Ancient India (Early ages) Summary with 20 Important MCQs

Ancient India (Early ages) Summary with 20 Important MCQs



The earth is nearly 4000 million years old. Man is said to have appeared on the earth in the Palaeolithic stage. It was only about 40,000 years ago that Homo Sapiens (Modern man) came into being. The age about which there are no historical evidences is called Pre-historic age. The material most widely used by pre-historic man was stone. This is the reason why the pre-historic age is also known as Stone Age. The stone age can be divided into four periods

(i) Palaeolithic Age (Old Stone Age)--Palaeolithic Age spanned roughly from 500,000 B. c. to 10,000 BC. in India Palaeolithic remains have been found near upper Indus, upper Nannada region and Chennai. During this period, man lived in caves. People were the hunter and food gatherer.

(ii) Mesolithic Age (Middle Stone Age)--Mesolithic Age spanned from 10,000 BC. to 8,000 BC. People had bows and arrows to hunt prey. The people started agriculture and they shifted towards river side.

(iii) Neolithic Age (New Stone Age)--Neolithic Age extends from 8,000 BC. to 4,000 BC. In this age quartzite the chief material of the old stone age was replaced by trap rock or basalt.

(iv) Chalcolithic Age (Copper Age)-Chalcolithic Age extends from: 4,000 B. C. to 2,000 BC. During this age copper metal was discovered. Chalcolithic remains have been found in the Chotanagpur plateau and the Gangetic basin. Stone Age ended during 2000 B. C. 


1. What does the term ‘Nomads’ mean ?
Ans. People who wander from place to place in search of food and livelihood are called nomads.

2. What are microliths ?
Ans: Small triangular pieces of stone are called microliths used on spears and arrows during the Mesolithic age.

3. What are megaliths ?
Ans. Huge, rectangular blocks of stone are called megaliths which were used to mark a burial place during Neolithic age.

4. During which age the flake implements are found ?
Ans. The flake implements are found in the age of Palaeolithic

5. What was the first animal to be tamed ?
Ans. The first animal to be tamed was dog.

6. In which region of India microliths have been found ? 
Ans. The microliths have been found in Brahmagiri.

7. During which age the age of metal started ? 
Ans. During the age of Chalcolithic the age of metal are started.

8. In which age the fire was discovered ? 
Ans. The fire was discovered in‘the age of Palaeolithic.

9. In which age the wheel was discovered ? 
Ans. The wheel was discovered in the age of Neolithic.

10. When did the Homo Sapiens come into being on this
earth ? 
Ans. About 40,000 years ago.

11. What was the most important invention of the early man ? 
Ans. Wheel.

12. Which metal was invented first ? Ans. Copper. 13. Which metal was invented after the invention of copper?
Ans. Bronze

14. Which metal was used for the ornaments during Chalcolithic age by women?
Ans. Bronze

15. What was main occupation of the people in the age of metal ?
Ans. Agriculture 

16. In which age the art of cloth-weaving was started ?
Ans. Neolithic Age 

17. In which age the tools of crops-cutting were made ?
Ans. Neolithic Age 

18. What are the ancient languages of India ? 
Ans. Pali, Sanskrit and Prakrit.

19. In which languages the ancient histow of the world are written ? 
Ans. Classical language. 

20. In which languages the books of ancient Europe were written ?
Ans. Greek and Latin. 

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