One Word Substitution With Hindi meaning Q R S

One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning Q R S

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Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
805 One Who Pretends
Skill In Medicine And Surgery
Quack नीमहकीम
806 Animal Having Four
Quadruped चौपाया
807 An Act Of Separation
From Other Persons To Avoid Infection
Quarantine संगरोध करना
808 Stanza Of Four Lines Quatrain रुबाई
809 Formulated Series Of
Questionnaire प्रश्नावली
810 A Feather Used As A
Quill मोड़ना
811 Fixed Number Of
Person That Must Be Present To Make Proceedings Valid
Quorum कोरम
812 People In Rowdy
Rabble भीड़
813 Emission Of Light Or
Heat From Central Point
Radiation विकिरण
814 Lottery In Which An
Article Is Assigned By Lot To One Of Those Buying Tickets
Raffle /Draw क्रीड़ा / ड्रा
815 To Use A Woman By
Rape बलात्कार
816 One Who Takes Up Arms
Against Government
Rebel विद्रोही
817 Person Who Lives
Alone And Avoid Others
Recluse वैरागी
818 Too Much Official
Red-Tapism लालफीताशाही
819 Dress With Medals,
Ribbons Worn At Official Ceremonies
Regalia इनाम
820 Murder Of King Or
Regicide राज-हत्या
821 Give Back To The
Users Their Youthful Vigor And Appearance
Rejuvenate फिर से युवा करना
822 One Who Forsakes
Renegade पाखण्डी
823 Witty , Clever Retort Repartee हाजिर जवाबी
824 A Light Sailing Boat
Built Especially For Racing Yacht Atonement For One’s Sins
Repentance पछतावा
825 A State In Which
Supreme Power Is Held By The People And Their Elected Representatives, And
Which Has An Elected Or Nominated President Rather Than A Monarch
Republic गणतंत्र
826 Shining , Brilliant
And Magnificent
Resplendent देदीप्यमान
827 Give Tit For Tat Retaliate प्रतिकार करना
828 A Person Who Is
Reserved In Talks
Reticent अल्पभाषी
829 A Lady’s Purse Reticule
830 Which Takes Effect
From Some Earlier Date
Retrospective पूर्वप्रभावी
831 A Radical Change Or
Political Upheaval
Revolution क्रांति
832 The Art Of Elegant
Speech Or Writing
Rhetoric वक्रपटुता
833 An Intelligent And
Obedient Machine Like A Man
Robot रोबोट
834 A String Of Beads
Used For Counting Prayers
Rosary माला
835 Violating Or
Profaning Religious Things/Places
Sacrilege अपवित्रीकरण
836 One Who Helps Others
Samaritan सामरी
837 A Place For The Sick
To Recover Health
Sanatorium आरोग्यआश्रम
838 A Place Of Refuge
Recognized As Secure
Sanctuary मंदिर
839 A Platform For
Hanging Criminals
Scaffold पाड़
840 One Who Is Given To
Questioning The Truth Of Facts And The Soundness Of Inferences
Sceptic संदेहवादी
841 Someone Who Knows A
Lot About The Subject
Scholar छात्र
842 Write Hurriedly Or
Carelessly In Regard To Hand Writing
Scribble घसीटना
843 One, Who Cuts In
Sculptor संगतराश
844 Which Does Not Favour
Anyone Religion
Secular धर्म निरपेक्ष
845 An Instrument For
Measuring Movements Of The Ground
Seismograph भूकंप-सूचक यंत्र
846 One Who Studies The
Meanings Of Words
847 Music Played Or Sung
At Night Below A Person’s Window
Serenade प्रेमी का सन्ध्या का
848 Breeding Of Silkworm
For Silk Production
Sericulture रेशम उत्पादन
849 A Stanza Of Six Lines Sestet
850 A Case In Which The
Sword Is Kept
Sheath म्यान
851 A Case In Which The
Blade Of A Sword Is Kept Sheath
Sheath / Scabbard म्यान / म्यान
852 Cutting All The Waste
Paper Into Pieces
Shredding कतरन
853 A Woman With Peevish
Shrew कर्कशा
854 Go Back And Forth Shuttle शटल
855 Sleep Enjoyed In The
Siesta गरम देशों में दोपहर
की अल्प निद्रा
856 A Portrait Of A
Person With Only The Outline Of The Profile
Silhouette सिल्हूट
857 Happening At The Same
Simultaneous समकालिक
858 A Job With High
Salary But Little Responsibility
Sinecure ऐसा पद जिस में वेतन
मिले परन्तु कुछ काम न करना पड़े
859 Someone Who Imports
Or Exports Without Paying Duties
Smuggler तस्कर
860 One Who Despises
Persons Of Lower Social Position
Snob मोची का नौकर
861 One Who Studies
Social Conditions
Sociologist समाजशास्त्री
862 A Short Stay At A
Sojourn डेरा डालना
863 Eclipse Of Sun Solar सौर
864 Speaking Himself When
Soliloquy स्वगत भाषण
865 A Piece Of Music By
One Person
Solo एकल
866 Sleepwalking Somnambulism नींद में चलना
867 A Person, Who Walks
In Sleep
Somnambulist नींद में चलनेवाला
868 Talking In Sleep Somniloquism
869 A Person, Who Talks
In Sleep
870 Causing Or Tending To
Cause Sleep
Soporific ऊंघता हुआ
871 Murder Of Sister Sororicide
872 One, Who Is A
Habitual Drunkard
Sot, Toper पियक्कड़, शराबी
873 One Who Is A Habitual
874 A Thing Kept As A
Reminder Of A Person, Place Or Event
Souvenir यादगार
875 Image Formed By Rays
Of Light
Spectrum स्पेक्ट्रम
876 A Person Who Spends
His Money Recklessly
Spendthrift, Prodigal उड़ाऊ, खर्चीला
877 Lady Who Remains
Spinster कातनेवाली
878 One Who Speaks On
Behalf Of Others
Spokesman प्रवक्ता
879 A Place For Horses Stable स्थिर
880 To Make Free From
Living Germs Or Bacteria
Sterilize बाँझ बनाना
881 One Who Loads And
Unloads Ships
Stevedore जहाज़ पर का माल
882 A Person Who Insists
On Something
Stickler हामी
883 A Mark Of Shame Stigma कलंक
884 A Person, Who Is
Indifferent To Pleasure And Pain And Has Control Over His Passions
Stoic उदासीन
885 Indifference To
Pleasure Or Pain
Stoicism वैराग्य
886 Walk In A Vain ,
Self‐Important Way
Strut अकड़
887 A Heavy Unnatural
Stupor व्यामोह
888 A Place Where Pigs
Are Kept
Sty शूकरशाला
889 Submarines Operate
Below The Surface Of The Seas
Subterranean भूमिगत
890 Murder Of Oneself Suicide आत्महत्या
891 A Substitute Surrogate सरोगेट
892 The Last Work
(Literary) Of A Writer
Swan Song हंस गीत
893 A Large Group Of
Insects Moving In A Mass
Swarm झुंड
894 A Boastful Fellow Swashbuckler गलाकाटू
895 To Slap With A Flat
Swat शक्तिशाली प्रहार
896 Occurring At The Same
Time Or Rate
Synchronous एक समय का
897 A Council Of
Synod पादरियों की सभा
898 Words Which Have The
Same Meaning
Synonyms समानार्थी

|| A,|| B,|| C,|| D,|| E,|| F,G,H,|| I,|| J-M,|| N-O,|| P,|| Q-S,|| T-Z||

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