Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (05 August 2017)

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (05-08-2017)

General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam (05 August 2017)

MORNING SHIFT (Based on Memory)

  1. Pannalal Ghosh belongs to which instrument?  Flute.
  2. Author of The Sellout Book? Paul Beatty
  3. What is the minimum age for Vice President of India? 35 Years
  4. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? Bindusara
  5. Which dynasty came after Tughlak ? Sayyid
  6. Ekuverin Military exercise between India and ? Maldives
  7. Which Device is used to measure soil moisture tension? Tensiometer
  8. Who got Polly Umrigar award 3 times? Virat Kohli
  9. India stadium hosting it's 1st Test match in 2016 vs England - Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
  10. What is the SI Unit of Force? Newton
  11. Under which Constitutional Article, President has the power to consult Supreme Court? 143
  12. Name the Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog? – Arvind Panagriya ( will remain in office till the 31st August 2017)
  13. NITI ayog Replaced which Commission : Ans. Planning Commission
  14. Which Memory stores data permanently? ROM
  15.  Turtle, Lizard, Snake fall under which category? Reptile
  16. Recently USA made which country as major defense partner? – India.
  17. What is cation? – Positively charged ion
  18. Sandstone is made up of? Quartz and Feldspar
  19. Where is temple of Bhairava? – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  20. Which is the following is poor conductor? Glass
  21. Reverse Repo Rate? The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from
  22. commercial banks within the country.
  23. Where is Patal Bhiarav Temple located? – Ujjain (MP)
  24. One question on movement along Demand curve -
  25. 2016 man Booker prize ?

EVENING SHIFT (Based on Memory)

  1. How many fundamental rights in Indian constitution? 6
  2. First viceroy of India? Lord canning
  3. Lavni festival which state? Maharashtra
  4. Medical scheme for APL families in Andhra? Arogya raksha
  5. Name the metal used as Galvanising agent. – Zinc
  6. Founder of X-Ray ? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
  7. which is the main assemble component of computer? CPU
  8. Why blackboard looks black? it does not reflect any colour
  9. Sheikh Hasina belongs to which country? – Bangladesh
  10. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of ? Iron
  11. Hemoglobin is present in ? Blood
  12. How many players in POLO? 4
  13. Nyayasutra Book was written by – Akᚣapada Gautama
  14. Which rights are not suspended during emergency.? Article 21
  15. ‘Azad Bachapan ki Aur’ book is written by – Kailash Satyarthi
  16. Rusting is process of_____________? Oxidation
  17. Resistances of Ideal Ammeter and Ideal Voltmeter are – Infinite and Zero respectively
  18. Oligopoly, monopoly and perfect competition Market, Match the following questions
  19. Chemical name of Dry Ice – Solid Carbon Dioxide
  20. Mariana Trench is located in which Ocean? – The Pacific Ocean.
  21. SI unit of work? – Joule
  22. Name the Inventor of Laser Printer. – Gary Keith Starkweather
  23. How many member nominated by president in lok sabha? 2
  24. Unit of Pressure? – Pascal
  25. Duncan line passes through? Indian Ocean

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Disclaimer: Question provided here is based on feedback and may not be 100% accurate, but this will surely help in understanding the pattern of SSC CGL 2017. (Tier-1)

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