One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning T-Z

One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning T-Z

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Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
899 A Place Where Lather
Is Tanned
Tannery चमड़े का कारख़ाना
900 The Art Of Preserving
Taxidermy चर्मपूर्ण करना
901 One Who Does Not Take
Alcoholic Drinks
Teetotaller मद्यत्यागी
902 One, Who Does Not
Take Any Intoxicating Drink
Teetotaller मद्यत्यागी
903 Power Of Reading
Thoughts Of Others
Telepathy टेलिपाथी
904 An Instrument Of
Seeing Distant Objects
Telescope दूरबीन
905 One Who Enjoy Talking
About Others Private Affairs
Telltale गप्पी
906 A Noisy Quarrelsome
Women, A Shrew
Termagant लड़ाका
907 Station At The End Of
A Route
Terminus अंतिम स्टेशन
908 Fear Of Deaths Thanatophobia
909 One Who Believes In
The Existence Of A God Or Gods
Theist आस्तिक
910 Government By
Religious Principles
Theocracy थेअक्रसी
911 Government By The
912 An Instrument For
Measuring Temperature
Thermometer थर्मामीटर
913 Fasten Or Secure With
A Rope, String, Or Cord
Tie टाई
914 One Who Always Runs
Away From Danger
Timid डरपोक
915 Pleasurable
Titillation गुदगुदाना
916 Existing Only In Name Titular नाममात्र का
917 A Dull, Heavy Book Tome मुझसे
918 One Who Is Habitual
Toper/Sot शराबी / सोत
919 Art Of Cutting Tree
And Bushes Into Ornamental Shape
920 A Writing Which End
In Death Or Sorrow
Tragedy त्रासदी
921 Allowing Light To
Pass Through Diffusely
Translucent पारभासी
922 The Doctrine That
Human Souls Pass From One Body To Another At The Time Of Death
Transmigration स्थानांतरगमन
923 A Drawing On
Transparent Paper
Transparency ट्रांसपेरेंसी
924 That Which Can Be
Seen Through
Transparent पारदर्शक
925 An Event Which
Happens Once In Three Years
Triennial त्रैवार्षिक
926 Group Of Three Novels Trilogy त्रयी
927 Having Three Legs Tripod तिपाई
928 Fear Of Numbers Triskaidekaphobia
929 A Person/Student Who
Absents Himself From Class Or Duty Without Permission
Truant अनुपस्थित रहने
930 Plain Or Self Evident
931 Confidence Reposed In
Person By Making Them Nominal Owner
Trust भरोसा
932 A Disloyal Person Who
Betrays Or Deserts His Cause
933 Two Children Born
Twins जुड़वां
934 Science Of Printing Typography टाइपोग्राफी
935 Found Or Present
Ubiquitous देशव्यापी
936 All Of One Mind Unanimous सर्वसम्मत
937 Incapable Of Being
Unavoidable अनिवार्य
938 Decision Taken By
One's Side Only
Unilateral एकतरफा
939 Belonging To All
Parts Of The World
Universal यूनिवर्सल
940 Having Information
Till Today
Up-To-Date आधुनिक
941 The Study Of
Urology उरोलोजि
942 One Who Lends Money
At Higher Rate Of Interest
Usurer सूदखोर
943 A Person Who Seize
Something Without The Right To Do So
Usurper हड़पनेवाला
944 An Imaginary Perfect
Social And Political System
Utopia आदर्शलोक
945 Murder Of Wife Uxoricide
946 One Extremely Fond Of
One's Wife
947 Change One’s Mind Two
Vacillation चंचलता
948 A Person Who Lives A
Wandering Life
Vagabond आवारा
949 A Farewell Speech Valedictory विदा का
950 Weak Or Sickly Person
Especially One Morbidly Concerned With His Or Her Health
Valetudinarian वहमी
951 Someone Who Willfully
Destroys Or Defaces Property
Vandal बर्बर
952 Someone Who Eats No
Meat Or Fish
Vegetarian शाकाहारी
953 A Fault That May Be
Venial अमर
954 The Meat Of Deer Venison हिरन का मांस
955 A Performer Who
Projects The Voice Into A Wooden Dummy
956 Repetition Of Word By
Word, word for word
Verbatim प्रतिशब्द
957 Style Full Of Words Verbose वाचाल
958 Interested In And
Clever At Many Different Things
Versatile बहुमुखी
959 Animals Having Spinal
Vertebrate हड्डीवाला
960 Evening Prayer In A
Vesper संध्या का तारा
961 One, Who Has A Long
Experience Of Any Occupation
Veteran वयोवृद्ध
962 A Short Literary
Description Marked By Delicacy
Vignette शब्दचित्र
963 One Who Is Determined
To Exact Full Vegeance For Wrong Done To Him
Vindictive प्रतिशोधी
964 One Who Deals In
965 A Woman Who Has No
Sexual Experience
Virgin अछूता
966 One Who Is Brilliant
Performer On Stage (Specially Music)
Virtuoso कलाप्रवीण व्यक्ति
967 One, Who Offers One's
Volunteer स्वयंसेवक
968 Person Who Gives
Himself Up To Luxury And Sexual Pleasures
969 One Who Is Very Eager
For Knowledge And Reads A Lot
Voracious पेटू
970 A Long Journy
Especially By Sea
Voyage जलयात्रा
971 A Place For Clothes Wardrobe कपड़े
972 A Cock-Shaped
Indicator On The Building Top To Show The Direction Of Air
Weather-Cock मौसम मुर्गा
973 A Person Sharing
Responsibility For A Political Party’s Discipline And Tactics
Whip कोड़ा
974 A Woman Whose Husband
Has Died
Widow विधवा
975 A Man Whose Wife Has
Widower विधुर
976 Method Of Sending
Messages Without The Help Of Wires
Wireless Or Radio वायरलेस या रेडियो
977 To Move Along With
Quick Short Twisting Actions
978 Fear Of Sex Genophobia विदेशी लोगों को न
पसन्द करना
979 Fear Of God Zeusophobia
980 A Belt Of The
Heavenly Bodies Divided Into Equal Signs
Zodiac राशि चक्र
981 A Place Where Birds
And Animals Are Kept
Zoo चिड़ियाघर
982 One Who Studies The
Science Of History Of Animals Of Mountains Till It Melts After Passing The
Snow Line
Zoologist जीव विज्ञानी
983 The Branch Of Biology
That Studies Animals
Zoology जंतु शास्र
984 Fear Of Animals Zoophobia

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