SSC CGL 2019 Exam Review and Questions Asked (06.03.2020 - 1st Shift)

SSC CGL 2019 Exam Review and Questions Asked (06.03.2020 1st Shift)

As you all know that (03.03.2020) onwards SSC CGL 2019 exam has been started. Many Candidates appeared for this exam on day 1 and many more will appear in it on coming days. In this post, we have given overall exam review and questions asked on SSC CGL 2019, based on Students Feedback.


The exam consists of 4 sections, namely General Intelligence (Reasoning), General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language and Comprehension total 100 questions with 2 marks for each question and negative marking of 0.50 marks for each wrong answer.

1. General Intelligence (Reasoning): 25 Questions (50 Marks)
2. General Awareness: 25 Questions (50 Marks)
3. Quantitative Aptitude: 25 Questions (50 Marks)
4. English Language and Comprehension: 25 Questions (50 Marks)

Exam duration is of 60 minutes (1 Hour).

SSC CGL 2019 Exam Time:

  • 10:00-11:00 am
  • 1:00-2:00 pm
  • 4:00-5:00 pm


The overall review regarding SSC Server was good. 

Exam Interface: 

The Questions were properly ordered as asked in previous years. There was no mixed/jumbled question pattern.

SSC CGL 2019 Exam Analysis / Review

1. General Intelligence (Reasoning): This section was of easy to moderate level as usually asked in previous SSC exams. The level is similar to that of the previous years' Tier 1 examination. 

2. General Awareness: This part was of moderate level. There were 7-8 questions on current affairs. Current Affairs from the Last 4 months are very important. In History.

3. Quantitative Aptitude: Even this section was similar to the previous SSC CGL 2018 Tier-1 papers. A few questions were tricky or calculative, rest paper can be said moderate. 

3. English Language and Comprehension: This section was again easy to moderate, questions were repeated from previous years. There was a higher number of questions from vocabulary, mostly previously asked questions were repeated (Revise Black Book)

Overall the exam was moderate level.

GK Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1 (06th March 2020)
  • Mehrunisa (Noorjahan) was the wife of - Jahangir
  • When did vikram samvat started? - 57 BCE
  • CR Formula was given by whom in 1944 ? - C. Rajagopalachari
  • Madhavpur mela is related to which State? - Gujarat
  • In which article access to internet a fundamental right - Article 19 (1)(a)
  • Which organization releases Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? - NITI Aayog
  • Which of the following organizations releases Global Energy Transition Index (ETI)? - World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • What is merchant discount rate (MDR)? - fees paid by merchants to banks
  • During high levels of inflation, RBI - increase repo rate 
  • Jayakwadi dam is situated in - Maharashtra
  • Planet between Mercury and Earth - Venus
  • Which gas is the most abundant of the volcanic gasses? - Water Vapour
  • What metal is naturally antibacterial? - Copper
  • which of the following disease is not spread from man to man? 1) Hepatitis, 2) AIDS, 3) Syphilis, 4) Cirrhosis - Cirrhosis
  • What is the primary female sex organ?? - ovaries
  • What carries oxygen in the blood? - Hemoglobin
  • Question on world bank agreement in gender empowerment
  • Which Indian journalist was honoured with “India’s Most Powerful Women in Media” award? - Kallie Puri
  • Mardaani game is from which state in India? - Maharashtra
  • Which country has criminalized Offences related to match fixing? - Sri Lanka
  • Who becomes first Indian gold medallist at junior world wrestling championships? - Deepak Punia
  • Alyssa Healy smashes record for highest T20I score in women's cricket belongs to which of the following countries? - Australia

Maths Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1 (06th March 2020)

Will be updated later

English Questions asked in SSC CGL 2019   SHIFT-1 (06th March 2020)
  1. Ovation
  2. Prefer

    1. Persist
    2. Glee
    3. Preference

    • Spelling
    1. Abandon
    2. Acquaintance

    • OWS
    1. Fleet - a group of ships sailing together, engaged in the same activity
    • Idioms
    1. by and by - after a short period

    More questions will be uploaded in due time. If you have appeared today in SSC CGL 2019 exam please comment other questions through the comment box.

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