Master Word List R1

Master Word List R1

Sr No. Word hindi Meaning Example
2830 rabid विक्षिप्त like a fanatic; furious He was a rabid follower of the
Dodgers and watched them play whenever he could go to the ball park.
2831 raconteur बयान करनेवाला story-teller My father was a gifted raconteur
with an unlimited supply of anecdotes.
2832 ragamuffin Ragamuffin person wearing tattered clothes He felt sorry for the ragamuffin
who was begging for food and gave him money to buy a meal.
2833 rail रेल scold; rant You may rail at him all you
want; you will never change him.
2834 raiment पोशाक clothing How can I go to the ball? asked
Cinderella. "I have no raiment fit to wear."
2835 rakish rakish stylish; sporty He wore his hat at a rakish and
jaunty angle.
2836 ramble विचरना wander aimlessly (physically or
Listening to the teacher ramble,
Judy wondered whether he'd ever get to his point.
2837 ramification उपशाखा branching out; subdivision We must examine all the
ramifications of this problem.
2838 ramify डालियां फैलना divide into branches or
When the plant begins to ramify,
it is advisable to nip off most of the new branches.
2839 ramp रैंप slope; inclined plane The house was built with ramps
instead of stairs in order to enable the man in the wheelchair to move easily
from room to room and floor to floor.
2840 rampant अनियंत्रित rearing up on hind legs;
The rampant weeds in the garden
killed all the flowers that had been planted in the spring.
2841 rampart किले की दीवार defensive mound on earth From the ramparts we watched as
the fighting continued.
2842 ramshackle जीर्ण rickety; falling apart The boys propped up the
ramshackle clubhouse with a couple of boards.
2843 rancid बासी having the odor of stale fat A rancid odor filled the ship's
galley and nauseated the crew.
2844 rancor विद्वेष bitterness; hatred Let us forget out rancor and
cooperate in this new endeavor.
2845 random बिना सोचे समझे without definite purpose, plan,
or aim; haphazard
Although the sponsor of the
raffle claimed all winners were chosen at random, people had their suspicions
when the grand prize went to the sponsor's brother-in-law.
2846 rankle पकना irritate; fester The memory of having been jilted
rankled him for years.
2847 rant शेख़ी rave; speak bombastically As we heard him rant on the
platform, we could not understand his strange popularity with many people.
2848 rapacious लालची excessively grasping; plundering Hawks and other rapacious birds
prey on variety of small animals.
2849 rapport घनिष्ठता emotional closeness; harmony In team teaching, it is
important that all teachers in the group have good rapport with one another.
2850 rarefied rarefied made less dense [of a gas] The mountain climbers had
difficulty breathing in the rarefied atmosphere.
2851 raspy raspy grating; harsh The sergeant's raspy voice
grated on the recruits' ears.
2852 ratify पुष्टि करना approve formally; verify Before the treaty could go into
effect, it had to be ratified by the president.
2853 ratiocination ratiocination reasoning; act of drawing
conclusions from premises
While Watson was a man of
average intelligence, Holmes was a genius, whose gift for ratiocination made
him a superb detective.
2854 rationalization युक्तिकरण bringing into conformity with
All attempts at rationalization
at this time are doomed to failure; tempers and emotions run too high for
intelligent thought to prevail.
2855 rationalize युक्तिसंगत reason; justify an improper act Do not try to rationalize your
behavior by blaming your companions.
2856 raucous फटा harsh and shrill His raucous laughter irritated
me and grated on my ears.
2857 ravage नाश plunder; despoil The marauding army ravaged the
2858 rave बड़बड़ाना overwhelmingly favorable review Though critic John Simon seldom
has a good word to say about contemporary plays, his review of All in the
Timing was a total rave.
2859 ravel घपलेबाज़ी fall apart into tangles; unravel
or untwist; entangle
A sigle thread pulled loose, and
the entire scarf started to ravel.
2860 ravenous हिंसक extremely hungry The revenous dog upset several
garbage pails in its search for food.
2861 ravine नाला narrow valley with steep sides Steeper than a gully, less
precipitous than a canyon, a ravine is, like them, the product of years of
2862 raze ढाना destroy completely The owners intend to raze the
hotel and erect an office building on the site.
2863 reactionary प्रतिक्रियावादी recoiling from progress;
His program was reactionary
since it sought to abolish many of the social reforms instituted by the
previous administration.
2864 realm क्षेत्र kingdom; sphere The realm of possibilities for
the new invention was endless.
2865 reaper काटनेवाला one who harvests grain Death, the Grim Reaper, cuts
down men and women, just as a farmer cuts down the ripened grain.
2866 rebate छूट discount We offer a rebate of ten percent
to those who pay cash.
2867 rebuff प्रतिघात snub; beat back She rebuffed his invitation so
smoothly that he did not realize he had been snubbed.
2868 rebus रिबास puzzle in which pictures stand
for words
A coven of witches beside a tree
is a possible rebus for the town Coventry.
2869 rebuttal खंडन refutation; response with
contrary evidence
The defense lawyer confidently
listened to the prosecutor sum up his case, sure that she could answer his
arguments in her rebuttal.
2870 recalcitrant आज्ञा न माननेवाला obstinately stubborn Donkeys are reputed to be the
most recalcitrant of animals.
2871 recant अपने को वंचित करना repudiate; withdraw previous
Unless you recant your
confession, you will be punished severely.
2872 recapitulate पुनरावृत्ति करना summarize Let us recapitulate what has
been said thus far before going ahead.
2873 receptive ग्रहणशील quick or willing to receive
ideas, suggestions, etc.
Adventure-loving Huck Finn
proved a receptive audience for Tom's tales of buried treasure and piracy.
2874 recession मंदी withdrawal; retreat; time of low
economic activity
The slow recession of the flood
waters created problems for the crews working to restore power to the area.
2875 recidivism जुर्म habitual return to crime Prison reformers in the United
States are disturbed by the high rate of recidivism; the number of persons
serving second and third terms indicates the failure of the prisons to
rehabilitate the inmates.
2876 recipient प्राप्तकर्ता receiver Although he had been the
recipient of many favors, he was not grateful to his benefactor.
2877 reciprocal पारस्परिक mutual; exchangeable;
The two nations signed a
reciprocal trade agreement.
2878 reciprocate विनिमय करना repay in kind If they attack us, we shall be
compelled to reciprocate and bomb their territory.
2879 recluse वैरागी hermit The recluse lived in a hut in
the forest.
2880 reconcile समाधान करना correct inconsistencies; become
friendly after a quarrel
Every time we try to reconcile
our checkbook with the bank statement, we quarrel. However, despite these
monthly lovers' quarrels, we always manage to reconcile.
2881 recondite गंभीर abstruse; profound; secret He read many recondite books in
order to obtain the material for the scholarly thesis.
2882 reconnaissance पैमाइश survey of enemy by soldiers;
If you encounter any enemy
soldiers during your reconnaissance, capture them for questioning.
2883 recount ब्योरा narrate or tell; count over
About to recount the latest
adventure of Sherlock Holmes, Watson lost track of exactly how many cases
Holmes had solved and refused to begin his tale until he'd recounted them one
by one.
2884 recourse सहारा resorting to help when in
The boy's only recourse was to
appeal to his father for aid.
2885 recrimination परस्पर दोषारोपण countercharges Loud and angry recriminations
were her answer to his accusations.
2886 rectify सुधारने correct I want to rectify my error
before it is too late.
2887 rectitude इंसाफ uprightness He was renowned for his
rectitude and integrity.
2888 recumbent लेटा हुआ reclining; lying down completely
or in part
The command "AT EASE"
does not permit you to take a recumbent position.
2889 recuperate स्वस्थ हो जाना recover The doctors were worried because
the patient did not recuperate as rapidly as they had expected.
2890 recurrent आवर्तक occurring again and again These recurrent attacks
disturbed us and we consulted a physician.
2891 redolent सुगंध का fragrant; odorous; suggestive of
an odor
Even though it is February, the
air is redolent of spring.
2892 redoubtable बढाया हुआ formidable; causing fear During the Cold War period,
neighboring countries tried not to offend the Russians because they could be
redoubtable foes.
2893 redress प्रतिकार remedy; compensation Do you mean to tell me that I
can get no redress for my injuries?
2894 redundant बेमानी superfluous; excessively wordy;
Your composition is redundant;
you can easily reduce its length.
2895 reek भाप emit (odor) The room reeked with stale
tobacco smoke.
2896 refectory चायख़ाना dining hall In this huge refectory, we can
feed the entire student body at one sitting.
2897 refraction अपवर्तन bending of a ray of light When you look at a stick
inserted in water, it looks bent because of the refraction of the light by
the water.
2898 refractory आग रोक stubborn; unmanageable The refractory horse was
eliminated from the race when he refused to obey the jockey.
2899 refrain बचना v. abstain from; resist n.
Whenever he heard a song with a
lively chorus, Sol could never refrain from joining in on the refrain.
2900 refurbish refurbish renovate; make bright by
The flood left a deposit of mud
on everything; it was necessary to refurbish our belongings.
2901 refute खंडन disprove The defense called several
respectable witnesses who were able to refute the false testimony of the
prosecution's only witness.
2902 regal शाही royal Prince Albert had a regal
2903 regale दावत देना entertain John regaled us with tales of
his adventures in Africa.
2904 regatta दौड़ boat or yacht race Many boating enthusiasts
followed the regatta in their own yachts.
2905 regeneration उत्थान spiritual rebirth Modern penologists strive for
the regeneration of the prisoners.
2906 regicide राज-हत्या murder of a king or queen The beheading of Mary Queen of
Scots was an act of regicide.
2907 regime शासन method or system of government When a Frenchman mentions the
Old Regime, he refers to the government existing before the revolution.
2908 regimen आहार prescribed diet and habits I doubt whether the results
warrant our living under such a strict regimen.
2909 rehabilitate पुनरावास देना restore to proper condition We must rehabilitate those whom
we send to prison.
2910 reimburse प्रतिपूर्ति repay Let me know what you have spent
and I will reimburse you.
2911 reiterate बार बार दुहराना repeat He reiterated the warning to
make sure everyone understood it.
2912 rejoinder पत्युत्तर retort; comeback; reply When someone has been rude to
me, I find it particularly satisfying to come up with a quick rejoinder.
2913 rejuvenate फिर से युवा करना make young again The charlatan claimed that his
elixir would rejuvenate the aged and weary.
2914 relapse पलटा fall back or sink again The economy relapsed into a
depression from the peak.
2915 relegate निर्वासित कर देना banish; consign to inferior
If we relegate these experts to
minor posts because of their political persuasions, we shall lose their
valuable services.
2916 relent नरम पड़ना give in When her stern father would not
relent and allow her to marry Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett eloped with
her suitor.
2917 relevant प्रासंगिक pertinent; referring to the case
in hand
Teri was impressed by how
relevant Virginia Woolf's remarks were to her as a woman writer; it was as if
Woolf had been writing with Teri's situation in mind.
2918 relic अवशेष surviving remnant; memento Egypt's Department of
Antiquities prohibits tourists from taking mummies and other ancient relics
out of the country.
2919 relinquish त्यागना abandon I will relinquish my claims to
this property if you promise to retain my employees.
2920 relish स्वाद savor; enjoy I relish a good joke as much as
anyone else.
2921 remediable remediable reparable Let us be grateful that the
damage is remediable.
2922 reminiscence संस्मरण recollection Her reminiscences of her
experiences are so fascinating that she ought to write a book.
2923 remiss बेपरवाह negligent He was accused of being remiss
in his duty when the prisoner escaped.
2924 remission क्षमा temporary moderation of disease
symptoms; cancellation of a debt; forgiveness or pardon
Though Senator Tsongas had been
treated for cancer, his symptoms were in remission, and he was considered fit
to handle the strains of a Presidential race.
2925 remnant अवशेष remainder I suggest that you wait until
the store places the remnants of these goods on sale.
2926 remonstrance प्रतिवाद protest; objection The authorities were deaf to the
pastor's remonstrances about the lack of police protection in the area.
2927 remorse पछतावा guilt; self-reproach The murderer felt no remorse for
his crime.
2928 remunerative पारिश्रमिक-संबंधी compensating; rewarding I find my new work so
renumerative that I may not return to my previous employment.
2929 rend उखड़ना split; tear apart In his grief, he tried to rend
his garments.

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