Most Important questions (MCQs) on Harrappan Civilisation & Indus Valley

Most Important Questions on Harrappan Civilisation & Indus Valley

(Q.1) Which of the following was NOT found at Mohenjo-Daro?

Seal of Pasupati
Bronze figurine of dancing girl
A piece of woven cloth
Terracotta ploughView 
Answer: (d)

(Q.2) The script of Harappan civilization was _______

Answer: (d)

(Q.4) Consider the following statements

Uniformity in the layout of towns, streets, structures and brick sizes
An elaborate and well laid out drainage system
Granaries constituted an important part of Harappan cities.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct about Harappan civilization town planning?

All of the aboveView 
Answer: (d)

(Q.5) Harappa was the first “Indus Valley Civilisation” site to be excavated. Who among the following was associated with its excavation?

Answer: (c)

(Q.6) Which of the following, has replaced Mohenjo-Daro as the largest Harappancivilisation site?

Answer: (d)

(Q.7) TheHarappancivilisation belongs to which age?

Neolithic age
Mesolithic age
Chalcolithic age
Answer: (c)

(Q.9) Which of the following pair of Harappan sites with their Location is INCORRECT?

Mohenjo-Daro : Sindh, Pakistan
Lothal: Gujarat, India
Kalibangan: Rajasthan, India
Banawali: Punjab, IndiaView
Answer: (d)

(Q.10) Consider the following statements:

Horse was used in day to day life
People were not familiar with Iron
Man and woman both were fond of grooming & accessories
Which of the above statement(s) about Harappancivilisation is/are correct?

1& 2
2& 3
All of the aboveView
Answer: (c)

(Q.11)  Which of the following religious beliefs of Harappan people is incorrect?

People probably worshipped mother Goddess in addition to other male and female deities
The deities were placed in huge temples that are found at every Harappan site
Religious beliefs may have some variations across different cities
They probably believed in magical rituals, charms, demons & spirits.
Answer: (b)

(Q.12) Consider the following statements.

Dead bodies were generally rested in North-South direction, with head towards South and feet towards North
People believed in life after death
There is noticeable uniformity in burial practices and rituals across all Harappan sites
(12) Which of the above statement(s) about burial practices and rituals of Harappancivilisation is/are correct?

1 & 2
2 & 3
1& 3
All of the above
Answer: (a)

(Q.13) Which of the following statement about Agriculture during Harappan period is INCORRECT?

Wheat and Barley were the two main crops
People of Lothal used rice as early as 1800 BC
Presence of extensive network of canals drawn from rivers across all settlements
They were the earliest to produce cotton.
Answer: (c)

(Q.14) Arrange the following Harappan sites North to South

Kalibangan    2. Manda    3. Rakhigarhi    4. Dholavira

Answer (b)

(Q.15) With which of the following civilisations, Harappans had external trade relations?

Mesopotamian civilisation
Crete civilisation
Yellow river civilisation of China
Mayan civilisation View
Answer: (a)

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