Interview of Ravi Shankar AIR 1 in SSC CGL 2015 Examination

Exclusive Interview of Ravi Shankar Singh : 1st Rank (AIR) Holder in SSC CGL 2015

Ques 1. How do you feel after getting the Job in SSC and that too with AIR 1?
Well, Since My CGL mains exam went well, I was sure of my selection but I didn’t expect Rank 1. I was quite surprised and I was very happy that my effort and dedication paid off nicely. Actually, success is never achieved over night, it is the combination of many small things such as meticulous planning, excellent execution of plans and a never give up Attitude.

Ques 2. Tell me something about yourself and your family background?
Well, I come from a small town Aurangabad in Bihar. I finished my schooling from Delhi Public School, Bokaro S. City, and after that I went to IIT Khargapur (B.Tech+M.Tech Dual degree course).

Ques 3. When and why you decided to go for the preparation for SSC?
I have always been fascinated how I can make a difference in the life of masses and the society in general. In that context, I knew that I would like to work in a reputed government job, where I will be actually touching the live of common people and will be in a position to contribute towards society. So, even when I was doing my engineering from IIT, I was clear that eventually I would like to prepare for SSC or Civil services and would like to join at a reputed post in central government.

Ques 4. What was your daily schedule when you started your preparations? How much time did you give to your studies?
I feel one has to be very disciplined, when one is preparing for a serious competition like SSC CGL. So, I planned my studies very meticulously and specifically, I made a weekly plan. I defined how much time I would be devoting (50 hours per week) and what all items I want to cover in a week. Then I followed this schedule very rigorously. Mostly, I did self-preparation along with help of supplementary online study material and test series.

Ques 5. How did you prepare for your Tier-I paper?
As I already had a strong Maths background, I just focused on practicing from previous year papers and mocks, all the while devising time-saving techniques (tricks) for different kind of problems, which really came in handy during the exam. For English, I focused on basic rules of grammar and tried to incorporate English as much as I could in my daily life, e.g. reading extensively, conversing with friends in English etc. Reasoning, again, is mostly a thing of practice.

Ques 6. Did you adopt any specific strategy for GS?
Yes. General studies is a very vast area and one need to be very selective in preparing for GS. Mostly, I followed NCERT text books for History, Geography & Science etc. As a strategy, I paid more attention to the more important pieces of information, and filtered out unnecessary things that are least likely to be asked. I will suggest GS section can play a very critical role because you can do GS questions very fast in the exam and hence ROI with respect to time devoted in very high.

Ques. 7 How did you prepare for the Mains Examination?
SSC CGL mains exam has two subjects. English and Quant. 200 marks each. Now a days level of SSC Mains questions is almost the same as SSC CGL Pre. So, you need not read anything extra for that. Only thing is that you need to practice a lot while learning to apply tricks. Specifically for English, I made word lists from Hindu Newspaper and previous year questions. These vocab notes helped a lot in vocab related questions in the mains exam. For grammar, I followed Wren & Martin grammar book, it’s a really good book and complete grammar book for all competitive exams. Rest I practiced from mock tests and test series regularly and it created huge difference in my selection. Remember friends, there is no substitute for hard work. You’ve to take the pain head on to enjoy the glory forever. So to all those who thinks it is impossible to get a govt job, I would urge to take the plunge and just give your best shot, trust me you’ll not regret this. Your hard work will never go waste. Don’t settle, till you make it.

Ques. 8 Is attempting Test Series a good option for students?
Definitely. Given the fact that SSC CGL is now conducted online, It’s very important to familiarize yourself with the online pattern. The familiarity with computer operation, managing time and knowing the question type are few factors that need to be kept in mind. Your studies through textbooks and regular assessment through mocks should go hand-in-hand. I would recommend to all the students who are dreaming to get a govt. job to follow a standard and up to date online test series and practice a lot.

Ques. 9 Given the recent boom in online initiatives to support an aspirant, which were the platforms that you find useful enough during your course of preparation.
We are in the era of technology. There are various website and apps, which can be really helpful for SSC CGL preparation. Adda247 App is a very useful tool for on-the-go preparation. Among various things, the app contains quizzes for each subject (topic wise) and learning videos. These are very helpful. In fact, I will also suggest that you can join Adda247 Online Test Series for SSC CGL preparation.

Ques. 10 Is it your first attempt in SSC?
Yes, this was my first attempt.

Ques. 11 Please share some tips for our readers.
My first suggestion would be to figure out what kind of life you want to lead, what kind of career you want for yourself. Then make a practical and achievable plan for it. For SSC CGL exam. First students should know the exam pattern and nature of the exam. In SSC exam Out of 600 marks (tier-1 + tier-2), English and math have 500 marks. So students, need to focus on these two subjects a lot. But at the same time, other subjects should not be ignored, as they can prove to be the make-or-break factor.

Ques. 12 SSC exam requires long hours of constant study. How did you maintain your tempo and what did you do to break the monotony of preparation?
As I said before, it’s equally important to take care of your body and mind. Mind is like a machine and it need some rest to work properly. I used to try some yoga techniques to calm myself. Exercise keep the body fit and refreshed. Discipline is important for all walk of life. These competitive exams are very demanding, so find your own way to calm yourself.

Ques. 13 Now, what’s next after SSC?
Well, very soon I am going to join as Inspector in Income Tax Department Delhi and I am excited to learn new things and start serving the society. I have also been preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination and working hard for it. I would suggest to all my friends out there who are trying their best to get the coveted job, not to lose focus, stay informed and keep going until you get the elusive job.

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