One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning (B)

One word Substitution With Hindi Meaning (B)

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Sr.No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
116 State Of Being
Bachelorhood अविवाहित्ता
117 A Story In Verse Ballad गाथा
118 Science Dealing With
The Motion Of Projectile Like Rockets Bombs & Shells
119 One Who Can’t Pay The
Bankrupt दिवालिया
120 Fear Of Depths Bathophobia
121 Cut The Head Of Behead सिर काट लेना
122 A Person Who Is Fond
Of Fighting
Bellicose लड़ाकू
123 A Person, Nation That
Is Involved In War
Belligerent युद्धरत
124 Nations Engaged In
125 Wishing Good Things
For Another
Benevolent उदार
126 To Surround With
Armed Forces
Besiege मुहासिरा करना
127 Engaged To Be Married Betrothed मंगेतर
128 A Great Lover Of
Bibliophile पुस्तकों का प्यार
129 An Event Which
Happens Once In Two Years
Biennial द्विवाषिक
130 The Practice Of
Having Two Wives Or Husbands At A Time
Bigamy द्विविवाह का प्रथा
131 One Who Intolerantly
Devoted To A Particular Creed
Bigot कट्टर व्यक्रित
132 Using Or Knowing Two
Bilingual द्विभाषिक
133 Life Of Person
Written By Someone Else
Biography जीवनी
134 One Who Studies The
Science Of Animals And Plants
Biologist जीवविज्ञानी
135 The Science That
Studies Living Organisms
Biology जीवविज्ञान
136 Examination Of Living
Biopsy बायोप्सी
137 Animal Having Two
Biped दो पैरों का
138 The Act Of Speaking
Disrespectfully About Sacred Things
Blasphemy ईश-निंदा
139 An Unconventional
Style Of Living
Bohemian बोहेनिया का
140 In Good Faith Bona Fide प्रामाणिक
141 One Who Devotes Full
Time In Studying Course Books
Bookworm किताबी कीड़ा
142 Clumsy Or Ill‐Bred
Boor गंवार
143 One Who Studies The
Science Of Plants
Botanist वनस्पति-विज्ञानिक
144 The Branch Of Biology
That Studies Plants
Botany बॉटनी
145 A Collection Of
Bouquet गुलदस्ता
146 Being Of The
Property-Owning Class
Bourgeois पूंजीपति
147 A Small Shop That
Sells Fashionable Clothes, Cosmetics Etc
Boutique बूटिक
148 A Factory For
Manufacturing Of Beers
Brewery शराब की भठ्ठी
149 A Bandit Or Robber,
Brigand बटमार
150 Gold Or Silver Before
Using For Manufacturing Ornaments
Bullion बुलियन
151 One Who Comes From A
Village And Considered Stupid
Bumpkin बेढंग आदमी
152 A Small House With
All Rooms On One Floor
Bungalow बंगला
153 A Collection Of Flags Bunting गौरेया
154 Government By The
Bureaucracy नौकरशाही
155 One Who Breaks Into A
House To Commit Theft
Burglar सेंधमार
156 The Dwelling Place If
An Animal Underground
Burrow बिल
157 Person Who Holds
Scholarship At A University
158 One Who Kills Animals
And Sells Their Flesh
Butcher कसाई
159 Place Where Cows Are
Byre गोशाला

|| A,|| B,|| C,|| D,|| E,|| F,G,H,|| I,|| J-M,|| N-O,|| P,|| Q-S,|| T-Z||

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