Sentence Improvement Practice Questions Set5

Practice Questions on Sentence Improvement for SSC CGL Exam Set 5

1   My friend  went abroad last week.
(A) has gone
(B) went to
(C) had gone
(D) No improvement
 Answer: A
2    If I had gone to Mumbai, I  would surely bring your books.
(A) would have surely brought
(B)could have surely brought
(C) might have brought
(D)No improvement
Answer: A

3    She  is loving chocolate icecream
(A) has loving
(B) has been loved
(C) loves
(D) No improvement
Answer: C
4   James  had been teaching at the university since June.
(A) has been teaching
(B) have been teaching
(C) is teaching
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
5   I  am working here from 2008.
(A) have been working here since
(B) have worked here from
(C) have been working here from
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
6   The constitution of  India guaranteed each citizen equal rights and privileges.
(A) Indian guarantees
(B) India guarantees
(C) India guarantys
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
7   We did a test when the lights went out.
(A) have been doing
(B) were doing
(C) had done
(D) No improvement.
Answer: B
8   She hoped that she will inherit her father’s property as she has no other sibling
(A) would inherit
(B)  would have inherited
(C)  inherits
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
9    It is wonderful to be successful when one  expect  failure.
(A) expects
(B) expected
(C) were expecting
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
10   Were  I a doctor I would treat him free?
(A) Was I
(B)  If I was
(C)  Had I been
(D) No improvement
Answer: D
11   When I reached the house it  has been already rented.
(A)  Have been
(B)  was
(C)  had been
(D)  No improvement
Answer: C
12    I could do nothing but  to cry.
(A) cry
(B) cried
(C) having cried
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
13    I won’t have you behaving like that in my office.
(A) have you behave
(B)  have you to behave
(C)  have you behaving
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
14   You are requested to kindly submit the form latest by Monday.
(A) to submit
(B)  To submit kindly
(C)  for submitting
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
15    The man told the bidder to deposit the token amount at least.
(A) to at least deposit the token amount
(B)  to  least deposit the token amount
(C)  to at least deposit the amount
(D) No improvement
Answer: A
16   I do not think it  would not rain.
(A) will rain
(B) should not rain
(C) should rain
(D) will not rain
Answer: A

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