Master Wordlist A3

Master wordlist A3

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
200 apparition प्रेत ghost; phantom Hamlet was uncertain about the
identity of the apparition that had appeared and spoken to him.
201 appease तुष्टि pacify; soothe We have discovered that, when we
try to appease our enemies, we encourage them to make additional demands.
202 appellation पदवी name; title He was amazed when the witches
hailed him with his correct appellation.
203 append जोड़ना attach I shall append this chart to my
204 application उपयोग diligent attention; (secondary
meaning) apply
Pleased with how well Tom had
whitewashed the fence, Aunt Polly praised him for his application.
205 apposite उचित appropriate; fitting He was always able to find the
apposite phrase, the correct expression for every occasion.
206 appraise आंकना estimate the value of It is difficult to appraise old
paintings; it is easier to call them priceless.
207 appreciate सराहना be thankful for; increase in
worth; be thoroughly conscious of
Little Orphan Annie truly
appreciated the stocks Daddy Warbucks ave her, whose value appreciated
considerably over the years.
208 apprehend पकड़ना arrest ( a criminal); dread;
The police will apprehend the
culprit and convict him before long.
209 apprehensive भयभीत fearful; discerning His apprehensive glances at the
people who were walking in the street revealed his nervousness.
210 apprise बतलाना inform When he was apprised of the
dangerous weather conditions, he decided to postpone his trip.
211 approbation प्रशंसा approval Wanting her parents' regard, she
looked for some sign of their approbation.
212 appropriate उपयुक्त acquire; take possession of for
one's own use
The ranch owners appropriated
the lands that had originally been set aside for the Indians' use.
213 appurtenances appurtenances subordinate possessions He bought the estate and all its
214 apropos अनुरूप with reference to; regarding I find your remarks apropos of
the present situation timely and pertinent.
215 aptitude योग्यता fitness; talent The counselor evaluated his
aptitudes before advising him about the career he should follow.
216 aquiline मुड़ा हुआ curved, hooked He can be recognized by his
aquiline nose, curved like the beak of the eagle.
217 arable कृषि योग्य fit for plowing The land was no longer arable;
erosion had removed the valuable topsoil.
218 arbiter मध्यस्थ person with power to decide a
matter in a dispute; judge
As an arbiter in labor disputes,
she has won the confidence of the workers and the employers.
219 arbitrary मनमाना unreasonable or capricious;
The coach claimed the team lost
because the umpire made some arbitrary calls.
220 arbitrate पंचायत करना act as judge She was called upon to arbitrate
the dispute between the union and the management.
221 arboretum तरुवाटिका place where different varieties
of trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
Walking along the treelined
paths of the arboretum, Rita noted poplars, firs, and some particularly fine
222 arcade आर्केड a covered passageway, usually
lined with shops
The arcade was popular with
shoppers because it gave them protection from the summer sun and the winter
223 arcane भेद का secret; mysterious What was arcane to us was clear
to the psychologist.
224 archaeology पुरातत्त्व study of artifacts and relics of
early mankind
The professor of archaeology
headed an expedition to the Gobi Desert in search of ancient ruins.
225 archaic प्राचीन antiquated Methinks, "thee," and
"thou" are archaic words that are no longer part of our normal
226 archetype मूलरूप आदर्श prototype; primitive pattern The Brooklyn Bridge was the
archetype of the many spans that now connect Manhattan with Long Island and
New Jersey.
227 archipelago द्वीपसमूह group of closely located islands When he looked at the map and
saw the archipelagoes in the South Seas, he longed to visit them.
228 archives अभिलेखागार public records; place where
public records are kept
These documents should be part
of the archives so that historians may be able to evaluate them in the
229 ardor ललक heat; passion; zeal Katya's ardor was contagious;
soon all her fellow demonstrators were busily making posters and handing out
flyers, inspired by her ardent enthusiasm for the cause.
230 arduous कठिन hard; strenuous Her arduous efforts had sapped
her energy.
231 argot खिचड़ी भाषा slang In the argot of the underworld,
she "was taken for a ride."
232 aria आरिया operatic solo At her Metropolitan Opera
audition, Marian Anderson sang an aria from Norma.
233 arid बंजर dry; barren The cactus had adapted to
survive in an arid environment.
234 aristocracy शिष्टजन hereditary nobility; privileged
Americans have mixed feelings
about hereditary aristocracy:
235 armada Armada fleet of warships Queen Elizabeth's navy was able
to defeat the mighty armada that threatened the English coast.
236 aromatic खुशबूदार fragrant Medieval sailing vessels brought
aromatic herbs from China to Europe.
237 arraign कलंक लगाना charge in court; indict After his indictment by the
Grand Jury, the accused man was arraigned in the County Criminal Court.
238 array सरणी marshal; draw up in order His actions were bound to array
public sentiment against him.
239 array सरणी clothe; adorn She liked to watch her
motherarray herself in her finest clothes before going out for the evening.
240 arrears बकाया being in debt He was in arrears with his
payments on the car.
241 arrogance हेकड़ी pride, haughtiness The arrogance of the nobility
was resented by the middle class.
242 arroyo अरोयो gully Until the heavy rains of the
past spring, this arroyo had been a dry bed.
243 articulate स्पष्ट effective; distinct Her articulate presentation of
the advertising campaign impressed her employers.
244 artifacts कलाकृतियों products of primitive culture Archaeologists debated the
significance of the artifacts discovered in the ruins of Asia Minor and came
to no conclusion.
245 artifice चालाकी deception; trickery The Trojan War proved to the
Greeks that cunning and artifice were often more effective than military
246 artisan शिल्पी a manually skilled worker Artists and artisans alike are
necessary to the development of a culture.
247 artless अनाड़ी without guile; open and honest Red Riding Hood's artless
comment, "Grandma, what big eyes you have!" indicates the child's
innocent surprises at her "grandmother's" changed appearance.
248 ascendancy प्रभुत्व controlling influence President Marcos failed to
maintain his ascendency over Philippines.
249 asceptic asceptic preventing infection; having a
cleansing effect
Hospitals succeeded in lowering
the mortality rate as soon as they introduced asceptic conditions.
250 ascetic तपस्वी practicing self-denial; austere The wealthy young man could not
understand the ascetic life led by the monks.
251 asceticism वैराग्य doctrine of self-denial We find asceticism practiced in
many monastries.
252 ascribe कारण बताना refer; attribute; assign I can ascribe no motive for her
253 ashen भस्मवर्ण ash-colored; deadly pale Her face was ashen with fear.
254 asinine गदहे का stupid Your asinine remarks prove that
you have not given this problem any serious consideration.
255 askance कनखियों with a sideways or indirect look Looking askance at her
questioner, she displayed her scorn.
256 askew तिरछा crookedly; slanted; at an angle When he placed his hat askew
upon his head, his observers laughed.
257 asperity तीक्ष्णता sharpness (of temper) These remarks, spoken with
asperity, stung the boys to whom they had been directed.
258 aspersion कलंक slanderous remark Do not cast aspersions on her
259 aspirant आकांक्षी seeker after position or status Although I am as aspirant for
public office, I am not willing to accept the dictates of the party bosses.
260 aspiration आकांक्षा noble ambition Youth's aspirations should be as
lofty as the stars.
261 assail आक्रमण करना assault He was assailed with questions
after his lecture.
262 assay परख analyze; evaluate When they assayed the ore, they
found that they had discovered a very rich vein.
263 assent अनुमति agree; accept It gives me great pleasure to
assent to your request.
264 assert जोर state strongly or positively;
insist on or demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc).
When Jill asserted that nobody
else in the junior class had such an early curfew, her parents Asserted
themselves, telling her that if she didn't get home by nine o'clock she would
be grounded for the week.
265 assessment मूल्यांकन estimation; appraisal I would like to have your
assessment of the situation in South Africa.
266 assiduous परिश्रमी diligent It took Rembrandt weeks of
assiduous labor before he was satisfied with his portrait of his son.
267 assimilate पचाना absorb; cause to become
The manner in which the United
States was able to assimilate the hordes of immigrants during the nineteenth
and early part of the twentieth centuries will always be a source of pride.
268 assuage शांत करना ease; lessen(pain) Your messages of cheer should
assuage her suffering.
269 assumption कल्पना something taken for granted; the
taking over or taking possession of
The young princess made the
foolish assumption that the regent would not object to her Assumption of
270 assurance बीमा promise or pledge; certainty;
When Gutherie gave Guiness his
assurance that rehearsals were going well, he spoke with such assurance that
Guiness was convinced.
271 asteroid छोटा तारा small planet asteroids have become
commonplace to the readers of interstellar travel stories in science fiction
272 astigmatism दृष्टिवैषम्य eye defect that prevents proper
As soon as his parents
discovered that the boy suffered from astigmatism, they took him to the
optometrist for corrective glasses.
273 astral सूक्ष्म relating to the stars She was amazed at the number of
astral bodies the new telescope revealed.
274 astringent स्तम्मक binding; causing contraction;
harsh or severe
The astringent quality of
unsweetened lemon juice made swallowing difficult.
275 astronomical खगोलीय enormously large or extensive The government seemed willing to
spend astronomical sums on weapons development.
276 astute चतुर wise; shrewd That was a very astute
277 asunder अलग-अलग into parts; apart Their points of view are poles
278 asylum अस्पताल place of refuge or shelter;
The refugees sought asylum from
religious persecution in a new land.
279 asymmetric असममित not identical on both sides of a
dividing central line
Because one eyebrow was set
markedly higher than the other, William's face had a particularly asymmetric
280 atavism विरासत resemblance to remote ancestors
rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback
Martin seemed an atavism to his
Tuscan ancestors who lavished great care on their small plots of soil.
281 atheistic नास्तिक वृत्ति का denying the existence of God His atheistic remarks shocked
the religious worshippers.
282 atone हरजाना देना make amends for; pay for He knew no way in which he could
atone for his brutal crime.
283 atrocity क्रूरता brutal deed In time of war, many atrocities
are committed by invading armies.
284 atrophy शोष wasting away Polio victims need physiotherapy
to prevent the atrophy of affected limbs.
285 attenuate दुर्बल होना make thin; weaken By withdrawing their forces, the
generals hoped to attenuate the enemy lines.
286 attest attest testify; bear witness Having served as a member of a
grand jury, I can attest that our system of indicting individuals is in need
of improvement.
287 attribute गुण essential quality His outstanding attribute was
his kindness.
288 attribute गुण ascribe; explain I attribute her success in
science to the encouragement she received from her parents.
289 attrition संघर्षण gradual wearing down They decided to wage a war of
attrition rather than to rely on all-out attack.
290 audacious साहसी daring; bold Audiences cheered as Luke
Skywalker and Princess Leia made their audacious, death-defying leap to
freedom and escaped Darth Vader's troops.
291 audit आडिट examination of accounts When the bank examiners arrived
to hold their annual audit, they discovered the embezzlements of the chief
292 augment बढ़ाना increase How can we hope to augment our
forces when our allies are deserting us?
293 augury शकुन omen; prophecy He interpreted the departures of
the birds as an augury of evil.
294 august अगस्त impressive; majestic Visiting the palace at
Versailes, she was impressed by the august surroundings in which she found
295 aureole किरणों का पुंज sun's corona; halo Many medieval paintings depict
saintly characters with aureols around their heads.
296 auroral Auroral pertaining to the aurora
The auroral display was
particularly spectacular that evening.
297 auspicious शुभ favoring success With favorable weather
conditions, it was an auspicious moment to set sail.
298 austere सादगीपसन्द strict, stern His austere demeanor prevented
us from engaging in our usual frivolous activities.
299 austerity तपस्या sternness; severity; lack of
The austerity and dignity of the
court were maintained by the new justices, who were a strict and solemn

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