17th January SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Questions Asked (Memory Based) All Shift (Shift 1 + Shift 2 + Shift 3)

SSC CHSL (10+2) 2016 Tier 1 Questions Asked ( 17th January 2017) All Shift (Shift 1 + Shift 2 + Shift 3)

First Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 17th January 2017 (Shift 1)
  1. Number of schedules in our constitution. 12
  2. Ashoka belongs to which dynasty. Mauryan
  3. Who was the king who imprisoned his father and executed his brother? Aurangzeb
  4. Strongest hydrogen bonding in HF, HI, HCl, HBr.
  5. Untouchables, the novel was written by? Mulk Raj Anand
  6. Land of Thunder Dragon is? Bhutan
  7. Question related to the name of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  8. What is the medicine for malaria? Quinine
  9. What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
  10. 1st deputy speaker of Lok Sabha? M. A. Ayyangar
  11. Piano invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori
  12. First Noble prize in economics to an Indian. Amartya Sen
  13. Position of Venus from sun.
  14. Insect respiratory organ. Spiracle and tracheae
  15. Non macronutrient of plants.
  16. Which among the following has the lowest melting point Platinum, Krypton, Carbon.
  17. S.I unit of sound intensity. Decibels
  18. Viscosity of ideal fluid. Equals to 0
  19. (Inexact)Question related to a set of machine instructions executed directly by a computer CPU.
  20. Largest producer of coal. China worldwide; UP in India

Quantitative Aptitude Question
  • One man sell his goods at 1260 with 8% of loss. If he sells at 1386 then will he incur a loss or profit? And by how much?


  • Cloze test was based on Supreme Court
  • Antonym of conceive

Second Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 17th January 2017 (Shift 2)

  1. Which type of acid is present in lemon? Citric Acid
  2. Humayun's tomb built by? The tomb was commissioned by Humayun's son Akbar in 1569-70, and designed by Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect chosen by Bega Begum.
  3. Troposphere has how much carbon percentage?
  4. IIFA best film award. For 2016, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. For 2015, Queen
  5. The book White Tiger is authored by? Arvind Adiga
  6. Where are the Elephants caves? Maharashtra
  7. Who built Sabarmati Ashram?
  8. Oscar award for best film. For 2016, Spotlight. For 2015, Birdman
  9. who designed the first Christmas card? Henry Cole
  10. Pattadakal an UNESCO inscribed World Heritage site is in which state? Karnataka

                    General Intelligence and Reasoning

                    • A is in south east of B. In which direction is B is of A?
                    • Odd one: 672,490,373,490
                    • Odd one: 256,289,343,168
                    • Which is odd one? .a- tomato b- apple c- banana d- cauliflower
                    • Venn diagram for plants, men and breathe.

                    Quantitative Aptitude Question
                    • Difference of SI and CI is 40 for 2 years at 8%. Find the sum.
                    • DI based on values given in a pie chart
                    • First and last term of AP is given with N terms. Find out the sum
                    • Tan 300 = ?
                    • (1+cotA)/(1-cotA) = ?
                    • Average of 20 even numbers is 50. Find the largest number.
                    • Given, a hollow hemisphere’s inner radius and thickness, what is its total surface area?
                    • If 38 is added to a number, it becomes 119% than the number. Find the number
                    • If 20% discount is offered, then gain percent is 42%. What is the market price if the discount is 15%?


                    • Meaning of 'thick and thin'

                    Third Shift Questions

                    GK Questions Asked on 17th January 2017 (Shift 3)

                    1. When did Hitler committed suicide?
                    2. Humayun was a ruler of which dynasty?
                    3. Family of jheenga..?
                    4. Second highest civilian award?
                    5. Who discovered blood circulation?
                    6. The US released nuclear bomb on Hiroshima in which year?
                    7. Value of 1 degree latitude.
                    8. Chemical used to green colour in glass.
                    9. The great smog 1952 affected which city- london.
                    10. Bengali is the official language of which state

                    Quantitative Aptitude Question
                    • 1+cosx/1-cosx=x then find value of x
                    • The average of 45 numbers is 65...Find the correct average if 48 was misinterpreted as 84
                    • Angles of quadrilateral is 3:4:5:6..which is largest angle
                    • area of rectagle is 40 cm square and premeter is120 cm the find digonal of rectangle.
                    • (3x-2)-5(x-1)=-1, find value of x.
                    • ant of facade
                    • sno of sue

                    If you remember any questions kindly post it via comments.

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