RRB NTPC Typing Test Guidelines/Instructions

RRB NTPC Typing Test Guidelines/Instructions 

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In this post we are sharing typing guidelines for RRB NTPC 03/2015 examination. Please read instructions carefully.

Typing test for RRB NTPC 03/2015 will be Computer Based and not on typewriters as used in previous exams of RRB.


1) This Typing Skill Test is qualifying in nature and candidates acquiring minimum prescribed typing speed in the test will be further considered in the final merit list

1) PCs running commonly used text editors on Windows / Linux platform will be provided to candidates. Use of editing tools for correcting the mistakes in typed matter will not be allowed. They are advised to use commonly used font faces with font-size 12. For typing test in Hindi on PC, candidates are required to use Mangal or Krutidev fonts with font-size 14. After conclusion of the test of 10 minutes duration on PC, print out of the transcript typed by the candidates will be taken out for each candidate and another copy of the same obtained through Xeroxing. Each transcript may comprise of one sheet of paper, at best comprising both front and reverse sides. Candidates would be required to affix their signature and thumb impression on the print out of their respective transcript

3) The required qualifying speed for typing is 25 words per minute in Hindi or 30 words per minute in English for both the cases, i.e. the test on manual typewriter or on PC. Candidates are required to attempt either in English or in Hindi

4) The duration of test will be TEN (10) minutes. If a Candidate does not qualify in above mentioned typing speed, then he/she will be considered unsuccessful in Typing Skill Test and he/she will not be considered further for the post of Sr. Clerk-cum-typist/Jr. Account Assistantcum-Typist irrespective of the marks obtained by him / her in the Final Written Test of NTPC (Graduate) Categories of CEN No. 03/2015

5) The standard measure adopted for counting words is @ 5 strokes per word. Candidates will be required to type a minimum of 300 words or 1500 strokes in English to attain a speed of 30 words per minute OR 250 words or 1250 strokes in Hindi for the prescribed speed of 25 words per minute within the prescribed duration of 10 minutes. 5% mistakes of the total words typed may be ignored and thereafter for every mistake corresponding number of words will be deducted from the total words typed for arriving at the final speed according to the illustration/formula given herein below: -

For example: For a Typing Test of 10 minutes 5% mistakes of total words typed are ignored. 
Total strokes typed = 1600 
Words typed = 1600/5 = 320 (one word is equal to 5 strokes) 
Total mistakes = 19 
Ignorable mistakes = 5% of 320 = 16 
Net mistakes for evaluation = 19-16 = 3 
Mistakes to be deducted for arriving at net words typed = 320 - (3x10) = 290 
As per formula : [No. of total words typed – (No. of net mistakes x 10) ] / Time of test 
Speed per minute = 290/10 = 29 

6) The transcripts of those candidates who do not type out 300 words / 1500 strokes in English or 250 words / 1250 strokes in Hindi in the prescribed time will not be evaluated.

7) Candidates must start typing from the starting of the question paper and must complete the whole paper. If any candidate finishes the paper before the allotted time, he/she should restart the same passage and continue typing until expiry of the time

8) The candidate should not leave the examination hall without prior permission. They should remain in their seats till their scripts are collected. Candidate shall not type/erase/write after the expiry of the allotted time. 

9)  The candidates must return the model passage paper along with their transcripts to the Invigilator after the examination is over. They should not take out of the examination hall either the model passage paper or transcript or any other blank typing paper. They should not tear any sheet given to them. If a candidate uses more than one sheet, he/she should fasten all the sheets securely before handing over to the Invigilator. 

10)   The candidates shall also abide by other instructions given by the Test Supervisor. 

11)   Name, community, roll number etc. are required to be filled up by candidate compulsorily in foil attached to the Answer sheet. 

12)  This Railway Recruitment Board reserves the right of ordering re-test in the case of any candidate or all candidates. 

13)  Furnishing any false information to the RRB or deliberate suppression of any required factual information will at any stage of its detection, render the candidate liable for being disqualified and debarred from appearing for any selection or examination for appointment in the Railways and even if appointed his services may be summarily terminated. 

14)  Person involved in impersonation/Malpractices will be debarred for life and legal action will be initiated against him. 

15) Candidates must maintain silence and are forbidden from talking to/or consulting other candidates. If the candidates fail to do so or indulge in disorderly or improper conduct, they will render themselves liable for expulsion from the test or such other action, as the RRB may deem fit. 

16) The above instructions are not exhaustive and are indicative only. Instructions on the subject, as in vogue at the time of examination, will be followed. 

17) Candidates are advised to come prepared to stay for one or two days additionally beyond the date of typing test. 

18) Such Physically Handicapped candidates who are not able to type will have to produce necessary disability certificate in the format available on website of concerned RRB.

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