SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 Questions asked on 10-September-16 (Afternoon)

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As you know, the Second shift of the SSC CGL Tier I exam (10-09-2016) is over now. The level of the paper was of easy to moderate. In this post, we are sharing some of General Awareness Questions which was asked in today’s exam.

General Awareness Questions asked on 10-09-2016 Shift II/ Afternoon Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-I)

  1. Who were the first Europeans to come to India?-Portuguese
  2. Who can declare emergency?-President
  3. With which battle did British rule established in India?- Battle of Buxar
  4. World economic report is provided by? IMF
  5. Question Related to Tsunami ?
  6. Arrange the cities from North to south (Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin )
  7. No of permanent members of UN?- 5  (P5)
  8. If a bomb exploded on moon, when will you hear on earth?–It will never reach Earth. There is not medium for sound to travel from the Moon to the Earth.
  9. Which is not nutritional content of milk?  Vitamin C
  10. Who was not part of sociology religious reforms? Raja ram mohan , jothibha  , ishwar chander vidyasagar , harish chander
  11. Question Related to Pepper is grown on tree shrub
  12. Question Related to Air suspended particles
  13. What is dumping?
If you remember any other questions from this shift, share it in comments.

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