Synonyms Antonyms List with Hindi meaning Part-1 (A-F)

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Synonym-Antonym list with Hindi Meaning - Part- 1 (A - F)

Word शब्द Synonym Antonym
Abate रोक-थाम करना moderate, decrease aggravate, supplement
Abject अधम despicable, servile commendable, praiseworthy
Abjure त्यागना forsake, renounce approve, sanction
Abortive निष्फल vain, unproductive effectual productive
Absolve दोषमुक्त करना pardon, forgive compel, accuse
Accord सहमति agreement, harmony disagreement, discord
Acrimony रूखापन harshness, bitterness courtesy, benevolence
Adamant अटल stubborn, inflexible flexible, soft
Adherent पक्षपाती follower, disciple rival, adversary
Adjunct सहायक joined, added separated, subtracted
Admonish धिक्कारना counsel, reprove approve, applaud
Adversity विपत्ति misfortune, calamity prosperity, fortune
Alien विदेशी foreigner, outsider native, resident
Allay निराकरणकरना pacify, soothe aggravate, excite
Alleviate कम करना abate, relieve aggravate, enhance
Allure फुसलाना entice, fascinate repulse, repel
Amplify बढ़ाना enlarge, extend lessen, contract
Antipathy घृणा hostility, aversion admiration, fascination
Apathy उदासीनता unconcern, indifference concern, care
Arraign कलंक लगाना charge, blame exculpate, pardon
Audacity धृष्टता boldness, arrogance mildness, cowardice
Authentic विश्वसनीय genuine, reliable fictitious, unreal
Awkward अजीब clumsy, rough clever, apt
Axiom स्वयंसिद्ध maxim, truth absurdity, blunder
Baffle चकरा देना frustrate, perplex compose, facilitate
Barbarous बर्बर uncivilized, savage cultured, humane
Benevolence कृपा humanity, generosity malevolence, inhumanity
Bewitching मोहित करनेवाला magical, fascinating repulsive, repugnant
Bleak बेरंग dismal, gloomy bright pleasant
Brittle नाज़ुक delicate, fragile tough, enduring
Bustle हलचल haste, flurry slowness, quiet
Calamity आपदा adversity, misfortune happiness, fortune
Callous कठोर obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
Calumny चुगली defamation, aspersion commendation, praise
Capable सक्षम competent, able incompetent, inept
Captivate बंदी बनाना charm, fascinate disillusion, offend
Captivity क़ैद imprisonment, confinement freedom, liberty
Cavity गुहा depth, depression elevation, projection
Cease संघर्ष terminate, desist begin, originate
Chaste पवित्र virtuous, pure sullied, lustful
Chastise दंड देना punish, admonish cheer, encourage
Compassion दया kindness, sympathy cruelty, barbarity
Comprise समावेश करना include, contain reject, lack
Concede स्वीकार करना yield, permit deny, reject
Concur मिलना-जुलना approve, agree differ, disagree
Consent सहमति agree, permit object, disagree
Consequence परिणाम effect, outcome origin, start
Consolidate समेकित solidify, strengthen separate, weaken
Conspicuous विशिष्ट prominent, obvious concealed, hidden
Contempt अपमान scorn, disregard regard, praise
Contradict खंडन deny, oppose approve, confirm
Contrary विरोध dissimilar, conflicting similar, alike
Dainty शिष्ट elegant, delicate clumsy, coarse
Decay क्षय collapse, decompose flourish, progress
Deceit छल deception, artifice veracity, sincerity
Decipher गूढ़लिपि पढ़ना interpret, reveal misinterpret, distort
Dedicate समर्पित devote, consecrate refuse, negate
Defer विलंब करना prolong, suspend accelerate, expedite
Defile अशुद्ध contaminate, pollute purify, sanctity
Defray चुकाना spend, pay disclaim, repudiate
Deliberate जानबूझकर cautious, intentional rash, sudden
Delicious स्वादिष्ट palatable, tasteful distasteful, unsavoury
Demolish ध्वस्त ruin, devastate repair, construct
Deprive वंचित despoil, divest restore, renew
Deride उपहास करना mock, taunt inspire, encourage
Despicable नीच worthless, shameless worthy, decent
Disdain तिरस्कार detest, despise approve, praise
Eccentric विलक्षण strange, abnormal natural, conventional
Ecstasy परमानंद delight, exultation despair, calamity, depression
Efface मिटाना destroy, obliterate retain, maintain
Elevate ऊपर उठाना dignify, heighten deprecate, denounce
Eliminate हटा दें expel, oust restore, accept
Eloquence वाग्मिता expression, fluency halting, stammering
Encumbrance भार hindrance, obstacle incentive, stimulant
Endeavour एंडेवर undertake, aspire cease, quit
Enormous विशाल colossal, mammoth diminutive, negligible
Epitome प्रतीक precise, example increment, expansion
Equivocal गोलमोल uncertain, hazy obvious, lucid
Eradicate उन्मूलन destroy, exterminate secure, plant
Esteem आदर respect, regard ridicule, spurn
Eternal सनातन perpetual, endless temporary, momentary
Evade बचना avoid, elude acknowledge, confront
Evident स्पष्ट obvious, apparent obscure, concealed
Fabricate गढ़ना construct, produce destroy, dismantle
Fallacy हेत्वाभास delusion, mistake veracity, truth
Falter लड़खड़ाना stumble, demur persist, endure
Fanatical कट्टर narrow-minded, biased liberal, tolerant
Fantastic बढ़िया fanciful, uncommon ordinary, normal
Feeble निर्बल weak, frail strong, robust
Ferocious क्रूर cruel, fierce gentle, sympathetic
Feud अदावत strife, quarrel fraternity, harmony
Fleeting क्षणभंगुर transient, temporary enduring, eternal
Flimsy झीना trifling, transparent firm, tenacious
Fluctuate उतार चढ़ाव deflect, vacillate stabilise, resolve
Forsake त्यागना desert, renounce hold maintain
Fragile नाज़ुक weak, infirm enduring, tough
Frantic उन्मत्त violent, agitated subdued, gentle
Frivolous तुच्छ petty, worthless solemn, significant
Frugality स्वल्प व्ययिता economy, providence lavishness, extravagance

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