15th January SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 Questions Asked on Shift 1 (Memory Based)

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SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 Questions Asked on Shift I ( 15th January 2017)

GK Questions Asked on 15th January 2017 (Shift 1)

  1. Summer olympic of 2020 will be held in-
  2. Inventor of dynamite
  3. Lowest layer of earth atmosphere
  4. Monalisa was printed on...
  5. Old name of kewladeo sanctuary
  6. Who is president of yojana aayog
  7. In earth was nitrogen was fixed by
  8. Who wrote julius ceaser
  9. Nehru was born in which year
  10. Hawa mahal was built by -1889
  11. Nitrogen fixation is caused by bacteria
  12. Mascot for Linux - Tux
  13. Dandiya folk dace of which state
  14. Place of Birth of Mahatma Gandhi
  15. First Women Chess Grandmaster
  16. one question on calculation of Demand elasticity
  17. One question on Perfect competition market related
  18. which gas is used for welding 

Quantitative Aptitude Questions

1) Sec^2+cosec^2= x ;Find value of x

2) Tan A.Tan B = ?  (Direct formula)

3) Value of cosec 120

4) The distance between policeman and thief is 350 m ..The speed of policemen is 7km/h and that of thief was 5km/h ..how much distance will thief cover before police arrest him

5) (4x-3)-(2x+1) =4 ;Find value of x

6) A can do 75% of work in 25 days ..remaining work done by A and B in 5 days ..in how many days B would finished whole work

7) The average of 29 consecutive even integer is 60, then the largest of them is??


1) Antonym of fatigue

2) Antonym of veteran

3) Synonym of rot

4) Spelling of wrapping

5) One word Substitution of Inexplicable

6) Idiom on make the long story short

7) Idiom on steal someones thunder

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