joy must be
experienced; it cannot be described.
1833 ineffectual अप्रभावी not effective; weak Because the candidate failed to
get across his message to the public, his campaign was ineffectual.
1834 ineluctable अनिवार्य irresistable; not to be escaped He felt that his fate was
ineluctible and refused to make any attempt to improve his lot.
1835 inept अयोग्य lacking skill; inadequate;
inept as a carpenter, Ira was
all thumbs.
1836 inequity अन्याय unfairness In demanding equal pay for equal
work, women protest the basic inequity of a system that allots greater
financial rewards to men.
1837 inerrancy अचूकता infallibility Jane refused to believe in the
pope's inerrancy, reasoning: "All human beings are capable of error. The
pope is a human being. Therefore, he pope is capable of error.
1838 inertia जड़ता state of being inert or
indisposed to move
Our inertia in this matter may
prove disastrous; we must move to aid our allies immediately.
1839 inevitable अपरिहार्य unavoidable Death and taxes are both
1840 inexorable निष्ठुर relentless; unyielding;
After listening to the pleas for
clemency, the judge was inexorable and gave the convicted man the maximum
punishment allowed by law.
1841 infallible अचूक unerring We must remember that none of us
is infallible; we all make mistakes.
1842 infamous बदनाम notoriously bad Jesse James was an infamous
1843 infantile शिशु-संबंधी childish; infantlike When will he outgrow such
infantile behavior?
1844 infer तर्क करना deduce; conclude We must be particularly cautious
when we infer that a person is guilty on the basis of circumstantial
1845 infernal राक्षसी pertaining to hell; devilish They could think of no way to
hinder his infernal scheme.
1846 infidel बेवफ़ा unbeliever The Saracens made war against
tne infidels.
1847 infiltrate घुसपैठ pass into or through; penetrate
(an organization) sneakily
In order to infiltrate enemy
lines at night without being seen, the scouts darkened their faces and wore
black coveralls.
1848 infinitesimal बहुत छोता very small In the twentieth century,
physicists have made their greatest discoveries about the characteristics of
infinitesimal objects like the atom and its parts.
1849 infirmity दुर्बलता weakness Her greatest infirmity was lack
of willpower.
1850 inflated हवा भरा हुआ exaggerated; pompous; enlarged
(with air or gas)
His claims about the new product
were inflated; it did not work as well as he had promised.
1851 influx तांता flowing into The influx of refugees into the
country has taxed the relief agencies severely.
1852 infraction अतिक्रमण violation Because of his many infractions
of school regulations, he was suspended by the dean.
1853 infringe उल्लंघन violate; encroach I think your machine infringes
on my patent and intend to sue.
1854 ingenious सरल clever He came up with a use for
Styrofoam packing balls that was so ingenious that his business school
professors declared it was marketable.
1855 ingenuous निष्कपट naive; young and unsophisticated Although she was over forty, the
movie star still insisted that she be cast as an ingenuous sweet young thing.
1856 ingrained जमा हुआ deeply established; firmly
Try as they would, the
missionaries were unable to uproot the ingrained superstitions of the
1857 ingrate कृतघ्न ungrateful person That ingrate Bob sneered at the
tie I gave him.
1858 ingratiate अनुग्रहभाजन become popular with He tried to ingratiate himself
into her parents' good graces.
1859 inherent निहित firmly established by nature or
His inherent love of justice
compelled him to come to their aid.
1860 inhibit रोकना prohibit; restrain The child was not inhibited in
her responses.
1861 inimical विरोधी unfriendly; hostile She felt that they were inimical
and were hoping for her downfall.
1862 inimitable अननुकरणीय matchless; not able to be
We admire Auden for his
inimitable use of language; he is one of a kind.
1863 iniquitous अधर्म unjust; wicked I cannot approve of the
iniquitous methods you used to gain your present position.
1864 initiate आरंभ begin; originate; receive into a
The college is about to initiate
a program for reducing math anxiety among students.
1865 injurious हानिकारक harmful Smoking cigarettes can be
injurious to your health.
1866 inkling आभास hint This came as a complete surprise
to me as I did not have the slightest inkling of your plans.
1867 innate जन्मजात inborn His innate talent for music was
soon recognized by his parents.
1868 innocuous अहानिकर harmless Let him drink it; it is
innocuous and will have no ill effect.
1869 innovation नवोन्मेष change; introduction of
something new
She loved innovatins just
because they were new.
1870 innuendo इन्युएन्दो hint; insinuation I can defend myself against
direct accusations; innuendos and oblique attacks on my character are what
trouble me.
1871 inopportune बेवक़्त untimely; poorly chosen A rock concert is an inopportune
setting for a quiet conversation.
1872 inordinate असामान्य unrestrained; excessive She had an inordinate fondness
for candy.
1873 inquisitive जिज्ञासु unduly curious; prying; seeking
We need more inquisitive
students in this school; lectures are dull.
1874 inquisitor जिज्ञासा दिखानेवाला questioner (specially harsh);
Fearing being grilled ruthlessly
by the secret police, Marsha faced her inquisitors with trepidation.
1875 insalubrious अपध्य unwholesome; not healthful The mosquito-ridden swamp was an
insalubrious place, a breeding ground for malarial contagion.
1876 insatiable लालची not easily satisfied; greedy Welty's thirst for knowledge was
insatiable; she was in the library day and night.
1877 inscrutable गूढ़ impenetrable; not readily
understood; mysterious
Experienced poker players try to
keep their expressions inscrutable, hiding their reactions to the cards
behind a so-called poker face.
1878 insensate बेसुध without feeling She lay there as insensate as a
1879 insensible बेसुध unconscious; unresponsive Sherry and I are very different;
at times when I would be covered with embarrassment, she seems insensible to
1880 insidious कपटी treacherous; stealthy; sly The fifth column is insidious
because it works secretly within our territory for our defeat.

|| A1(abase-alloy)A2(alloy - appal)A3(apparition-austerity), A4(authenticate-azure),||

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