Master Wordlist D1

Master wordlist D1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
831 dais मंच raised platform for guests of
When he approached the dais, he
was greeted by cheers from the people who had come to honor him.
832 dally विचरना trifle with; procrastinate Laertes told Ophelia that Hamlet
could only dally with her affections.
833 dank नम damp The walls of the dungeon were
dank and slimy.
834 dapper व्यवसायिक neat and trim
Tony Randall played Felix Unger, an excessively dapper soul who could not
stand to have a hair out of place.
835 dappled विचित्र spotted The sunlight filtering though
the screens created a dappled effect on the wall.
836 daub लीपापोती smear (as with paint) From the way he daubed his paint
on the canvas, I could tell he knew nothing of oils.
837 daunt धौंसना intimidate Your threats cannot daunt me.
838 dauntless निडर bold Despite the dangerous nature of
the undertaking, the dauntless soldier volunteered for the assignment.
839 dawdle समय नष्ट करना loiter; waste time Inasmuch as we must meet a
deadline, do not dawdle over this work.
840 deadlock गतिरोध standstill; stalemate The negotiations had reached a
841 deadpan भावशून्य wooden; impassive We wanted to see how long he
could maintain his deadpan expression.
842 dearth अकाल scarcity The dearth of skilled labor
compelled the employers to open trade schools.
843 debacle पराजय breaking up; downfall This debacle in the government
can only result in anarchy.
844 debase मूल्य घटाना reduce to lower state Do not debase youself by
becoming maudlin.
845 debauch छिनाला corrupt; make intemperate A vicious newspaper can debauch
public ideals.
846 debilitate कमज़ोर करना weaken; enfeeble Overindulgence debilitates
character as well as physical stamina.
847 debonair ख़ुशमिज़ाज friendly; aiming to please The debonair youth was liked by
all who met him, because of his cheerful and obliging manner.
848 debris मलबा rubble A full year after the earthquake
in Mexico City, workers were still carting away the debris.
849 debunk धूल में मिलाना expose as false, exaggerated,
worthless, etc.; ridicule
Pointing out that he
conhsistently had voted afainst strenghtening antipollution legislation,
reporters debunked the candidate's claim that he was a fervent
850 debutante लोगों के सामने पहली उपस्थिति
yound woman making formal
entrance into society
As a debutante, she was often
mentioned in the society columns of the newspapers.
851 decadence पतन decay The moral decadence of the
people was reflected in the lewd literature of the period.
852 decant छानना pour off gently Be sure to decant this wine
before serving it.
853 decapitate सिर काटना behead They did not hang Lady Jane
Grey; they decapitated her.
854 decelerate धीमा करना slow down Seeing the emergency blinkers in
the road ahead, he decelerated quickly.
855 deciduous पतनशील falling off, as of leaves The oak is a deciduous tree.
856 decimate बरबाद करना kill, usually one out of ten We do more to decimate our
population in automobile accidents than we do in war.
857 decipher पढ़ना decode I could not decipher the
doctor's handwriting.
858 declivity ढार downward slope The children loved to ski down
the declivity.
859 decollete Decollete having a low-cut neckline Fashion decrees that evening
gowns be decollete this season; bare shoulders are again the vogue.
860 decomposition सड़न decay Despite the body's advanced
state of decomposition, the police were able to identify the murdered man.
861 decorum शिष्टाचार propriety; seemliness Shocked by the unruly behavior,
the teacher criticized the class for its lack of decorum.
862 decoy प्रलोभन lure or bait The wild ducks were not fooled
by the decoy.
863 decrepitude पुरानापन state of collagse caused by
illness or old age
I was unprepared for the state
of decrepitude in which I had found my old friend; he seemed to have aged
twenty years in six months.
864 decry दोष देना express strong disapproval of ;
The founder of the Children's
Defense Fund, Marian Wright Edelman, strongly decries the lack of financial
and moral support for children in America today.
865 deducible deducible derived byreasoning If we accept your premise, your
conclusions are easily deducible.
866 deface बदनाम करना mar; disfigure If you deface a library book,
you will have to pay a hefty fine.
867 defamation मानहानि harming a person's reputation Such defamation of character may
result in a slander suit.
868 default चूक failure to do As a result of her husband's
failure to appear in court, she was granted a divorce by default.
869 defeatist पराजित resigned to defeat; accepting
defeat as a natural outcome
If you maintain your defeatist
attitude, you will never succeed.
870 defection भगना desertion The children, who had made him
an idol, were hurt most by his defection from our cause.
871 deference सम्मान courteous regard for another's
In deference to his desires, the
employers granted him a holiday.
872 defile अपवित्र करना pollute; profane The hoodlums defiled the church
with their scurrilous writing.
873 definitive अंतिम most reliable or complee Carl Sandburg's Abraham Lincoln
may be regarded as the definitive work on the life of the Great Emancipator.
874 deflect मोड़ना turn aside His life was saved when his
cigarette case deflected the bullet.
875 defoliate पत्तों से रहित करना destroy leaves In Vietnam the army made
extensive use of chemical agents to defoliate the woodlands.
876 defray चुकाना provide ofr the payment of Her employer offered to defray
the costs of her postgraduate education.
877 defrock defrock to strip a priest or minister of
church authority
We knew the minister had
violated church regulations, but we had not realized his offense was serious
enough to cause him to be defrocked.
878 deft चतुर neat; skillful The deft waiter uncorked the
champagne without spilling a drop.
879 defunct मृत dead; no longer in use or
The lawyers sought to examine
the books of the defunct corporation.
880 degenerate पतित become worse; deteriorate As the fight dragged on, the
champion's style degenerated until he could barely keep on his feet.
881 degraded अपमानित lowered in rank; debased The degraded wretch spoke only
of his past glories and honors.
882 dehydrate निर्जलीकरण remove water from; dry out Vigorous dancing quickly
dehydrates the body; between dances, be sure to drink more water than normal.
883 deify देवता-सदृश पूजा करना turn into a god; idolize Admire the rock star all you
want; just don't deify him.
884 deign योग्य समझना condescend He felt that he would debase
himself if he deigned to answer his critics.
885 delete हटाना erase; strike out If you delete this paragraph,
the composition will have more appeal.
886 deleterious हानिकारक harmful Workers in nuclear research must
avoid the deleterious effects of radioactive substances.
887 deliberate जानबूझकर consider; ponder; unhurried Offered the new job, she asked
for time to deliberate before she made her decision.
888 delineate चित्रित करना portray He is weakest when he attempts
to delineate character.
889 delirium प्रलाप mental disorder marked by
The drunkard in his delirium saw
strange animals.
890 delta डेल्टा flat plain of mud or sand
between branches of a river
His dissertation discussed the
effect of intermittent flooding on the fertility of the Nile delta.
891 delude भुलाना deceive Do not delude yourself into
believing that he will relent.
892 deluge बाढ़ flood; rush When we advertised the position,
we received a deluge of applications.
893 delusion भ्रांति false belief; hallucination This scheme is a snare and a
894 delusive धोखे से भरा हुआ deceptive; raising vain hopes Do not raise your hopes on the
basis of his delusive promises.
895 delve गड्ढा dig; investigate delving into old books and
manuscripts is part of a researcher's job.
896 demagogue दुर्जनों का नेता person who appeals to people's
prejudice; false leader
He was accused of being a
demogogue because he made promises that aroused futile hopes in his
897 demean नीचा दिखाना degrade; humiliate He felt that he would demean
himself if he replied to the scurrilous letter.
898 demeanor आचरण behavior; bearing His sober demeanor quieted the
noisy revelers.
899 demented बावला insane She became increasingly demented
and had to be hospitalized.
900 demise मृत्यु death Upon the demise of the dictator,
a bitter dispute about succession to power developed.
901 demographic जनसांख्यिकीय related to population balance In conducting a survey, one
should take into account demographic trends in the region.
902 demolition विध्वंस destruction One of the major aims of the air
force was the complete demolition of all means of transportation by the
bombing of rail lines and the terminals.
903 demoniac आसुरी fiendish The Spanish Inquisition devised
many demoniac means of torture.
904 demotic क़ौमी pertaining to the people He lamented the passing of
aristocratic society and maintained that a demotic society would lower the
nation's standards.
905 demur आपत्ति delay; object To demur at this time will only
worsen the already serious situation; now is the time for action.
906 demure संकोची grave; serius; coy She was demure and reserved.
907 denigrate बदनाम करना blacken All attempts to denigrate the
character of our late President have failed; the people still love him and
cherish his memory.
908 denizen निवासी inhabitant of Ghosts are denizens of the land
of the dead who return to earth.
909 denotation हिदायत meaning; distinguishing by name A dictionary will always give us
the denotation of a word; frequently, it will always give us its connotation.
910 denouement उपसंहार outcome; final development of
the plot of a play or other literary work
The play was childishly written;
the denouement was obvious to sophisticated theatergoers as early as the
middle of the first act.
911 denounce आरोप लगा देना condemn; critcize The reform candidate denounced
the corrupt city officers for having betrayed the public's trust.
912 depict शब्दों में वर्णन करना portray In this book, the author depicts
the slave owners as kind and benevolent masters.
913 deplete व्यय करना reduce; exhaust We must wait until we deplete
our present inventory before we order replacements.
914 deplicity deplicity double-dealing; hypocrisy People were shocked and dismayed
when they learned of his duplicity in this affair, as he had always seemed
honest and straightforward.
915 deplore खेद प्रकट करना regret Although I deplore the vulgarity
of your language, I defend your right to express yourself freely.
916 deploy की तैनाती move troops so that the battle
line is extended at the expense of depth
The general ordered the
battalion to deploy in order to meet the offensive of the enemy.
917 depose पदच्युत करना dethrone; remove form office The army attempted to depose the
king and set up a military government.
918 deposition निक्षेप testimony under oath He made his deposition in the
judge's chamber.
919 depravity भ्रष्टता corruption; wickedness The depravity of the tyrant's
behavior shocked us all.
920 deprecate बिनती करना express disapproval of; protest
against; belittle
A firm believer in old-fashioned
courtesy, Miss Post deprecated the modern tendency to address new
acquaintances by their first names.
921 depreciate पछताना lessen in value If you neglect this properly, it
will depreciate.
922 depredation लूट-पाट plundering After the depredations of the
invaders, the people were penniless.
923 deranged विक्षिप्त insane He had to be institutionalized
because he was deranged.
924 derelict त्याग किया हुआ neglectful of duty; abandoned The corporal who fell asleep
while on watch was thrown into the guardhouse for being derelic in his duty.
925 deride उपहास करना scoff at The people derided his grandiose
926 derision उपहास ridicule They greeted his proposal with
derision and refused to consider it seriously.
927 derivative यौगिक unoriginal; obtained from
another source
Although her early poetry was
clearly derivative in nature, the critics thought she had promise and
eventually would find her own voice.
928 dermatologist त्वचा विशेषज्ञ one who studies the skin and its
I advise you to consult a
dermatologist about your acne.
929 derogatory अपमानजनक expressing a low opinion I resent your derogatory
930 descry पता लगा लेना catch sight of In the distance, we could barely
descry the enemy vessels.

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