SBI Clerk 2018: Seating Arrangement Question Types, Problems & Solutions

SBI Clerk 2018: Seating Arrangement Question Types, Problems & Solutions

Today, to assist you with your preparation, we will provide you with Question Types and Tips for Seating Arrangement Topic of SBI Clerk Reasoning Section. This would assist you with your overall preparation of the SSC Clerk 2018 Exam. This post is brought to you by Oliveboard, an online exam preparation platform for government, banking and MBA exams.

Linear Arrangement In this type people/things are to be arranged in a linear way, i.e. in a Line. Usually, this is a single Line/Row type of arrangement.
Double-row arrangement This Type requires a two set of people/things are required to be arranged in 2 rows/lines. The people arranged in 2 rows could either be facing each other or be facing away from each other
Circular arrangement In this type of questions, People are to be arranged in a circle, mostly around a circular table.
Rectangular arrangement In these type of questions, people are to be a seated around a rectangular table.

SBI Clerk Reasoning – Tips for Sitting arrangement

  • There are usually 4-5 questions for one Sitting arrangement problem in SBI Clerk Reasoning Section. So, if you master this topic you can easily pocket close to 10 marks.
  • To master the topic, you would have to understand 2 types of information – Direct and Indirect.
  • Direct information is clearly mentioned in the statements provided for any problem.
  • Indirect Information is the information which is not clearly mentioned but it is required derived from the direct information statements.
  • The direction of the people facing, in a given problem is very important for solving Seating arrangement questions. Based on the direction the people are facing (North, South, East, West) the right and left side of the person could be derived.

  • For Circular Seating arrangement problem in SBI clerk Reasoning Section, the people are usually facing either inwards (towards the centre) or outwards (away from the centre)
  • A logical understanding of the information provided in the statements is also very important to seating arrangements questions in Reasoning Section.
  • Consider only those facts which are either clearly stated or could be derived clearly with proof with the help of 2 or more statements.
  • Do not assume things which are not mentioned clearly.

Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a circle facing the centre. B is sitting between G and D. H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A. C is sitting between A and G and B and E are not sitting opposite to each other.

Q1) Which of the following statements is not correct?
(a) C is third to the right of D.
(b) E is sitting between F and D.
(c) A is sitting between C and F.
(d) E and C are sitting opposite of each other.
Answer: Option (b)

Q2) Who is third to the left of D?
(a) A
(b) E
(c) F
(d) None of these
Answer: Option (b)

Hope this helps!

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